Wednesday, January 23, 2019

La Mort D'Un.e. Moderniste presents: Best picks of 2018 - Colombian edition

 Note: "Suso El Paspi" approves this entry. 

Coucou, les! We're final-fuckin'-ly back with our much anticipated best picks of 2018 - colombian edition. This entry was supposed to appear last week but I wasn't at all in mood of writing (I'm sorry for that but, you know, shit happens...) and also tried to get the physical editions of some of these records for digitalize them but sadly I couldn't get'em all. So, I decided to publish them and leaving you some links for listening to them and download them (if possible). Don't forget to click on the images below for doing so. But, don't worry. Despite this, I'm still trying to get my physical copies and upload them here in the blog as soon as possible. Now, I must admit that I'm completely happy with the whole activities within the colombian hardcore/punk spectrum in 2018 since many cool projects saw the light. Likewise, some others still are waiting their long-awaited debut (for example, Empatía, the band I participate to ha ha ha) but I think this year they will make it...I certainly hope so...I also included some international hardcore splits and compilations featuring at least one colombian band. I know they should have been featured in the previous post but, I needed more material for this one ha ha ha. Finally, I hope you enjoy this entry as much as I did writing it. Remember this is not a definitive list with no particular order and if you think there are some other records that I missed out, leave your best picks in the comment section below and I'll review them later throughout the year. With all that written, let's begin!

Primer Régimen - Último Testamento (Byllepest Distro (Norway) (LP edition); Discos MMM (USA) /  Pissed Off Records / Chain Records (Malaysia) (Tape edition)

The second album, and last one for a while, from this impressive UK82-influenced hardcore punk act from Bogotá D.C. For this record, the band is more aggressive and outspoken than before and the Dead Wretched cover is something to remark to. I completely dig this record and I hope more material from this band in the near future. Finally, you can read our impressions of this great record by clicking here. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Abuso - self-titled tape (Pissed Off Records / Chain Records (Malaysia)

The long-awaited debut from this amazing female-fronted hardcore punk act from Bogotá D.C. that really caught us by surprise. Indeed, they play a particular short, fast and loud music with some traits of both post-punk and punk ibérico elements in some songs but without losing the grip. Yay! We've exceedingly wrote about this band so, you can refresh your memory by clicking here, here and here. Finally, the aforementioned malaysian record labels will release next month the physical edition of this tape. Get one copy while you can since this will be the band's only release ever. So sad. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Sin Reacción - self-titled EP (Digital only) (Sin Reacción self-released)

This is the debut album of this recently formed band from Bogotá D.C. Their sound is heavily inspired by the UK82 style but there are some slight d-beat influences as well. They reminded me a lot of 80s brazilian acts like Olho Seco, Coléra and Garotos Podres mixed with the punk medallo (the original colombian hardcore punk sound in the late 80s) essence. I must admit the musical instrumentation and execution is precise and well-elaborated. And, of course, the lyrics are filled with anger, desolation, apathy and different "no future" stances. Finally, if you dig local acts like Primer Régimen and Reacción Violenta, Sin Reacción might get your attention. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

V/A Silla Eléctrica - Punk Colombia 2018 tape (Fuerza Ingobernable (Colombia) / Pissed Off Records and Chain Records (Malaysia))

Featured bands: UZI, Reacción Violenta, Víctimas, Abuso, Raw Brigade, Amenazas, Pútrida Sociedad, Muro and Roxio.

If someone asks me how could I describe 2018 in one record, I'd definitely pick this up. Indeed, it spawned some huge surprises such as Reacción Violenta, Abuso and Víctimas, as well as adding some local heavyweights like Amenazas, Raw Brigade and Muro. Likewise, I'm still waiting for some new material coming from UZI, Pútrida Sociedad and Roxio so, let's see if 2019 will be their year. Finally, refresh your memory reading our full coverage of this collection by clicking here. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Vudú - self-titled EP (Vudú self-released)

Do you remember Mr. Baracaldo's Sesiones En Negro? (If don't, refresh your memory by clicking here). Well, this band participated to that great audiovisual project and finally released their long-awaited debut EP. Vudú features members of other local hardcore punk acts such as Devenir and Comemierdas and, just like we stated before, this impressive auto-called Punk Primitivo act mixes both d-beat and crust punk that reminded us of Nausea, Detestation, Aus-Rotten (USA) and Makiladoras (Netherlands) with short and loud as fuck songs. The female/male duet vocals are simply top notch, something not really well explored here in the local scene (or at least that great). Finally, if you speak spanish, you'll recognize some samplers taken from the official latin american spanish dub of american TV shows like Duckman and Bojack Horseman, which are used as intro in different songs for adding some interesting spice to their brutal repertory. Nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Reacción Violenta - Todo Sigue Igual EP (Reacción Violenta self-released)

One of the huge surprises in 2018, which also was featured in the already aforementioned Silla Eléctrica compilation. This band displays an interesting short, fast and loud hardcore punk with both UK82 and d-beat influences but with the rabid and visceral latin american feel. There are also some complex guitar chords and riffs without losing the grip. Among all these new local hardcore acts inspired by old-school british hardcore, this is the most rabid and aggressive one (both inside and outside of the stages). Finally, give it a try. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Anger Blast - demo (Anger Blast self-released)

This is another great band that also participated to the already aforementioned Sesiones en Negro. This band wasn't featured in our dedicated note of it because they recorded their live session weeks after. So, I was waiting for their debut and I couldn't expect more coming from this band with this amazing demo. Indeed, this is a living homage to the wildest side in grindcore drawing influences from heavyweights such as Agathocles (Belgium), ROT (Brazil), Carcass Grinder and Unholy Grave (Japan), for naming a few. The music is short, fast and loud with the dark, gritty and pessimistic attitude this extreme hardcore variant is known for. Grindcore at its finest. Pure and simple. No fuzz, no experimentation, no slow-paced moments. Just sonic madness. Hell yeah! Finally, there's one cover of ROT. What else could you ask for? I hope the release of their first full-length album soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Amenazas / Víctimas split tape (Disordera Records et al (Colombia))
One of the best splits ever released last year has its own place in here. Thanks to the already aforementioned Silla Eléctrica compilation, we could have a preview of what this monster was capable of. Pure d-beat mastery in every single second. Nice. In other news, Amenazas is preparing an european tour this june and Víctimas will be releasing soon a split EP with an icelandic band (I don't recall the name right now). I'll keep you updated when the right time comes. Finally, you can re-read our original full coverage by clicking on the image above. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Los Mierdas (Perú) / SararamíreZ (Ipiales, Col) / Chikungunya (Santa Rosa de Cabal, Col / Ecuador) / Primitivo (Santa Rosa de Cabal, Col) 4-way split (Disordera Records (Colombia))

Ah, yes. I fuckin' loved this 4-way split. Puro pinche ruido, homs. If you read thoroughly the blog, you must know about Disordera Records from Santa Rosa de Cabal, whose spécialité is extreme hardcore variants such as grindcore and crust. So, this record compiles Los Mierdas' Mierda Colombiana demo (which was recorded during their colombian tour early 2018) SararamíreZ's most recent self-titled demo, Chikungunya's Ruidos Y Pestes demo and Primitivo's first demo named Ruido Y Guasca Mientras Lo Rasca. Regarding the sound, in general terms, you'll find in here extreme grindcore, sometimes teasing with the noisecore variant (most notably Los Mierdas). There are even some particular traits of each band, for example, SararamíreZ is like a lo-fi and minimalistic blackened Spazz using weird as fuck samplers and even experimenting with some techno (you can hear a brief sample of an infamous Gigi D'Agostino's track, for example. Ha ha ha WTF), harsh electronics and cumbia beats. Yup, NO KIDDING; Primitivo also has a strange fascination with the carranga music (A particular yet interesting regional folklore music. A curious fact: many people here in Colombia jokes about labeling it as jarcor de la loma ("hardcore from the mountain"), including myself, due to its outspoken and uncompromising attitude. Ha ha NO KIDDING). And, last but not least, Chikungunya is like a noisy d-beat cousin of Confuse and GAI (Japan). Awesome. Finally, both cumbia and carranga FTW. Highly recommended. Enjoy!     

Valium (Ibagué, Col) / Trimegistö (Ecuador) - Ruido Sudaca Metal Punkers split (Digital edition)(self-released)

A pretty good split that caught me by surprise a few days before publishing this entry. So, Valium, one of our colombian best picks of 2017, contributes 4 tracks to this record: 2 brand new and the rest are taken from their Guerra Napalm EP (2016). Note that this tracks are live recorded, 3 in Colombia and 1 in Ecuador. Regarding the sound, the band still manages their iconic crossover thrash/crust punk mix with more prominent metal punk elements, something that started since their last record Tierra Hirviendo. I'm starting to think these new tracks are somehow like a teaser of what this band will be creating in the near future. And, last but not least, Trimegistö was a complete mystery to me prior to the release of this record. I'm not sure if this is their first officially recorded material at all. Anyways, this band reminded me of some crust'n roll acts such as Inepsy (Canada), Duke Nukem (Russia) and Black Panda (Spain). Pretty good material for starting the engines. Finally, click on the image above where you can be redirected to Valium's official bandcamp account where you can listen to this record and either buy it or pay the price you consider right. Neat stuff. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

Párese Duro Contra compilation CD-R (Noise Or Die et al (Colombia))

Featured bands: Grita O Muere, Los Maricas, Kytate, Ambulo Ergo Sum, Nastiness (Bogotá) and Renkore (Medellín).

Well, this is technically speaking a 6-way split rather than a compilation since each band contributes to this record more than two tracks (except for Ambulo Ergo Sum) but we'll use the latter term only for practical purposes. The name (which can be translated into english as "Stand Hard Against") comes from a political stance used in different local left-wing contexts and the beautiful manga-like artwork was made by Chvlo Bootleg-san. So, this great collection was conceived by our friend known as MmEe MmOo who made a great work compiling, recording and editing great local bands. All the featured tracks are brand new and exclusive for this release. Regarding the sound, it's varied. Firstly, we have Grita O Muere and Renkore, bands with more than 10 years of musical career and also one of the first responsibles of coining the term crust in this land of tropical anarchy; Secondly, Nastiness, also having more than ten years in the game, is one of the most active and relevant grindcore outfits nationwide with their superb music mixing crust, death metal and mincecore as well; Next, Los Maricas with their auto-called cacrecore style mixing different hardcore and punk offshoots and variations (notably melodic hardcore and pop punk) contribute two short, fast and loud songs drawing influences from the californian hardcore scene in the 80s; And, last but not least, both Kytate and Ambulo Ergo Sum are musical projects where MmEe MmOo participates to. The two are some sort of experimental grindcore and sludge outfits, each one with an unique and personal touch. You should listen to them and discover by yourselves the magic behind these acts. I absolutely dig'em. Finally, this is highly recommended. I hope to get my physical copy as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Speedo - self-titled (Digital only) (Speedo self-released)

What can I say about this record? I simply loved it. This lo-fi and minimalistic experimental one-man grindcore project belongs to XXXXX XXXX, who is the drummer of Püter (a punk band from Bogotá D.C.). And, yes, the name comes from the infamous professional swimsuits brand (But your grandpa uses them on summer vacation, as well. Beurk!). Unlike Püter, Speedo is something far beyond from traditional punk and hardcore boundaries with improvised, unorthodox and "what the fuck is going here?"-esque song structures, and, of course, cryptic and weird samplers before some songs are included, for example, his apparently grandmother is yelling at him because of the noise. Ha ha ha nice!. Some elements of noisecore can be detected too. Finally, give it a try. You won't regret it. Oh, and I almost forgot, this was recorded with a cellphone. Nothing more rad than that. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Desarraigo - self-titled EP (Digital edition) (Desarraigo self-released)

Desarraigo is a recently formed hardcore/punk project from Cali, Colombia. Following the demise of Murraco, their original drummer joined forces with other friends and made this band. Regarding the sound, they have a particular mix of garage rock, classical punk rock, and old-school hardcore punk (and even some songs slightly tease with thrashcore). The musical execution is most of the time fast-paced but there are some slower breakdowns and mid-tempo moments too. Also, the lyrics are in spanish with pretty clever and well-written political and personal stances. They reminded me of now defunct early and mid-00s german hardcore bands that labeled themselves as "thrash punk" such as Dean Dirg, Napoleon Dynamite and Nihil Baxter. Finally, click on the image, listen to this record and support them if you want. If you enjoy acts such as Youth Avoiders (France) and the early works of Pure Disgust (USA), you'll love this one. I hope to get the physical edition soon. For fans of Career Suicide (Canada), Shitty Life (Italy) and Abriss (Germany). Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Chulo (Colombia) / TEST (Brazil) / Exacerbación (Costa Rica) 3-way split tape (Grindfather Productions) 

A marvelous 3-way split demonstrating here in latin america we produce top notch grindcore and powerviolence, full of hate, despair, and above all, passion with nothing to envy to other american, european or even south east asian acts. All the content is simply amazing: short, fast and loud. I'm pretty sure you'll love it. Give it a try. Finally, read our full coverage of this record by clicking here. Definitely a must. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Infection 1 - Worldwide Hardcore Attack 2x7" 4-way split (Byllepest Distro (Norway))

This is one of my favorite 4-way split ever released in 2018. The featured bands speak by themselves since they're one of the most relevant hardcore punk bands nowadays (Both Negativ and Blank Spell have been part of our best picks of 2018 and 2017, respectively). And since this is a colombian hardcore-related entry, the inclusion of Muro, which is alongside Raw Brigade the heavyweight in the local scene, makes more relevant than ever our entourage. Finally, refresh you memory by reading our full coverage of this record by clicking here. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Raw Brigade - Kicking Your Face EP (Raw Brigade self-released)

Speaking of the devil, Raw Brigade surprised us with this humble EP which is far from amazing. Indeed, their iconic NYHC and youth crew influences are more sharp and overwhelming than ever. Such an unmatchable energy and never ending passion (like hardcore should always be). You can re-read our early impressions of this record by clicking here. Finally, they already teased some songs of their upcoming first full-length album, which will be released through Six Feet Under Records (USA) later this year. You can listen to it by cliking here. Bright future for this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Valdavia - Quiero Que Esto Sea Hermoso EP CD (Valdavia self-released)
This is the debut album from this riot grrrl / hardcore punk band from Bogotá D.C. I completely dig this band because the songs are short, fast and loud with extremely politically-charged lyrics with strong feminist stances dealing with subjects like abortion and culture of rape, among others. They reminded me of a mix between Bikini Kill, Spitboy (USA), Bulimia, Dominatrix (Brazil), Perra Salvaje and Las Otras (Spain). Now, this kind of projects are something really positive for the scene due to the lack of womyn pressence within it. And, they use a xylophone. Yes. This is something rare and uncommon for any hardcore band (I can't recall right now which other one has used this instrument before) but, don't get me wrong, this feature gives a lot of personality to the melodic and fast-paced moments in the tracks. I need this CD ASAP ha ha ha. More feminist hardcore/punk like this one. Please. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Worms Under Flesh / Mico split (Digital edition) (Self-released)
Mico from Cali, one of our colombian best picks of 2017, is back with new tracks and this time they aren't alone. Indeed, they share this split with Worms Under Flesh, which is a local band with both hardcore punk and death metal influences. Think about american bands such as Carnifex for getting an idea of what this band is capable of. I never listened to them before but I find quite interesting their music (although I'm not a huge fan of deathcore subgenre). You can listen to their 2016 self-titled EP on their official bandcamp account clicking here. Last but not least, click on the image for getting redirected to Mico's official bandcamp account where you can either get this record for free or paying the price you consider right. I hope to get the physical edition soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Mohan, Sangrando Ruido (Col), Miserere (Ger) and Ansiax (France) 4-way split LP (Ruido Total Records (France/Colombia).

This marvelous 4-way split LP featuring 2 colombian bands and 2 other international bands with some colombian hxc pvnx in the exile. I finally got my physical copy but I haven't finished yet the digitalization. I'll upload it soon, don't worry. In the meantime, refresh your memory reading our full review of this great record by clicking here. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Mongólico AKA Ocilógnom / ZEN-AKU split (Digital edition) (Narcosarcasmo (Colombia))

A pretty impressive grindcore split with two of the most recent and relevant bands right now: Mongólico AKA Ocilógnom from Bogotá and ZEN-AKU from Cali. Each band contributes 2 songs with a total length of 3 minutes. Simply nuts. Finally, you can read the full review of this record by clicking here. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

El Incendio Más Largo Del Mundo - Condenadxs EP tape (El Incendio Más Largo Del Mundo self-released)

The debut album from our! of Medellín. El Incendio...clearly surprised me with their eclectic and experimental touch. Indeed, they mix different styles such as screamo, post-hardcore, sludge, metalcore, and even some post-black metal elements for creating something fresh and unique of their own. The musical execution has a mix of both screamed and fast-paced moments with eventual clean voices and slower interludes but, in general terms, is pure frantic aggression. Definitely a surprise this 2018. Highly recommended. For Fans Of Joliette (Mexico) and Vientre (Colombia). Enjoy!

Vientre - Semillas CD (Vientre self-released)
Vientre, the amazing Cali-based experimental hardcore punk band, is back after the success of their first work Las Huellas Que Dejamos CD, released back in 2016. Regarding the sound, Vientre still mixes different musical styles such as screamo, post-hardcore, post-rock and ambient for creating a superb atmosphere of bittersweet controlled chaos (with both fast-paced and slower introspective moments). Also, both the musical execution and instrumentation are simply top-notch with a high musical production value. Once again, Semillas is one of the most well-elaborated colombian hardcore punk releases ever. And, of course, 100% D.I.Y. Finally, they're slowly getting some international recognition thanks to their participation to different compilations such as The Ultimate Screamo Mixtape (already featured here in the blog) so, I certainly hope more surprises will be coming from this band soon. Pretty soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy.  

Amenazas / Pesticida SS (Col) / Sinnaciön (Fra) / Huasipungo (USA) 4-way split LP (Ruido Total Records (France/Colombia)

Another marvelous 4-way split LP featuring 2 colombian bands and 2 other international bands with some colombian hxc pvnx in the exile. I've been told next month some physical copies will arrive to Colombia so, I'll try to get mine as possible (I certainly hope so...). In the meantime, refresh your memory reading our full review of this great record by clicking here. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Ceguera - Ceneri CD (Ceguera self-released (?))

This is the debut album from this recently formed act from Bogotá D.C. In fact, both this band and Empatía, the band I participate to, had the same debut show early last year. But they did release their EP and us not yet. Curious fact, right? Ha ha. So, Ceguera plays fast-paced metallic-infused hardcore drawing influences from iconic acts such as Converge (US) and Baptists (Canada). Not as dark as you may think but it still does have a pretty impressive musical force to remark to. There are even some more melodic and slow-paced moments but without leaving aside the mid-90s chugga chugga-esque feel with a refined modern execution. Pretty nice. Finally, this record was entirely unexpected to appear here I must add but they deserved a place in this humble list. For fans of the already aforementioned acts from North America. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Violencia y Hardcore Vol. 1 - Suacha Punk Hardcore CD compilation (BlackGoat Distro (Colombia))

Featured bands: Bakteria, DPS, Postema, Pútrida Sociedad, Repulssion and Zarna.

An outstanding hardcore punk compilation featuring bands from Soacha, a small town near the southern part of Bogotá D.C. I was kinda impressed since I completely ignored the existence of such bands. If you remember Colombia A Toda Mierda compilation series (some of them already featured here in the blog), the content of this one is pretty similar since the featured bands explore crust, d-beat, grindcore and even punk medallo styles. And, of course, all the featured outfits sing about the social inequalities and injustices we live everyday here in this land of tropical anarchy. I'm not sure if this is the first time or not for some of them (Pútrida Sociedad was featured in Silla Eléctrica compilation). Another big surprise this 2018. Finally, I hope more volumes of this compilation series and more material coming from these bands in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   
STRIKE - La Fragilidad De Su Mundo CD (Towers of Acre (Colombia))

This is the second album from this Bogotá D.C.-based modern hardcore outfit. I must admit that I wasn't really aware of their existence at all, but then I listened to this record and, wow, pretty cool. They reminded me of something between 90s swedish hardcore like Refused and Abhinanda and mid-00s american hardcore acts like Have Heart and Verse with a particular mix of mesmerizing melodic traits, relentless metallic guitar riffs emulating chugga chugga breakdowns and precise drum beats (In fact, they share the same drummer of El Maquinista). And, la cerise du gâteau undoubtedly is the lyrics with both personal and political stances dealing with world domination, consumerism, and violence, among others. Cool. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Molecular Decay / Destitute split tape (Pochard Distro (Colombia))

An excellent grindcore split I also found just a few hours before publishing this humble list of best picks of 2018. Molecular Decay from Bogotá D.C. really surprised me since I didn't know about its existence prior to listen to this record. The sound is influenced by goregrind style since many all-time classics such as Carcass, Regurgitate and Haemorrhage came to mind after listening to this. Pretty awesome. And, last but not least, Destitute (already featured here in the blog) is back with their own interpretation of crustgrind and deathgrind, paying homage to also all-time classics such as Machetazo, Nasum and Disrupt. Finally, listen to it. I'll try to get my physical copy and upload it ASAP. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Infexion (Soledad) / Visaje (Barranquilla) / Die In Silence (Santa Marta) - 12 Mondakazos 3-way split (Pestes Producciones)

A pretty interesting 3-way split featuring bands from the Atlantic Coast region in Colombia. The name of the record can be translated to something like "12 cockhits" (You know, the different regional argots in Colombia are just pure magic...) and the artwork was designed by Chvlo Bootleg-san. Regarding the sound, just like Violencia y Hardcore Vol. 1 compilation, there's crust, d-beat, grindcore and even punk medallo styles with the angst-filled and politically-charged lyrics colombian bands tend to project. I really liked this production since we don't see bands that aren't from Bogotá, Cali or Medellín everyday. Finally, there's the Ruido Bajo Los 40° Grados compilation series featuring these kind of bands but I'm doing some additional research and I'll upload them sometime later this year. Promised. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Mongólico AKA OcilógnoM - ¡Juuueeeepuuutaaarrrrgghhh! tape

Yes, yes. This was the first release of Mongólico AKA OcilógnoM early last year and it was such a big surprise. Indeed, they left aside their auto-called Bulldozer Grind style for a while and opted to explore noisecore and noisegrind elements with one track with at least 49 songs played in 6:06 minutes!. Awesome. If you dig similar projects such as Bacteria (Japan) or ZG Noise Forces (Croatia), you'll definitely love this one. Oh, and, I almost forgot. The front cover is a parody of the infamous yet all-time classic Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation series but with an evident colombian twist (We already featured them here in the blog. Click here for refreshing your memory) fucking minutes. Pretty cool. There's also one cryptic cover of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (a well-known argentinian rock band) so, it's up to you to discover it when you listen to it. The only hint I'm going to give is that it's their most popular song. And, finally, no, this is not our colombian album of the year but almost was (Sorry, les!) Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Coyote - Némesis Latrans CD (Towers of Acre (Colombia))

The second album from our! of Coyote. Following the success of their impressive Overconfidentii Vulgaris EP (Coyote self-released, 2016), which also is available here in the blog, Coyote is back with their metallic-infused and politically-charged hardcore punk, more outspoken and overwhelming than ever. Even they added female vocals in some songs. Now, something I noticed about this record, is that all song titles are references to different cartoon and anime characters like, for example, "Android 18" from Dragon Ball series, "Limburger" from Biker Mice From Mars and even "Count Duckula" himself but each one deals with different social and political issues such as feminism, environmentalism, animal liberation, respectively. There's even one song dealing with the never ending territory struggles of some indigenous populations here in Colombia. Pretty clever. When I get my physical copy, I'll surely translate the lyrics into english. They're worth to be read. Finally, if you dig political metallic hardcore like Racetraitor (US), Stampin' Ground (UK), No Turning Back and All For Nothing (Netherlands), Coyote will bite you hard. Really hard. Oh, and I almost forgot. There's one hidden track, which is a cover of Res Gestae's anthem La Radical Contradicción. Coup de foudre instantané. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Uncle Ray / Errante split (Sordid Bin Records (Canada) / Siempre Llueve Records (Colombia))

We mentioned the existence of this record when we reviewed the Grind Your Teeth To This - A Grindcore / Powerviolence compilation (Bruxism Records (Austria)) (You can refresh your memory by clicking here). This record technically speaking is a grindviolence devotee, both bands will surely remind you of renowned acts like Magrudergrind, Hatred Surge and Extortion but you'll also find in their repertory some slower breakdowns in the same vein as Sex Prisoner and Weekend Nachos. Finally, Errante also explores slower breakdowns with some sludge affinities that you should remark to. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

And the best colombian album of the year award goes to...

Vorágine - Aquelarre CD (Sin Fronteras Discos / Siempre Llueve Records (Colombia)) 

Yes, my! of Vorágine are awarded with their first full-length album Aquelarre as the best colombian album of the year. Indeed, the band has developped a more mature and polished sound with prominent post-rock, post-black metal and even some shoegaze influences but without leaving aside their early screamo and post-hardcore roots. As we previously remarked, the lyrics are still personal and political, for example, Holiday, which is dedicated to the memory of a beloved friend that passed away some years ago, will simply break your heart whilst Lady Lazarus: En Busca de Opal will lead you to a cosmic journey from a vvitch's perspective. Awesome. They also have had a slight recognition in some other independent circles because they were the opening act for Alcest from France, a renowned blackgaze act and many metal-oriented websites even either nominated or awarded Aquelarre as one of, if not, the best colombian metal productions of 2018 (Mmm, ok...). Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!


  1. Que berraco tu blog! La verdad es que muro es la única banda que conocía (beach impediment edito una reedición de su disco del 2017 y LVEUM anuncio su próximo album para este año). Parece que tengo tarea para la casa jajaja. Saludos desde chile

  2. Hey bro gracias por la reseña! Muy linda, abrazo!