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La Nouvelle Vague Du Punk Hardcore Britannique (NWOBHC en inglés, sumercé lind@) part III mini special post

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Coucou, les! We're back with another entry. Despite my hate towards the term "New Wave" of something, I cannot deny I'm kinda obsessed with the New Wave Of British Hardcore - NWOBHC (Well, it should be considered as the "Now Wave" instead...). Indeed, many outfits belonging to this trend have exceedingly been featured throughout the years and even some of them have been in our "best picks list" of the year since 2016. 

So, this entry will feature some of the newest NWOBHC records released in the last 4 months, as well as some others released last year that I completely forgot to feature (Sorry for that). Also, don't forget to click on the different images below for listening to the records. Of course, if you can, get the physical versions. Lastly, this entry will be short yet wholesome because I'm busy with some other affaires in the (un)real world. Stay tuned because I'll unveil some great surprises during the next week. With all that written, let's begin.

Mere Mortal - Tartarus LP (Quality Control HQ (UK))

This is the first full-length album from this impressive band which features members of other NWOBHC acts such as The Flex and Big Cheese. Unlike the aforementioned acts, Mere Mortal takes another, and slightly different, musical path. Indeed, this is more crossover thrash-oriented drawing influences from bands such as Napalm Death, Sacrilege, Bolt Thrower and Hellbastard (UK) creating thus a more darker, violent and relentless sound but still direct and precise enough like their other local hardcore counterparts. They reminded me a lot of american bands such as Subversive Rite and Lifeless Dark. Finally, I hope this year they release more material and they would obviously be added to our "best picks" list of this year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Jellicoe & Woodbury - Fear b/w Doubt 7" single (Quality Control HQ (UK))

This 7" single really caught me by surprise. It technically is a living homage to Anti-Cimex's Scandinavian Jawbreaker era (and their japanese homologue Insane Youth's Not Give A Damn EP (Blood Sucker Records (Japan), 1994) as well). You know, putting the d-beat into a more mature and refined sound teasing sometimes with the crossover thrash and even metal punk styles. The band also states that their name is also a reference to Doubt and Fear, a poetic interpretation of James Joyce's Ulysses (probably the greatest book ever written in english) where the dogs are always ready to attack. Interesting. Finally, just like the previous band, I hope this year Jellicoe & Woodbury release more material and they would obviously be added to our "best picks" list of this year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Stages In Faith - Same Craic b/w Floodlights (Quality Control HQ (UK) / Short Fuse Records (Australia))

Unlike other NWOBHC-related bands, Stages In Faith seems to be less aggressive and violent but their sound still is great enough to remark to. They seem to draw influences from more melodic hardcore and post-hardcore acts such as Lifetime, Farside and American Standard and the whole Revolution Summer movement (As you may know, the early stage of both emo and post-hardcore in the US). Their style still is heartbreaking yet overwhelming with mesmerizing and complex tunes. This kind of musical groups are very rare and scarce in the UK so, keep in mind that. Finally, I hope to get more news coming from this band throughout the year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Game - No One Wins LP (Quality Control HQ (UK) / Beach Impediment Records (USA))

Following the success of their Who Will Play? EP (2017), Game is back to the game with their first full-length album. No One Wins really caught me by surprise because, compared with the previous installment, this record is way more metallic and crossover thrash-oriented. Indeed, their music is an interesting mix of Cro-Mags (US), Sacrilege (UK) and Gastunk (Japan) with short, fast and loud songs filled with hate towards modern society's standards. I also noticed some songs are in polish, the native language of their vocalist, which is something we don't see on a regular basis. Nice. Finally, this is another potential candidate for our best picks list of this year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

State Funeral - Built For Destruction LP (Static Shock Records (UK))

After almost 3 years since the release of their Tory Party Prison demo (already featured here in the blog), State Funeral is back stronger than ever with their first full-length album. So, as we stated long time ago, State Funeral pays homage to NYHC classics such as The Abused, Cause For Alarm, Antidote and Warzone, for naming a few, for creating an unstoppable stompin' ground music for the pit while the world burns down and, this time around, they have added some more oi! elements into their repertory but their unique fast-paced music execution isn't compromised at all. Nice. Finally, listen to it. It's totally worth it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Asid - Pathetic Flesh LP (La Vida Es Un Mus (UK))

This London-based band have been around since 2017 and this is also their first full-length album. Their sound is much like other NWOBHC precussors such as The Flex and Arms Race albeit Asid's musical execution differs just a little bit. Indeed, imagine a cross between the fury and rage of japanese d-beat in the 90s with the slower yet overwhelming mid-tempo breakdowns à la Boston style. The guitar chords and basslines also have some kind of mesmerizing and obscure fuzz without losing the grip and the anguished and tortured vocal style perfectly fit in this sonic madness. I really loved this record. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Blind Authority - Death Dreams EP (Quality Control HQ (UK))
After 6 years of existence, this London-based foundational act for the whole NWOBHC movement leaves this fucked-up modern world with this impressive 5-track testament, I mean EP. I also admit that I lost the track of this band sometime ago and this record really pleased me. Indeed, this is probably one of the best early-90s NYHC homage ever made by a non-american band. You'll find in here musical references to Neglect, Maximum Penalty, Vision Of Disorder, Indecision, Judgement Day NYC, etc., you know, when things were getting more metallic, progressive and tougher...So, yeah, that's basically this record is all about. Finally, the last track of the record, Death Dreams, contains a some sort of gospel chant at the last moment accompanying this funeral. Pretty nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Gutter Knife - Boots On The Ground LP (Quality Control HQ (UK))

The long-awaited full-length album from this Brighton-based outfit is finally here. Unlike their demo 2017, this LP is more NWOBHC style-oriented with more prominent UK82 and oi! elements in the same vein as Arms Race (early recordings) and Violent Reaction (R.I.P.), two of the forefathers of this trend. This new musical shift was previously set in their Euro Promo '18, so we already knew what this band was about to deliver anytime soon. In fact, most of the content was re-recorded for Boots On The Ground. I pretty enjoyed it. Finally, if you dig the aforementioned UK acts and american hardcore bands such as 86 Mentality and No Time, this new Gutter Knife will please you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Frame Of Mind - Irieshun LP (Quality Control HQ (UK))

Another great full-length debut from this londonian hardcore band. The sound is something like a mix of different NYHC acts such as Absolution, Underdog and Crumbsuckers, post-hardcore outfits, also from NYC, such as Quicksand and Into Another. I also noticed there are some progressive rock elements in their repertory for creating something fresh and unique on their own. They also reminded me somewhat of Turnstile (US) in terms of musical execution and instrumentation (And, no, their iconic "groovy" style isn't here). The lyrics are both personal and political. Finally, this is another potential candidate for our best picks list of this year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Vile Spirit - Promo 2019 (Quality Control HQ (UK))

Finally, we conclude this post with this intriguing hardcore act from Brighton. It's been awhile since I get news coming from them, I must add. So, as the name of the record suggests, this is a promotion of their upcoming and long-awaited full length album.  So, basically, they retain their iconic NWOBHC sound and their interesting obsession with United Mutation, a cryptic 80s american hardcore punk/noisecore act,  almost intact. But I noticed a more violent and darker approach, probably teasing with Holy Terror and sludge in some parts. But don't worry, the music most of the time still is short, fast and loud as always. Oh, and there's a fantastic cover of Integrity's anthem In Contrast Of Sin. Nice one. It's probably one of the best Integrity covers ever made. Finally, listen to this. If their LP gets released this year, it will definitely be another potential candidate for our annual "best picks" post. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!  

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