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Some hardcore bands to take a look at this 2020 (plus a few review submissions)

Note: 2020 also is the year of the rat in chinese zodiac. Nice.
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Coucou, les! We're back with another entry. Well, I have to admit that my random insomnia is slowly killing me because of...well, reasons...and while I was looking for some unorthodox ways to relieve my pains, I noticed there are some interesting hardcore punk bands that could be really important to us this year. And, I'm going to publish some of your review submissions via e-mail as well. I'll try to be brief and clear as possible like previous posts. Also, next week, I'll properly start this 2020 off with the first special post of the year. The whole idea behind this one also was a product of trying to sleep for good this morning. So, yeah, thank your for that goddamn insomnia? Ha ha ha. Finally, I updated our best picks of 2019 list with the addition of 20 more records that definitely needed to be featured in. You can click here for viewing them. With all that written, let's begin.

a) Review submissions

Cease All Control / Grit (USA) "Red Split" split EP (Goodjunkie Records (USA))

Goodjunkie Records, a recently founded record label from Austin, TX, gladly sent us over a review submission of their first record ever: Cease All Control and Grit split EP. So, apparently, this is the first official release from both bands. They reminded me of musical outfits from the Netherlands such as No Turning Back and All For Nothing, whose musical style mixes metallic breakdowns and chugga-chugga-esque execution with political lyrics. Indeed, the featured bands in this split explore each one different topics such as the noble art of smashing nazis for good, burning la migra down, class struggle and corruption, among others. Pretty awesome. Finally, this is definitely a potential candidate for our best picks of this year list. This is "for the marginalized, for the working class. No tolerance for intolerance" (Goodjunkie Records, 2020). Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Tiersman (Australia) - Good Grief LP

Tiersman from South Adelaide gladly sent me over a "press kit" for making a review of their first full-length album, Good Grief LP. This is one of the few times some band or record label does that so, thank you in advance for that. Now, this band has a pretty interesting musical instrumentation and execution, drawing influences from post-hardcore, sludge, doom metal and, more recently for this record, metalcore. I really liked their auto-called "stress rock" style with some slow yet overwhelming tunes trapped in a modern hardcore song structure. Finally, unlike their debut EP, the lyrical content is more focused on the (mis)adventures of living a "normal" life, you know, the BBQs, pissing on oneself while using an Uber service (ha ha), boring as hell jobs and powerviolent breakfasts references cannot be missed out. Try listening to it while spreading vegemite to your toasts (Dear Lord Belzebub...) and waiting until your boss angrily calls you to let you know that you're fuckin' late for work. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

b) 2020 kicks off

Therapy - self-titled EP (Atomic Action Records (USA))

I remember someone last year mentioned me this San Diego-based hardcore outfit. I was thinking about the "crab's immortality" (don't ask why) and didn't pay too much attention. And, oh dude/tte, how blind I was. So, this is their debut album and I really liked it. Indeed, they draw influences from japanese d-beat and thrashcore bands such as Disclose, Lip Cream and 9 Shocks Terror with a pretty straightforward execution, raw guitar riffs and solos, precise mid-tempo-paced d-beats and, of course, their vocalists' vocal style is too good spitting out undisputed hatred against everything out there. Finally, if you dig other american hardcore bands led by womyn such as Törso and Nosebleed, this is for you. Another potential candidate for our best picks list of this year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

Pummel - Our Power EP (Atomic Action Records (USA))

The highly anticipated debut EP from this interesting Boston-based hardcore outfit. We already have wrote about them when we featured the Every Winter Is Cold compilation (You can refresh your memory by clicking here). So, yeah, Pummel delivers a groundbreaking hardcore style taking the hardest of NYHC with a more bostonian savoir faire for creating something unique and of their own. They will surely remind you of "Now" Wave of British Hardcore acts like Big Cheese and The Flex but this is another hell of a monster you wouldn't want to mess with. Finally, this is another potential candidate for our best picks of 2020 list so, go and check'em out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Scarecrow - Revenge EP (Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes (USA)

I have to admit that I really liked this record. Indeed, the now defined musical trend within the modern american hardcore punk scene of drawing d-beat influences and incorporate them into their repertory is more common than ever. So, these pvnx from Raleigh, NC, play short, fast and loud hardcore punk with a kinda evident amour pour les monstres suédois Totalitär. Finally, if you dig american bands like Sunshine Ward and Ajax, this is for you. Another candidate for our best picks of 2020. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

The Annihilated (UK) - demo (Not on label; The Annihilated self-released)

I know you should be a little bit tired of my eternal nostalgia and mourning of now defunct NWOBHC acts like Violent Reaction and, more recently, Arms Race. But, you know, from corpses buried down earth trees can grow and flowers can blossom and, this is the case for The Annihilated. Featuring ex-members of different local bands, this band delivers a pummeling hardcore attack mixing the best elements of USHC and UK82 classics such as Negative Approach and Ultra Violent, for example. You wanted a savage old-school hardcore orgy in your ears? There you have it. Life cannot be much better than that. Finally, I hope this band releases either an EP or LP this year. But, in the meantime, delight yourselves with this apéro. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Android - Chapter 001 demo (Not on label; Android self-released)

I guess I've stated a few times that this now dying 2010s decade has left off some noisy hardcore punk bands that try to break the mould with unorthodox yet frantic musical execution. Indeed, this is the case for this recently formed band from Florida evoca follows that musical path delivering thus an outstanding weird as fuck fast-paced execution that only people desperately trying to survive in a Terminator-themed dystopia would find, well, disturbing. Absolutely nuts. FFO Crazy Spirit and L.O.T.I.O.N. Finally, can't wait either for an upcoming EP or LP. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Subliminal Excess - 2020 demo (11 P.M. Records (USA))

We finally conclude this entry with the more recent release from 11 P.M. Records, one of our favorite record labels last year. next time. This Chicago-based hardcore punks also deliver a sordid and depressing dystopian view of things with this interesting demo, which draws influences from both old-school american hardcore and d-beat styles alike with a particular musical execution filled with mid-tempo and slower breakdowns tempo changes. Indeed, their sound would definitely fit into a more punk-oriented version of the Blade Runner movie. They also reminded me somewhat of Negativ from Norway. And, of course, the last track features a weird as fuck intro which is full of static, fuzz and whispered words that give the impression they're lost in a different dimmension. I guess will have to wait until an upcoming EP or LP gets released and see their fate... Finally, just listen to it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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