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MOAR records to look at this 2020. Some of our (un)official partners' catalog updates and some of your review submissions.

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Coucou, les! We're back with a brand new entry. As I've done with previous posts, I'll post some of our apparently ever increasing list of (un)official partners' catalog updates showing off what to look at on this decaying fucked-up decade. I guess we should sing along R.E.M's It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) while dancing over the charred remains of western civilzation's foundations, right? Ok, some wild wet dreams can easily arise these days...Anyways, this entry will be short yet wholesome, you know, the way you seem to love. Finally, I'll be back next week with the following parts of our current latin american screamo special post. I'll probably finishing it off in July because the list is increasing (notably bands from Chile and Argentina). Wow, this gettin' outta control, mate...With all that written, let's begin. 

1) Discos Enfermos (Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)  

Discos Enfermos is one of our recently added in (un)official partners. They've been in the game since almost a decade ago and have released different records, not only hardcore punk-related ones but also other stuff such as post-punk, oi! and more. Indeed, if you dig popular post-punk outfits from Barcelona such as Belgrado and SECT, among others, you definitely should know about this record label. Finally, I'll be putting some of their past releases in the next few months since I already announced in our podcast that an upcoming entry of the evolution of hardcore punk in the catalonian region is on the works. That's also the reason why I'll only review their records released this 2020 thus far. Let's see what we've got...

Fármaco (Argentina) - Hasta Que Valga La Pena Vivir EP 

In December 2019, this impressive d-beat hardcore punk band from Buenos Aires, Argentina released through Educación Cínica Records (Argentina) a 4-track demo. I recently discovered it and damn, this is too good. Indeed, their sound is the perfect mix of 80s japanese d-beat hardcore AKA Burning Spirit with the rage of 80s latin american hardcore bands led by womyn such as Soberanía Personal (Argentina). In fact, there's one cover to Líder, which was originally performed by that legendary musical outfit from El Cono Sur. There also is that mid-tempo-paced musical execution that modern hardcore bands tend to incorporate nowadays. Finally, this is just short and fast loud music with shredding dark-driven guitar riffs, precise drum beats and the powerful voice of an enraged womyn looking for her opportunity to burning everything down with neither remorse nor fear. Awesome. Another potential candidate for our best picks of 2020. Highly recommended. FOF: Exótica (USA), Forra (UK), UZI (Colombia) and, of course, Soberanía Personal. Enjoy! 

Aihotz (Basque Country, Spain) - El No Movimiento EP

Aihotz is a recently formed hardcore punk outfit from Bilbao and this is their debut EP. Featuring members from Serpiente, Motorastola and Bea, Aihotz has a particular interpretation with an unorthodox mix of G.I.S.M. (Japan) with Parálisis Permanente (Spain), filled with fast and precise mid-tempo-esque musical execution. The vocal style is filled with lots of effects such as reverb for creating thus an interesting hateful-charged echo that you could only hear when slamming an enormous door in the depths of hell. Nice. Finally, do not miss out this interesting 6-track EP. This is a little bit uncommon for Basque Country's modern punk standards, which is nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

2) Junko Records (Temuco, Chile)


This is another of our recently added in (un)official partners. Junko Records is relatively new since they have less than 3 years of existence and have released different hardcore punk records from Chile as well as some special tape editions of different bands such as The Coneheads (USA), Muro (Colombia) and Piñen (Catalunya, Spain), among others. I wanted to write about this record label since long time ago but you know, shit happens. Finally, let's see what we've got from them this 2020. 

Fuga (Chile) - Sin Frontera Sin Nación EP

This is apparently the debut EP from Fuga, a chilean hardcore punk band. Their sound is influenced by the d-beat side of things mostly with some eventual classic punk leanings in some guitar chords and the modern mid-tempo hardcore musical execution, which gradually has become the rule in recent years. This could be the chilean response to Destino Final (Spain) almost a decade after. Ok, no. But I think you get the whole idea behind this musical outfit. Their lyrics also are politically-charged with some references to abuse of power and authority, prisons, extrajudicial executions, and more delicate topics that seem to be daily bread here in different latin american countries...Finally, check this out. Absolutely nuts. FOF: Ajax (US), Muro (Colombia) and Orden Mundial (Spain). Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Sin Ritmo (Mexico / USA) - Sonidos Barbajanes cassette

This is also the debut EP from Sin Ritmo, a band whose members are from both Mexico and the US. Some of their members have also been involved in different musical projects such as Último Imperio, Zotz, Haiboku, Crico and more. Regarding the sound, Sin Ritmo is a living homage to the good ol' days of mexican hardcore punk in the 80s. Indeed, classic outifts such as Atóxxxico, Massacre 68, Xenophobia, Histeria and M.E.L.I. definitely come to mind. Also, some tracks have some garage rock and classical punk sensibilities with the modern mid-tempo-driven hardcore scheme we already are used to. Finally, you must listen to this. The 80s mexican lo-fi and rude hardcore punk formula never got better than this. Another potential candidate for our best picks of this year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

3) Disordera Records (Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia)

Our! from Disordera Records finally made an official bandcamp account where they are constanly updating it with raw, fresh and lo-fi hardcore punk from different colombian cities and small town (with some international guests as well). I've always been impressed by the huge amount of records they edit quite often. It really is sometimes kinda difficult to keep the trace ha ha. Finally, I'll only review some of the records that really caught my attention. I highly recommend you to visit the site (you can click on the image above for been redirected to it). There are lots, lots of good stuff. Let's se what we've got... 

Distrüst (El Salvador) / Disbrigade (Ecuador) / Disgarche (Argentina) and HH (Colombia) 4-way split 

A pretty interesting 4-way split featuring 4 crust and d-beat hardcore punk from different latin american countries. Firstly, we've got Distrüst from El Salvador. I have to admit that this is the first time ever I listen to a band like this one since I only knew salvadoran youth crew bands and nothing more. Their sound will really remind you of classic american crust outfits such as Misery and Disrupt mixed with the swedish savoir faire of bands like Wolfbrigade and Disfear. Cool. You can click here and listen to their available discography so far. Secondly, we have Disbrigade. Their name is an evident portmanteu of Discharge and Wolfbrigade. So, you could guess that their sound is heavily influenced by those legendary outfits and yes, you're right. However, there are some slight crossover thrash and metal punk elements as well with the iconic tupatutupa ethos, only made here in Latin America. Nice. You can click here for listening to their extensive and prolific discography, including one tribute to them. Yup, they're that important within the ecuadorian hardcore punk scene. Next, we've got Disgarche. Their name also is a portmanteau of Discharge and garche, an argentinian word for fuck. Best name ever. This band recently formed during these pandemic times as a response to the difficulties of rehearsing properly and performing live as a band. So, yeah, their lyrics deal about that inner struggle and other common topics for both crust and d-beat styles such as extinction of mankind and, for the first time ever, the psycological consequences of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can click here to listen to their available material so far. I highly recommend you their more recent LP entitled Sin Salir Sin Coger Sin Dormir. Great record. And, last but not least, we have HH (Hijueputa Humano) from Colombia. Not sure which city they're from. I also do not know much about them aside the fact this is their second official record (The first one is another 4-way split with Rawkrusher, Disparo Certero (Paraguay) and Öbsölescencia (Colombia). You can listen to it on Disordera Records' bandcamp). Their sound is pretty raw and lo-fi, sometimes teasing with mincecore but still retaining the dis musical execution of this superb 4-way split. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Destruye Y Destruye (Ecuador / Colombia) / Anger Blast (Colombia) split EP  

This is the most recent split EP from two bands that already have been featured here in the blog. Firstly, Destruye y Destruye is a band from Ecuador, also featuring members from Colombia, and their sound is more akin to the swedish grindcore school. You can think of Nasum, Filthy Christians and G-Anx. I think their contributed tracks to this record are brand new but you can correct me if I'm wrong. Last but not least, we have Anger Blast whose mincecore-inspired sound is getting better release after release. On Disordera Records' bandcamp you can listen to their also recent split with Warprofit (Colombia) and their 4-way split with Terrörcult (Ecuador), Buitre (Peru) and Scort 10 (Colombia). You should definitely check'em out. Oh, and I almost forgot. Our friend Chulo made the artwork. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Timmy O' Toole / Primitivo split EP

This split EP is Timmy O' Toole's debut, a band from Pasto. And, yup, you guessed right. This is a reference to one of The Simpsons' episodes where Bart Simpson made a prank with a "real" boy named Timmy O' Toole stuck in the bottom of a well. If you watched the aforementioned episode, you know what happened next...Their sound is a mix of both powerviolence and grindcore and that's it. Puro pinche ruido. I really am not sure where the hell they took the sound samplers, probably from one of those hideous sunday matinee movies you often watch on national TV channels. And, last but not least, Primitivo still surprise us with their iconic grindcore style (for this record, a little bit more closer to goregrind) with less references to carranga than previous works but they use some weird and random sound samplers featuring some colombian street inhabitants (apparently addicted to drugs). As far as I remember, not even Despise You dared to do this ha ha. I really liked this and I hope you do it so. Highly recommended. Enjoy!        

El Eje Baretero D-beat Raw Punk compilation

Featured bands: Doomsday, Kabra, Crisiss (Manizales), Extinction (Armenia), Disratas, Violación, Ecos de Ruido (Santa Rosa de Cabal), Bala Perdida (Dosquebradas), Azfixxia and Narcolepsia (Pereira). 

Here in Colombia, there's a sub-region colloquially called Eje Cafetero where a good amount of the national coffee production is there. For this record, the word cafetero was replaced by the word baretero, which is a reference to bareta, a colombian word for a joint of marihuana. Ha ha ha. I love the creativity of these dudes. So, yeah, this is a compilation featuring crust, d-beat and hardcore punk bands from different cities of that region. The featured tracks are also available on the more recent releases from each band, for example, Azfixxia / Narcolepsia split or Doomsday's Sin Salida EP. I'm not sure if there's at least one brand new track exclusive to this track. Also remember that all these records are available on Disordera Records' bandcamp. Finally, listen to it. You'll enjoy it. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

4) Zegema Beach Records (Canada) 

In Wolves Clothing (USA) - It Eats Itself LP

In Wolves Clothing is a screamo / post-hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia. Their debut was in 2018 with a self-released self-titled EP and this year, Zegema Beach Records will release the physical edition of their more recent work, It Eats Itself LP. I must admit that I didn't know the band prior to the review submission of this record. I found it quite fantastic. Indeed, the music is a good mix of chaotic and melodic traits that will surely remind you of the good ol' days of Cease Upon The Capital and company. There also are some slight elements of post-black metal making this even more burtal than it really is. Oh, and by the way. All four members take the vocalist role adding in different tones. Nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Orphan Donor - Old Patterns LP

This is Jared Stimpfl's solo musical project who also was involved in different bands such as Secret Cutter and Oktober Skyline. After listening to this, I only can conclude one thing: this is pure gold. Indeed, the sound has a mix of screamo, emoviolence and metalcore with a sharp and aggressive black metal-infused musical instrumentation and execution. It really reminded me of different blackened acts such as Celeste (France) and Malevich (USA). The final result is unpredictable and brutiful music. This is something you'd listen to on a regular basis. Finally, click on the image above for listening to it. Definitely one of our candidates for the best picks list of 2020. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

 Stormlight - Natoma LP 

We finally conclude this entry with this superb LP made by two of the masterminds behind renowned modern screamo outfits such as Loma Prieta, Elle and Lord Snow, among others. Natoma is what most people would consider something like a concept album since it mixes different styles such as screamo, emoviolence, post-hardcore and mathcore with a pretty superb and solid musical execution. Indeed, it's fast, it's melodic, it's tight, sometimes it is not. Just listening to Farsick, the first track off, it really blew my mind away. Also, according to Dave Norman, founder and owner of Zegema Beach Records, Stormlight's first full-length album is the most challenging, immersive and cathartic releases in recent memory. This is a Zegema Beach Records exclusive release so, keep that in mind as well. Finally, click on the image above for listening to it. Definitely one of our candidates for the best picks list of 2020 and probably AOTY. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs! 

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