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El Basurero del Emo Vols. 1 and 2

Featured bands: Ginestá, Las Mañanas, Moldavia, Puerto Austral (Argentina), Leidan, Prometíamos Una Vida (Chile), Finlandia/Singapur (Ecuador), ¡Cazamos Cometas!, Inválido, Le Mat, Recuerdos De Un Sueño Perdido (México), Fútbol Peruano 97, No Somos Lo Que Fuimos (Peru), Corea and Umezawa (Spain) (Vol.1); Beatrice Kaleth, Cursi No Muere, Rosamonte, teenag efeelings, WRRN (Argentina), Konran Jyoutai, De Carne e Flor (Brazil), Llacuna (Catalunya, Spain), Dishonör, Empatía, La Falsa Sensación de Avanzar, Quemarlo Todo Por Error (Colombia), Baudelaire, El Cómodo Silencio De Los Que Hablan Poco, La Chica De Las Camelias, Nepugia, Noire (Chile), Archadianonstabian, Aves, My Mind A Birdcage, Walle, Zarathustra Has Been Killed In The 70s (Mexico), Sad Birds Die When I Smile (Peru) and shonen bat (Spain) (Vol. 2).    

Coucou, les! We're back with another entry. Our friend Enzo from El Basurero del Emo, an argentinian blog featuring emo and screamo bands around the world (mostly spanish-speaking acts), has released so far two impressive latin american and spanish emo/screamo, indie and hardcore punk compilations. In fact, the most recent volume, the second one, was released two days ago for celebrating the first anniversary of the website. Kudos for that!

Now, in Latin America (notably in countries such as Brazil and Colombia) there aren't too many emo/screamo-related outfits. In fact, it's almost nonexistent. Yes, it's true that some bands in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico and even Peru have emerged since the mid-00s, with some moderate international success,  and the trend has gradually grown in the region but unfortunately, there still is an enormous misconception of what the whole emo/screamo thing is all about...

Regarding the sound, the compilation mostly features emo and screamo bands in different presentations (midwest emo, emoviolence, post-rock and math rock-influenced acts, etc.). There are some exceptions to the rule, of course, for example, Dishonör (Colombia) mixes different hardcore styles such as crust and metalcore, and some acts such as Quemarlo Todo Por Error (Colombia) and El Cómodo Silencio De Los Que Hablan Poco (Chile) are more into a indie rock/alternative rock thing despite their slight emo influences. 

Another interesting fact about these collections is that some of the emerging emo/screamo latin american outfits in the mid-00s are included such as Archadianonstabian, Zarathustra Has Been Killed In The 70s (Mexico) and Leidan (Chile), which is a cool feature since it's been a while since I listen to them thoroughly. Keep in mind that these outfits will be featured here in the blog in the near future but with other purposes...(Did you already get the idea? Am I so evident?). 

Finally, all the featured tracks in both volumes are taken from the participant bands' previous works (notably early demos or the most recent EP/LP). There are, however, two exclusive tracks from colombian bands Dishonör and Empatía (the latter is the band I participate to as the lead vocalist), which are a preview of their respective upcoming debut albums, also expected to be released before the year ends. (We certainly hope so ha ha).     

Lastly, click on the image above for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to / download for free (or paying the price you consider right). If, for any reason, the free downloads are over, I'll leave you the alternate links by clickling on the images below for downloading them. Please support the bands. It's totally worth it. Do not miss these ambitious latin american and spanish bands collections. They somewhat reminded me of the good ol' days of the Algunas ideas pueden ser peligrosas. Compilado Screamo - América Latina compilation, which is already featured here in the blog when we wrote in spanish. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!!WP5xTIBA!nw3DY3kTW23Fj2Fw25GAmn_-u8gPWd0ATbOWEZ__xxM!nL5xUCzQ!89uP_05C1PluiiKLzx6n0l80XnrD997NJBDTC80ama4

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K-Town Hardcore Fest 2019
Note: Artwork by Pogger

Coucou, les! We're back with another entry. As you may know, between June 14th - 16th one of, if not, the most important hardcore punk fests in Europe will be held. Yes, we're talking about the eighth edition of K-Town Hardcore Fest at Ungdomshuset ("The Youth House" in danish) squat in Bispebjerg District - Copenhagen, Denmark. Only with evoking the name you'll know what of all this is about. 

This annual fest rooted in the DIY hc/punk movement, with strong no xenophobia, no (cis/hetero) sexism, no transphobia, no homophobia, no violence and no hard drugs stances, etc., hosts different hardcore punk bands from many countries around the globe. In fact, this open-minded and international community mentality is an important engine for breaking down the nationality, sexual orientation, gender, age and experience walls that still separate us (notably in these fucked up modern times where discrimination, violence and intolerance are dramatically rising above. *sigh...). 

Now, I'll feature the bands that will participate to this 2019 edition with a pretty short information about them and provide their official bandcamp accounts for listening to them as well. They will also be classified on their native country for an easier reading. Finally, some musical outfits such as Amenazas, Abuso (Colombia), Hank Wood And The Hammer Heads (US) and Subdued (UK) won't be featured in this entry since we've exceedingly wrote about them (even they're award-winning groups here in the blog). Sorry. 

Lastly, click on the image above for listening to / downloading for free (or paying the price you consider right) the official compilation made by the fest promoters featuring tracks from all the participant bands. If you can, go and support my south american! rockers. You won't regret it. With all that written, let's begin.


Eke Buba
 Ph: K-Town Hardcore Fest official website

This Zagreb-based hardcore outfit has only released Lana G 7" (No Taste Label, 2015), Rat Cage tape (Doomtown Records (Croatia), 2016), and self-titled tape (Doomtown Records (Croatia), 2017). Their sound is kinda unique since they mix old-school hardcore punk with garage rock sensibilities. Indeed, the music still is oddly fresh enough with lots of catchy fuzz that shouldn't be missed out. Nice. Finally, click on the image for listening to Rat Cage. Pretty dope record. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 



Ph: Mike Thorn 

The K-Town Hardcore official website makes the following statement about this band: "Newest rotten apple on the K-Town family tree. Creepy crawly sunny side down hardcore punk for the pit!". I had difficulties trying to find out some video footage of their live performances since, as far as I know, they haven't officially recorded anything. If you could pass me music or videos of this enigmatic band, I'd be really thankful. Thanks in advance.

  Ph: Inferno Photography

This is a recently formed band featuring ex-members of Death Token and also from the K-Town Hardcore family tree (In fact, just like most of the featured danish bands in this entry). They will replace the legendary american hardcore punk outfit The Adolescents in the fest since the latter had to cancel all their european presentations at the very last minute. So sad. Anyways, Deformation only has released two tracks on their official bandcamp account Elite and Nuclear, whose musical execution is into the scandinavian d-beat side of things. Let's wait and see what the future will bring for this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Direct Youth
  Ph: Inferno Photography

This Copenhagen-based hardcore band has released one demo cassette (Direct Youth self-released, 2014) and Call Out The Youth (Halshugga Records (Denmark), 2015). When I heard this band for the first time ever, I didn't think they were from Denmark. Indeed, they sound like an american youth crew revival band but with some slight scandinavian d-beat feel.  But, yeah, most of the time they sound like a danish edition of Youth of Today without the obsession with the "edge" stuff. Pretty nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

Night Fever

This Copenhagen-based hardcore veterans have been in the game since a decade ago. Their musical style has american hardcore, d-beat, speed metal and even glam rock influences. I think they're somewhat like a mix of a d-beat-influenced Poison Idea tribute band with a punker vocal style of Twisted Sisters (?). Weird yet funtastic musical execution. Lastly, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account. If you can, try to get their Discography 2009-2014 CD (Crew For Life (Japan), 2017). Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Ond Tro
 Ph: Alexander Sjöberg

This band also from Copenhagen has released so far: Debut and self-titled EP (Spaghetti Cassetti (Denmark), 2017), Promo (Travesty Music (Ond Tro's record label), 2018) and Støv (Travesty Music, 2018). I really liked their musical style since they have a particular mix of early scandinavian hardcore and american hardcore with classical punk rock and garage rock influences thus making melodic yet fast-paced tunes. A mix between Betong Hysteria, Barn Av Regnbuen (Norway), Die Kreuzen, Necros and Television (US). Finally, if you dig modern american bands like Hank Wood and the Hammerheads and Dawn of Humans (without the noisy synth fuzz), Ond Tro will please you. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Planet Y
This interesting Copenhagen-based female-fronted musical outfit has released so far: Demo (2016), self-titled (Adult Crash (Denmark), 2017), and Kniven For Struben (Adult Crash (Denmark), 2019). Their musical style reminded me of the classical L.A. punk bands' sound, just a little before the hardcore explosion took over everything. Indeed, bands such as The Bags, X, The Dils, Weirdos and other outfits featured in the mythic Dangerhouse compilation (Frontier Records (US), 1991) surely come to mind. Finally, do not miss out this melodic and catchy approach despite being a little bit different of the musical savagery displayed by the other more hardcore-oriented bands featured in this entry. Highly recommended. Enjoy!      


Kovaa Rasvaa
Ph: Raphael Rodrigues 

Finnish hardcore/punk bands never cease to impress me. This female-fronted band, of course, isn't an exception to the rule. Kovaa Rasvaa features members of already classic local bands such as Kuolema and Forca Macabra, for naming a few.  Their sound is pretty reminiscent of  early european grindcore acts such as Filthy Christians, G-Anx and Nasum (Sweden), but their more recent work Pahan Vaimon Käsikirja (Svart Records (Finland), 2018) has a more thrashcore orientation. Indeed, they reminded me of female-fronted brazilian acts such as Infect. Nice. Finally, this band could have been in our list of best picks of last year but I didn't know about their existence. Gosh...Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Violent Spirit
Ph: K-Town Hardcore Fest official website

Another impressive band from Kouvola. They only have released one record: Human Pain (Hardware Records (Germany), 2018). Their sound is hugely influenced by crossover thrash, crust punk and d-beat with short and fast music. They reminded me a lot of early swedish crust bands such as Disfear, Diskonto and Wolfbrigade but less "dark". There are even some interesting guitar solos with a very thrash-y feel and some others that were closer to Tragedy or From Ashes Rise's unique melodic style (albeit not so complex). Finally, listen to this band, it's pretty cool and something really different for their country's hardcore standards. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

 Ph: K-Town Hardcore Fest official website

I really like when I get to discover bands from countries I didn't even know they had a "scene". This is the case for this interesting band from Reykjavik. They have released so far one demo (2018) and self-titled (Iron Lung Records (USA), 2019). There are also plans for releasing a split with Víctimas, a d-beat hardcore band from Colombia (already featured here in the blog). Their sound is pretty closer to Víctimas', you know, pure swedish hardcore extravaganza reminiscent of Totalitär, Headcleaners, Shitlickers, Discard, etc. with lots of distortion and fuzz elements that modern bands tend to include. And, yes, their songs are in their native language. Awesome. I hope to get more news coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


 Ph: K-Town Hardcore Fest official website
Just like the previous band, the modern irish hc/punk scene is another environment I'm not really aware of (We already featured Rats Blood in the Blazing Anarchy comp, though). Surge has released so far one demo (2015), Avalanche tape (Dogs and Vultures (Ireland), 2016) and one split with Terrorstat (Norway) (Sjakk Matt Plater (Norway), 2017). So, this is a queer and feminist hardcore band with crust and d-beat influences. They reminded me of american bands such as Torsö, G.L.O.S.S. and Nosebleed in some parts but, unlike those aforementioned acts, Surge is a little bit noisier and rougher. I hope to get more news coming from this band in the near future and their local hardcore scene as well. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


 Ph: K-Town Hardcore Fest official website

Ah, how could I miss this female-fronted band? They only have released one album Black Magic Punk (Occult Punk Gang (Italy), 2018) and it's such a blast. Indeed, they mix hardcore punk, anarcho-punk and post-punk, pretty much like Blank Spell (US) but less "dark". I think they're more like Sial (Singapore), Snob (UK) and Exotica (US). Finally, this band could have been in our list of best picks of last year but I completely forgot about their existence. Damn, I need to try to not forget this kind of bands...Let their "Ancient magic to exorcise antiquated minds" (K-Town Hardcore official website) mesmerize you. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Irreal (Barcelona, Catalunya)
 Ph: K-Town Hardcore Fest official website

This recently formed hardcore band released last year their demo. Featuring members of other local hardcore and punk bands such as Kartón D Vino, Suicidas, Barcelona, Belgrado, Disface, etc., Irreal is back to the basics playing mid-tempo d-beat-influenced hardcore punk in the same vein as other bands in the Iberian Peninsula such as Orden Mundial (Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands) and Destino Final (Barcelona, Catalunya).  The lyrics are in catalan and spanish with outspoken and aggressive hateful stances towards modern society. Finally, I hope to see the release of their first full-length album. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Trau (Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands)

This impressive hardcore band was already featured here in the blog when we reviewed the Mallorca Punk compilation series (If you want to refresh your memory, you can click here). The band features members of other local hardcore punk bands such as Usura, Orden Mundial, POU, Iron Merda, among others. If you know those aforementioned acts, you must already know Trau plays raw and mid-tempo paced (with some eventual slower breakdowns) d-beat-influenced hardcore punk (some slight american hardcore influence can be traced too) with politically-charged lyrics in their native language, catalan. Finally, listen to Deixau-me Fer EP. It's totally worth it. Another potential candidate for our best picks of 2019 list. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Una Bèstia Incontrolable (Barcelona, Catalunya)

Ah, yes. The time has finally come for this uncontrollable beast to appear here in the blog. Along Barcelona, Una Bèstia Incontrolable is one of the best modern hardcore bands in the whole Iberian Peninsula nowadays. Their style tries to break the mould with slower yet overwhelming beats, distortion, noise and lots of fuzz that a traditional hardcore punk band completely discards from their repertory. I know there are more experimental acts out there, but Una Bèstia Incontrolable has nothing to envy to no one. No one. Finally, I hope to see more material coming from this band since two years ago we don't hear something new. Let's wait and see. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Axe Rash

Axe Rash is a female-fronted band from Stockholm that has released so far Shitfaced cassette (2015), Head Vs Wall (Imminent Destruction Records (UK), 2017) and Axe Rash (Adult Crash (Denmark), 2019).  This is the second time they perform at K-Town Hardcore Fest. Regarding the sound, they reminded me of modern d-beat-influenced american hardcore punk bands such as Ajax, Torsö, Nosebleed and Impalers. The musical execution is short, fast and loud as expected with some eventual mid-tempo and slower breakdowns and unorthodox metallic guitar riffs. Finally, listen to this band. It's pretty cool. Another potential candidate for our best picks of 2019 list. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Ph: K-Town Hardcore Fest official website

An impressive swedish outfit that will release pretty soon their upcoming debut album. So, this band is basically a living homage to, probably, the greatest swedish hardcore band ever: Totalitär. Indeed, they share members with other bands following the same musical path such as Herätys and Infenöh, for naming a few, so you may know what this is all about. But, unlike these acts, there's some american flavor in the same vein as modern US acts Impalers and Sunshine Ward. Finally, click on the image above for listening to the tracks. I hope to see the release of their upcoming album anytime soon. Such a blast. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Ah, yes. I finally could feature this beast from Goteborg. They have only released so far: Demo (Löss self-released, 2017) and self-titled EP (D-Takt and Råpunk Records (Sweden), 2019). Their sound is much like a swedish response to the so-called New Wave of British Hardcore - NWOBHC, you know, in general terms, the perfect mix between both old-school american and british hardcore styles. Indeed, you'll find in here the pummeling and overwhelming NYHC-styled breakdowns with the rabid, outpaced and iconic swedish d-beat hardcore fury. Finally, their more recent EP can be a potential candidate for our best picks of 2019 list (I hope to not forget them ha ha ha). Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

 Ph: K-Town Hardcore Fest official website

An amazing female-fronted hardcore punk band from Stockholm that only has released a demo (2017) and Allt Brinner LP (Kink Records (Germany), 2018 / Voice From Inside (Ukraine), 2019). Their sound has notorious d-beat influences but, unlike other dis-counterparts, there's a lot of mid tempo and slower breakdowns with some unorthodox outpaced changes and improvised guitar riffs with chorus pedals. I really enjoyed this band since it's a challenge to play correctly d-beat without falling in the disclone category. Finally, I hope to get more news coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!



Turkey is another country I'm not really aware of. Crudez is a female-fronted punk band with UK82, anarcho-punk and post-punk influences. Their only LP named Jungle Jeopardy (Wargasm Records (Turkey) / Byllepest Distro (Norway), 2019) is a homage to great acts such as Vice Squad and Uproar but with a little bit more faster execution.  There's also a cover of Joy Division's Warsaw. Awesome. Finally, this record really caught me by surprise. I never thought this kind of bands came from unexpected places. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

United States (US) 

Extended Hell

Extended Hell is a hardcore punk from NYC playing raw and loud d-beat hardcore punk in the same vein as other local counterparts Nomad and Perdition. You know it's been a while since american hardcore punk bands are incorporating d-beat elements into their repertory so, this band isn't an exception to this trend. Finally, if you dig the aforementioned NYC acts as well as bands like Blazing Eye, Blotter and Green Beret, Extended Hell is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Ph: Albert Licano

This female-fronted hardcore punk from Oakland, CA has released so far one demo (2017), Saboor EP (Distort Reality (US), 2018) and Bezoar LP (La Vida Es Un Mus (UK), 2019). Unlike other modern hardcore outfits trying to surpass the boundaries of the subgenre adding distortion and other strange elements into their repertory, Khiis still is true to the roots and thus developing a dark yet overwhelming musical execution influenced by both d-beat and anarcho-punk executed by an american band. Some lyrics are sung in Farsi (or Persian), an unique feature which, just like Haram from NYC, adds some personality for these fucked up modern times despising Middle East cultures. Finally, listen to this. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

Ph: Matthew Kadi

Korrosive is also a band from Oakland, CA playing hardcore punk with anarcho-punk and d-beat influences. You can imagine a modern american band performing all-time finnish hardcore classics such as Terveet Kädet, Kaaos and Riistetyt mixed with british anarcho-punk like The Mob and The Zounds. The musical execution is mostly short, loud and fast-paced songs but there are some with slower interludes and mid-tempo paced execution. And, of course, the lyrics are anti-war / anti-nuclear holocaust. Nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


An impressive all-female hardcore punk act from Austin, Texas. They have released so far one demo (2012), Hermanas de la Oscuridad EP (Todo Destruido (US), 2013) self-titled (Trabuc Records (Basque Country, 2014), self-titled (Kurrakä self-released, 2015) and Otra Dimensión cassette (Oscuridad En Mi Vida (France), 2017). Their sound has both hardcore punk and post-punk influences and the lyrics are in spanish with both political and personal stances. They reminded me of classic spanish-speaking female-fronted bands such as Último Resorte, Desechables (Spain) and Fertil Miseria (Colombia). Finally, listen to this vvitch coven. You won't regret it. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Machine Gun

Another great american hardcore band with neither regrets nor remorse of expressing themselves with straightforward and pummeling music. They only have released The World Is Sick demo (2016) and a self-titled EP (2017). Their sound is definitely influenced by the early years of USHC in the same vein as early Agnostic Front, Breakdown, Void, Urban Waste and Circle Jerks, for naming a few, with some mid-tempo and eventual slower breakdowns. No frills, no experimentation. Just resentful and hateful fast-paced hardcore punk. Just that. Period. Finally, I hope to get more news coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Loose Nukes 

 Ph: Blow The Scene

This band features members of Blood Pressure, Sickoids and Dark Thoughts, among others. You know that sometimes you only need one demo to show the world you can unleash frantic music to please the ears of hardcore pvnx always craving for unstoppable rage. Loose Nukes revives the old glories of ultra fast USHC classics such as Hated Youth, YDI, CIA, Neon Christ, etc., for modern times that seem to forget what made so great the style back in the dark days of the Reagan era. No experimentation, no fuzz, no anything musically virtuous, just short, fast and loud hardcore punk. Finally, I hope to see the release of their upcoming album anytime soon. Such a blast. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

  Ph: Shuttlecock Music

We finally conclude this entry with this impressive hardcore outfit. Nosferatu is one of, if not, the best american hardcore punk bands nowadays. This Austin-based outfit has been in the game since 2015 and, since then, they haven't stopped surprising us with their prolific and extensive discography. Regarding the sound, the band is hugely influenced by ultra-fast USHC bands like Deep Wound, Koro, The Fix, Youth Korps, United Mutation (also considered by many as protogrindcore) with short, fast and loud music like hardcore should always be. The first time I listened to them I absolutely fell in love with. And, yes, I know I should have featured them long time ago but you know, shit happens...Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to Pissed Off! Records (Malaysia) for listening to The First Years tape which compiles their Sounds of Hardcore EP, Solution A and Rejected Comp Tracks demos, Living In The Act Of Fear tape, split tracks with Enemy One, and some unreleased tracks. They're also currently working on their full-length album so, I'll patiently wait for it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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Teeny Tiny Records Presents: Fresh! Vol. 2

Featured bands: Red Delicious, Provoke, Initiate, Tozcos, Temple of Angels, O.U.T., Causa, Grudgepacker, Porvenir Oscuro, Namatay Sa Ingay, Entry, Malaka, Mystic Spit, Escuela Grind (USA), Loviv (USA/Sweden) and Nekra (UK).

Coucou, les! We're back after a long time. I'm sorry for my absence but the (un)real world sometimes doesn't let you take a break. I'll try to, somewhat, compensate you with this short and humble entry. 

So, I recently discovered that Teeny Tiny Records from NYC released early May the second volume of their Fresh! compilation series (Remember we already featured the first volume here) and I've waited long enough for presenting it to you.

Now, just like the previous volume, this second part of Fresh! comp series still does feature, mostly, female-fronted and/or all-female hardcore punk bands but also some Latinx/Chicanx, POC and Queer outfits are included (with some portuguese, spanish and even filipino songs) thus  breaking the language, gender, sexualities, and  cultural barriers that still plague the hardcore/punk scene in 'Murica, fuck yeah! nowadays. 

Regarding the sound, there's short, fast and loud hardcore punk, pretty much like the  content of the previous volume. However, this second one also features more crust, d-beat and even grindcore-oriented outfits. Temple of Angels is the only exception to the rule because they play post-punk much like in the vein of Belgrado (Spain) and Spectres (Canada). Cool.

Last but not least, this compilation also features some new tracks from the upcoming albums of Provoke, Loviv, Grudgepacker and Initiate. And, Entry makes a fantastic cover of Mean Machine by The Cramps, which is also exclusive to this compilation. Nice.

Lastly, click on the image above and listen to this compilation. Also, try to get a physical copy and, of course, support each band. Totally worth it. I hope you liked this entry and see you next time with more upcoming surprises (I'll try to not to recklessly abandon you this time around). Kisses and hugs!