Sunday, February 14, 2016

Petite pause café: Your Anti-Saint Valentine post


After a long break, we decided to take another one (no te pases de verga, put@) with an interesting subsection that we started last year: la petite pause café. So, we'll stop for the moment the neocrust / blackened crust special (btw, it has been really popular. thank you, boys and girls) and we'll go back to our roots of hypersonic musical madness despising that horrible and stupid anual celebration everyone loves: Saint Valentine's day. In effect, it's the most hideous day of the year full of chocolates, corny letters, hearts and other elements of that shitty and useless romantic love. I know you'll think I'm full of hate and yes, I FUCKING AM. For celebrating this day, I've chosen two powerviolence compilations full of hate, despair and madness that will suit perfectly this fucking day. Finally, someone has reported broken links in the page lately, so I'll fix them in the next few days. Hope you enjoy your Valentine's day drowning in this sonic sea of agony and pain. Let's begin.     

USA Powerviolence Vol. 1

This is an interesting powerviolence compilation released in 2012 by PVCompilations. I know it's a little bit old but I have to say most of the best american bands in the subgenre nowadays are present. In effect, it contains Snakes, downpour., Bridge, Stresscase, Decayed Race, Necklacing, Gorilla Pussy, Curmudgeon, Suffer On Acid, Beast Plague, GRIT, PxBxS, Shit Luck, False Light, Fissure, Rabid Pigs, Hipster Trash and Banshee Noise. Regarding the sound, the bands featured display different forms of powerviolence like the old school (Spazz and Crossed Out comes to mind) and more modern influences like our lovely grindviolence (à la Magrudergrind or Insect Warfare). The lyrics contain the classic touch of social and political critic in the vein of the powerviolence subgenre. Also, this collection was released on tape with only 150 copies and contained a poster with the bands featured on it. Sadly, I discovered too late this compilation, so I'll leave you the official PVCompilations bandcamp account where you can pay the right price or download it for free. The lyrics are contained in each song. Finally, I recommend you this apéro for continuing our quest of hating Saint Valentine's day. Most of the songs featured in this compilation are available in the discography of each band. I won't say more. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to the bandcamp page. Enjoy!. 

Worldwide Powerviolence

Another great international powerviolence compilation released in 2012 by PVCompilations. It's a shame that this Florida based record label hasn't released more amazing collections like this one since long time ago. I hope someday they'll come back soon. So, the record contains the following bands: Water Torture, Dead Weight, Damaged Goods, Haunted Ground, Super Mutant, Haruka, Mean And Ugly, xFrank Grimesx (USA), Extortion (Australia), Skuff, WTCHDR (Canada), Moral Panic, Mangled, Gets Worse (UK), Henry Fonda (Germany), World Narcosis (Iceland!. The first band of this country featured in this blog), 466/64 (España), Revengeance (Portugal!. New countries are getting added each day. Cool. BTW, it's female fronted), War Trauma and Pode Pa (Brazil). In the same vein as the previous compilation, this one has old school powerviolence and grindviolence influences, as well as bold and abstract lyrics in the standard of the subgenre. Sadly, this compilation wasn't released in vinyl or tape formats. You can click on the image for being redirected to the official bandcamp account and it's up to you to pay the right price or download it for free. I do not think I should say more about this. Just download it. You'll see some familiar faces, and new ones too. Highly recommended. Enjoy!. 

I know this is a really short entry and I think it won't satisfy at all our anti-Saint Valentine's day campaign but the blog needed some powerviolence feeling. We'll come back soon with the end of the neocrust / blackened crust special and some surprises I've been working on. Until the next time. Hugs and kisses!

UPDATE 02/14/2017: the official bandcamp account have been removed, so we put a download link. Enjoy.