Saturday, April 30, 2016

V/A Estamos En La Sima 2. is back, fam! Once again, our beloved friends Andrés Lesmes (Amor y Rabia, Anti-Diktatur) and Esteban Meza (Sinnäciön, Dexconcierto, Infesto and Ruido Total Records) notified me of this marvelous colombian hardcore punk compilation. 

As you may have guessed, it's, let's say, the official continuation of the cult classic Estamos En La Sima compilation. We featured the latter in our, surprisingly popular, colombian hardcore punk special (You can check it out here: 

Since october 2015, I knew the existence of this compilation because Esteban (the mastermind behind this) and his son Daniel (AKA El Monster) told me about it. "Solo ruido, cuch@". Esteban also told me the experience of recording the songs featured in the compilation: "Dude, if you saw the kids' faces recording like we did it in the old days. They didn't know the analog format and were amazed demanding every little aspect of it. It was a blast". I would have had the same feeling if I was recording my songs like that. 

Regarding the sound, the featured bands are from the most recent Medellín hardcore punk generation and explore different hardcore punk subgenres like crust, grindcore, d-beat, thrashcore and, of course, the Punk Medallo style. We find Exhumación, Devastación, Sociedad Dekadente, Huora, A.P.H., Segregación, Mordaz, Destino, Terror Nuclear, Organismos, Kolapso Social, Triturer, Fabrikando Kaos, Devenir, P.D.T. and Ojo Vermelho.  

Each band has its particular style and all of them did an outstanding work. The lyrics are in spanish and deal with different social, political and economic issues. Also, most of the songs featured aren't available elsewhere (or at least I remarked that with the few bands that have an official bandcamp account). I really enjoyed the final result of this amazing compilation. I'm really pleased that the colombian hardcore punk community still releases collections like this one.

Finally, you need to download this superb work. Congratulations to Esteban, the crew behind the recording, production and distribution of the compilation and, of course, the bands featured on it. When you click on the image, you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can get this compilation for free or paying the right price. Also, get the physical copy if you can because its distribution already started!. I hope to get one too. Enjoy and see you until the next time. Hugs and kisses!.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Retratos e historias: Amor y Rabia / Incendiariat split tape

We don't believe in the future but we get haunted by the past...that's why you'll always be present, everyday, in life. Never goodbye, only see you soon... Amor Y Rabia, 2014.'re back, my beautiful puppies! Today, I received an e-mail from Andrés Felipe Lesmes, one of Amor y Rabia's vocalists, sending me their beautiful split with colombian screamo band Incendiariat which will be final-fucking-ly released as a tape in the next few weeks!. Qué chimba! (Gracias por la noticia, parcero!). The songs featured in this split were originally recorded back in 2014 and, since then, are available as free download on their respective official bandcamp accounts. We mentioned its existence when we reviewed Amor y Rabia's split with Folie à Trois, but it's time to make the review that it really deserves... 

So, each band present 2 songs. First, Amor Y Rabia bring us Nos vemos pronto y Košute (already featured in Sonidos Muertos #1 compilation, which is available in this blog) with the band's characteristic and particular sound of blending hardcore punk, crust punk, emo and d-beat. I have to say that they made a fantastic work using fast music with slow-paced and introspective interludes. Regarding the lyrics, the first song is a celebration for the true friendship that will last forever, no matter what happens and the last one is way more complex announcing the coming of dark times in the near future. As a curious fact, Košute shares the same name as a Croatian village, and there's a strange monument to the yugoslavian fallen soldiers in World War II. Is there a connection between this song and the forementioned monument? I don't know...

Last but not least, Incendiariat have two outstanding songs: Yo anhelo que las cenizas de este mundo sean nuestra pista de baile y Lianas. Their sound has strong screamo, post-hardcore and post-rock influences. We can mention bands like June Paik, Louise Cyphre, Envy, Heaven in her arms, and City of Caterpillar as a reference. Like Amor y Rabia, Incendiariat makes a superb mix of fast music with slow-paced interludes. Regarding the lyrics, the first song is a strong individual statement of (de)constructing the world and the last one is like an incendiary love confession. Really neat. They also have a tape named Parto Y Desastre, with a more complex and mature sound. I hope to get it and share it with you pretty soon.

Finally, I recommend you this amazing piece of art. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to the download link. The file is the same that Mr. Lesmes sent to me and features the artwork, design, layouts and lyrics in spanish that will be printed for the tape. Muertx and Colmillo were behind the amazing art featured in this split. Don't forget to visit the respective official bandcamp accounts ( and to check out their other stuff. And if you can, pay the right price to support them. I hope to receive pretty soon more news from these amazing chicxs. Enjoy and see you until the next time. Hugs and kisses!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Go, go, go, Mighty Morphin' Powerviolence! Spazzin' To The Oldies: A Tribute To Spazz.

Note: The coolest guys and gals in the 90s. Period. Bitches...

On est de retour, les! I have to confess something really important. You know, life is hard as itself and trying to survive in this sick sad world is a tough work. Nonetheless, there are things that aren't so bad after all. For example, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, one of the most popular TV shows in the 90s, were cool as fuck. Period. Oh yeah... Emm, No. In fact, I was listening to Mighty Morphin' Powerviolence by Spazz and I decided to share you their tribute. Sadly, in this post we won't talk about Spazz's influence because they deserve a standalone entry. For the moment, we'll be centered in this compilation and the Spazz's entry will be featured in the near future. Promised. So, let's begin!. Damn confessions...

Mind Ripper Collective (Scotland), Dead Heroes Records (Czech Republic) and Vleesklak Records (Belguim) released in 2015 an outstanding and marvelous tribute to Spazz, one of the most influential powerviolence bands in the 90's, named Spazzin' To The Oldies: A Tribute To Spazz. If you're a true diehard fan of Spazz, you may know that the title of this compilation is a reference to Spazz's Sweatin' To The Oldies (a compilation of a bunch of Spazz's recordings, including their tracks from the amazing split with Charles Bronson and some tracks that appeared in different compilations like the Reality series and the Cry Now, Cry Later series, among others). 

This compilation features some of the best powerviolence and grindcore bands nowadays. In effect, we find Purge, Intheshit, Bleed The Pigs, God's America, Sordo (USA), Horsebastard, Godhole, Boak, Brainshit, Gets Worse, Endless Swarm, Fetus Christ, Nothing Clean (UK), Faršas (Lithuania), Always Never Fun, xKatexMoshx (Italy), PowerxChuck (Australia), Higgs Boson (Norway), Chulo (Colombia), Sete Star Sept (Japan), Teething (Spain), Captain Caveman (Germany), Cätärro (Brazil), Chiens (France) and OSK (Canada). Also, some of the songs covered are Spazz's "greatest hits", for example, Crush, Kill, Destroy, Campaign For Emo Destruction, Desperate Throat Lock and Spazz vs. Mother Nature

Finally, you must have this compilation. I'm really pleased with the final result. All the bands made an amazing job and some covers feature a reinterpretation of the weird music samples originally used by Spazz. Pretty cool. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to the download link. The file includes the front cover, the back cover and a layout that features all bands' logos. Nothing impressive but we're here for the music. Also, the back cover features a short writing from Chris Dodge (Spazz's guitarist and vocalist and also the founder of the now defunct label Slap A Ham Records) praising the effort of this compilation.
If you can, go and visit the official websites of the record labels and buy this disc. You won't regret it. Enjoy and until the next time. Hugs and kisses!. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

More awesome gifts!: Noothgrush - Erode The Person compilation

Note: YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!qsIx0ZQL!PlvuJ4JiJ-azgK_0aM0OdVrm2IDDGi5gT2oUhRxqjuk
Estamos de vuelta, mis pimpollit@s!. Fuck yes! Did you miss me? I hope so...Anyway, once again I received an amazing gift from our beloved amiguis "La tía Daniela" (Merci bien, tía!): Noothgrush's Erode The Person compilation. Last weekend the homies and I were in her house, I saw that she had 3 copies of the disc and I told her: - I love that band. It's so cool. Later, She replied: - Ok, grab one. It's all yours. I'm still fascinated with the gift and I feel blessed with the good things that have happened these days. Obviously, I'll share you this monstrous compilation. 

Noothgrush is an american sludge band whose name comes from an annoying character of Dr. Seuss' fantasy world. It was born in 1994 and they're still active. As you may know, this band along with Neurosis, Corrupted and Eyehategod, was one of the pionners of the sludge subgenre in the 90s. Basically, sludge is doom metal mixed with hardcore punk. Also, we can see some later works from The Melvins and Black Flag's masterpiece My War, as the key influences for the sound of this cryptic yet outstanding hardcore punk subgenre.

In this blog, we haven't explored yet the sludge subgenre to its full potential, but we have already had some approachings, for example, with some bands featured in the succesful unofficial guide to Neocrust and Blackened crust, exploring sludge influences in their sound. Go and check it out once again. In the underground area, sludge is really appreciated and we can see some popular yet amazing bands like Kylesa, Torche and Electric Wizard and some amazing subgenres and fusion genres like Post-metal and Stoner rock.  

Regarding the sound, Noothgrush has that slow-paced and dense characteristic musical execution of the sludge subgenre. Some of you might say that these kind of bands aren't fast enough to satisfy our extreme violent cravings but I must say that you're probably wrong. It still moves our minds and bodies the way it is. Also, you may notice that some influential powerviolence acts like Spazz and Man is the Bastard have that "sludgy" feeling in their songs. Simply amazing. 

Now, this record was released by Throne Records (Spain) and Chimères Records (France) in 2006. It's a compilation of all the band's final recordings before their hiatus in 2001: songs from the splits with Wellington, Carol Ann, Corrupted and Gasp, the songs featured in Erode The Person 1999 tour CD and a good number of rearranged and previously unreleased tracks like Flee From Hunger And Diseases and Diseased Mammal (my favorite tracks and originally intended for a 5" split with Suppression). 

Finally, You must have this amazing compilation. Click on the image for downloading it. Also, in the file you will find the artwork, inserts, lyrics and additional information of each track. For fans of Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Corrupted, Grief and Sunn O))). Enjoy and see you until next time. Hugs and kisses!.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2 Jewels of British Grindcore. Best gift ever? Hell yeah!

Note: Well, something like that. Yes, why not?...

¿Qué tranza, morros y morras? We are fucking back. In these days, our beloved friend Romain from Terminal Sound Nuisance blog ( gave us an amazing gift: Napalm Death's Scum and Carcass' Reek Of Putrefaction CDs! It was so fuckin' amazing! Merci bien, mon pote! As you may know, these two albums were influential in the creation of the grindcore subgenre. Obviously, I decided to share it with you because we fuckin' love grindcore. Hell Muthafuckin' Yeah! Sadly, this entry will be short but I hope you enjoy it. Let's begin. 

Napalm Death - Scum!j0pngYhJ!JbcUux6mZYGTBlW4kytLH_h-T9qOk4JQc83ucdyQyFE

This is Napalm Death's first full-length album. I have no words to describe this amazing work. As you may know, this is considered by many as the first true grindcore album (Well, at least in terms of the evolution of the subgenre). It was originally released back in 1987 by Earache Records and it features the original line-up in the first 12 tracks: Bill Steer (guitar), Jim Whiteley (Bass), Lee Dorrian (Vocals) and Mick Harris (Drums). The other 16 tracks were recorded by another line-up: Nik Bullen (Bass/Vocals), Mick Harris (Drums) and Justin Broadrick (Guitar). It's curious the duality of the line-ups featured in the record but I don't find a considerable change between both sides. 

Regarding the sound, Napalm Death picked the original old school british grindcore sound mixed with death metal. This jeu de séduction between both subgenres was first introduced by Repulsion, one of the most influential american hardcore punk bands in the grindcore subgenre. This record was pretty influential in the second wave of American grindcore bands like Assück, Brutal Truth and Anal Cunt. Also, the lyrics have anti-consumerism, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialism topics. 

Finally, I have to recommend you this amazing work. It features You Suffer (regarded by the Guinness World Record book as the shortest song ever written) and other amazing Napalm Death's anthems like Instinct of Survival, Deceiver and M.A.D. I know most of you think that the death metal influence is more relevant in their excellent record Harmony Corruption (which first introduced Mark "Barney" Greenway as their lead singer), which is true but this was just the beginning of their sonic madness.

This is a must have. Also, this is the 1994 CD version. All artwork (which is not so different of the original artwork featured in the 1987 LP release), inserts and lyrics are included in the file. All-In-One. Enjoy it!

Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction!LsoyjLgS!RipRE7K86LIJsz6bm487cOVvKHhgAGj3CYb4zxdsxZk

Finally, we conclude this entry with Carcass' first full-length album. This record was originally released back in 1988 by Earache Records and featured the infamous and gruesome front cover that is considered as one of the most extreme and bizarre artworks ever in a rock record. I don't know why it's so controversial. For me, it's a fine and amazing piece of surrealist art that incites you to have a BBQ party with your friends. Seriously. Also, this was one of John Peel's favorite records. 

Regarding the sound, Carcass also had that experimental approach of mixing grindcore with death metal. In their later works (Swansong and Heartwork) we see more both brutal and melodic death metal influences, so we could say this record is way more close to the original british grindcore sound. The lyrics have a particular obsession with gore, human bodies, dismemberments, infections and other diseases that someone studying at medical school would be proud of.  This record is the genesis of the controversial yet fascinating goregrind style. 

Finally, you should download this masterpiece. I know you would say that this record isn't as complex as Heartwork, but a true grindcore fan should appreciate this one above all Carcass' works. As well as Napalm Death's Scum, Carcass' Reek Of Putrefaction is one of my favorite grindcore albums of all time. This is the 2003 CD version that features the original artwork inside. All visual material and lyrics are included. I hope you enjoyed this pretty short entry. We'll come back soon. Until the next time. Hugs and kisses!.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A compilation dedicated to Tim Yohannan (1945-1998). The best 80s american hardcore punk compilation ever? Damn son/girl!

Note: This has been our life in the last month. Seriously.

We is back, homs! I know it's been a long time since the last entry, so I'll try to figure out how to please you. And I think I have the solution. The other day I was thinking about some compilations that Maximum Rock 'N Roll (the de facto "bible of punk") released back in the 80s. I had decided to publish some of them but in the end I changed my mind. So, I'll publish an excellent bootleg containing both well-known and underrated american hardcore punk bands from the 80s after telling you an important fact about MMR: the controversy behind its publishing policies.

I think most of you should know the backlash against some of the publishing policies of this emblematic zine in the mid-90s. The responsible of this rage against the zine (no pun intended) was its founder and main editor, Tim Yohannan (R.I.P.).  Mr. Yohannan, an ancient left-wing activist in the 60s, was a little bit grown-up in the game but helped the flourishment of the second wave of punk rock in North America and he was one of the first reviewers and compilers of international punk bands for the new continent.

Despite his efforts of developing one of the most influential DIY zines in North America, his views towards punk rock were, let's say, a little bit conservative. In effect, Mr. Yohannan wasn't really open to new forms of punk rock and in the mid-90s despised the new generation of hardcore punk subgenres like emo, post-hardcore and metalcore stating that he wouldn't review nothing related to. (Well, at least not everything). 

These statements led the creation of other influential and more "alternative" zines like HeartattaCk from Ebullition Records. Also, at the time punk rock was getting mass media attention thanks to the commercial succes of artists like NOFX, Green Day and Rancid. Yohannan also stated that major label bands (including its subsidaries) wouldn't be featured in his zine. (A DIY approach that we share in this blog, with few exceptions obviously). 

In 1998, Mr. Yohannan passed away and the zine have continued with these publishing policies. The new editors of the publication are still doing a great job but the coverage still have the same criticism started 20 years ago. By the way, the criticism behind these discussions defining what was or what should be labeled as punk, it's not different as the lame internet battles of PC punks nowadays. None of the game rules really change, only the players. 

Now, in 2000, someone released in Europe the amazing bootleg featured in this post. It contains the following 80s american hardcore punk bands: Hated Youth, Insults, Negative Gain, Offenders, Workin' Muthas, The Fix, Batallion of Saints, State, Belching Penguin, Out Of Order, 5051, Fatal Rage, Willful Neglect, Unseen Force, D.D.T., Deadline, Vile, Chronic Sick, Youth Brigade (DC), The Worst, Koro, C.I.A., Neon Christ, F, DYS, Deathwish, Pig Children, 5150, Genetic Control, Articles Of Faith, The Mob, Y.D.I., The Mob, Subculture, M.I.A., Mourning Noise and Negative Approach. By the way, the record originally featured two inserts with the tracklist and the list of the discography of each band. 

Regarding the sound, we find fast, aggressive and abrasive hardcore punk, the way we love it. The bands featured in this compilation display the old school american hardcore punk style and we can say that some bands can be related to the creation of the thrashcore and youth crew subgenres. Also, most of these bands have already been featured in this blog, especially when we made the special featuring the compilations released by BCT Records. You should go and check it out. 

Finally, I highly recommend this amazing bootleg. I think it's one of the best 80s american hardcore punk compilations out there and I'm pretty sure this record would have pleased Yohannan's punk rock vision. In fact, it could be way better than the official American Hardcore documentary soundtrack. This record was ripped by the blog Mellonville Hardcore (, you should check out the amazing stuff it has. All the credits go to the forementioned site (Thank you, pal!). When you click on the image, you'll be redirected to the download link generated by its creator. Sadly, the inserts aren't included but nothing to worry about. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Hugs and kisses.