Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2 Jewels of British Grindcore. Best gift ever? Hell yeah!

Note: Well, something like that. Yes, why not?...

¿Qué tranza, morros y morras? We are fucking back. In these days, our beloved friend Romain from Terminal Sound Nuisance blog (http://terminalsoundnuisance.blogspot.com) gave us an amazing gift: Napalm Death's Scum and Carcass' Reek Of Putrefaction CDs! It was so fuckin' amazing! Merci bien, mon pote! As you may know, these two albums were influential in the creation of the grindcore subgenre. Obviously, I decided to share it with you because we fuckin' love grindcore. Hell Muthafuckin' Yeah! Sadly, this entry will be short but I hope you enjoy it. Let's begin. 

Napalm Death - Scum


This is Napalm Death's first full-length album. I have no words to describe this amazing work. As you may know, this is considered by many as the first true grindcore album (Well, at least in terms of the evolution of the subgenre). It was originally released back in 1987 by Earache Records and it features the original line-up in the first 12 tracks: Bill Steer (guitar), Jim Whiteley (Bass), Lee Dorrian (Vocals) and Mick Harris (Drums). The other 16 tracks were recorded by another line-up: Nik Bullen (Bass/Vocals), Mick Harris (Drums) and Justin Broadrick (Guitar). It's curious the duality of the line-ups featured in the record but I don't find a considerable change between both sides. 

Regarding the sound, Napalm Death picked the original old school british grindcore sound mixed with death metal. This jeu de séduction between both subgenres was first introduced by Repulsion, one of the most influential american hardcore punk bands in the grindcore subgenre. This record was pretty influential in the second wave of American grindcore bands like Assück, Brutal Truth and Anal Cunt. Also, the lyrics have anti-consumerism, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialism topics. 

Finally, I have to recommend you this amazing work. It features You Suffer (regarded by the Guinness World Record book as the shortest song ever written) and other amazing Napalm Death's anthems like Instinct of Survival, Deceiver and M.A.D. I know most of you think that the death metal influence is more relevant in their excellent record Harmony Corruption (which first introduced Mark "Barney" Greenway as their lead singer), which is true but this was just the beginning of their sonic madness.

This is a must have. Also, this is the 1994 CD version. All artwork (which is not so different of the original artwork featured in the 1987 LP release), inserts and lyrics are included in the file. All-In-One. Enjoy it!

Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction

Finally, we conclude this entry with Carcass' first full-length album. This record was originally released back in 1988 by Earache Records and featured the infamous and gruesome front cover that is considered as one of the most extreme and bizarre artworks ever in a rock record. I don't know why it's so controversial. For me, it's a fine and amazing piece of surrealist art that incites you to have a BBQ party with your friends. Seriously. Also, this was one of John Peel's favorite records. 

Regarding the sound, Carcass also had that experimental approach of mixing grindcore with death metal. In their later works (Swansong and Heartwork) we see more both brutal and melodic death metal influences, so we could say this record is way more close to the original british grindcore sound. The lyrics have a particular obsession with gore, human bodies, dismemberments, infections and other diseases that someone studying at medical school would be proud of.  This record is the genesis of the controversial yet fascinating goregrind style. 

Finally, you should download this masterpiece. I know you would say that this record isn't as complex as Heartwork, but a true grindcore fan should appreciate this one above all Carcass' works. As well as Napalm Death's Scum, Carcass' Reek Of Putrefaction is one of my favorite grindcore albums of all time. This is the 2003 CD version that features the original artwork inside. All visual material and lyrics are included. I hope you enjoyed this pretty short entry. We'll come back soon. Until the next time. Hugs and kisses!.

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