Sunday, April 24, 2016

Go, go, go, Mighty Morphin' Powerviolence! Spazzin' To The Oldies: A Tribute To Spazz.

Note: The coolest guys and gals in the 90s. Period. Bitches...

On est de retour, les! I have to confess something really important. You know, life is hard as itself and trying to survive in this sick sad world is a tough work. Nonetheless, there are things that aren't so bad after all. For example, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, one of the most popular TV shows in the 90s, were cool as fuck. Period. Oh yeah... Emm, No. In fact, I was listening to Mighty Morphin' Powerviolence by Spazz and I decided to share you their tribute. Sadly, in this post we won't talk about Spazz's influence because they deserve a standalone entry. For the moment, we'll be centered in this compilation and the Spazz's entry will be featured in the near future. Promised. So, let's begin!. Damn confessions...

Mind Ripper Collective (Scotland), Dead Heroes Records (Czech Republic) and Vleesklak Records (Belguim) released in 2015 an outstanding and marvelous tribute to Spazz, one of the most influential powerviolence bands in the 90's, named Spazzin' To The Oldies: A Tribute To Spazz. If you're a true diehard fan of Spazz, you may know that the title of this compilation is a reference to Spazz's Sweatin' To The Oldies (a compilation of a bunch of Spazz's recordings, including their tracks from the amazing split with Charles Bronson and some tracks that appeared in different compilations like the Reality series and the Cry Now, Cry Later series, among others). 

This compilation features some of the best powerviolence and grindcore bands nowadays. In effect, we find Purge, Intheshit, Bleed The Pigs, God's America, Sordo (USA), Horsebastard, Godhole, Boak, Brainshit, Gets Worse, Endless Swarm, Fetus Christ, Nothing Clean (UK), Faršas (Lithuania), Always Never Fun, xKatexMoshx (Italy), PowerxChuck (Australia), Higgs Boson (Norway), Chulo (Colombia), Sete Star Sept (Japan), Teething (Spain), Captain Caveman (Germany), Cätärro (Brazil), Chiens (France) and OSK (Canada). Also, some of the songs covered are Spazz's "greatest hits", for example, Crush, Kill, Destroy, Campaign For Emo Destruction, Desperate Throat Lock and Spazz vs. Mother Nature

Finally, you must have this compilation. I'm really pleased with the final result. All the bands made an amazing job and some covers feature a reinterpretation of the weird music samples originally used by Spazz. Pretty cool. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to the download link. The file includes the front cover, the back cover and a layout that features all bands' logos. Nothing impressive but we're here for the music. Also, the back cover features a short writing from Chris Dodge (Spazz's guitarist and vocalist and also the founder of the now defunct label Slap A Ham Records) praising the effort of this compilation.
If you can, go and visit the official websites of the record labels and buy this disc. You won't regret it. Enjoy and until the next time. Hugs and kisses!. 

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