Saturday, April 23, 2016

More awesome gifts!: Noothgrush - Erode The Person compilation

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Estamos de vuelta, mis pimpollit@s!. Fuck yes! Did you miss me? I hope so...Anyway, once again I received an amazing gift from our beloved amiguis "La tía Daniela" (Merci bien, tía!): Noothgrush's Erode The Person compilation. Last weekend the homies and I were in her house, I saw that she had 3 copies of the disc and I told her: - I love that band. It's so cool. Later, She replied: - Ok, grab one. It's all yours. I'm still fascinated with the gift and I feel blessed with the good things that have happened these days. Obviously, I'll share you this monstrous compilation. 

Noothgrush is an american sludge band whose name comes from an annoying character of Dr. Seuss' fantasy world. It was born in 1994 and they're still active. As you may know, this band along with Neurosis, Corrupted and Eyehategod, was one of the pionners of the sludge subgenre in the 90s. Basically, sludge is doom metal mixed with hardcore punk. Also, we can see some later works from The Melvins and Black Flag's masterpiece My War, as the key influences for the sound of this cryptic yet outstanding hardcore punk subgenre.

In this blog, we haven't explored yet the sludge subgenre to its full potential, but we have already had some approachings, for example, with some bands featured in the succesful unofficial guide to Neocrust and Blackened crust, exploring sludge influences in their sound. Go and check it out once again. In the underground area, sludge is really appreciated and we can see some popular yet amazing bands like Kylesa, Torche and Electric Wizard and some amazing subgenres and fusion genres like Post-metal and Stoner rock.  

Regarding the sound, Noothgrush has that slow-paced and dense characteristic musical execution of the sludge subgenre. Some of you might say that these kind of bands aren't fast enough to satisfy our extreme violent cravings but I must say that you're probably wrong. It still moves our minds and bodies the way it is. Also, you may notice that some influential powerviolence acts like Spazz and Man is the Bastard have that "sludgy" feeling in their songs. Simply amazing. 

Now, this record was released by Throne Records (Spain) and Chimères Records (France) in 2006. It's a compilation of all the band's final recordings before their hiatus in 2001: songs from the splits with Wellington, Carol Ann, Corrupted and Gasp, the songs featured in Erode The Person 1999 tour CD and a good number of rearranged and previously unreleased tracks like Flee From Hunger And Diseases and Diseased Mammal (my favorite tracks and originally intended for a 5" split with Suppression). 

Finally, You must have this amazing compilation. Click on the image for downloading it. Also, in the file you will find the artwork, inserts, lyrics and additional information of each track. For fans of Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Corrupted, Grief and Sunn O))). Enjoy and see you until next time. Hugs and kisses!.

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  1. Se llama igual que el primer álbum pero tiene otro contenido. Gracias a Hugo y a la tía Daniela.