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A compilation dedicated to Tim Yohannan (1945-1998). The best 80s american hardcore punk compilation ever? Damn son/girl!

Note: This has been our life in the last month. Seriously.

We is back, homs! I know it's been a long time since the last entry, so I'll try to figure out how to please you. And I think I have the solution. The other day I was thinking about some compilations that Maximum Rock 'N Roll (the de facto "bible of punk") released back in the 80s. I had decided to publish some of them but in the end I changed my mind. So, I'll publish an excellent bootleg containing both well-known and underrated american hardcore punk bands from the 80s after telling you an important fact about MMR: the controversy behind its publishing policies.

I think most of you should know the backlash against some of the publishing policies of this emblematic zine in the mid-90s. The responsible of this rage against the zine (no pun intended) was its founder and main editor, Tim Yohannan (R.I.P.).  Mr. Yohannan, an ancient left-wing activist in the 60s, was a little bit grown-up in the game but helped the flourishment of the second wave of punk rock in North America and he was one of the first reviewers and compilers of international punk bands for the new continent.

Despite his efforts of developing one of the most influential DIY zines in North America, his views towards punk rock were, let's say, a little bit conservative. In effect, Mr. Yohannan wasn't really open to new forms of punk rock and in the mid-90s despised the new generation of hardcore punk subgenres like emo, post-hardcore and metalcore stating that he wouldn't review nothing related to. (Well, at least not everything). 

These statements led the creation of other influential and more "alternative" zines like HeartattaCk from Ebullition Records. Also, at the time punk rock was getting mass media attention thanks to the commercial succes of artists like NOFX, Green Day and Rancid. Yohannan also stated that major label bands (including its subsidaries) wouldn't be featured in his zine. (A DIY approach that we share in this blog, with few exceptions obviously). 

In 1998, Mr. Yohannan passed away and the zine have continued with these publishing policies. The new editors of the publication are still doing a great job but the coverage still have the same criticism started 20 years ago. By the way, the criticism behind these discussions defining what was or what should be labeled as punk, it's not different as the lame internet battles of PC punks nowadays. None of the game rules really change, only the players. 

Now, in 2000, someone released in Europe the amazing bootleg featured in this post. It contains the following 80s american hardcore punk bands: Hated Youth, Insults, Negative Gain, Offenders, Workin' Muthas, The Fix, Batallion of Saints, State, Belching Penguin, Out Of Order, 5051, Fatal Rage, Willful Neglect, Unseen Force, D.D.T., Deadline, Vile, Chronic Sick, Youth Brigade (DC), The Worst, Koro, C.I.A., Neon Christ, F, DYS, Deathwish, Pig Children, 5150, Genetic Control, Articles Of Faith, The Mob, Y.D.I., The Mob, Subculture, M.I.A., Mourning Noise and Negative Approach. By the way, the record originally featured two inserts with the tracklist and the list of the discography of each band. 

Regarding the sound, we find fast, aggressive and abrasive hardcore punk, the way we love it. The bands featured in this compilation display the old school american hardcore punk style and we can say that some bands can be related to the creation of the thrashcore and youth crew subgenres. Also, most of these bands have already been featured in this blog, especially when we made the special featuring the compilations released by BCT Records. You should go and check it out. 

Finally, I highly recommend this amazing bootleg. I think it's one of the best 80s american hardcore punk compilations out there and I'm pretty sure this record would have pleased Yohannan's punk rock vision. In fact, it could be way better than the official American Hardcore documentary soundtrack. This record was ripped by the blog Mellonville Hardcore (, you should check out the amazing stuff it has. All the credits go to the forementioned site (Thank you, pal!). When you click on the image, you'll be redirected to the download link generated by its creator. Sadly, the inserts aren't included but nothing to worry about. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Hugs and kisses.

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