Sunday, May 29, 2016

Times Are Changing: A European Hardcore Compilation

Ontá 'e bb!(WTF). For finishing our 90s metallic hardcore weekend, I present you this decent european modern hardcore punk compilation released by Destroy Your World Inc. Records (Italy) in 2014. And I say decent because I'm a little bit skeptical about the new breed of hardcore punk bands. I'll always prefer the all-time classics of the most important punk rock subgenre, but I'm conscient that the past is the past and we always have to move on. The featured bands are No Turning Back, Backfire!, All For Nothing, Born From Pain, New Morality (Netherlands), For The Glory (Portugal), Strength Approach (Italy), Last Hope (Bulgaria), Redemption Denied, The Setup (Belgium), We Ride (Spain), Risk It!, Coldburn, World Eater, Final Prayer (Germany) and, last but not least, Knuckledust (UK). 

Regarding the sound, the featured bands have strong modern hardcore punk influences with shredding guitars, slow-paced and tight breakdowns, heavy drums with twin pedals and other elements for the chuggachuggabeatdownkaratecoretoughasfuckcoreeverandever fever out there. It's something we're not really used to publish in our blog, but we've seen lots of strange bands and subgenres. Besides, we do fucking love moshpitting! (although, nothing beats the old-fashioned slamdancing and circle pit). 
Now, the reason why I was fascinated with this compilation is because we see some old and influential 90s metallic hardcore bands like Strength Approach, Backfire! and Knuckledust sharing a moment with some new modern bands that follow their footsteps. The old chaps hanging out with the newbies. Also, we see some excellent female-fronted acts like All For Nothing and We Ride proving that hardcore it's just not boys' fun! As a bonus, World Eater makes a heartbreaking cover of Cro-Mags' all-time classic World Peace. Pretty neat. Oh, and I almost forgot: this is a D.I.Y. production. Fuck yes.

Finally, click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can download it for free or pay the right price you consider. It's worth it. I hope you enjoy this european soundtrack for opening up da muthafuckin' pit. Hell yeah, son/daughter. If you can, get a physical copy. It comes with a beautiful Brown/Red/Black splattered vinyl. See you soon and until the next time. Hugs and kisses!.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Evilfest '98 - The Document compilation!SxB0RBgI!D8jaaC_jTlXLj9j-vQUXFIgdS82jFM7u8qviiEc6JbIQué tranza, morr@s?! Yesterday, I was thinking about the things we do like to publish in this blog and we're basically obsessed with compilations, and much more if they're related to the 80s or the 90s hardcore punk eras. The compilations are pretty essential to the hardcore punk community. Actually, they have served for multiple purposes like documenting a scene, paying tribute to your favorite band or collecting funds for the benefit of a noble cause, among others. 

Following the 90s metallic hardcore trend started in the last entry, I decided  to post this interesting document released back in 1998 by UK based Household Name Records (the same dude/ttes that brought us the superb UKHC - A Compilation, featured in our UK Hardcore Punk Evolution special. Go and check it out). As the name suggests, it's the register of the first EvilFest festival, celebrated in the legendary London club Astoria, where different local and international hardcore punk bands played. I'm not really sure if the festival still does exist or not. 

The featured bands are: Residence, Imbalance, Stampin' Ground, Knuckledust (UK), Congress, Liar (Belgium), AWOL, Kickback, Stormcore and Trapped In Life (France). All the featured songs are on live. Also, this festival was Stormcore's last concert and the first time AWOL, Congress and Liar were in british territory. As bonus tracks, there are two hidden covers made by Stormcore: Crucified (originally by Iron Cross, also covered and popularized by Agnostic Front) and the Knight Rider theme (!), one of the most iconic TV shows in the 80s, when David "el puto amo" Hasselhoff was the king.

Regarding the sound, all these bands were already featured in the blog and you should know them. Obviously, the 90s metallic hardcore style predominates, each band representing the best of their respective local scenes. Thus, we have some of the best UK, Belgium and France metalcore bands of the time. The only exception is Imbalance because they have melodic hardcore and posthardcore influences in the vein of Hot Water Music and Quicksand. Pretty cool stuff.

Finally, click on the image for downloading this compilation. If you liked the 90s metallic hardcore compilations we've posted so far, this one will please you too. I don't have more to say. Enjoy it and until the next time. Hugs and kisses!

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Nightmare Remains...In This Other Land - A French Hardcore Document compilation

For these days of pressure and unsatisfaction, I've found a cure: gargantuan dozes of smashing and relentless 90s hardcore punk. I know it's a little bit evident because we're really addict to that marvelous era but it was somehow necessary. Thus, you already know that we have a chronic musical dependancy to some European metalcore scenes (or metallic hardcore if you want to call it like that) like Bremen A.K.A. Northcore, Umeå or Flemish Belgium H8000, among others.!Whw0BJzA!Y_ENW14b0ZflojFSFU0yzsfB0izR1JLVcUKo63Y7I8YIn this blog we haven't explored so much the french hardcore punk scene. Actually, we've reviewed some 80s, 90s and modern hardcore punk bands, so this time around I'm going to show you this interesting compilation that reunites some of the best french metalcore bands of the 90s era. You will notice that some of the featured bands weren't so political compared to other local acts, but they had an amazing dark, negative, fatidic, pessimistic and clearly critic point of view that perfectly suits our mood in this moment. 

Now, the 12 featured bands are AWOL (Chartres de Bretagne), Children (Vic-Bigorre), Drowning (Ezanville), Hang Up, Headway (Toulouse), Primal Age (Saint-Marcel), Right For Life (Nantes), Stormcore, Underground Society (Rennes), Seekers Of The Truth, Trapped In Life and, the always controversial and provocative, Kickback (Paris).  All of the songs included in this compilation were previously unreleased and are unavailable somewhere else, except for the songs of Right For Life, Stormcore, Drowning, and Trapped In Life. 

Regarding the sound, all the bands have that exquisite 90s metallic hardcore taste. In effect, we can think of bands like Merauder, Madball, Breakdown, Sheer Terror, Unbroken, Gehenna, Integrity, Congress, Acme, among others. Also, some bands like AWOL and Drowning have huge death metal influences and some others like Hang Up and Headway have some particular traces of metalcore blended with posthardcore like Blindfold and Snapcase did in their time.

Last but not least, this record was released in 2xCD format by Overcome Records (Rennes) in 1998. David Mancilla, its owner, also played guitar for Stormcore. Also, the Rennes hardcore scene had the infamous KDS (Karate Dance Style) Crew, one of the first french moshing and karate dancing crews. You can read this interview with David Mancilla about the 90s french hardcore punk scene. ( Really cool.  Sadly, it's in french but maybe Google Chrome will translate it for you. 

This file was originally ripped by xstuck in the pastx (, one of the best blogs dedicated to the 90s hardcore punk era. All the credits go to its owners (Thank you, pals!). Also, the file contains all the original artwork, layout, contact information and lyrics (all of them are in english), except for Stormcore's songs because they didn't include the lyrics. You may notice that there's no information about Kickback. Why? I don't know. It's a shame because they make the amazing Breakdown cover that gave them their name and it also contains one of their most well-known anthems: Paris Most Wanted

You should download this record, it's pretty cool and it's an awesome document of one of the multiple aspects of the french hardcore punk scene in the 90s. Click on the image for downloading it. I hope you enjoyed it and until the next time. Hugs and kisses!.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Latin America Noise Compilation Vol. 2

Hehehehey, ricuritas. I decided to make another entry for today (ZOMFG!) for showing you how much I love you. Awwwwww, really?...Well, no. Actually, we noticed that our friends from Brutal Basarabia released today the second volume of their amazing Latin America Noise compilation and I promised you to publish it once I knew its existence. And, hop là! There you go. 64 killer bands from the third world for pleasing our cravings of extreme music. Hell fuckin' yeah!

The featured bands are Açao Direta, Agrotoxico, Anmod, Ascoculto, Atos de Vingança, Avitación 101, B.E.T.O.E., Besthöven, Brutal Noise, Dead Cops, Desalmado, Destruye y Destruye, Deus Castiga, Disbrigade, Disforme, DxDxOx, Expurgo, Façada, Fat Killer Bastard, Gale, Godecay, Hierarchical Punishment, Homicide, Inanición, Iwokk, Japura Noise Project, Kaos 64, Krostah, Laboratorio de Mutaciones, Lacerate, Le Mars, Letall, Moncho Cabrera, Mortado, Nastiness, Noise Core,  Nosso Ódio Irá Atacar, Orden Criminal, Pésima Existencia, Pietà, Plague Rages, Pós-Guerra, Posterror, Rabujos, Richard Harrison, Ruinas, Send More Hate, Septic Agressor, Septimo Inferno, Shitfun, Sisa, Social Chaos, Sub Existência, Subcut, Supreme Gore Delicatessen, SxFxCx, Tanatopraxia, Terror Plan, Visão Vermelha, Worship No One, Xico Picadinho, Your Lies In Check, Yukaha and Zaherir.

Finally, you should download this amazing compilation. If you enjoyed the first volume, you'll dig this one. More high-quality latinamerican hardcore punk, crust, d-beat, grindcore and powerviolence for you. And you thought North America and Europe had the best bands? No del todo, güerit@!. Click on the image know what to do after that. We'll see you tomorrow with a new surprise. Stay Tuned. Enjoy! Hugs and Kisses!. 

Assück - The Shortest Tribute In The World 5"

Estamos de vuelta! Once again, our friends of Mind Ripper Collective surprise us with this particular tribute to one of the most ferocious and brutal american grindcore bands of all time: Assück (you pronounce it as As-sook). After the monstrous tribute to Spazz, published in this blog some weeks ago, I didn't expect such treatment for this Florida based act. In fact, I think it's a little bit underrated despite their huge influence in the grindcore subgenre. As well as Spazz, Assück will have its entry. Promised.
The featured bands are Pavel Chekov, Nak'ay (USA) and Groak (UK). Only three bands? What? Oh yes. That's why Mind Ripper Collective considers this tribute as the shortest one in the world. Actually, the record length has less than 2:30!!! Absolutely fucking amazing. As you may expect, the bands perfectly retain the spirit of Assück's sonic madness. Also, the songs covered by Pavel Chekov and Groak are from Misery Index LP while the song covered by Nak'ay is from Anticapital LP, my favorite Assück records. That's why I'm really pleased with the final product. 

Finally, click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can download it for free or paying the right price you consider. Also, you can pre-order a physical copy but do it as fast as possible because it's a limited edition of 35 copies!!! The official release will be late june. I hope you enjoyed this short but wholesome entry (Ay papiiiiii). Emmm...We'll be back soon with more surprises. Enjoy and until next time. Hugs and Kisses!.   

Sunday, May 15, 2016

D-Beat Hasta Ke Te Sangren Los Oídos - Compilado Dis Latinoamericano Vol. I!K1RXSIBJ!8tSLYvZp9mNW_9AEyQEPVoa5IgpTBtj5H5LbQPM2ZG8

Here we are again, homies! Following our recent trend of posting short but wholesome entries (Ay, así papi. Qué rico! Ejem!...Ok...) that involve compilations (Nothing new but meh! we love them), we decided to put an amazing latinamerican d-beat collection released in 2011 by Costa Rica based record label Ke Ardan! Records. When I was writing the last two posts, I was thinking about posting something exclusively related to the latinamerican d-beat scene and dis compilation fits perfectly.

The disc features the following 22 bands: Piel y Huesos, Las Tripas (Venezuela), DHK, Los Rezios, Reciklaje, Total Distopia (Peru), AntiMaster, Outlaw Bastards, Ruina Tötal (Mexico), Holocausto, Restos Humanos (Chile), Doomsday, Hatröss, Eutanäsia, Endless War (Colombia), Juventud Podrida (Panamá), Besthöven, Under Threat, Dischaos (Brazil), Disvastación, Fusiladxs Por La Democrassia (Argentina) and Barräkas (Costa Rica).

Regarding the sound, as you may have guessed, the bands play raw, primitive, dissonant and minimalistic crust-influenced hardcore punk paying tribute to some of the monsters of the d-beat style. In effect, we find traces of Discharge, Disclose, Anti-Cimex, Totalitär, Discard, Pisschrist, among others. Also, the lyrics have that destructive, apocalyptic and fateful scene of this fucked up world. As a curious fact, most of the bands were part of the latino d-beat explosion ten years ago.

Finally, I recommend you this great compilation. If you dig all the disclone related stuff out there, this will satisfy your cravings for raw punk. This is the perfect soundtrack while we're waiting for the inminent and ruthless nuclear explosion that will kill us all. War's No Fairytale, dude/tte. Oh, I almost forgot. It does exist a second volume but we don't have it. We hope to get it in the near future. Don't forget to click on the image for downloading dis compilation. Enjoy and until the next time! Hugs and kisses!.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Emoviolence Generation Vol. 1

We're back with an amazing international screamo/emoviolence compilation released today (OMFG!) by Emoviolence Generation, a south african blog. We knew the existence of this collection thanks to our friends of the 90s SCREAMO/HC/EMO/INDIE-Rock Friends Facebook group page (the same guys/girls that curated the monstrous Heart Circle benefit compilation, which is already published in this blog). Sadly, like the previous post, this one will be short and wholesome (Mmm, papi) Ehmm...but don't worry will be back pretty soon. Let's begin.

The featured bands are Amygdala, Coma Regalia, .gif from god, letters to catalonia, plague walker, René Descartes, Rochester City Police Department, sleep//happening, Under A Sky So Blue, Vivre Sa Vie (USA), Belle Indifférence, Drei Affen, Témpano, UnaxManoxAlxCuello (Spain), Cady, Cassus, Komarov, Thisismenotthinkingofyou (UK), Concreto Morto (Brazil), Dierection, eaglehaslanded, Minaret (Russia), Einar Lune (Norway), Eva Ras (Serbia), Heiße (Canada), I am sorry (for the decline of civilisation) (Netherlands), kishote, Kobra Kahn (Germany), pepi rössler (Hungary), Piri Reis (Malaysia), ubiquity (Italy), Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness (Austria), Yotsuya Kaidan (Ukraine) and yubari gogo (Greece).  

Regarding the sound, all the bands have both screamo and emoviolence influences, paying tribute to all-time classics like Orchid, pg.99, Jerome's Dream, Saetia, June Paik, Louise Cyphre, In/Humanity, Palatka, Gone With The Pain, Tristan Tzara, etc. Also, some bands have post-rock, neocrust, blackened crust, northcore and indie rock influences. It's been awhile since we published compilations that feature screamo and emoviolence bands. I think the last ones were the forementioned Heart Circle, Algunas Ideas Pueden Ser Peligrosas and Todas Las Fronteras Son Imaginarias (I'm not really sure, but you can check them out anyway). 

Finally, you should download this compilation. It's fast, agressive, chaotic and touching. Don't forget that it features the most recent screamo and emoviolence bands playing the way it is. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can download it for free. Also, all the bands have a bandcamp account, you should check them out and support them. It's worth it and they deserve it. Let's make skramz and emoviolence a threat again! (WTF did I just say?). We do really hope a second volume. Really soon. Enjoy and until the next time. Hugs and kisses. 

UPDATE 02/14/2017: the official bandcamp has been removed, so we put the file as a download link. Enjoy. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Latin America Noise Vol. 1 compilation

Qué tranza, morr@s!. We're back. I have to admit that I've been a little busy dealing with some affaires in the real world and I don't have so much time. Sadly, this entry will be short but wholesome (Ay, qué rico. Papi!) Ehmmm...Well, you get the message. So, I found this amazing compilation thanks to our colombian friends of Noise or Die (N.O.D.) Records. It contains 64 (!) latinamerican bands and was published this year by Brutal Basarabia, a moldovan (!) record label.

The featured bandas are: Acidez, Anarchus, Bala Fría, Bio Crisis, Empire Of Lies, Habakm Nephyla, Thanatology, Zebú (Mexico), Agaglock, Arquivo Morto, Baga, Baixo Calão, Banni Conflict, Brain Dead, Cachorro da Duença, Cancho, Cleptomaniacos, CR13, Cruel Face, Destroy The Humans, Devastação Sob Terror, Disgrace Suicide, Grinding Reaction, Inferms, Instinct Of Suicide, Manger Cadavre?, Mufa, Obitto, Orrör, Os Capital, Peia Brava, Poluição Sonora Gratuita, Ressonância Mórfica, Rusga!, Skinlepsy, Trassas, Westernday (Brazil), Antro, Exacerbación (Costa Rica), Audiotrauma (Peru), Beatriz Carnicero (Uruguay), Bestiärio, Chulo, Grinding, Grita O Muere, Hellseek, Mohán, Perro Con Kancha, Pütchi (Colombia), Bömbärdeo, Dipsomanos, Dr. Zaius, Kubark, Misa Histérica (Chile), Fosa Común (Guatemala), Grieta, Herschell Crustofsky, Inhumation, Involución, Lxs Jugadxs, Murdered, Odioso Dios and SFC (Argentina). 

Regarding the sound, the grindcore style (including different variations like deathgrind, crustgrind, goregrind, mincecore and grindviolence) predominates, but we find other hardcore punk subgenres like metalcore, powerviolence, thrashcore, crossover thrash, crust punk (including our lovely neocrust) and d-beat.  Also, we find some bands with musical styles we're not really used to, for example, Acidez are related to the street punk movement, Bestiärio plays folk punk à la Gogol Bordello and Hellseek, Skinlepsy and Dipsomanos have huge thrash metal influences in their sound. 

Last but not least, as Brutal Basarabia says "The main purpose of this release is to support the underground extreme scene and specifically to put some light on the beauty of the Latin America undeground culture". As a curious fact, the artwork of this compilation was designed by Shuel (SFC and Lxs Jugadxs). Finally, the second volume will be published in the next weeks, so we'll be ready to review it when the time comes. 

Finally, if you click  on the image, you'll be redirected to Brutal Basarabia's official bandcamp account where you can download this amazing compilation for free or paying the right price you consider. Also, you can download other 3 amazing compilations the record label did. Check them out. Don't forget to support these incredible bands. They deserve it. We'll be back pretty soon with a great surprise. Stay tuned. Until the next time. Hugs and kisses!