Sunday, May 15, 2016

D-Beat Hasta Ke Te Sangren Los Oídos - Compilado Dis Latinoamericano Vol. I!K1RXSIBJ!8tSLYvZp9mNW_9AEyQEPVoa5IgpTBtj5H5LbQPM2ZG8

Here we are again, homies! Following our recent trend of posting short but wholesome entries (Ay, así papi. Qué rico! Ejem!...Ok...) that involve compilations (Nothing new but meh! we love them), we decided to put an amazing latinamerican d-beat collection released in 2011 by Costa Rica based record label Ke Ardan! Records. When I was writing the last two posts, I was thinking about posting something exclusively related to the latinamerican d-beat scene and dis compilation fits perfectly.

The disc features the following 22 bands: Piel y Huesos, Las Tripas (Venezuela), DHK, Los Rezios, Reciklaje, Total Distopia (Peru), AntiMaster, Outlaw Bastards, Ruina Tötal (Mexico), Holocausto, Restos Humanos (Chile), Doomsday, Hatröss, Eutanäsia, Endless War (Colombia), Juventud Podrida (Panamá), Besthöven, Under Threat, Dischaos (Brazil), Disvastación, Fusiladxs Por La Democrassia (Argentina) and Barräkas (Costa Rica).

Regarding the sound, as you may have guessed, the bands play raw, primitive, dissonant and minimalistic crust-influenced hardcore punk paying tribute to some of the monsters of the d-beat style. In effect, we find traces of Discharge, Disclose, Anti-Cimex, Totalitär, Discard, Pisschrist, among others. Also, the lyrics have that destructive, apocalyptic and fateful scene of this fucked up world. As a curious fact, most of the bands were part of the latino d-beat explosion ten years ago.

Finally, I recommend you this great compilation. If you dig all the disclone related stuff out there, this will satisfy your cravings for raw punk. This is the perfect soundtrack while we're waiting for the inminent and ruthless nuclear explosion that will kill us all. War's No Fairytale, dude/tte. Oh, I almost forgot. It does exist a second volume but we don't have it. We hope to get it in the near future. Don't forget to click on the image for downloading dis compilation. Enjoy and until the next time! Hugs and kisses!.

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