Saturday, May 28, 2016

Evilfest '98 - The Document compilation!SxB0RBgI!D8jaaC_jTlXLj9j-vQUXFIgdS82jFM7u8qviiEc6JbIQué tranza, morr@s?! Yesterday, I was thinking about the things we do like to publish in this blog and we're basically obsessed with compilations, and much more if they're related to the 80s or the 90s hardcore punk eras. The compilations are pretty essential to the hardcore punk community. Actually, they have served for multiple purposes like documenting a scene, paying tribute to your favorite band or collecting funds for the benefit of a noble cause, among others. 

Following the 90s metallic hardcore trend started in the last entry, I decided  to post this interesting document released back in 1998 by UK based Household Name Records (the same dude/ttes that brought us the superb UKHC - A Compilation, featured in our UK Hardcore Punk Evolution special. Go and check it out). As the name suggests, it's the register of the first EvilFest festival, celebrated in the legendary London club Astoria, where different local and international hardcore punk bands played. I'm not really sure if the festival still does exist or not. 

The featured bands are: Residence, Imbalance, Stampin' Ground, Knuckledust (UK), Congress, Liar (Belgium), AWOL, Kickback, Stormcore and Trapped In Life (France). All the featured songs are on live. Also, this festival was Stormcore's last concert and the first time AWOL, Congress and Liar were in british territory. As bonus tracks, there are two hidden covers made by Stormcore: Crucified (originally by Iron Cross, also covered and popularized by Agnostic Front) and the Knight Rider theme (!), one of the most iconic TV shows in the 80s, when David "el puto amo" Hasselhoff was the king.

Regarding the sound, all these bands were already featured in the blog and you should know them. Obviously, the 90s metallic hardcore style predominates, each band representing the best of their respective local scenes. Thus, we have some of the best UK, Belgium and France metalcore bands of the time. The only exception is Imbalance because they have melodic hardcore and posthardcore influences in the vein of Hot Water Music and Quicksand. Pretty cool stuff.

Finally, click on the image for downloading this compilation. If you liked the 90s metallic hardcore compilations we've posted so far, this one will please you too. I don't have more to say. Enjoy it and until the next time. Hugs and kisses!

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