Sunday, May 29, 2016

Times Are Changing: A European Hardcore Compilation

Ontá 'e bb!(WTF). For finishing our 90s metallic hardcore weekend, I present you this decent european modern hardcore punk compilation released by Destroy Your World Inc. Records (Italy) in 2014. And I say decent because I'm a little bit skeptical about the new breed of hardcore punk bands. I'll always prefer the all-time classics of the most important punk rock subgenre, but I'm conscient that the past is the past and we always have to move on. The featured bands are No Turning Back, Backfire!, All For Nothing, Born From Pain, New Morality (Netherlands), For The Glory (Portugal), Strength Approach (Italy), Last Hope (Bulgaria), Redemption Denied, The Setup (Belgium), We Ride (Spain), Risk It!, Coldburn, World Eater, Final Prayer (Germany) and, last but not least, Knuckledust (UK). 

Regarding the sound, the featured bands have strong modern hardcore punk influences with shredding guitars, slow-paced and tight breakdowns, heavy drums with twin pedals and other elements for the chuggachuggabeatdownkaratecoretoughasfuckcoreeverandever fever out there. It's something we're not really used to publish in our blog, but we've seen lots of strange bands and subgenres. Besides, we do fucking love moshpitting! (although, nothing beats the old-fashioned slamdancing and circle pit). 
Now, the reason why I was fascinated with this compilation is because we see some old and influential 90s metallic hardcore bands like Strength Approach, Backfire! and Knuckledust sharing a moment with some new modern bands that follow their footsteps. The old chaps hanging out with the newbies. Also, we see some excellent female-fronted acts like All For Nothing and We Ride proving that hardcore it's just not boys' fun! As a bonus, World Eater makes a heartbreaking cover of Cro-Mags' all-time classic World Peace. Pretty neat. Oh, and I almost forgot: this is a D.I.Y. production. Fuck yes.

Finally, click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can download it for free or pay the right price you consider. It's worth it. I hope you enjoy this european soundtrack for opening up da muthafuckin' pit. Hell yeah, son/daughter. If you can, get a physical copy. It comes with a beautiful Brown/Red/Black splattered vinyl. See you soon and until the next time. Hugs and kisses!.

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