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Endless Blockade For The Sushi Footer: Your unofficial guide to 80s japanese hardcore punk.

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Kon'nichiwa konekos, we are back. These days I've been enjoying my well deserved summer vacations (fo'sho') and I was thinking about making a 80s japanese hardcore punk special. As you may know, some compilations featuring some of these monstrous bands from the rising sun country have already had appeared in our blog and they'll be transferred to this entry. This is because our internal policy of rearranging some previously featured entries and I think their place is here. In the near future, you'll see some changes following this decision. I hope you'll be really pleased. 

Now, the japanese hardcore punk has been a subject of admiration for me since long time ago. In effect, I remember the day when I first listened to  Systematic Death, Gauze, Lip Cream, Outo, G.I.S.M, The Comes, Confuse, Gai, Nightmare, etc. Such good memories...Anyway, it's one of my favorite non-american and non-european hardcore punk scenes. You'll notice that D-beat and extreme metal (notably early black and thrash metal) sound predominates in most of these bands, but you'll also find out other bands with faster and abrasive styles, pretty influential for thrashcore, crust, powerviolence and grindcore subgenres. Pretty heavy stuff. 

Finally, I'll give you the essential 80s japanese hardcore punk compilations and splits (or at least the most well-known and the ones I have) for enjoying this amazing sonic madness. Also, I'll give you an interesting tribute compilation that retains this exquisite banquet of furious hardcore punk. Read the post and vous allez craquer. Oh yeah. You can download other compilations that won't be featured here. We'll be back pretty soon with another special almost related to this one. Wait and see. So, let's get it on. Ooooohhhhhh baaaabbbyyyyy.


An amazing compilation released back in 1982 by City Rockers Records. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first japanese punk / hardcore punk compilation ever released. It contains the following 8 bands: G.I.S.M, The Comes, Laughin' Nose, Gauze, Mastervation, Fullx, Route 66 and Madame Edwarda. As you may have noticed, the front cover has G.I.S.M.'s Anarchy Violence logo along with classic elements of Crass' records artwork. It also has a tragic background (possibly warfare casualties) in the same fashion as modern crust punk and d-beat records.

Regarding the sound, both sides of the record has a different style on it. Thus, Side A (named Hard "Metal" Core side) contains the first 4 bands displaying a raw, fast and brutal hardcore punk whose sound is principally inspired by d-beat and extreme metal (early black and thrash) outfits (although there's also a slight american hardcore punk influence) while Side B (named New "Block" Punk) contains the remaining 4 bands whose sound explore less agressive punk rock styles (like Garage Rock or Goth Rock) but with a noisy and experimental approach. Pas mal du tout.

Finally, you should download this impressive compilation. Some of the best japanese punk and hardcore bands in the 80s are included. The file contains the artwork and layouts. It shouldn't be missed out. Enjoy!

Great Punk Hits!ixJFDRhB!FvI2mbYX3yG9X0RP65Vl1q4Q1SipKs4Mn_CmRHgHihY

If someone asks me which is the most iconic 80s japanese hardcore punk compilation, I wouldn't have a quick response because it's a tricky and hard question. Nonetheless, I would recommend this amazing collection as an apéritif for the sonic madness displayed by these brutal japanese monsters. Great Punk Hits was released in 1983, on LP format, by Japan Record. It was later reissued on CD format in 1989 by Wax Records. There's also an unofficial german reissue released in 1993.

The featured bands are G.I.S.M., The Execute, Aburadako, Laughin' Nose, The Clay and G-Zet. As far as I know, most of the present songs aren't available in other records than this one. Regarding the sound, most of these bands retain the classic 80s japanese hardcore punk, heavily influenced by early british hardcore punk (UK82 and d-beat) and extreme metal. Not bad for starting out  in the world of 80s japanese hardcore punk.

Finally, you must have this record in your collection. Oh, I almost forgot. You may have noticed the front cover. It's one of the most ripped off images in the hardcore punk community since longtime ago. I've always wondered who is this guy. A random japanese punk maybe? Pretty hard to tell. Let me know if you have the answer. I'd be thankful. Enjoy!

Violent Party Omnibus Tape - Downtown Street Punker!exAkBKgC!INIptNy_cGZUKAZK3YRupvlFyPNgLljBqEYC1OlfxOs

A pretty rare and top-notch 80s japanese hardcore punk compilation originally released back in 1984 by Violent Party Records and re-released in 1995 by Anarchy Centre. It features the following 6 bands: GAI, Confuse, No-Cut, Gedon, Craps and Gess. I think this collection was produced by GAI. The featured songs weren't available in other releases prior to this tape and some of them were later re-released, for example, Spending Loud Night from Confuse appears on Spending Loud Night EP (1987).
Regarding the sound, Here you will find fast and loud japanese hardcore punk. I'm really impressed with the way japanese bands took american and european hardcore punk influences to the next level. We remark GAI and Confuse's ultra-fast noisy hardcore punk, whose sound is reminiscent of early thrashcore and grindcore bands. The other bands aren't as chaotic as these two powerful bands but they also have that special japanese hardcore punk touch we love. 

Finally, you should download this record. It's rare, fast and lo-fi. Get in this omnibus and party with these monsters all-night. Fuck yeah. Enjoy!

Hardcore Unlawful Assembly!nhgGWIDb!fYaSmtX6iQkv81gsKrlFkpKkQWb3H23Isz-X_5l7N1g

This interesting compilation was released back in 1984 by AA Records. It contains the following 6 bands: Laughin' Nose, Baws, G.I.S.M., Cobra, Mobs, Outo, Lip Cream and Zouo. It's one of the rarest and more expensive japanese hardcore punk records to collect because getting a decent physical copy at a good price it's a challenge. No joking. This record was also reissued in 1991 as a CD and, like the last compilation, had an unofficial german release.

Regarding the sound, Laughin' Nose, Mobs, Baws and Cobra have more classic punk rock influences (for example, in the vein of early oi! and '77 punk bands); Lip Cream and Outo have outstanding thrashcore influences; and, last but not least, G.I.S.M. and Zouo, advocates of violent and "terrorist" anarchy, surprise us with an impressive heavy metal-influenced hardcore punk (with some traces of d-beat and early black/thrash metal).

Finally, I recommend you this jewel. All the bands had a huge impact in the hardcore punk community. We remind you, for example, G.I.S.M. and Zouo were a heavy influence for crust punk, metalcore (notably Holy Terror acts like Integrity and Ringworm) and modern japanese metal punk bands like Parasite and Döraid. Enjoy!

Thrash Til Death!m0RyzIoS!Eqi7ppfXDS4hofr5mI02jz8Kvf3GDPIrFBa8hvaCexM

This is one of my favorite japanese hardcore punk splits. In fact, it was the first 80s japanese hardcore punk record I knew. I discovered it in a pretty ridiculous way: when MySpace was popular, the official E-150 account had an image of this record as one of their influences. So, I saw the image, looked for it and voilà! a new world was discovered. This LP was first released in 1986 by Selfish Records in Japan and Pusmort Records, the next year, published it in North America. Also, Selfish Records re-edited this record on CD format in 1991.

Now, as you may have noticed, this split contains 4 bands: Lip Cream, Systematic Death, Outo and Gauze. Most of the featured songs are not available somewhere else, prior to the release of this record. Regarding the sound, we find thrashcore and crossover thrash influences, pretty similar to mid-80s british hardcore punk bands like Concrete Sox, Heresy, Ripcord, etc. So, you can expect heart-ripping and relentless music for smashing your chopsticks in someone else. Period.

Finally, you should download this record. Absolutely brilliant. Your sushi meals won't be the same while listening to this jewel. Oh yeah. Enjoy!

A Farewell To Arms!XkQFACAY!NvV7of8yepjf_-_Q8COnfa5P628q4wX1ceTVCqoid_U
Selfish Records, one of the most influential japanese hardcore punk record labels in the 80s, surprise us again with another amazing compilation released back in 1986. It was re-released in 1988 by german label Nuclear Blast Records with a different front cover and it contains the following 6 bands: Lip Cream, Outo, Gastunk, Gauze, Ghoul and The Execute. The featured songs also appear in other Selfish Records releases.

Regarding the sound, we find fast, tight, relentless and uncompromising hardcore punk à la japonaise. Here you'll hear some of the best examples of 80s thrashcore and crossover thrash, heavily influenced by D.R.I., Heresy, Lärm, Cryptic Slaughter, among others. In the same way as the last split, american hardcore punk influences are more relevant but the early japanese hardcore punk style is still present.

Finally, you should have this amazing record. It's one of my favorite japanese hardcore punk compilations. Enjoy!

My Meat's Your Poison!r4h2wbIb!ZF7jsytnvilX5glKsf6T7einOwHHh3LJ7neS10-szQQ

Another amazing split that was released in 1987 by Kagai Mousou Records. It features the following six bands: Outo, Chicken Bowels, Systematic Death, Gudon, S.O.B. and Lip Cream. After knowing the last record, I was pretty much obsessed with Systematic Death and I was looking for more compilations and splits that would feature them. I really enjoyed this record which also helped me to find my another japanese hardcore punk love: S.O.B.

Regarding the sound, you can expect that  mind-blowing and ear-crushing mid-80s crossover thrash and thrashcore style. The featured songs are short, fast and loud and most of them weren't available prior to the release of this record. Thus, you can find these songs, for example, on Outo's and Systematic Death's discography compilations. As a bonus, you may notice an amazing cover of Blitzkrieg Bop (originally by The Ramones) made by S.O.B. I must confess this is one of the best The Ramones cover songs ever made. 

Finally, you should download this record. You won't regret it. I have no more to say. Enjoy!

Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla!zwwjlRTR!fhTeyEapJB25GTB_5yflUwAMym7wDeMK3U05ScqUNkQ

Selfish Records released this amazing record in 1988. It features the following 6 bands: Death Side, Tetsu Arrey (whose name appears written in japanese alphabet symbols), Raise Cain, S.O.B., Nightmare and Crow. Also, the featured songs were available prior to the release of this record, for example, Crow's songs were taken from Last Chaos LP and S.O.B.'s songs were taken from Symphonies of Brutality LP.

Regarding the sound, you can expect some of the finest display of 80s hardcore punk brutality. Thus, S.O.B. Tetsu Arrey and Nightmare have an exquisite thrashcore sound whilst Raise Cain, Death Side and Crow have more crossover thrash and stenchcore influences. I'm really impressed with the way japanese hardcore punk bands took both american and european hardcore punk influences to the next level. Simplemente maravilloso, papus.

Finally, you should have this record in your music library. You'll have one of the best japanese hardcore punk compilations ever made. Enjoy!.

Game Of Death!StxCXaYR!PeuwQGNLAq94jFGegz8Fg9CQEE-djHS6g-aPN-GyhVQ

An outstanding 4-way split released back in 1989 by Slice Records. It contains the following 4 bands: Poison Arts, Ghoul, Death Side and Final Bombs. As far as I know, this release didn't have an unofficial german release, which is pretty rare because most of the compilations and splits in this entry have had a reissue in Germany. Maybe someone in the future will do it? Maybe we'll see an official german release? We do really hope so...

Regarding the sound, the 4 bands have 80s crossover thrash and stenchcore influences. Also, in some songs, we can find some traces of thrashcore. Nothing special compared to the stuff posted so far but it's quite impressive. I was really pleased with Poison Arts and Final Bombs' songs because they aren't as popular as other japanese hardcore punk acts even though they have a special charm. As expected, Ghoul and Death Side's songs are amazing too. 

Finally, I have nothing more to say about it. Just download it. Enjoy!

Make War Not Love!XhYkCToK!QJzDZdXQwpkZHLocZCiXGN45at9fE7oqqcGm_jh_9lg

We're almost ending this entry and we've said that Germany made unofficial reissues of most of the featured compilations and splits so far in this entry. So, I was wondering: Is it possible that a decent german bootleg featuring 80s japanese hardcore punk bands does exist? And the answer is pretty obvious with this amazing compilation released by Hammer Records and Dead Records in 1991. The featured bands are: G.I.S.M., Zouo, Kuro, Crime, Antiseptic, Headless and The Comes.

As you may have guessed, the compilation title suggests that the featured bands on it displays an apocalyptic and violent point of view. This would seem a little bit contradictory in spite of Crass and Discharge's influence in the early years of the japanese hardcore punk scene in the 80s, but sometimes it's undeniable the influence of the "natural state" of human race in our lives. As a curious fact, the Intro and Outro of this compilation are short samples of Sledge Hammer, a pretty popular TV show in the 80s. 

Finally, most of the bands display the sonic fury of japanese hardcore punk heavily influenced by d-beat and extreme metal. This is possibly the blueprint for the japanese crust and d-beat explosion in the 90s, guided by dis-clone masters Disclose. Pretty cool compilation for a bootleg. Enjoy!

No Peace / War 7"!zwwjFb6a!R8Huo5EFW7wGn7J6lheh6BkwV2UqfouKK7VKCrUUcSM

Anarchy. Destruction. Violence. Terror. These are the words that fit perfectly to this monstrous compilation paying tribute to some of the best japanese hardcore punk bands ever. This record was released by Organized Crime Records in 2011 and it features the following 5 bands: Integrity, Gehenna, Vegas, Cape Of Bats and Rot In Hell. It is available on LP format in 4 different colors (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) and there's also a box set reuniting the forementioned different LP colors with this superb alternate front cover:!zwwjFb6a!R8Huo5EFW7wGn7J6lheh6BkwV2UqfouKK7VKCrUUcSM

This alternate front cover features the infamous japanese punk rocker from Great Punk Hits compilation inside the cross from The Process Church of the Final Judgement, which lead us to this conclusion: Holy Terror bands are present here. Regarding the sound, we find Holy Terror metalcore bands paying tribute to Zouo, G.I.S.M, Danse Macabre and S.O.B., whose dark, apocalyptic, violent and "terrorist nature" nourish the sound and lyrics of this interesting hardcore punk movement. The only exception would be Cape Of Bats with their incredible "blackened" hardcore punk style that fits perfectly for the main goal of this tribute.

Finally, each band did a fantastic work with its respective musical style retaining the spirit of the japanese hardcore punk style. Maybe the purists wouldn't find this work interesting but you should download it, it's heavy, noisy and brutal. You won't regret this "Terrorist Unlawful Assembly". Click on any image for downloading it. This is the "blue" version with artwork inside. I hope you really enjoyed this special. Until next time. Kisses and hugs!