Monday, October 17, 2016

2 Full Of Hell records: collaboration discs with The Body and Merzbow

Qué tranza, papus y mamus? We finish this short entries weekend with this superb Maryland-based grindcore outfit. Full Of Hell is one of the best modern grindcore groups nowadays. They mix the best of our beloved extreme hardcore punk subgenre with elements of death metal, powerviolence, sludge, noise and harsh electronics. I went to see them, alongside with The Body, this year in Paris but I couldn't enter because the venue was full and the organizators gave priority to the people that bought their tickets on pre-sale (That attitude wasn't really punk at all. Fuck that!). Anyway, I bought Full Of Hell's collaborations discs with Merzbow and The Body and I hope you'll love them as much as I do. Let's begin.

The Body and Full Of Hell - One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache!6oQ2hCjK!4koXdTRir5H0mOVc0-TNLyYrdRmrrYrfTa1yvHPehVY

This is an interesting collaboration disc with fellow sludge band The Body. In fact, both bands share some members. I didn't know about The Body until I went to the concert and some friends that could enter told me that this band's live performance is rad but Full Of Hell stole the show. Regarding the sound, this record mixes the best of both bands: the harsh noisy deathgrind madness of Full Of Hell with the sludge influences of The Body. Some songs are too experimental that even surpass this sound mix. If you enjoy noise music, this record will really please you. For sure. This is the CD version released by Neurot Recordings this year. Don't miss this record. It's pure joy. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Full Of Hell and Merzbow!nxZUDQpK!6Q6brh-0BpSYmGN3bIsBz0ngOlOMx4kbxTkTdy0IAFQ

Finally, this is probably the best record I've bought in the last year. Full Of Hell's songs in this record are also a collaboration with Merzbow, one of the first japanese noise artists in the late 70s (!) because the latter mixed and rearranged them. Despite this, the record still does sound as Full Of Hell. I bought the Digipack CD special edition, released by Profound Lore Records in 2014, that includes Sister Fawn CD, a Merzbow style record. And, I have no words to describe this latter: it's pure fucking noise and it's amazing as fuck. Even some songs have grindcore influences. This record is a fucking must. Sadly, I had problems trying to scan the artwork and inserts because of the Digipack presentation. Mandatory download. Enjoy!  

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