Friday, October 14, 2016

Barren? - DEMO CD-R

Coucou, les! We're back with a really short entry. Why? Reasons...No, I'm kidding. If you haven't noticed, I make not so long posts before a reeeeaaaalllllyyyy long one or a special post. I'm preparing one of the latter and you'll be pleased. I'm sure of it. So, this weekend we'll have two or three posts like this one before the aforementioned "surprise" I've been working on these days. Sólo esperen y verán. 

This week some beloved colombian friends living in Paris, France made me realise that our also beloved french dudes and dudette from Barren? have already released their highly anticipated (Enfin, putain!) demo. Some months before returning to Colombia, I had the opportunity to hear some of the material included in this superb work and we all had high hopes for their debut. And, I must confess they "la sacaron del estadio" with this.

Now, Barren? is a Paris-based female-fronted anarcho-punk band that pays tribute to some of the greatest 80s british anarcho-punk bands with a top-notch instrumentation and musical execution. You'll find influences from Crass, The Mob, Poison Girls, Chumbawamba (early works), Icons of Filth, among others. Also, there's one one song named Obliviate where the vocalist and the bassist switch roles. And, as you may have already imagined, their songs have really clever lyrics dealing with different themes like war, depression, ecology, middle-class lifestyle, violence, drugs, daily frustrations, etc.  

Finally, you should download this work. We're not used to feature anarcho-punk bands but you mustn't miss this one. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to their official website where you can read their lyrics and download this amazing work. And, if you're in Paris, you should go and check them out live. They really do well their work. We do hope in the near future a 7" EP or a full-length LP. Anarquía siempre, homies. Enjoy!

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