Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Coucou, papus et mamus! VVe iz bäck (?) with the discography of one of the most influential bands in the emo and screamo scenes in Latin America: Asamblea Internacional Del Fuego. This chilean group was born in 2001. It features members of other impressive local hardcore punk acts like xAsuntox, Entrefuego, Praxis, Tenemos Explosivos, Distancia, among others. Since their debut album La Marcha De La Desesperanza (Andamios y Plataformas Records, Chile, 2002), the band has exposed emo, screamo and posthardcore influences in the vein of classic groups like Closure, Portraits Of Past and I, Robot with deep, abstract, and highly sociopolitical-infused lyrics alongside with a poetic personal touch. In fact, most of their songs have a considerable long length time (more than 4 minutes) with complex and precise instrumentation. 

Now, after La Marcha... the band released Columnas (Andamios y Plataformas Records, Chile, 2004) and Lo Que Hablaron Las Ánimas En El Camino (Andamios y Plataformas Records, Chile, 2005) following the same musical path captivating all the latin american hardcore/punk community with their unique and original style. They also had a succesful european tour in 2005 (not really sure the year). It's remarkable that this was one of the first bands in the region exploring the emo and screamo sounds, something not so common or even inexistent at the time. Also, it was coincidentally the same époque where the screamo revival movement flourished in Europe and Asia.

Later, they were inactive a few years after the release of Lo Que Hablaron... album. They would eventually return in 2012 for recording a re-interpretation of one of their most well-known and succesful tracks: Albatros. This new track, named Astoria, was originally featured for the lecture of I Hate Mornings book, written by Jean Marc Rouillan (I don't know where this happened, though) and has a more refined and mature sound, totally different from the original track. The next year, they released an instrumental record with new songs and some others that were previously featured in Columnas

Finally, since 2013 they have been working in their newest record Diálectica Negativa. The official release will be this November 5th in Santiago, Chile but it's already available for downloading it for free here: It retains the same spirit as their first albums but with a deeper and complex structure. It's incredible the musical maturity this band has experienced without forgetting their roots. It's pretty intense, I really enjoyed it. Although I must confess that I prefer more their classic records. Click on the image of the band at the beginning of this post for downloading the Pack Zelda :V, that contains their first 3 records. Highly recommended! Enjoy. Kisses and Hugs!

Note: Oh, I almost forgot. This October 29th will be a superb tribute to this band in Bogotá, Colombia. This event was organized by Catarsis: ContraCultura en Movimiento collective. Vorágine (already featured here in our blog), Vientos De Cambio and Quemarlo Todo Por Error will make each one one cover in their own style. There will be vegan food and distro merch. Don't forget to go dressed up. Support your local scene and see you there! We'll be waiting for you!

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