Saturday, October 15, 2016

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Hello, les! We're back with Vorágine (Vortex in english), another beloved group of friends that have this amazing musical project. Vorágine, formerly known as V.E.I., is a Bogotá-based experimental hardcore punk group. As a curious fact, their name comes from a colombian book written by José Eustasio Rivera, one of the most underrated colombian literature jewels. Nonetheless, the band itself has made the interpretation of the name, as it follows: "Reality is so strong like a lightning bolt inciting fire to be born, to burn everything, the memory suddenly arrives and fear starts to flow; We are exposed to countless sensations that we don't know how to control, we don't know where do they start nor where do they end. In the middle of the masks that this world could have, our hands together become a container of joy as well as of expectations. We know that we walk through the darkness, fearing the unknown, but we also know that we are the masters of our own destiny, and that in our hands we find the answers...That's what we call it Vortex" (text taken from the V.E.I. tape)

Now, their music is a mix of posthardcore, screamo, post-rock, dark ambient and modern hardcore punk, something really uncommon to the colombian hardcore punk scene nowadays. I know them since they were known as V.E.I. and I must confess that I enjoyed the musical approach they took: a more refined, elaborated and mature sound. And, I think that they called their debut tape as such because the next step has already been taken and there's no turning back...Also, their lyrics are in spanish and are complex and abstract constructions with a pretty impressive introspective point of view dealing with social and political issues.  

Finally, this tape was released in June by Fading Halo Records, LMA Collective (Romania), La Flor Records (Peru), Meaw and Colmillo (Colombia). The physic copies of this tape feature 5 cards and a beautiful protective case. The images of the forementioned items are included in the file as well as the lyrics in spanish. Don't forget to visit their official bandcamp account ( if you want to support this amazing band. It's worth it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

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