Saturday, December 31, 2016

Celebrating Our 2nd Anniversary!: Res Gestae - Sus Ruinas, Mis Pasiones

Note: Today, 2 years ago (Well, technically we started on December 23 but we didn't celebrate nothing that day, so...) we started this humble project for difusing the hardcore punk subgenre. It started from the ashes of an extinct blog named La Vida Sin Música Es Un Error, which, against all odds, was pretty popular at the time. When I recklessly closed the ancient blog (I didn't even say goodbye), I was passing through a bad moment in my life. I stopped writing and refused going to concerts because of...well, many, many things. In 2014, I went to France and that changed my life for good. Indeed, I started to travel, knowing people, going to concerts and, for those beautiful strange yet remarkable moments in every wo/man's life, I also discovered that the spanish edition of Wikipedia had an excerpt of an ancient entry where I wrote about some influential colombian hardcore punk compilations. I could retrieve the information and that's why I also could complete our succesful colombian hardcore evolution special post. You can get it here. I didn't know if I were blessed or cursed, but it meant to me my inevitable return to this. Since then, I've felt a great satisfaction sharing with you, in my humble opinion, some of the best (both classic and recent) hardcore punk acts in all of its presentations (emo, grindcore, crust punk, powerviolence, thrashcore, etc.). Sometimes we've also featured other non-hardcore punk related musical genres such as post-punk and indie rock, as well as other experimental acts. Thank you so much for the support and the next year I'll start with some ambitious projects I've been working on. 2017 we'll be our year. For sure. Remember that this space is for you and only for you and don't forget to support your local hardcore scene. La mort d'un.e. moderniste wishes you a happy new year. Kisses and hugs!!vopyRbyZ!Al6843IvlfpavjiC8Ij_BwmSkmwevVzUudoHNPVlBv8

Hello, les! I recently bought the last record of this emblematic colombian hardcore punk. We mentioned it in our entry dedicated to their unofficial "discography CD-R", that compiles their works from 2001 to 2011 (you can get it here), and, it's finally in our hands completing in that way all of the material that Res Gestae ever recorded in their lifespan. Remember that we won't talk about their biography or their influence in the colombian hardcore scene because we already did it. We'll only talk about the record and some curious facts inside of it.

Now, the featured songs on this record were originally recorded in 2011, mixed in 2013, and it had its official release until february 2015! (Although it was leaked online between november and december 2014). Also, the band was already disbanded and briefly reunited for the record release concert. This record is the proof that the bands, even the most memorable and influential ones, have difficulties for releasing a record here in Colombia. It's still such a shame that the costs are overpriced and even some bands never have an opportunity for releasing something (at least in physic format). 

Regarding the sound, well, it has the remarkable style of Res Gestae: short, fast and vicious politically-charged hardcore punk drawing influences from powerviolence and crust punk. This record includes Minga (Originally featured in Colombia Hardcore 2013 compilation. We posted it here in our colombian hardcore evolution special post) and Monseñor Procurador, that during many years remained without an official release. It also contains two magnificent covers to Limp Wrist's I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore and Necesidad de Luchar's La Guerra Social Es Inevitable (featuring guest vocals from Susana Ballesteros, ex-vocalist of La Vendetta and Frente Urbano), that were really popular during Res Gestae's live performances. The other featured songs are all brand new and were the last material that the band ever recorded. And, last but not least, both Monseñor Procurador and Encierro had the additional guest guitars from Álvaro Vargas, who was the sound engineer of the record and is also the guitarist of Distracción HC. 

Finally, Sin Fronteras Discos released this record in both LP and CD formats. I present you the latter that comes with a beautiful digipack presentation featuring an excellent artwork, lyrics sheet, bands' bio, production details and a superb poster. I guess the LP featured the same characteristics. I think I don't have more to say, just download it. Click on the image for getting it with the artwork and everything else. Enjoy and until the next time. Happy new year, again. Kisses and Hugs!.  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Seoul Compilation Tape

Note: Is that Seoul? Holy fuck!

Hey, les!. We're back with this impressive south korean (!) hardcore punk compilation released this year by Family Values Records. I must confess that the south korean hardcore scene is pretty unknown for me. In fact, the only band that I knew, before discovering this compilation, was Scumraid because I had the opportunity to saw them this year in Paris and they were such a blast. I was really impressed and wanted to know more bands from that interesting asian country. 

Now, I was surfing on the web and, for a strange reason, I found this superb compilation. This record wasn't supposed to be featured here today, but I needed to share with you this little mine of gold. As the name suggests, it contains the following 14 bands from the capital of South Korea: Dead Gakkahs, Huqueymsaw, Dead Chunks, Gonguri, MyMan Mike, S.A.G.A.L., Scumraid, ChristFuck, The Kitsches, Jordan River, Gukdo, Find The Spot, Yuppie Killer and Octopoulpe. There's nothing to envy to their american and european homologues. It's a pretty solid work: good execution and instrumentation with a high-valued production respecting the D.I.Y. aesthetics of each featured subgenre. the sound, we have short, fast and loud hardcore punk the way we do fuckin' love it, papus and mamus. The bands explore different styles such as d-beat, crust punk, grindcore and thrashcore, and, of course, the weird experimental group playing with sounds like noise, electronica and other musical forms beyond human comprehension, that is featured in every modern hardcore/punk compilation, is here.  

Finally, you should download this outstanding compilation. I couldn't believe the awesomeness displayed by these outstanding bands. Click on the image above and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account, where you can get it for free or paying the price you consider right. Support it. It's worth it. Oh, and I almost forgot, Scumraid makes a fantastic cover to Electro Hippie's classic Mega Armageddon Death, which is one of the shortest grindcore songs ever written. Cool. We do hope to feature more material from these bands in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Nuestros Sueños...Sus Pesadillas compilation

Salut, les! We're back again with a superb compilation that contains different spanish-speaking hardcore/punk bands. It was originally released in 2002 by Deskontento Records (Spain) and Siempre Rebelde Distro (Venezuela) and features the following musical groups: Vitamina A, Resistencia Activa, El Sepulcro Punk, Punkora, Migra Violenta (Argentina), Necesidad De Luchar, Kärnvapen Attack, Estoiko, Estigiä (Spain), Doña Maldad, Los Dólares, @patía No (Venezuela), Sin Apoyo (Chile), Basquadé Inchalá (Uruguay), Resist And Exist and Fallas Del Sistema (USA).!24RVDbAD!m9vH5OyJtdDoWZHP_i7k120bRl-6TiL5Rs6I9zP8tkkRegarding the sound, we have politically-charged harcore punk exploring different musical styles such as crust punk, d-beat, anarcho-punk, thrashcore and melodic hardcore. There are 4 notable exceptions (Vitamina A, Resistencia Activa, El Sepulcro Punk and Punkora) because they have pop-punk influences. You can imagine popular south american pop-punk bands like 2 Minutos and A77aque with anarchist lyrics treating different subjects such as direct action or self-management. Even Sepulcro Punk has a ska-punk song. Frighteningly cool. 

Another band that surprised me is Basquadé Inchalá ("Get up, brother" in charrúa). I didn't know this band before hearing this record. Their style has different crust and hardcore punk influences and the featured tracks treat different problems such as homophobia and Palestina. I really enjoyed it. We also have to remark the popularity of the featured venezuelan bands because they had a huge impact within the latin american hardcore/punk scene ten years ago. Some of their most well-known tracks are here. And, of course, Migra Violenta and Sin Apoyo also had their moment in the last decade with their particular crust-influenced thrashcore style. They're among my favorite latin american hardcore punk bands of all-time. 

Last but not least, the spanish and american bands are already popular enough within the hardcore/punk scene that we don't need nothing new to remark. I'll only say that the featured tracks in this record are some of their most well-known tracks, including La Guerra Social Es Inevitable by Necesidad De Luchar (Pretty popular in the colombian hardcore scene thanks to the cover made by Res Gestae), Post-Nuclear HC by Kärnvapen Attack and Globalicemos La Resistencia by Fallas Del Sistema, among others. And, the only featured english-speaking band is Resist And Exist, one of the most influential american anarcho-punk bands in the mid-90s. Their featured tracks were taken from their album Dare To Struggle - Dare To Win! and are absolutely a must.

Finally, you should get this record. If you have enjoyed the spanish-speaking hardcore punk bands posted so far, get this one. You can also have two amazing latin american political hardcore punk compilations such as América Es Bella...Para Vivir Resistiendo and Sonidos Para Activar La Revolución (already featured here) as a reference. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs!

Monday, December 26, 2016

La Mort D'Un(e) Moderniste presents: Best Picks Of 2016

Note: Never surrender. He finally made it. You shouldn't give up. Never.

Yo, yo, yo, les! We're back with our best picks of this year. I must confess that 2016 wasn't an easy year but we're still alive and hope things will get better the next one. As I previously announced you,  this is one of the last entries for successfully completing our december agenda.

For this entry, I have many things to remark. First, this is not the definitive list of the best albums ever released this year. In fact, it's only our personal picks that satisfied our particular musical tastes in the last 12 months. Second, it was really difficult to make this entry because there were so many excellent releases this year and we only chose those that will be featured here. And, last but not least, we'll have shorter reviews and we'll also leave the links to the official bandcamp accounts where you can get these impressive releases. As always, we encourage you to support the bands.

Finally, if you think a record is missing or you have your personal choice, leave your comment below and we'll review it the next year. If you choose more than 5 records, I'll make a special post with all your choices. I'd be glad to because this page is for you and only for you. Let's begin.  

Pure Disgust - self-titled

This top-notch HarDCore band once again surprises us with their latest release. Their musical homage to the old school hardcore punk style is simply amazing. Also, their lyrics are highly political, as any punk-related subgenre should be. Some time ago, I was losing my faith in hardcore but this band made me realize that there's a lot of job to do and things could be worse if we don't act. I'm really pleased that this kind of initiatives still does exist today. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day Of Revenge

Ah, we couldn't be more pleased to show you this superb record. G.L.O.S.S. did it once again following their last year's demo formula: short, fast, ferocious and politically charged hardcore punk. I was quite impressed when I first listened to them and they're one of my favorite bands today. Their anti-transphobia message shouldn't be missed out. Sadly, this is their first and last full-length album. We hope they return in the near future. The hardcore/punk community still needs bands like this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Cadenaxo - Belleza Mexicana EP

This is the latest release of this excellent mexican hardcore outfit. Since two years, they have been crushing different venues with their particular mix of old school hardcore, youth crew and crust. But this time around, they changed a little bit the vocal style and decided to stay more faithful to the chilango hardcore side of things paying tribute to different aztec monsters such as Solución Mortal, Atoxxxico and Massacre 68. The music still is fast and their lyrics are politically charged as always. This is one of the modern mexican promises today. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Deafkids - Configuração do Lamento

This an amazing brazilian experimental hardcore punk band. I saw them this year in Paris alongside with Scumraid (South Korea) and Sex Dwarf (Sweden) and they were such a blast. I didn't know them before the concert, but after seeing their live performance I was literally shocked. My mind was blown. I couldn't believe such musical power. Their work is a mix of crust, d-beat, noise, grindcore, industrial and brazilian traditional music such as samba. Nothing in life can be cooler than this. If you enjoyed Merzbow and Full Of Hell split, check this band out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Trap Them - Crown Feral 

This intriguing Boston-based hardcore outfit is back with this outstanding record. Trap Them has a particular mix of modern hardcore, crust punk, sludge and some death metal and grindcore elements. The result? Complex and rabid hardcore punk. I've been waiting for the moment this band were featured here, and this is a perfect way to do it with this mind-blowing record. We do hope in the near future having more material of this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

GAG - America's Greatest Hits LP

This Olympia-based band has already been featured here because they were in our modern hardcore punk special, and I must say this is one of the most impressive outfits of the so-called New Wave Of American Hardcore. Their music is a mix between old school american and british hardcore punk styles with some moments of oddity and experimentation with uncommon instruments to the genre such as saxophone. It's noisy and chaotic as fuck. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Arms Race - New Wave Of British Hardcore

This is the first full-length album of this british heavyweight. Before leaving Europe, I tried to saw them in their European tour with Violent Reaction (their last shows ever) and I couldn't make it. Such a shame. As the name of the record suggests, it's pure New Wave Of British Hardcore style: the perfect mix of old school american and british hardcore punk styles. This time around, Arms Race has a thicker and faster style than ever but without forgetting their fantastic and original formula. I've wanted the return of NWOBHC-related groups to the blog, and I couldn't be more satisfied with this. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Green Beret - Standing At The Mouth Of Hell LP

Have you ever imagined the perfect marriage of Totalitär and Negative FX? This Boston-based hardcore band is the answer to your wonders. Once again, the so-called New Wave Of American Hardcore shows us this impressive musical group mixing the best of the old school american and d-beat heritages. Obviously, this mix isn't new (recall 80s classic swedish groups such as Mob 47) but for modern american hardcore standards, this is a huge surprise. If you dig this mix, this is for you. It's fast and rabid. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Sunshine Ward - Order 12"

Did you think we would stop this  New Wave Of American Hardcore madness? Of course not. Sunshine Ward shares the same sensibilities of their homologues in this crazy musical wave of mixing american hardcore with d-beat. Their sound is thick, tight and straight to point as it should be. I'm really happy that at last the forbidden mix between american hardcore and d-beat is more common today. These so-called new american and british waves of hardcore show us how the things are done. It's just hardcore punk, dude/tte. At its best, for sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Martyrdöd - List

One of the main stars featured in our successful unofficial guide to neocrust and blackened crust is back with this ear-ripping and mind-blowing record. This swedish act shows us once again that crust punk isn't dead, even though it might wear that hideous modern labels such as neocrust and/or blackened crust. Compared to their previous releases, Martyrdöd has a more refined and elaborated sound without leaving aside their iconic style: a good balance between modern swedish crust, d-beat and black metal. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Weekend Nachos - Apology 

One of the kings of modern grindviolence mixed with modern hardcore breakdowns are back with this impressive record. When I first heard that they were signed to Relapse Records, I was afraid that their unique powerviolence style would dramatically change for worse. And, I was mistaken. Their newest sound is more well produced than their previous releases but their auto-called jockviolence style is still intact. There are also some songs with slow-paced and sludgy moments. Oh, and there's a song with the vocalist of Full Of Hell as a special guest. Life is good. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Magrudergrind - II

Magrudergrind is also back with this impressive record. Just like Weekend Nachos, their signature with Relapse Records brought positive things to their iconic grindviolence sound. The record is more well produced than previous material? Yes. The sound still is frantic and weird as fuck? Hell fuckin' yes. We find deep personal and political lyrics as usual. This is one of the best works Magrudergrind has released to date and it will please their diehard fans always thirsty for nonsense ultraviolent musical warfare. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Boak - II

Another impressive grindviolence jewel, this time directly brought from the UK. We've lately seen an impressive explosion of different powerviolence acts in the land of the tea time at 3:00 p.m. Boak has nothing to envy to their american homologues Weekend Nachos or Magrudergrind. I liked the fact that this band included in their tracks weird sound samples, for example, a vegetarian that chose that lifestyle because he hates plums. This kind of features are a trademark within the powerviolence subgenre. Highly recommended. Enjoy.  

Sex Prisoner - Tannhauser Gate

We continue this madness of grindviolence with this superb record released this year by A389 Recordings. Sex Prisoner reunites the best of the grindviolence style, mixing it with modern hardcore breakdowns for creating a devastating atmosphere of musical destruction. This is one of the best modern powerviolence bands out there and has been lately an influence for emerging bands in the grindviolence territory. Tannhauser Gate is just one sample of what this superb Tucson-based band is capable of. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Amygdala - Population Control 

This is the first full-length album of this outstanding female-fronted screamo band. Their sound is really amazing because it has influences of screamo, crust and grindcore. The style of their vocalist can be matched to other impressive female fronted acts such as Cloud Rat or Oathbreaker. Also, their lyrics are highly political with anarchist and feminist influences. Population Control showed me that screamo still has a lot to offer in these modern days. If you dig all-time classics in the subgenre such as Zann and Shikari, this record is perfect for you. Highy recommended.

Neurosis - Fires Within Fires

The fathers of the sludge subgenre are back with this impressive work. Fires Within Fires represents the pinnacle of Neurosis' prolific and extensive 30-year musical career. It has an outstanding mix of slow-paced interludes with profound and dense sonic attacks that perfectly define the sludge subgenre. I was really surprised with the musical approach of this record: it still manages Neurosis' remarkable style with a modern structure. You could say that the sound is reminiscent of Cult Of Luna, Pentagram or Pelican, bands having a big influence of Neurosis in their sound. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Oathbreaker - Rheia

Finally, we finish this entry with our pick for best album of 2016. Oathbreaker breaks all the paradigms imposed in their previous releases with Rheia. This album represents the musical maturity of this belgian outfit with its high-valued production. You'll find moments of introspection with slow-paced interludes and others leading to violent and frantic execution of their black metal, sludge and hardcore punk influences to the next level. I'm also impressed with the superb work of their female vocalist because she manages a bittersweet style, both clean and harsh alike, something like a blackened Björk. And the lyrics are absolutely amazing, touching and intimes. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until the next time. Kisses and hugs!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Unwrapping The Secret Christmas Gift From La Mort D'Un.e. Moderniste For You!yxZCGIQK!KySE8LDIpKcRLBhjRsU0LQoFpJp0C5T0_4YcG4_hKNs 

Ho Ho Ho! Les gatitxs! Here's Drunk Santa with a special gift for you. You know why punk is still alive today? Powerviolence, ricuritas. Wait...What? You already opened it. You dirty little... Are you fuckin' serious? Why did not Roger the Elf tell me earlier? Stupid leader of the Union of Elves. Mama Claus, where are you? Where? Rudolph, bring your coke snorting nose here, you fuckin' chinese Bambi. No, no, no, I don't have an anger management problem, my gun does... ^?^*^*+``+`++`+ End of transmission...

Hey, les! What's wrong with Drunk Santa? Poor old guy...Anyway, we're back with the unwrapping of the special gift we made for you in the last entry of our modern american hardcore punk special post. If you haven't opened it, click here to get it and enjoy the magical powers of its content.  As I already announced you, in this entry we'll unwrap the gift and make the review of the records that were included on it. I hope you really enjoyed it. Oh, I almost forgot. I decided to post this entry on Christmas Eve, because, well...we could end like Drunk Santa in the photo tonight. Don't worry, we won't get violent as he does. He needs help. Drink responsibly tonight. Happy Holidays. Let's begin. 

USA Powerviolence Vol. 1

This compilation was already featured in our Anti-Saint Valentine's Day Post and you can read the original review here. Shortest review ever, huh?

Bitter Cold compilation 7" 

A rare compilation released in 2014 by Diseased Audio Records. It contains the following bands: Milorganaut, Lifes, Sick/Tired, Machismo, Mellow Harsher, Sea Of Shit, Scaphe and Gnawed. After years of trying to get this awesome compilation, I finally could thanks to our anonymous collaborator (No, s/he's not Roger The Elf). Here you will find the exquisite and vulgar display of powerviolence we love, as well as some experimental bands exploring different musical genres such as noise, drone, sludge and industrial music. The perfect mix for a Christmas day. Enjoy it.

Brutal Supremacy 2x7"

A really interesting powerviolence compilation released in 2011 by Painkiller Records. It contains the following 4 bands: Iron Lung, Mind Eraser, Hatred Surge and Scapegoat. This is another display of unmerciful and relentless hardcore punk that only powerviolence bands can offer. You'll find some erotic and lustful tunes of the grindviolence mix and  some classic old school powerviolence references. This is one of the best modern powerviolence compilations ever released. Trust me, your head will explode with this. Enjoy! 

Brutality In Seconds compilation LP

An outstanding compilation released in 2010 by Six Thought Records. It contains the following bands: Pleasant Valley, SFN, High Life, Nibiru, Sidetracked, Naw Dude, Doom Siren, Hatred Surge, Apathetic Ronald McDonald, Pretty Little Flower, Hassanchop, Dissent, Chestpain, Fuck Work, Gloam, Hod, Battle Rifle, Endless Demise, Mammoth Grinder, In Disgust, Blood Royale, TRL, Hummingbird Of Death, No Man's Slave, Self Loathing, Sodormorrhea, Kill The Client, Branch Davidian, Strains Of The Apocalypse and Full Blown AIDS. This is one of the first compilations containing grindviolence bands, the most forbidden, erotic and brutal mix ever. You'll find a reason to smash your christmas tree after hearing this. Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy! 

Communal Grave No.3

This the third volume of the amazing Communal Grave compilation series and was released by Dead Heroes Records, a Czech record label. It contains the following bands: Six Brew Bantha, The Kill (Canada), Sheeva Yoga (Czech Republic), Horsebastard (UK), Sickmark (Germany), Caged Grave (Australia), Sordo, Fissure, ACxDC (Love them or hate them. It's up to you) and Bloody Phoenix (USA). This is  one of the best modern powerviolence compilations because, as you have noticed, it has some american heavyweights. The non-US bands also make an outstanding work. This Is Madness. This Is Powerviolence. Fuck yeah. Enjoy!

To Live A Lie - Volume II 

This a compilation released in 2014 by To Live A Lie Records, one of the best powerviolence record labels. It contains the following bands: Lapse, Abuse., Rabid Pigs, Water Torture, Low Threat Profile, Terminal Crisis, Beartrap, Mad Dog, Congenital Death, Hummingbird Of Death, Grit, Bridge, Sick/Tired, Callous, Chest Pain, Vaccine, xSwampx, Sidetracked, Weekend Nachos, Scalped, Impulse, Vile Intent, False Light, Cheap Art, To The Point, Super Mutant, Street Pizza, Söft Dov and Slave. Since 6 years ago, the US has been breeding some of the best powerviolence acts worldwide and this record is the proof of it. You'll be stunned with the sonic fury displayed by this wonderful acts. All the imagined combinations of the subgenre are here with a modern touch. Enjoy!   

Wake Up The Dead - Volume One compilation 7"

We finish this entry with this superb american powerviolence compilations released in 2013 by Bad Teeth Recordings. It contains the following bands: Curmudgeon, To The Point, Sex Prisoner, Sucked Dry, Thick Skin and The Repos. Just like the previous compilations, this one features some of the best bands in the subgenre today. It's short, fast and loud as fuck. You can't beat it. Also, you'll find powerviolence in different presentations, including that intriguing mix of our beloved rabid subgenre with modern hardcore breakdowns. Cool. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs!

Friday, December 23, 2016

"What Is Crust? Baby, don't wash me. Don't wash me. No more" mini special post. 3 compilations featuring 90s crust-related bands

Note: Life is hard, dude/tte. Photo taken from:

Hola, hola, mis gatitxs lindxs. The year is finally ending. I've been a little bit busy because I'm preparing the last entries for the year, including the unwrapping of the special christmas gift (I hope you really enjoyed it) and our best picks of 2016. I've also prepared some additional entries for finishing this year with "golden brooch". So, we'll start with one of the aforementioned additional entries with this mini special post. 

Originally, the content of this post was supposed to appear in another 90s crust-related special post with our particular style, but I was getting informed compiling bands and organizing ideas and I concluded that it would be a monstrous special in the same vein as our succesful neocrust and blackened crust unofficial guide. I will probably reconsider the idea and reorganize this entry with additional information and transform it into a proper special post next year. We'll wait and see...

Now, after finishing our intriguing and particular modern american hardcore punk special, my 90s hardcore punk nostalgia arose, I've been sick of all the hideous political background of  2016 and I needed something to heal these mental wounds. The answer? 90s crust. At first, it was a strange move, but I cannot deny I love this particular style of hardcore punk, and, of course, is really popular and has a special place here in our blog. 

Finally, I chose 3 superb 90s crust-related compilations that also include other anarcho-punk, grindcore, powerviolence, d-beat and political hardcore punk bands for satisfying my particular craves for joy and inner peace. These collections were taken from Terminal Sound Nuisance blog (Merci, M. Le Romi Du Ménilmontant. Un beau travail comme d'hab, mon pote). When you click on each compilation's front cover, you'll be redirected to the original post with its respective download link. You can also check out some other anarcho-punk, crust, d-beat and hardcore punk-related posts. It's amazing his work, I highly recommend it. We have nothing more to say. Let's begin.

Endless Struggle: The Worst Of The 1 In 12 Club Vol.12/13 compilation

This is an impressive 2xLP compilation originally released in 1995 by 1 In 12 Club Records and this is also the twelfth chapter of The Worst Of The 1 In 12 Club compilation series. It also had a reissue as a CD in 2000. The record contains the following bands (most of them from the UK, except where its noted their procedence): Terminus, Disaffect, Sedition, One By One, Cluster Bomb Unit (Germany), Blitzkrieg, Sarcasm, Wat Tyler, Sore Throat, Oi Polloi, Voorhees, Ironside, Nailbomb, Wordbug, Decadence Within, Contropotere (Italy), DooM, Concrete Sox, Scraps (France), Virtual Reality, Hiatus (both from Belgium), Momido 7 (Germany), Beer Beast, Immortal Dead and Phobia (Sadly, not the amercian one).

This compilation was a benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross, the organization that advocates and fights for the rights of the political prisoners around the world, and the Zapatistas, the only succesful revolutionary social movement in Mexico that still does exist today. Also, this record remarks the importance of the fight held by the class struggle prisoners that have suffered the burden of the capitalist system. You can read a short writing of the actions of the ABC and you'll find a directory of some ABC's offices in the UK (You should update its content since it's a compilation released in the 90s and I'm not really sure if the adresses are correct today).

Regarding the sound, it's pretty diverse. We find crust, grindcore, anarcho-punk, melodic hardcore, crossover thrash, metalcore and thrashcore. I really enjoyed this compilation because we have different UK heavyweights from the eighties such as DooM, Concrete Sox, Sore Throat and Oi Polloi. Also, we have some of the best 90s US-influenced UK hardcore acts such as Voorhees (they make a superb cover to Negative Approach's anthem Whatever I Do), Ironside, Decadence Within and Nailbomb, as well as other less american-styled acts such as Disaffect, Sedition and One By One. The non-UK musical groups are also outstanding too with their respective style (Any record including Hiatus is a most. Period). And, last but not least, the other UK acts were a little bit obscure to me because I didn't know them before hearing this record but they did a fantastic work.

Finally, you should get this record. Absolutely good. Oh, and I almost forgot. Did you notice that there's a insert of the compilation featuring Protester from Switzerland but without tracks of them? Well, due to some pressing mistakes, they didn't make it. Instead, we've got Momido 7 from Germany, a really obscure act with an unknown track drawing influences from dark wave, noise and electronic music for creating a superb musical atmosphere. Also, Phobia (previously known as The Underdogs) isn't listed in the tracklist displayed on the back cover of the record. This is a really unknown act with a style reminiscent of the early punk rock sound. In fact, the included track is from 1976 (!). A really obscure protopunk song but not as great as you could imagine. I'm quiet fascinated with the oddities we're featuring here in the blog...Anyway, this record is highly recommended. Enjoy!

Crust And Anguished Life

An excellent compilation curated by the two vocalists of Fuck Geez and SDS, two of the most influential japanese crust bands in the 90s, and released as a CD in 1993 by MCR Records. As a curious fact, this record label distributed in Japan the Tomorrow Will Be Worse powerviolence compilation series, released by Sound Pollution Records (And already featured here). The featured bands are: Disrupt, Destroy!, Deformed Conscience, Misery, Hell Spawn, Taste Of Fear (featuring ex-members from Born Against and Citizens Arrest), Dropdead (USA), Concrete Sox (UK), Unwise, C.F.D.L., SDS, Disclose, Gloom (Japan), Amen, Rytmihäiriö (Finland), Hiatus (Belgium) and Dischange (Sweden).

Regarding the sound, we find raw, rabid and relentless hardcore punk bands. All of the bands have crust influences in their music. For example, the featured american bands (some of them such as Dropdead and Disrupt are among my favorite bands ever) play different crust-influenced hardcore punk styles like powerviolence and grindcore (even some teasing with death metal) and some of them are the first exponents of the crust style in America at the time; Now, remember when I told you in our succesful japanese hardcore punk unofficial guide that the 90s had an explosion of crust and d-beat influenced bands? Well, here you'll find some of them. We must remark the inclusion of Disclose, the disclone by excellence and C.F.D.L. makes a superb cover to Siege's Conform. Also, the sound of these japanese bands is utterly amazing and has nothing to envy to their american and european counterparts; On the other hand, Sarcasm and Hiatus make a fantastic work with their outstanding style and the scandinavian bands make a fantastic work respecting their local influences for creating a monstrous sound; And, last but not least, Concrete Sox closes the compilation with a crusty crossover thrash song named Speak Japanese Or Die, which is a re-recording of their classic Speak Siberian Or Die, featured on their split with UK fellows Heresy, and a response to S.O.D's controversial song Speak English Or Die. This latter song has been regarded by many as a racist and xenophobe song because blames the immigrants for not speaking english properly, although the band has said in many interviews that the politically incorrect lyrics were never intended to be serious, just to piss people off.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's one of the best 90s hardcore punk compilations ever made and it's a first reference to enter to the wonderful world of crust of the time. If someone dares to ask me which is the perfect crust-related compilation, I'll undoubtedly recommend this one. It's pure gold. Go ahead and download it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


We finish this entry with this outstanding 90s hardcore compilation released in 1994 by Skuld Releases and Profane Existence. It features the following bands: Hellkrusher, One By One, Sedition, Disaffect, Health Hazard, Hellbastard, Corpus Vile, Zygote (featuring ex-members from Amebix), DooM, DIRT, Bleeding Rectum, Dread Messiah, Extinction Of Mankind (UK), Naytia (Greece), Luzifers Mob, Graue Zellen, ABC Diabolo, World Chaos, Accion Mutante, Just Kidding, Jobbykrust, Slimy Venereal Diseases, Acid Rain Dance (Germany), Angst (Norway), Anarcrust, Fleas And Lice (Netherlands), Hiatus, Brawl, Bad Influence, Unhinged, Neuthrone (Belgium), Misery, Dystopia (they make an outstanding cover to Rudimentary Peni's classic Cosmetic Plague), Masskontroll (USA), Counterblast, Warcollapse (Sweden) and Viktors Hofnarren (Switzerland).

Regarding the sound, well, here you'll truly find some of the best american and european crust bands. Some of their names speak for themselves. Also, we find some german metalcore bands such as Luzifers Mob, Graue Zellen and ABC Diabolo in the same vein as their local homologues of the time labeled as Northcore. And, there are also some bands with more sensibilities to both grindcore and death metal alike and, of course, some anarcho-punk feel can be found here.

Finally, get this superb compilation. I'm really pleased with the repertory and the final product. Oh, and I don't know if you didn't notice but there are no d-beat bands in here. And, most of these bands were already disbanded when this record was released. So, this the first time I see a compilation that serves as an overlook to the scene at the time and as an obituary. This is by far one of the best and rare 90s hardcore punk compilations featured here. It surprised me so much like the Superpowers compilation did when I discovered it. Highly recommended. See you this sunday for unwrapping the christmas gift. Kisses and hugs!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

V/A Estamos En La Sima Vol. 3

Hola ricuritas! We're back with a special announcement: the third volume of Estamos En La Sima compilation series is now available! Once again, our beloved friends Daniel AKA El Mostro, Esteban and the rest of the production team, surprise us with the interesting content of this record. The featured bands are: Restos de Tragedia - R.D.T., Tiro de Gracia, Fertil Miseria, Sangrando Ruido, Fechoría, Cuerpos de Mentes, Infesto, Desadaptadoz, I.R.A., Consecuencia, Pichurrias, Anti Todo, Sonido Libertario, O.D.I.O., Los Plones y Los Suziox. you're a true diehard colombian hardcore/punk fan, you'll notice that there are some classic hardcore punk acts from the Punk Medallo wave. They're still playing and releasing records after all these years. Also, there are some recent bands with this sound sensibilities, as well as some special guests with a more traditional punk ('77 style) approach. I deeply fell in love with the artwork because it features some hardcore punk city rats wearing classic colombian hardcore punk bands T-Shirts and patches. I'm not really sure but I think there are some exclusive and unreleased tracks for this record. I enjoyed the high production value of the final product. Cool as fuck.

Finally, get this record. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can get it for free or pay the price you consider right. I hope to get a physical version pretty soon. We'll wait and see. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs!

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"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special Final Part. Eeeexxxxtttrrreeeemmmeeee compilations including a special gift for you.


Oi! les! We're back with the final part of our modern american hardcore punk special post. We've explored different styles such as the so-called New Wave of American Hardcore, our recurrent subgenre itinerary (crust punk. d-beat, emo, powerviolence, grindcore, etc.), some "popular" hardcore bands that we didn't ever imagined to be featured here and, even some non-related hardcore punk musical genres as special guests in some compilations. 

Now, I must confess that this plethora of sounds has been interesting yet exciting but we love hyperviolent sounds. With those particular musical cravings, we do probably remark our most primitive and savage side of our complex personality and some people may not think that we're open to other musical forms. Well, fuck that shit and for this last entry we'll be exclusively focused on rabid, relentless and unmerciful displays of violent music for creating the perfect eeeexxxxtttrrreeeemmmeeee soundtrack for blowing your head up during a post-apocalyptic zombie warfare. Yeah, something like that. 

Finally, I hope you really enjoy this ambitious special post. In the near future, we'll feature more material of the different bands that appeared here, as well as other great musical groups that couldn't make it. Of course, we'll try to explore more musically bold experiences like the featured ones but don't worry, our main focus was, is and will always be hardcore punk and its variants. And, for this entry, we'll make shorter reviews as a prototype of a new format we could be exploring next year. I'm not sure right now what kind of style will be using but let's experiment for a while until we take a final decision. So, let's begin.

Basic Needs

A superb New England-based musical groups cassette compilation released in 2014 by Divergent Series, a Boston-based record label. This compilation contains the following bands: Sangus, Human Bodies, PanzerBastard, Sexcrement, Suffer On Acid, Living Void, In The Shit, Ramlord, Grue, World of Unmaking, Fórn and Morne. All of these bands explore different extreme musical styles such as grindcore, sludge, crust punk, post-metal, black metal and death metal, among others. I really enjoy the dark, gruesome and cryptic experimental musical approach of this record. Sadly, I don't have a digital copy of this compilation but you can click on the image and go to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to it and get it for a really good price. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Swollen Lungs   

A superb screamo and emoviolence 7" compilation released in 2014 by Swollen Lungs Records. It contains the following bands: Afterlife Kids, Daido Loori, Krupskaya, Kilgore Trout, Gas Up Yr Hearse!, Politess, Blue Friend, Laeirs, Wolf Shaped Clouds, Sohns, Coma Regalia, Yusuke, tdoafs (Canada), The Truth About Dreaming, Foxmoulder, Ostende (Argentina), Moholy Nagy (Peru), I'm Dead To Me, Adobe Homes, Carrion Spring and Angkor Wat (Peru). Most of these bands pay hoamge to the greatest musical groups in the subgenre such as Orchid, Jerome's Dream, Usurp Synapse, Neil Perry, Louise Cyphre, Raein, among many others. Here you will find heartbreaking aggressive music in a deeply emotional way. Don't miss out either the latin american featured bands. Click on the image and go to the official bandcamp where...well, you already know. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Swamp Comp - Swamp Fest 2016

Another outstanding screamo and emoviolence compilation that contains all of the bands that participated this year at the Swamp Fest in Richmond, Virginia. The featured bands are: Empty Vessels, Coma Regalia, GIF from God, Clean Girls, Flesh Born, Amygdala, Lull, Fetish Gear, Drugs Of Faith, Iwakura, Ostraca, Burn/Ward, Vein, The Heads Are Zeros, What Of Us, Truman, Pig Latin, Van Hagar, Weak Wrists, Samarra, Мятеж, Sea Of Storms, This Land Is Now Dead, Hash Cult, Supine and The Catalyst. You'll find the same musical approach of the previous compilation but there are two or three more experimental bands or closer to different subgenres such as mathcore and grindcore. Also, some featured tracks are exclusive to this collection. Click on the image and go to the official bandcamp for getting it. You can also check out the last year's fest compilation. It's cool too. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Secret Christmas Gift From La Mort D'Un.e. Moderniste For You!yxZCGIQK!KySE8LDIpKcRLBhjRsU0LQoFpJp0C5T0_4YcG4_hKNs

Ho Ho Ho, we finish this entry with a special gift I made for you. It includes 7 powerviolence and grindcore related compilations, including one released this year and another one that was already featured here as a bonus. Do you ever wonder which one is? Probably yes. I won't reveal you the compilation name titles, I'll only mention that some of the best american bands of our beloved hardcore punk subgenres are here such as Bloody Phoenix, Fissure, Sex Prisoner, Sordo, Vaccine, among many others. You wanted a review of each compilation? No problem, we'll "unwrap" the gift and make the review of each compilation on christmas day. But you can enjoy it right now, though. I won't make you wait until that day hahaha. Click on Drunk Santa's image for getting it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special Part 6: Desastre Sonoro, Los Muertos Caminan, By Any Means, KCMO All Freaks, No Leash, The Stomp-I-Lation and Cream Of The Crop Vol. I compilations

Note: Fuck yeah!

Oi! les! We¡re back with the sixth part of our modern american hardcore punk special post. We'll feature here some amazing bands from L.A., San Francisco, Boston (once again), Kansas City, among other cities. We don't have much time so let's begin.

Desastre Sonoro: Los Angeles 2012!7s50yQJD!05E1e9XX2cyyN8N2fzB35yb7xfl0J2tWJIpgQgjMyGc

An impressive cassette self-released in 2012 featuring Los Angeles-based latino hardcore punk bands. You know that the latino community is huge in the United States. In fact, many people has assured that spanish could become the official language in the country due to the growing hispanophone population in the last 20 years. In these times of bullshit politics and the rise of the right-wing, the announcement of spanish as the newest official language would be interesting. That seems impossible, but let's still dream about it. Anyway, the featured bands are: Mal Paso, Condition, Aspex, Atrako and Pessimist. 

Regarding the sound, the name of the compilation (sound disaster in english) says it all: PURE FUCKING RUIDO, PUTXS! In effect, we find old-school latin american and american hardcore, thrashcore, d-beat, crust punk (including our always beloved musical bastard neocrust) powerviolence and grindcore influences.The only band with spanish lyrics is Atrako, the other bands sing in english. Most of these tracks were taken from the demo of each band. And, Aspex makes a fantastic cover to Kaaos' Vaihtaehto. 

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's puro ruido, homies. I really dig this compilation. I know these bands will please you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Los Muertos Caminan!KxxTzCRA!r_5SN43YaEwK4xjM1ftje_YXfQnH064ILZG8BZoaqjk
Another impressive Los Angeles-based latino hardcore punk compilation released in 2011 by Fronteras Desarmadas Records. It features the following bands: Generación Suicida, Rayos X, Saber M, Kruel, Fukkr SS, Poliskitzo, Mundo Muerto, Worst Enemy, The Helpless and La Voz.  Some of the featured tracks were previously unreleased and unavailable in other records at the time and later were re-recorded by each band in future releases.

Regarding the sound, we find different styles. For example, there are bands that mix old school american hardcore with traditional spanish punk, and there are some others that have crust punk and d-beat influences. Also, there are even some thrashcore, powerviolence and grindcore sensibilities. Unlike the previous compilation, there are more songs in spanish than in english. I also dig this compilation due to the diverse mix of sounds and styles.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's pretty cool and most of the bands aren't well-known. Oh, and I almost forgot. There are some covers to Eskorbuto, Parálisis Permanente and Discharge tracks. I hope to review more US-based latino hardcore punk bands in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

By Any Means (Bay Area 2013)!L54wkKLR!UK8rVkzrpk9sUeA2dBF96uXvF-Urckkm2sEEjf0VbLA

An interesting compilation released in 2013 by Stay Punk Tapes, Trillhouse Records and Fullyintercoastal Records. All bands come from the Bay Area in California, which is the fifth most populous metropolitan area in the US, and second in California, that includes different cities such as San Francisco, San José, Oakland and many others. The featured bands are: Neon Piss, Sourpatch, Synthetic ID, Street Eaters, Comadre, No Statik, Apogee Soundclub, Index, True Mutants, Hunting Party, Violent Change, Permanent Ruin, C'est dommage, Cold Circuits, Saint Lorena, Daikon, Replica, Endemics, The New Flesh, Huff Stuff Magazine and Nasty Christmas.  

Regarding the sound, it's pretty diverse because we find different musical styles such as hardcore punk, protohardcore and traditional punk, indie rock, post-punk, thrashcore, powerviolence and screamo. As we've seen in previous compilations throughout the special post, this one has lots of different sounds and styles. There are many other missing local bands but this is a good start for seeing what's done in the Bay Area undeground musical scene. In the near future, we'll post a surprise surrounding this area. Just wait and see.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's pretty cool and diverse. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

KCMO All Freaks, No Leash

A pretty interesting cassette released in 2013 by Kansas City-based record label XO Press Records that compiles and documents some of the activities of the local hardcore/punk scene. The featured bands are: All Blood, Eunuch, Dirty Work, Nature Boys, Bummer, No Master, Meat Mist, Keef Mountain, Aphorism, Lazy, Bloodbirds, Scammers, Regret, Dark Ages, Torben, Faultfinder, Mosquito Bandito, Night Moves, Robert Plant's Dingleberry, Boreas and Abbot. 

Regarding the sound, we find hardcore punk, sludge, indie rock, emo, post-punk, traditional punk, indie rock, among other musical styles. When I first listened to this compilation, all of these bands were a surprise for me. I didn't know nothing about the Kansas City scene, except for one or two old school hardcore bands, and I found pretty clever material here. I'll make a more detailed research of this scene and feature more bands in the near future.

Finally, you should get this compilation. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account already know what to do next. Also, there you will find another compilation named Tootsy DIY, with more Kansas City-based bands and similar sounds. Go and check it out too. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

The Stomp-I-Lation!T0ZQQLhI!5XNmh1tt0YHE7oxu99uMgJmNaT9hQ8_o_LYTvtVDgvQ

This a superb Boston hardcore compilation released by Stupid Records in 2014. It was released as a cassette (which both sides repeat the same tracklisting) and had two versions for the US and UK. There's no significant difference between both versions, except the color of the cassette (Green for the UK and black for the US). The featured bands are The Boston Strangler, Waste Management and The Peacebreakers, all of them Boston-based straight edge hardcore bands.

Regarding the sound, well, it's pure Boston style. The three bands display a furious, direct and fast as fuck hardcore punk paying homage to some of the greatest local bands such as SSD, DYS and Negative FX. Some songs also tease with the thrashcore subgenre. You can get some monstrous acts of the so-called New Wave Of British Hardcore - NWOBHC like The Flex, Violent Reaction or Arms Race (all of them already featured here) as a reference. Also, some of The Peacebreakers' tracks are live performances and Waste Management makes a top-notch cover to Cause of Alarm's classic song United Races. And, I'm not really sure if Boston Strangler's tracks are exclusive for this record because the tracks from the other two bands are available in their respective record releases. 

Finally, you should get this compilation. Pure Boston style, gatitxs. The perfect soundtrack for stomping everyone in the muthafuckin' circle pit. No mercy. You've already been warned. We do hope a second volume of this compilation. Highly recommended. Enjoy!. 

Cream Of The Crop Vol. I!jspxSQKA!CA7ZnpPMbtglDws71kpcOJeR-csn1ACM3RJ15nZbf_M

We finish this entry with this superb hardcore punk compilation released in 2014 by Best Before 84 Records. It contains the following bands: The Combat Zone, Mongoloids, Zipperhead, Haute Couture (France),  No Sir, I Won't, The Hit Sensations, Lude Boys, Frenzy, Bloodkrow Butcher, La Misma, Bi Marks, Vivid Sekt, Sunshine Ward, Flaccid, Lumpy & The Dumpers, Savageheads, Leather Daddy, Goosebumps, Long Knife (I saw them in a concert with Poison Idea last year in Paris and they were fantastic) and Digital Octopus (France). 

Regarding the sound, most of the bands play old school and d-beat influenced american hardcore in the so-called New Wave Of American Hardcore formula that we've been exploring throughout the special post. Also, most of these bands have already been featured here, so you'll know what you have in front of you. And, of course, there are two or three bands exploring with different sounds such as traditional punk, post-punk and electronic music. Nothing new under the sun, though. 

Finally, you should get this compilation. It technically resumes all of the things that we've featured here in the last week. Well, kinda. There are also new and exclusive and some non-exclusive tracks. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until tomorrow with the conclusion of this rich and wholesome (ay, qué riccoooo) modern american hardcore punk special post. Kisses and hugs!

"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special Part 5: City Baby Attacked By Rats, It Gets Weirder, Richmond Burning, Kotaro Mission, and Amputape Portland compilations

 Note: Ah! The american dream...

Ciao, les! We're back with the fifth entry of our modern american hardcore punk special post. This time, we'll feature 5 superb compilations featuring bands from New York, Boston, Richmond, Olympia, Portland, among other cities!. Also, we'll be finishing soon this rich and complex special post (2 or 3 more entries). I had to cut off some material because it was getting a little bit out of control and we have to complete our december agenda. Don't forget to click on each image for downloading the records. So, let's begin.

City Baby Attacked By Bats!ikISyaBA!yaF5Iaz_n4Kn0IuaEdaFibnI0i5MYjVXfEeSLDHXXDI

New York City punk family once again surprises us with this superb casette. It was compiled by Chi (Anasazi) and Alex Heir (Burn Books, L.O.T.I.O.N., Survival) and released in 2014. As you may have guessed, the name of the compilation is a parody to G.B.H.'s all-time classic City Baby Attacked By Rats. And, it features the following bands: Creeping Dose, Gowanus Mutant Kommandos, Razorheads (New Jersey), Aube (Canada), Freak Vibe (Seattle), La Cruor, G.A.S.H., Anasazi, Survival, Mommy, Goosebumps, Savage Sex Boys, L.O.T.I.O.N., Big Bang!!, Childrenwithdogfeet, Sex Cross, Warthog, Spider-Man (Yup, your friendly neighbour) and Crazy Spirit. 

Regarding the sound, we find some old school and d-beat influenced hardcore punk in the vein of the so-called New Wave of American Hardcore, as well as other bands exploring different musical genres such as noise, electronic, post-punk and even goth rock. Also, some tracks feature shoutouts made by DJChi2 (It's evident who is, right?), prank calls, weird sound samples and two additional songs that have nothing to do with the content of the record. You will get rickrolled and shit after listening to these unconventional bonus tracks. I'll only say that...  

Finally, you should get this compilation. Like the Ground Zero NYC 2013 compilation (already featured here), this humble mixtape features some of the best modern bands from the NYC hardcore/punk scene today. You'll get fascinated with the raw, intense and obscure ambient of this record, the perfect soundtrack for a NYC basement show. We do hope more NYC compilations like this one in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy. 

It Gets Weirder - A Compilation Of Olympia Punk In 2015!bhIACRhL!6E773oFnvW25o1OsfALfuKnWSfWyQ3SbGe6D3wI2SP4

This is an impressive cassette made by Sadie (vocalist of G.L.O.S.S.) and Joey (a music producer) for promoting some bands from the Olympia hardcore/punk scene. It was self-released in 2015. It contains the following bands: Vexx, The Chain, Defaceman, Visiting Nurses, Slouch, Broken Water, Combat Knife, Nasti, US Disorder, Cynosure, Pines, Ox, Tankini, Half-Hearted, Soggy Creep, Hens Teeth, CC Dust, K8y H8r, Box Fan, Dyke Drama (Sadie's side project), Sharkpact, Margy Pepper, Permethrin, GAG, Box and G.L.O.S.S. As a bonus track, there's an acoustic track made by Julaya, bassist of G.L.O.S.S.

Regarding the sound, we find different musical styles, for example, we have short, fast and loud hardcore punk songs, in the similar vein to different bands featured throughout the special post, post-hardcore, post-punk, synth-pop, alternative and indie rock, noise and other experimental sounds. Before listening to this compilation I only knew Vexx, Slouch, G.L.O.S.S., Combat Knife and Dyke Drama, but after listening to it, I found really interesting the other musical projects. I know that some other impressive bands could be missing here, but the repertory is more than enough for showcasing how the things are done within the Olympia hardcore/punk scene. Cool.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It has an outstanding D.I.Y. value and its content is pure gold. I know the sound isn't perfect but you know what I say in these cases: enjoy the music because is punk as fuck, homie. An only hardcore punk bands compilation could have been nice, but I'm glad with the different musical approach of the non-hardcore punk related bands as a complement, though. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Richmond Burning!LphiEJqY!aQ7tckQtBMAyvwQjvvXHf4nocSCFeGGxU0ZdsoK-OvE

An interesting cassette released in 2014 by Cabin Fever Records. It contains the following bands from Richmond, Virginia: Slugz, Animal Planet, The Nervous Ticks, Diamond Hairbrush, Omega Boys, Christi, Asylum, Atrocious Kontrol, Cretins, Barge and Southside Stranglers. All of these bands were unknown to me, except for Barge, and I didn't know that Richmond had a lot of potential to offer. 

Regarding the sound, we find that interesting duality of hardcore punk and garage rock revival, present throughout the special post. Pretty common this combination, huh? The only exception is Barge because they play brutal and dissonant powerviolence the way we fuckin' like it. It's one of the more recent powerviolence bands that have caught my attention in the last months.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's pretty rare and uncommon to find a physical copy for a good price. The sound is perfect and we do hope another volume of this compilation in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Kotaro Mission!Xtg1kB6C!y9jvFhQelOZ_rkLhHMuIauTl6ZERIP_7K2ICWdAT1-s

An excellent compilation released in 2011 by Japan-based record label No Anarquía Rebelde Música Discos (What a weird name. They don't surely speak very well spanish or they like to play with words. Not really sure). It only contains four bands: Cervix (female fronted), Nomad (both from New York City), Bloodkrow Butcher and Earthpig (both from Boston). This is one of my favorite compilations posted so far and you'll see why.

Regarding the sound, we find d-beat influenced american hardcore punk with traces of 80's japanese hardcore punk such as Zouo, G.I.S.M. and GAI, among others. You already know, by judging our successful (thank you, my nekos) unofficial guide to 80's japanese hardcore, that we fucking love that style. Of course, it's not the purest classic japanese hardcore out there, but they're pretty close. You'll find here raw, intense and crude hardcore punk for pleasing both american hardcore and d-beat fans alike. 

Finally, you should get this record. Pretty good in its execution and the monstrous displayed style by every single band is just amazing. It's worth it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Amputape Portland!O9xT1RBR!qDa90AvdOwlAxtA68_-17Nuhg16f6KZe_PRlOJE9U3Y

We finish this entry with this incredible Portland-based hardcore punk bands compilation. It was released as a tape in 2010 by Amputape Records and contains the following bands: Transient, Honduran, Murderess, Raw Nerves, Abandon, Squalora, Sei Hexe and Machine Gun Congress. This is another of my favorite compilations posted so far, not only because Portland has always had one of the best american hardcore/punk scenes but also because these bands play grindcore.

Regarding the sound, well, I've already told you. It's grindcore. All of the bands draw influences from different grindcore styles such as grindviolence, crustgrind and deathgrind. I must confess that I needed a fresh air after posting experimental bands throughout the special post and this is the perfect way to start therapy. I've appreciated, liked and even loved some material of those musically bold bands but I rather dozes of brutal, violent and nonsense sonic madness that our beloved hardcore punk subgenre could only offer. Don't worry, you'll see more compilations like this one as the definitive complement to the experimental bands that would eventually appear finishing the special post.   

Finally, you should get this compilation. PDX bands are cool as fuck and these ones aren't the exception. If you've found a little bit heavy the experimental musical approach of some of the bands posted so far, this is the medicine for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy and se you tomorrow for more big surprises. Kisses and hugs!