Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bootleg 15 compilation

Oi! Les VVe iz bäck (?) I'm deeply sorry for my reckless abandon (again) but after the end of my journey abroad (about two weeks ago) I've had some difficulties. But, don't worry I'm here (hooray!) for pleasing you as always. So, 2016 will end pretty soon. I'll publish the last special post of the year, as well as other surprises I've been working on. About the addenda of our successful norwegian hardcore punk special (Thank you so much, dude/ttes. You could only make this happen), it'll be published before the end of this week because I've still got some technical issues. I really had serious difficulties getting the material I previously announced you and we'll only feature one compilation. And, as we did with the aforementioned nordic post, we'll make the short but wholesome (Ay qué rico, papuuuu) entries that seem to really please you. Finally, we already have chosen, what we consider, our "best of 2016 picks". If time isn't against us, we'll publish them before the end of the year. We'll start with this amazing canadian modern hardcore punk compilation. Let's begin.

Oh, Canada. How I love you...Well, not so much as you may think but I have to admit that the canadian hardcore punk scene has always been a subject of admiration for me. And this modern hardcore punk compilation is proof of it. Bootleg 15 (I love the name) was published last year by Youth & Rust Records, a Toronto-based record label. I think this is their only release so far. It includes the following local bands: Demolition, Triage, Hired Goons, Abyss, S.M., Severe, Gaucho, Death Kneel, Pavilion, Column Of Heaven, Farang, S.H.I.T., VCR, Great Death, OAF, and Wild Side. The featured tracks are live performances made in Toronto.

Regarding the sound, we have different styles: youth crew, thrashcore, d-beat influenced american hardcore punk just like the so-called New Wave Of American Hardcore bands, deathgrind, indie emo, post-punk, powerviolence, old school hardcore, experimental music, and there's even a electronic music project with noise, ambient and industrial influences. Pretty neat. Triage and S.H.I.T. have already appeared in our blog but the other musical groups included here are such a blast. I really enjoyed them.

Finally, click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can either order a physical copy, either download the digital version for free or paying the right price you consider. Go and support these kind of initiatives. It's worth it. You won't regret it. And, of course, don't let that the greatness of these bands be eclipsed by their american neighbors. Recommended download. Enjoy and until tomorrow! Kisses and hugs!         

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