Thursday, December 1, 2016

"From Norway with love: Norwegian hardcore punk in the 80s and 90s" special. Addenda.

Note: Blitz Squat in Oslo, Norway. One of the happiest places on earth. 

Hey, les! 2 entries in one day? ZOMG! We're crazy! Well, not really... As I stated you in the previous post, I really had serious difficulties getting Blitz squat related compilations. So, we'll only feature the fifth volume of the Blitz Live Hitz compilation series, which conmemorates the tenth anniversary of the squat. If in the near future we get more Blitz squat related compilations, we won't hesitate about posting them. For sure. Let's begin.

Blitz was born in downtown Oslo, Norway in 1981. Since its foundation, the squat has been a social center for anarchist, socialist and communist related activities. In 1982, the squatters were expelled from the original building they were occupying and later moved in where the squat is located today. As I told you throughout the special, Blitz has been the birthplace and main HQ of the most influential hardcore punk bands in Norway. The building has a political bookstore, a non-profit printing office, vegan buffets are held, the Anti Fascist Action (AFA) network, a group that supports political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, is there, different feminist groups develop their agenda in the squat, including radiOrakel, a feminist radio station, among others. And, of course, there are practice rooms, a sound studio and concert facilities. The squat has organized different concerts of many musical genres including hardcore punk, ska, hip-hop and electronic music, and many more. 

Now, the place hasn't been away from controversy. The squatters and non-resident activists have struggled against norwegian right-wing parties such as the Progress Party, the Fatherland Party and the Democrats. Also, they have been involved in different violent manifestations i.e. the visits of Margaret Thatcher in 1986, and the riots against the Gaza War between december 2008 and january 2009 in Oslo (considered by many people the most violent protest in Norway. Awesome). And, as a curious fact, the controversial Vaarg Vikernes (ex-bassist of norwegian black metal outfit Mayhem) tried to blow up the squat. He had stockpiled 150 kg of explosives and 3,000 rounds of ammunition at the time of his arrest for the murder of bandmate Euronymous.  

Finally, hope you enjoy this post and see you tomorrow with the next one. Kisses and hugs!

Blitz Live Hitz V - 10 År På Pur Faen!C5oWXJaB!jHooSTU93YlCev4_UpCgxjZce6Rsz8xm91zMWzJOIU0

This outstanding live compilation was released, on CD format, by the squat's record label in 1993. This is also the compilation that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the squat (between April and May 1992) and it's the fifth volume in the Blitz Live Hitz compilation series. I didn't include the other four volumes because, first, I couldn't get them, and second, I think this one is way better and more accurate for our special post. And, as you may have already guessed, these live performances were done inside the squat.

Regarding the sound, just like the previous compilation, we still find that interesting mix of some top-notch norwegian hardcore punk such as Behind Bars, Bannlyst, Life...But How To Live It?, Stengte Dører, Svart Framtid, Data Morgana and So Much Hate (they make a fantastic cover to Sham 69 classic Borstal Breakout) with other local bands such as Ym-Stammen (post-punk), Bøyen Beng (folk punk) and Meduza (hard rock). There's also an extra track which is an announcement made by Gunnar Nuven (vocalist of So Much Hate, Svart Framtid and Kafka Prosess) but I don't know what he's talking about because he's speaking in norwegian.

Now, you should have noticed that Bannlyst, Data Morgana and Svart Framtid were already disbanded at the time of the celebrations but they briefly reunited exclusively for these important events (I wish I had that kind of love in my private life). Do you remember when we talked about Bannlyst's 2011 "discography", we said that there's included a live performance at the Blitz squat? The aforementioned live performance was done during the tenth anniversary of the squat and some tracks are included in this compilation. And, the other live performances' full-sets haven't yet an official release, so this compilation will be the only source for listening some of their tracks.

Finally, you should get this compilation. We finished with "golden brooch" our successful norwegian hardcore special. Click on the image for downloading it. Mandatory download. Enjoy!

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