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La Mort D'Un(e) Moderniste presents: Best Picks Of 2016

Note: Never surrender. He finally made it. You shouldn't give up. Never.

Yo, yo, yo, les! We're back with our best picks of this year. I must confess that 2016 wasn't an easy year but we're still alive and hope things will get better the next one. As I previously announced you,  this is one of the last entries for successfully completing our december agenda.

For this entry, I have many things to remark. First, this is not the definitive list of the best albums ever released this year. In fact, it's only our personal picks that satisfied our particular musical tastes in the last 12 months. Second, it was really difficult to make this entry because there were so many excellent releases this year and we only chose those that will be featured here. And, last but not least, we'll have shorter reviews and we'll also leave the links to the official bandcamp accounts where you can get these impressive releases. As always, we encourage you to support the bands.

Finally, if you think a record is missing or you have your personal choice, leave your comment below and we'll review it the next year. If you choose more than 5 records, I'll make a special post with all your choices. I'd be glad to because this page is for you and only for you. Let's begin.  

Pure Disgust - self-titled

This top-notch HarDCore band once again surprises us with their latest release. Their musical homage to the old school hardcore punk style is simply amazing. Also, their lyrics are highly political, as any punk-related subgenre should be. Some time ago, I was losing my faith in hardcore but this band made me realize that there's a lot of job to do and things could be worse if we don't act. I'm really pleased that this kind of initiatives still does exist today. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day Of Revenge

Ah, we couldn't be more pleased to show you this superb record. G.L.O.S.S. did it once again following their last year's demo formula: short, fast, ferocious and politically charged hardcore punk. I was quite impressed when I first listened to them and they're one of my favorite bands today. Their anti-transphobia message shouldn't be missed out. Sadly, this is their first and last full-length album. We hope they return in the near future. The hardcore/punk community still needs bands like this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Cadenaxo - Belleza Mexicana EP

This is the latest release of this excellent mexican hardcore outfit. Since two years, they have been crushing different venues with their particular mix of old school hardcore, youth crew and crust. But this time around, they changed a little bit the vocal style and decided to stay more faithful to the chilango hardcore side of things paying tribute to different aztec monsters such as Solución Mortal, Atoxxxico and Massacre 68. The music still is fast and their lyrics are politically charged as always. This is one of the modern mexican promises today. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Deafkids - Configuração do Lamento

This an amazing brazilian experimental hardcore punk band. I saw them this year in Paris alongside with Scumraid (South Korea) and Sex Dwarf (Sweden) and they were such a blast. I didn't know them before the concert, but after seeing their live performance I was literally shocked. My mind was blown. I couldn't believe such musical power. Their work is a mix of crust, d-beat, noise, grindcore, industrial and brazilian traditional music such as samba. Nothing in life can be cooler than this. If you enjoyed Merzbow and Full Of Hell split, check this band out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Trap Them - Crown Feral 

This intriguing Boston-based hardcore outfit is back with this outstanding record. Trap Them has a particular mix of modern hardcore, crust punk, sludge and some death metal and grindcore elements. The result? Complex and rabid hardcore punk. I've been waiting for the moment this band were featured here, and this is a perfect way to do it with this mind-blowing record. We do hope in the near future having more material of this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

GAG - America's Greatest Hits LP

This Olympia-based band has already been featured here because they were in our modern hardcore punk special, and I must say this is one of the most impressive outfits of the so-called New Wave Of American Hardcore. Their music is a mix between old school american and british hardcore punk styles with some moments of oddity and experimentation with uncommon instruments to the genre such as saxophone. It's noisy and chaotic as fuck. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Arms Race - New Wave Of British Hardcore

This is the first full-length album of this british heavyweight. Before leaving Europe, I tried to saw them in their European tour with Violent Reaction (their last shows ever) and I couldn't make it. Such a shame. As the name of the record suggests, it's pure New Wave Of British Hardcore style: the perfect mix of old school american and british hardcore punk styles. This time around, Arms Race has a thicker and faster style than ever but without forgetting their fantastic and original formula. I've wanted the return of NWOBHC-related groups to the blog, and I couldn't be more satisfied with this. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Green Beret - Standing At The Mouth Of Hell LP

Have you ever imagined the perfect marriage of Totalitär and Negative FX? This Boston-based hardcore band is the answer to your wonders. Once again, the so-called New Wave Of American Hardcore shows us this impressive musical group mixing the best of the old school american and d-beat heritages. Obviously, this mix isn't new (recall 80s classic swedish groups such as Mob 47) but for modern american hardcore standards, this is a huge surprise. If you dig this mix, this is for you. It's fast and rabid. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Sunshine Ward - Order 12"

Did you think we would stop this  New Wave Of American Hardcore madness? Of course not. Sunshine Ward shares the same sensibilities of their homologues in this crazy musical wave of mixing american hardcore with d-beat. Their sound is thick, tight and straight to point as it should be. I'm really happy that at last the forbidden mix between american hardcore and d-beat is more common today. These so-called new american and british waves of hardcore show us how the things are done. It's just hardcore punk, dude/tte. At its best, for sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Martyrdöd - List

One of the main stars featured in our successful unofficial guide to neocrust and blackened crust is back with this ear-ripping and mind-blowing record. This swedish act shows us once again that crust punk isn't dead, even though it might wear that hideous modern labels such as neocrust and/or blackened crust. Compared to their previous releases, Martyrdöd has a more refined and elaborated sound without leaving aside their iconic style: a good balance between modern swedish crust, d-beat and black metal. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Weekend Nachos - Apology 

One of the kings of modern grindviolence mixed with modern hardcore breakdowns are back with this impressive record. When I first heard that they were signed to Relapse Records, I was afraid that their unique powerviolence style would dramatically change for worse. And, I was mistaken. Their newest sound is more well produced than their previous releases but their auto-called jockviolence style is still intact. There are also some songs with slow-paced and sludgy moments. Oh, and there's a song with the vocalist of Full Of Hell as a special guest. Life is good. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Magrudergrind - II

Magrudergrind is also back with this impressive record. Just like Weekend Nachos, their signature with Relapse Records brought positive things to their iconic grindviolence sound. The record is more well produced than previous material? Yes. The sound still is frantic and weird as fuck? Hell fuckin' yes. We find deep personal and political lyrics as usual. This is one of the best works Magrudergrind has released to date and it will please their diehard fans always thirsty for nonsense ultraviolent musical warfare. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Boak - II

Another impressive grindviolence jewel, this time directly brought from the UK. We've lately seen an impressive explosion of different powerviolence acts in the land of the tea time at 3:00 p.m. Boak has nothing to envy to their american homologues Weekend Nachos or Magrudergrind. I liked the fact that this band included in their tracks weird sound samples, for example, a vegetarian that chose that lifestyle because he hates plums. This kind of features are a trademark within the powerviolence subgenre. Highly recommended. Enjoy.  

Sex Prisoner - Tannhauser Gate

We continue this madness of grindviolence with this superb record released this year by A389 Recordings. Sex Prisoner reunites the best of the grindviolence style, mixing it with modern hardcore breakdowns for creating a devastating atmosphere of musical destruction. This is one of the best modern powerviolence bands out there and has been lately an influence for emerging bands in the grindviolence territory. Tannhauser Gate is just one sample of what this superb Tucson-based band is capable of. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Amygdala - Population Control 

This is the first full-length album of this outstanding female-fronted screamo band. Their sound is really amazing because it has influences of screamo, crust and grindcore. The style of their vocalist can be matched to other impressive female fronted acts such as Cloud Rat or Oathbreaker. Also, their lyrics are highly political with anarchist and feminist influences. Population Control showed me that screamo still has a lot to offer in these modern days. If you dig all-time classics in the subgenre such as Zann and Shikari, this record is perfect for you. Highy recommended.

Neurosis - Fires Within Fires

The fathers of the sludge subgenre are back with this impressive work. Fires Within Fires represents the pinnacle of Neurosis' prolific and extensive 30-year musical career. It has an outstanding mix of slow-paced interludes with profound and dense sonic attacks that perfectly define the sludge subgenre. I was really surprised with the musical approach of this record: it still manages Neurosis' remarkable style with a modern structure. You could say that the sound is reminiscent of Cult Of Luna, Pentagram or Pelican, bands having a big influence of Neurosis in their sound. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Oathbreaker - Rheia

Finally, we finish this entry with our pick for best album of 2016. Oathbreaker breaks all the paradigms imposed in their previous releases with Rheia. This album represents the musical maturity of this belgian outfit with its high-valued production. You'll find moments of introspection with slow-paced interludes and others leading to violent and frantic execution of their black metal, sludge and hardcore punk influences to the next level. I'm also impressed with the superb work of their female vocalist because she manages a bittersweet style, both clean and harsh alike, something like a blackened Björk. And the lyrics are absolutely amazing, touching and intimes. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until the next time. Kisses and hugs!

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