Saturday, December 10, 2016

"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special Part 4: America's Hardcore compilation series!DhZQ1C5Q!2T9POoHnhZpklvUxPxLuIPgNLzATHo8p8HH2tmEnkfk

Oi! les! We're back with the fourth entry of our last special post of the year. I think many of you may be a little bit concerned about its content. As you may know, since the ancient blog, I don't frequently post (or at least I try to) anything that's "popular" within the hardcore/punk community. Hence, I refused to review "modern" hardcore punk bands because I thought, and I still do it but with less intensity, that hardcore died in the early 00's. This idea has been reformulated thanks to the different revival movements, as well as the different new waves of hardcore that have appeared in the last decade. And, of course, I can't deny that I like to dance to the rhythm of chugga chugga breakdowns (even though circle pits and slamdancing are more mandatory for me). But, we want to be popular for buying more space brownies and lots (LOTS, I mean LOTS) of beer. Isn't this the main goal of any ordinary wo/man, right? Of course not. I'm joking. We've featured lots of non-hardcore punk related musical groups that have shared a moment with different hardcore bands, so I don't think this kind of bands could interfere in our regular program because they're still "core" and most of them have an impressive D.I.Y. spirit, political consciousness and are fun to listen to. Those 3 elements are enough for me for being featured here. 

Now, Triple-B Records, a Boston-based record label, compiled and released this records in 2010 (first volume), 2012 (second volume) and 2015 (third volume) on vinyl LP. They also organize a hardcore fest sharing the same name. You can watch some photos of this year's show in the website of Angela Owens, the most well-known photographer within the american hardcore/punk community today, here. The featured bands in these compilations series are: Free Spirit, Foundation, Backtrack, Eightfifteen, Violent Side, Rotting Out, Bitter End, Wolf Whistle, Cruel Hand, Fire & Ice, Thought Crusade, Power Trip, The Rival Mob, Title Fight (first volume); Intent, Expire, Axis, Beware, Out Crowd, Disengage, Shipwreck A.D., Bane (I secretly love some of their songs), Boston Mayhem, New Brigade, Soul Search, United Youth, Dead End Path, Sweet Jesus, Ringworm, Supertouch (second volume); Independence, Criminal Instinct, Raindance, Caught In A Crowd, Fury, Barge, Shit For Brains, Suburban Scum, Turnstile, Clear, Demolition, Unified Right, Self Defense Family, Consolation Prize, Disapproval, Freedom and Mammoth Grinder (third volume). 

Regarding the sound, we find different hardcore punk styles such as metalcore, beatdown, melodic hardcore, youth crew and 90s hardcore revivals, late NYHC and Boston HC styles, crossover thrash and powerviolence, all of them executed in a "modern" way. I must confess that I really dig these compilation series. Even though we find extremely "popular" bands within the hardcore punk community (their names speak by themselves. You must already know them), the combination of different styles and each band, with their respective and particular touch, made a fantastic work. After listening to these compilations, I knew some of them that I wasn't aware at all of their existence and I'm really impressed. It's something I wouldn't hear everyday on a regular basis or have it as a first hardcore punk reference but I highly recommend it, though. 

Finally, click on the image above and you'll get the three volumes in one file (it's a little bit heavy, though). If you can, get their physical versions. They're pretty cool and have a superb presentation. I hope the next volume will feature some interesting hardcore punk bands, including the ones that have appeared and will appear throughout this humble modern american hardcore punk special post, that could surprise us once again. We'll wait and see. And, will we see in the near future more material of these bands? Maybe...We must keep an open mind, right?...Highly recommended. Enjoy and until tomorrow. Kisses and hugs!

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