Thursday, December 8, 2016

"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special Part 2: Cool bands 1, 2 and 3, Those Bands That Are Jüst Okay, We're Not Contageous, and People Mostly Suck It compilations

Note: Well, I've recently realized that "Gentleman Grizzly Bear riding a laser shooting Abraham Lincoln" is the best thing ever made. Ancient spirits of evil bless the awesomeness of this kind of Internet stuff. 

Salut, les! We're back with the second part of our last special post of the year. Besides the Grizzly Bear image statement, I've also realized that we don't have much time for fulfilling the december agenda. So, for this entry, I'll feature 6 compilations containing american hardcore punk bands of multiple cities with some non-hardcore punk related special guests. This kind of entries will be featured throughout the special and I hope that this won't bother you. With all of these things said, let's begin.    

Cool Bands compilation series

I've found this interesting compilation series named Cool Bands. There are 3 cassettes that were released throughout 2014 and didn't have an official release through a record label. I think they were compiled and self-released by the band OOZE, which also participate in these compilations. The featured bands are: GSB, CCTV, Shitkickers, OOZE, Big Zit, Shitkickers, Voice of Reason, Public Assault, Wasted Effort, Scabs, Hot Beef, The Coneheads, Hardcore Contest, D-Boys, and United Positive Squadron. And, there are also some weird interlude tracks. 

Regarding the sound, we have short, fast, loud and straightforward hardcore punk, the way we fucking like it. Most of the bands have huge oldschool hardcore punk influences (both american and european styles alike) and some others have more traditional punk, post-punk and protohardcore influences. I have to admit that these compilations are pretty cool to listen to. I'm really pleased with the final result. 

Finally, you should get this compilation. All of these bands are cool and I think they'll please you a lot. I'm not really sure if most of these bands are still active, though. Click on the image and you'll get the three cassettes. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Those Bands That Are Jüst Okay!isxB2KoK!gyOb8bLsTy6__rl2VAo1xu95uE8QPZs6xBpxG-gkv_0

This is an interesting compilation released as a cassette in 2010 by Frankenjew Records. It features the following bands: Lake Breeze, Cülo, Geffika, Poor Choice, M3thlaab, Station's Creation, Harshest Realm, And Jesus Was A Sailor and Morbid Obesity. I must confess that some of these bands didn't truly caught my attention because well, they are, mmm...just okay? Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the effort and the final result is still decent enough for me.

Regarding the sound, just like the featured compilations in this special, we find relentless and vicious old school influenced hardcore punk (sometimes teasing with thrashcore, youth crew and early powerviolence sounds), as well as some experimental groups that explore noise, electronic music, garage rock and traditional punk, alternative rock, even we find grindcore influences and some traces of black metal. There's also an unknown track of a japanese dude making his farewell in his native language, or at least I understood that. 

Finally, I recommend you this compilation. It has different sounds on it but I must warn you that not everyone will really dig this mix. There are some songs that are a little bit boring because they're too experimental creating a stiff ambient. But, don't worry, there's nothing like a good joint can't fix...Mmm, joint...Ehemm, sorry. You should try it anyway. Click on the image for downloading it. The audio was fixed by our friend OSMX (Thank you so much, pal!). Highly recommended. Enjoy!

We're Not Contageous!Sx4GXL4C!rXj4Q0Vi5MVzgI4b7ZlGYUc86w7mjb-gmDE3zvWfFjE

An impressive cassette compilation originally self-released in 2011 by the band Male Nurses, which also participates in this record. The next year, PRGNT Records re-released this compilation, respecting the original format, sound and tracklisting with the only addition that there is an unknown audio sampler between the 5th and 6th tracks. Is that Lionel Ritchie? I don't know...The featured bands are: Dry Humps, Male Nurses, Cülo, Violent Night, The Secret Prostitutes, Reformed Homosexual, Sgt. Slaughter, Long Pigs, Earth Pig and Würm Tongue.  

Regarding the sound, we find top-notch rabid and violent hardcore punk. As you may expect, some bands tease with its extreme variants, including thrashcore and grindcore, and some others explore less violent sounds with more traditional punk or protohardcore influences, although these bands still have a fast execution that could easily make shiver any static and boring punk rocker. And, as a bonus, Male Nurses make a fantastic cover to Social Distortion's classic Lude Boy

Finally, you should get this compilation. I really enjoyed it. It's fast and straight to the point. Click on the image for downloading it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

People Mostly Suck It!qwYXwYJR!Ub44N4Ik_no7zwpxBkCsm72MaK2g0hO72McKa6zV6AQ

We finish this entry with this outstanding cassette compilation released in 2012 by Shaver Records and Eat The Life Records. It features the following 17 bands: Secret Police, Alpha Males, Dipers, Kremlin, The Pussy Dogs, Birth Deformities, Burning Itch, Subclinix, Teenage Softies, Dawn of Humans, Cülo (Once again? Cool!), Nervosas (I saw them last year in Paris. Wow, such energy. Such performance), No Class, Zero Progress, Slugz, Wild Child and Sucked Dry.

Regarding the sound, we find that interesting duality between short, fast and loud old school influenced hardcore punk and garage rock and post-punk revival. There are also some traditional punk, protohardcore, noise, and even pop punk sounds. I really enjoyed this kind of compilations because, in the same way american hardcore is rising again, there are also more alternative bands within the garage rock and post-punk revival movement with an interesting touch. Even though I rather listen to violent, rabid and extreme hardcore punk, I can't deny that these bands somehow caught my attention and that's a really difficult task. Pretty cool.

Finally, you should get this compilation. I really enjoyed this mix of sounds. Give it a try, you won't regret it. Click on the image for downloading it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until tomorrow. Kisses and hugs!

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