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Endless Blockade For The Sushi Footer Part II: Your unofficial guide to 90s japanese hardcore punk

Kon'nichiwa konekos, we are back with the first special post of 2017!. Following the success of our unofficial guide to 80s japanese hardcore punk (if you want to refresh your memory, click here), I wanted to show you how the things were done within the japanese hardcore/punk scene in the 90s. Compared to other american and european scenes of the time, Japan was more focused on the crust punk and d-beat style due to the big influence of bands such as G.I.S.M., Zouo, Confuse, among others. But, as you may remember, there was also an explosion of US-influenced powerviolence, grindcore, crossover thrash and thrashcore bands following the steps of S.O.B., Gauze and Systematic Death. And, finally, there were also some emo/screamo, posthardcore and metalcore bands that started to gain popularity at the end of the decade. So, we'll feature some compilations containing some bands of the time exploring all of these different hardcore punk subgenres. I hope it will please you. I want to thank different blogs such as kyoukinonihon, Absolutely Hungly, Fugitive Equlibrium and One Track To Hell as well as YouTube channels such as JAPANDCRUSTPUNK and Simon B., for making this special post possible (Thank you, pals!). Don't forget to click on each compilation front cover for downloading them. And, some other 90s japanese hardcore punk compilations that won't be reviewed in this special post, will eventually be featured in the near future. Lastly, more surprises are coming next week, so stay tuned. Let's begin. 

Everybody Is Afraid Of Death!78p2iIjQ!H6UGON2nmDvjqsV4FM22ccIpsyyq1tx6RhVNYTXH3fw
A superb compilation released by Fast-One Records in 1990. It contains the following bands: Z, Beyond Description, D.O.N.D.O.N., S.D.S., Fuck Geez, Jhishink-Kajoh, Bullshit and Dooms Day. We find different styles such as crust punk, crossover thrash and thrashcore à la japonaise. There are also some bands exploring with noise. So, you'll expect references to Confuse, Gai, Gauze, Systematic Death and G.I.S.M.. I cannot be more pleased with the content of this compilation. All the featured bands are such a blast. We remark the inclusion of S.D.S. and Fuck Geez, two of the first japanese crust bands, and Beyond Description, one of the best hardcore punk bands ever. The other bands were a mystery for me because I didn't know them before hearing this record, and I must confess I'm really impressed. Finally, you may find the sound a little bit noisy and lo-fi, but I think those elements give a special charm. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Bondage Maniacs Vols. 2 and 3!rxZAVLSR!u4lm2jjbD3Haf4ACQhkRyzXvrmolDKutwkgUucY3opE
Two impressive compilations released by Bondage Maniac Records in 1991 (vol. 2) and 1992 (vol. 3). I'm not sure about the existence of the first volume. I haven't found yet information about it. I'd be thankful if you can help me out. The second volume contains the following bands: Damnable Excite Zombies, Cow Schiz, Beyond Description, War Cry, Scum Blast, Gloom, Beyond Tails, Disgusting Void, Beasted Front and G.J.P.B. On the other hand, the third volume contains the following bands: The Slang, Boulogne, Blind Justice, M.D.S., Despair, Back Rush, Condemned, Hot Milk, Headcase, Warsaw and Noukasuitai. Regarding the sound, we find crossover thrash, crust punk, grindcore and thrashcore with the finest japanese touch we do love. You'll only find short, fast and loud hardcore punk. Some of these tracks are the first material that these bands recorded. Lastly, I cannot say more about it. Just download it. Both compilations are contained in the same file. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Final Noise Attack Compilation EP!6kBQGRyQ!C5S5w-QXkB2DVng3XeZvrcoZ9xeiLs-VCGFVQDKW5as
An interesting compilation released in 1994 by MCR Records, one of the most important japanese record labels in the 90s. It contains the following bands: Defiance (No, not that hideous british street punk band), Reason Why, Condemend and Despair. Regarding the sound, all the featured bands have more crust punk influences in their sound, which was really popular within the japanese hardcore punk scene in the 90s. Although, I must say that there are also some traces of japanese crossover thrash, grindcore and thrashcore as well. Best mix ever, huh? Probably yes. I'm really impressed with the final result. This kind of compilations makes you fell in love with the japanese hardcore style. Not bad. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Tokyo Crusties Conp EP!zpYiUJjK!SSy0SkawiPfODUA2v3S6rfw5atDOF5WjN6OrPY37Tf8An outstanding compilation released in 1994 by D.I.Y. Records. It contains the following bands: Abraham Cross, Battle Of Disarm, Collapse Society and Crocodile Skink. Regarding the sound, as the name of the compilation suggests, it's pure crust punk. Your favorite all-time classic UK crust sound is here. Extreme Noise Terror, DooM and Extinction of Mankind would be proud of these bands. If you thought this compilation EP wasn't good enough, think twice because there are some d-beat, grindcore and, a very few, noise elements on it. This record is absolutely a must. Abraham Cross and Battle Of Disarm have been one of my favorite 90s japanese hardcore punk bands and the other two were a mystery for me but I really enjoyed them. They're pretty cool, too. I also loved the front cover, which is one of the best pieces of art ever created for a hardcore punk-related album. And, I also think that writing CONP instead of COMP was intentional. That creates a more punk feel. Fuck yeah. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Meaningful Consolidation!roIQ0QbR!By7gWE_nOo9WCHmvZU5AWtOzr6-IQoWjY9xhNf5_zfA
An all-time classic compilation released in 1994 by Blurred Records, D.I.Y. Records, Forest Records, Icons Of Crust Records and Yasuo Records. It features the following bands: Iconoclast, Abraham Cross, S.D.S., Defiance, C.F.D.L., Anti-Authorize and Disclose. Regarding the sound, you'll find the best early 90s japanese crust punk, d-beat and grindcore bands.  The sound is a fast, noisy and brutal display of madness, with the special charming touch that only japanese hardcore punk bands can offer. Absolutely fantastic. This is one of my favorite japanese hardcore punk compilations of all time.  Most of the featured tracks are available in different records of each band prior to the release of this compilation, but there are some exclusives too. For example, C.F.D.L. tracks. One track of them is a live performance, whilst the second one is an intriguing cover to Blitz' 45 Revolution. Not bad. I think I mustn't say nothing more about this record, just get it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Far East Hardcore!ugwlRRiR!00omUCarvaS3SvYIfQAVPLvCmaNUZZS7p1nBzhn51GMA superb compilation released in 1995 by Slam Records and God's Pop Records. It contains the following bands: Envy, Brickbutt, GMF, Half Life, Nunchaku, Smelling Cunts, Switch Style, TJ MAXX, Wrench and Wrestling Crime Master. Regarding the sound, we find US-influenced hardcore punk, notably late-New York hardcore style, exploring different subgenres such as youth crew, metalcore and thrashcore. The same musical content of influential and classic NYHC compilations such as The Way It Is and Where The Wild Things Are (already featured in the blog) is here. I'm really impressed because these japanese bands sound like any other american or european musical group of the time. Also, this compilation has the first songs of Envy, with a style closer to the late-90's NYHC style. They would eventually change to their immersive post-rock influenced screamo style they're known for. And, the CD version of this record mistakenly includes Blind Justice, and not Envy, in the front cover of the album. It's a shame that Blind Justice didn't make it. It would have been such a blast. Finally, get this compilation. It's a little bit different of what we've posted so far and the proof that the japanese hardcore scene also had interest in the chugga chugga side of things. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Oita City Hardcore!Kt42XbSI!VlPUjv5Ry0n5rBBTQthfxuHJ6n2ujMaPVJor33WDiMg
An amazing compilation EP released in 1996 by MCR Records. It contains the following bands: Corrosion, Chaos, Carcass Grinder and Goddamn Bull. Regarding the sound, you'll find some of the finest japanese crust, grindcore and thrashcore. There's only short, fast, loud and always extreme music the way we fuckin' love it. Fuck yeah. Carcass Grinder has always been, along with Unholy Grave, one of my favorite japanese grindcore bands. Just like the last compilations, the other bands were a total mystery for me but I found them really touching. Japanese hardcore bands never stop amazing me. Finally, we find another fine piece of art with a crazy Mickey Mouse wearing punk outfits. Lärm did it first, though. Not bad, Japan. Not bad. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Grind The Faces Of Rockstars Vols. 1 and 2!m4wmgJqD!d8W72hP9kxPW8hWMzyEY5YDM4J1cRNj2b0CdCp0_JwATwo amazing japanese grindcore compilations released in 1995 (Vol. 1) and 1996 (Vol. 2). There's also a third volume but I don't have it and won't be featured here. The featured bands are: Impregnate Trichomonas, Carcass Grinder, Unholy Grave, Saprogenic Entrails, Voltifobia (Vol. 1), Demisor, Casket.K, Midget Fetish, Squash Bowels, Egofix, Bludge, Regurgitated Corpse, Psychoneurosis, Semendemon and Azrael (Vol. 2). These compilations reunite rehearsal and live recordings tracks. Regarding the sound, you'll find grindcore, grindcore and only grindcore. Most of the bands follow the goregrind style, but you'll also find deathgrind and noisecore bands. So, this could be the perfect campaign for musical destruction with violent, gory and sardonic references to dismemberments, body fluids, STDs and other not so friendly topics, except for Carcass Grinder and Unholy Grave that have more political lyrics. I'm always surprised with the enormous quantity of japanese bands I get to know everyday. All of them are amazing. If you love Carcass, this is the perfect record for you. Lastly, I must warn you that this is not recommended for politically correct people because some songs are, well, brutal and savage with controversial topics. Highly recommended. Enjoy!!38o2iKzZ!Ycu4K-zL5TMQPzsy1sB-LesnhZOhSGSyG6l-JH-IJHMPlatform. Compilation 

An outstanding japanese emo (Hey, did you think that these kind of bands didn't even existed? I'm always here for blowing your mind, les :)) compilation released in 1997 by Never Shown Face Records. The featured bands are Wall, Envy, Swipe and Wise Up. Regarding the sound, the best 90s american and european emo and screamo influences are here.  As I always say in different japanese hardcore compilations reviews, I'm always pleased that these bands take to the next level all the influences on their sound. Now, Wall and Wise Up were unknown for me and I thought they were either american or european since their style wasn't really popular within the japanese hardcore scene until the late 90s. I really enjoyed them. Swipe has already been featured here when we reviewed Libérate! compilation and the featured song is pretty outstanding. I hope to get in the near future some of their records. And, last but not least, Envy has always been one of my favorite japanese screamo bands and I'm glad that they started to appear here in the blog. The featured song is different to the songs contained in Far East Hardcore compilation (also featured in this special post) because it's closer to screamo. This is the first blueprint of their monstrous sound trademark. Lastly, you should get this compilation. It's pretty rare and I must dare to say that is one of the best non-american and non-european 90s emo compilations ever released. It's a sweet pause for the sonic madness we've posted so far, but it will also rip your heart out with its passionate hardcore punk style. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

What Is Crust? What Is Melo-Core? Be Different Hardcore?!20ARHKpL!yWLdHJhiE5g_LsSRS6QZKtqba7lWSyO3l6lxjzMJjcQAn impressive compilation released in 1998 by Discilpline Records. It features the following bands: Love Storm, Barricade, Frigora, Forgot'n Flower, Disclose, The Addiction, C.O.S.A., Defiance, Kamui, Sunset Stompfeet, Argue Damnation, Carnage, Max Head Room and Bug State.  The title of this compilation makes reference to the different perspectives everyone was having after the explosion of the different hardcore punk subgenres in the 90s. Now, this compilation reunites some of the best japanese crust, d-beat and grindcore bands at the end of the decade. Hardcore was changing in the country and other more U.S.-influenced bands were gaining more popularity within the scene and getting international attention. Nonetheless, the featured bands in What Is Crust?... still proved that the classic japanese hardcore sound legacy was alive and could be more explored. In fact, the next decade also had different bands paying tribute to these bands. There's nothing more to remark about this record. I'd only add that Frigora and Argue Damnation drew influences from 80s scandinavian hardcore and they sung in swedish and finnish, respectively. Something really uncommon because most of the japanese bands had both japanese and english lyrics alike. Cool. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Six Weeks Omnibus Vol.1 - A Japanese Hardcore Compilation!X05WQZrY!dbGyFSfNySROp-uq-N8HOyP30tGZ3HPwc-Xekje9JXcWe finish this special post with an impressive japanese hardcore compilation released in 2003 by Six Weeks Records. This record label was one of the first american record labels that was more  aware of the international hardcore scene and made different compilations featuring them. The Omnibus compilation series were only the beginning of this quest for showing powerful non-american  hardcore bands around the world. And, they started with the sonic madness displayed by some crossover thrash, powerviolence, grindcore and thrashcore bands from the rising sun country. This compilation reunites two classic compilations released back in the 90s: Six Weeks Omnibus 8" (1995) and Violence - A Japanese Hardcore Compilation 8" Flexi (1998), (The 8" format was really popular in Japan during the 90s. Lots of records were released, including some featured in this special post, with this format. I wonder why...) both released by Six Weeks Records with the same purposes already mentioned. The featured bands are: The Gaia, Slight Slappers, Cement, Jack With Killer, Rose Rose, Zone, Ultimo Rausea, Toast, Senseless Apocalypse, Beyond Description, Real Reggae, Argue Damnation, No Think, Flash Gordon and One Size Fits All. Now, remember that most of these bands were gaining popularity and had a huge international projection, compared to other local outfits. Also, some of these musical groups contributed to the explosion of powerviolence bands, as well as the thrashcore revival at the time. Lastly, you should get this compilation. Its content is one of the best japanese hardcore punk material ever recorded. Maybe in the near future we'll come back with other Six Weeks Records compilations like this one. Maybe...Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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