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La Mort D'un(e) Moderniste presents: Best picks of 2016. Addenda: Chibchombian power in 2016.

Note: Nairo Quintana is one of our most beloved diehard fans. No joke.

Coucou, les! We're back with the first entry of 2017! Fuck yeah! It was about time, right? So, did you notice that colombian hardcore bands were absent in our best picks of 2016 post? Do you wonder why? The reason, well, I decided to post our best colombian picks of last year in a different entry. Since I'm autoexiled here in Colombia, I've seen different musical projects that have caught my attention and, of course, I want to share them with you. Just like the aforementioned best picks entry, we'll give a short review and the respective bandcamp account links for supporting these acts. Also, we'll feature a recent compilation that contains some cool bands from a distant colombian city. Lastly, we do hope more material and surprises from these bands during the course of this year. Let's begin. 

Histeria Colectiva I compilation

Our beloved friend Mr. Lesmes recommended us this superb Ipiales-based hardcore punk bands compilation. It was released in november by Ruidö Resiliencia Anti-Records, a new record label from the aforementioned city. It contains the following bands: Desstruidos, Revolver SS, Los Lixiviados, Estado Laico, Universal Dubwise, △N I T△, Pesticida SS, Kontrafobia, Zkizofrenikaz, LaCruelBelsen, Smebulock, Diserrör, Sarcasmoco, Ruido Vandálico, MxDxA, Holocausto Cannabis, Los Cadáveres and Pägäfäntä. 

Since the formation of the country, Nariño, the department where Ipiales is located, has always been somewhat distant in many aspects due to its geographical location. Concerning the local hardcore/punk scene, it's also been pretty mysterious for the country. In fact, it's a new scene compared to other local scenes such as Bogotá, Cali or Medellin, or even smaller cities like Manizales and Ibagué. Therefore, all of the featured bands were unknown for me, except for MxDxA.

Regarding the sound, you'll find different hardcore punk bands drawing influences from crust punk (including the loved and hated neocrust variant), d-beat, grindcore and powerviolence. There are also two bands with more traditional punk influences and there's another one with a more experimental approach. In general terms, the sound is fast, rabid and vicious the way we like it, with an impressive D.I.Y. spirit. Some songs sound higher and more well-produced than others. It could be a little bit annoying changing the sound volume each time but for me it really wasn't a problem. 

Finally, get this compilation. I really enjoyed it and I'm pleased that more cities in Colombia have interest in the hardcore punk subgenre and have started to produce their own material. We do hope more notices from these bands in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

MxDxA - self-titled

Continuing with the musical surprises from the south of Colombia, we couldn't be more impressed with this superb outfit. MxDxA was born in 2014 and the last year they released this monstrous s/t. The band draws influences from diffierent neocrust and blackened crust outfits such as Ekkaia, Fall Of Efrafa, Agonía, Ictus, Hongo, Iskra and Martyrdöd, among many others, for creating a dark and relentless hardcore attack. There aren't bands like this one in the country, so we do hope they continue surprising us with their repertory. As a curious fact, the front cover of the album features a blackened version of Nuestra Señora de Las Lajas, whose shrine is one of the most visited local places. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Coyote - Overconfidentii Vulgaris EP

This is the first self-released EP of this interesting Bogotá-based hardcore band. Coyote plays fast and tight modern metallic hardcore with different New York Hardcore influences such as Biohazard and Madball but with a highly political consciousness. Indeed, their lyrics are well elaborated and treat different social and cultural issues such as capitalism and consumerism, system education, social injustices, among others. They're also part of the new generation of local hardcore bands that advocate for creating a scene more politically active. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

Vorágine - V.E.I. 

Our beloved experimental hardcore punk outfit already had its debut here in our blog. In fact, they're among the 5 most viewed entries last year. We can't be more pleased with their unique style. You can check our review here.

Amenazas - self-titled
UPDATE 02/10/2018: We have made an ultimate and definite review of this marvelous record which can be viewed here.

Detërioro - self-titled demo

An outstanding hardcore punk outfit drawing influences from noise, d-beat, screamo and crust punk. We could say that this is a neocrust band. Yes, it certainly is. I really enjoyed their musical style: it's fast and well executed with abstract lyrics dealing with different personal and political issues. Did you think the emocrust menace is fake? Think twice. We do really hope a full-length album in the near future. It would be such a blast. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Mongólico - self-titled

A superb grindcore band featuring members of other amazing locals such as Chulo, Nastiness and Hätross. This is their debut album and I must admit that it's fantastic. We find some traces of death metal, sludge, crust punk and powerviolence in their sound, but the final execution is so rad that it wouldn't need any labels. It's only grindcore. Pure and simple. I'm really glad that these kind of projects are flourishing within the scene. For fans of Cripple Bastards, Insect Warfare, Agathocles and, of course, Chulo. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Chulo - self-titled (2016)
Speaking of Chulo, well, they're here. They have already been here in different grindcore and powerviolence related compilations. In fact, they're the colombian grindviolence ambassadors for the international hardcore/punk community. Once again, Chulo delight us with their powerful sound but this time with a more elaborated and well-produced work, where they perfectly blend their classic and modern grindcore and powerviolence influences. There are some moments where the sludge influences are more evident. Pretty outstanding. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Sin Regreso - Demo K7

A fantastic female-fronted hardcore punk band that surprise us with their superb demo. They draw influences from thrashcore, powerviolence and grindcore. The result? Short, fast and loud music the way we fucking like it with political lyrics. There's also a cover to Dropdead's song You Have A Voice. Absolutely amazing. I found really interesting their obsession with classic cartoons like Ed, Edd and Eddy. I would never see this cartoon in the same way after hearing Sin Regreso. We do hope their first full-length album soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Terco - Demo s/t K7
One of my favorite colombian hardcore punk releases in 2016 is here. Terco plays powerviolence in a pretty amazing way: short, fast and loud. The way it should always be. No musical experimentation, only nonsense ultraspeed madness. There's also some grindcore influences. Since long time ago, I didn't see a powerful band like this one. I think their sound has nothing to envy to other international and national grindcore and powerviolence acts. They will make their own path and this the perfect starting point. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Ø))) - I Gave Up Love And Happiness A Long Time Ago

Ø))), AKA Malparido, is an experimental noisecore band that simply blew my mind away. I cannot lie, this is one of the most bizarre and clever musical projects I heard in 2016. Their sound draws different influences from noise, dark ambient, drone and grindcore. There's fuzz, sound distorsion, and unorthodox musical execution, as well as some weird sound samples that only an outcast could really understand. And, of course, the weird and distorted cover to Nirvana's classic Come As You Are is a must. I'm really pleased with the final result and this would definitely be the soundtrack of my eventual immolation. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Satvrn Svnlight - split with Nastiness

We finish this entry with another amazing experimental grindcore band. If you thought Ø))), AKA Malparido, is amazingly weird as fuck, you should also check this band out. Satvrn Svnlight draws influences from noise, drone, dark ambient, sludge, black metal and grindcore for creating an atmosphere of oblivion and despair in a downward spiral of darkness. They label themselves as queercore stonerviolence, so you'll know what to expect after hearing this. I really enjoyed this musical project. Sadly, only the Satvrn Svnlight side of the spilt is available online. I couldn't get the Nastiness (an impressive local crustgrind act) side. When we get the full split, we'll undoubtedly post it here. Promised. Oh, and if you didn't notice, the artwork features a demonic Divino Niño Jesús. Cool, huh? Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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