Monday, February 20, 2017

Jours De Haine 7" EP Compilation!y4pQVR7Z!hFbMMFgY-3M2uDxwoklGssD_FYZVpJDpMc8MUhufyJg

Coucou, les! We're back with Jours De Haine (Days Of Hate in french), a top-notch 7" EP compilation containing french hardcore punk bands, plus an international special guest, released last year by Build Me A Bomb Records (Lille, France). It features the following bands: Anxiety Attack, Sévices (Lille), Krigskade, Peur Panique (Paris), Shock (Bordeaux), and Wrong Decision (Belgium). 

Regarding the sound, all the featured bands play fast and straightforward hardcore punk, each one with a particular and personal touch. For example, Anxiety Attack and Sévices have both thrashcore and powerviolence elements; Shock plays short, fast and loud music in the same vein as D.S.13 and Vitamin X; Peur Panique (probably the best french modern powerviolence band ever) pays tribute to old-school powerviolence, drawing influences from Infest, Spazz and Man Is The Bastard; Krigskade (one of my favorite Paris-based hardcore bands) has an excellent mix of scandinavian d-beat and american hardcore punk with danish lyrics. Nothing to envy to the different new waves of british and american hardcore outfits out there, some of them already featured here in the blog; and, last but not least, the belgian guest plays like if it was a Boston-based hardcore band with a clear and precise musical execution. Pretty cool. 

Lastly, you should get this compilation. It's one of the best french modern hardcore punk compilations ever released. All the featured tracks are brand new and exclusive to this release, except for Peur Panique's track  because it was previously released on their last record Dernières Volontés. Also, both Krigskade and Peur Panique are already disbanded and this compilation is their last contribution ever. Click on the image above for downloading it. All the artwork, lyrics sheet, and inserts are included in the file. All-in-one. We do hope in the near future having more french modern hardcore punk-related material like this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time.

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