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Poutine is life, Poutine is love. 90s canadian hardcore punk mini special post.

Pizza + Poutine? Oh you, ancient evil spirits. OOOOOOHHHHHHH YEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Coucou, les! Vve iz bëck (?) with a new mini special post about 90s canadian hardcore punk. Fuck yeah! Once again, I'm deeply sorry for my long absence but I was sick and demotivated for writing but I'm O.K. right now and back to the business. Now, since I've been featuring modern canadian hardcore punk bands, I've also wanted to show you how the things were done in the 90s. You must already know our obsession with 80s and 90s-related hardcore punk bands and Canada couldn't be missed out. Just like other american and european hardcore scenes of the time, we also saw an enormous quantity of bands exploring different subgenres such as crust punk, grindcore, emo and metalcore, among others. Some of these canadian bands also had an international recognition and their musical influence crossed borders i.e. Union of Uranus' sound was important for the development of screamo, neocrust and blackened crust alike. Lastly, we'll feature some compilations containing some 90s canadian hardcore punk bands. It's a shame that these records don't contain tracks from Breakwater, Chokehold, Shotmaker and One Eyed God Prophecy, other great local bands whose name speaks for themselves. All the links were provided by Abridged Pause Records, an independent canadian blog and record label, that has an extensive database with different local hardcore bands. Go and check it out. Let's begin!. 

Fuck The Commonwealth: 33 bands from Ontario and British Columbia that hate the Queen!

This is an interesting compilation released in 1994 by Fans Of Bad Productions Records. It originally contained the following 22 bands: Kops For Christ, Ignatz, Blundermen, Dirty Bird, Mr. Nobody, Wad, Blowhard, Hockey Teeth, Minow, Whatever, The Queen Haters, Nothing To Lose, Insult To Injury, Benchwarmer, The Uniks, Giblet, M Blanket, The Dunderheads, Black Kronstadt, Goatboy, Splatterboys and Mexican Power Authority. 

The next year, a CD version was released with 11 extra bands, absent in the original LP/cassette release: Gus, Hoofrarump, Render Useless, Hudson Mack, Black Market Fruits, Floragore, Ache Hour Credo, Enfa/lak, Phallocracy, Union of Uranus, Lootbag, Swell Prod, and Submission Hold.  Also, this version didn't feature The Dunderheads' track and M Blanket's track is different. The original secret track was also removed.

Regarding the sound, we find different hardcore styles, for example, crust punk, metalcore, emo, posthardcore, melodic hardcore and powerviolence. The musical execution is pure 90s style, so you won't get lost when you hear the content of this compilation. It's remarkable the inclusion of Union of Uranus and Black Kronstadt, two of the biggest influences for both neocrust and blackened crust alike.

There's also Ache Hour Credo, a really interesting emo/screamo band that never got an official release and, even today, no one has dared to release an official discography CD/LP. Another impressive local hardcore band contained here is Mexican Power Authority, whose sound evokes different expressions of speed and violence. One of the best 90s powerviolence bands, for sure. And, finally, most of the other bands were a mystery for me (except for a few ones) but they made a great job.

Lastly, get this compilation. You'll find some exclusive and new tracks at the time, as well as some alternate versions, for example, Union of Uranus' Backhand is slower than the original release (And vastly inferior, imho. Nonetheless, give it a try). This is the CD version. Click on the image for downloading it. Highly recommended. And, don't forget: FUCK THE COMMONWEALTH!!! Enjoy!

GO! 47 Canadian HC Bands

This compilation was released in 1997 by Fans Of Bad Productions Records. It contains the following 47 bands: Soy, Danko Jones, Acrid, Rubber Girlfriend, Daddy's Hands, Ulcer, Chitz, AK 47, 26 Letter Prison, Doomtown, Submission Hold, M Blanket, Never Too Late, Warface, Grade, Blundermen, Disassociate From Man, Render Useless, Goatboy, Spazmz, Swallowing Shit, One Eleven, Moral Panic, Moaning Lisas, Bombshelter, I Spy, Dillinger Mob, Pipebomb, Phallocracy, Third World Planet, Mexican Power Authority, Jonas, Kops For Christ, Black Market Fruits, Infect, Bound To Fail, Seized, Inertia Kills, Ignatz, Betty Ford, Propagandhi, Hard To Say, Holocron, Union Of Uranus, Ten Dead Men and Dirty Bird. Third World Planet and Hard to Say contributed two songs each, thus making this CD compilation feature 47 bands but 49 songs in total. The next year an 2xLP edition was released with three additional bands: Ex Dead Teenager, Hoodrat and Equation of State. Just like the CD version, the featured four songs of Third World Planet and Hard to Say are here, thus making this vinyl compilation feature 50 bands but 52 songs in total.

Regarding the sound, just like the previous compilation, we find different hardcore styles, for example, crust punk, metalcore, emo, posthardcore, melodic hardcore and powerviolence. But we also find grindcore. As you may expect, the musical execution is pure 90s canadian hardcore style. I'm glad this compilation contains both Ulcer and Acrid, two of the best canadian grindcore/powerviolence bands ever. The latter was also straight edge, pretty uncommon for the grindcore movement. There's also Grade, whose melodic yet powerful style gave them some success abroad, notably in the U.S., when they signed with Victory Records. You'll also note the inclusion of Propagandhi, a pretty popular political band. It hasn't been my cup of tea, but I cannot deny their influence. And, finally, most of the featured bands in the previous compilation are back, so you'll know what to listen to.

Lastly, get this compilation. It's pretty cool and I appreciate the effort of the record label for bringing us some of the best canadian hardcore bands in the 90s. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Group Therapy Explosion...

This compilation was released in 1996 by Slow To Burn Records. It contains the following bands: Gus, Halycon Days, Ache Hour Credo, Goatboy, Ten Dead Men, Hickey, Daddy's Hands, Pebble, Submission Hold, Dillinger Mob, Black Market Fruits, Benchwarmer, Ground Round, Hudson Mack, Offense A.D., The Republic Of Freedom Fighters and Render Useless.

Regarding the sound, we find mostly emo and posthardcore bands. These bands have nothing to envy to american and european emo bands of the time such as Hoover, Bob Tilton and Moss Icon, among others. Their style is really amazing and all the diehard fans of the original emo style, would certainly be pleased. For sure. Also, some of the featured tracks are exclusive and brand new, so you won't find them anywhere but here. I really enjoyed it.

Lastly, get this record. It's one of the few registers of the short-lived 90s emo scene in Canada. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Quebec Crusade For Auditive Savagery Proliferation

Ahhh! One of my favorite 90s canadian hardcore punk compilations is finally here. It was released by Doomsday Machine Records in 1994. This 7" EP contains the following bands: Immoral Squad, Apathetic Nations, Human Rats, Drift, The Fact Remains That, Human Greed, Global Holocaust and Shitfit. Regarding the sound, we find rabid and ferocious crust-influenced hardcore punk. We also find some slight varieties of grindcore, powerviolence and metalcore in here. So, the influence of different american crust-related groups such as Disrupt, Misery and Dropdead is here.

It's remarkable that Drift also had a huge impact within the screamo subgenre because its sound is closer to Union of Uranus and One Eyed God Prophecy's; Human Greed, Global Holocaust and Shitfit are perphaps the most well-known Montreal-based crustgrind outfits; Human Rats, Apathetic Nations, and The Fact Remains That are really unknown acts and I dare to say that their included tracks are exclusive for this record; and, last but not least, Immoral Squad has a split with Union Of Uranus and their style is pretty cool.

Lastly, get this compilation. It's absolutely a must. This is the only register I know that compiles the beginnings of the crust punk scene in Québec. For a strange reason, all of these acts sing in English, not in French. Interesting. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

The 49th Parallel

We conclude this mini special post with this superb compilation released in 1997 by Disillusion Records and Lake Eerie Hi-Fi Records. Old Glory Records also released a LP version of this compilation. The name of the record refers to the line that divides U.S.A. and Canada. It contains the following bands: Swallowing Shit, Karenza, Eliot Rosewater, Acrid, Submission Hold, Inept (Canada), Resin, Tho Ko Losi, MK Ultra, Three Studies For A Crucifixion, Gates Of Dawn, Still Life and Heautontimorumenus (USA).

Regarding the sound, we find metalcore, emo, screamo, grindcore and powerviolence. Its variety of styles make this record a pretty outstanding work. You'll find both political and poetic hardcore alike, ugly and beautiful tunes, all of them with the finest 90s style. Not bad. There are also some bands whose name speaks for themselves, and there are other bands not so well-known that will catch your attention.

Lastly, get this compilation. Pretty amazing. One of the best compilations that contains both american and canadian bands. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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