Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Punk In Italia CD Compilation

Hello, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with a humble 80s italian hardcore punk CD compilation I recently found. I didn't even know its existence and I was shocked. Oh yeah, papu.s/mamu.s. Just like that. You must already know that we're hopeless and nostalgic romantics obsessed with both 80s and 90s hardcore punk, obviously including the top-notch italian scene. Our anachronic tastes arise from time to time (most of the time, indeed) and I couldn't resist sharing with you this collection.  

https://mega.nz/#!SgYHTZ5b!HH_2Nglda6Wg1mL7d8-ofiwQI-DMppspXlPsJ4YEVYIPunk In Italia was released in 2005 by Toxic Records, a french record label, and contains the following bands: Declino, Crash Box, Indigesti, Wretched, Contr*azione (or simply Contrazione), EU's Arse, Blue Vomit, Peggio Punx, Rappresaglia, Contropotere, UART Punk, A.C.T.H, R.A.F. Punk, Underage, Infezione, I Refuse It!, Atrox, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers (or simply C.C.M.), Kina, Nerorgasmo, Crime Gang Bang, Fallout, Stalag 17, Nabat, Irah, Dioxina, Bloody Riot and Punk Sound Against (or simply P.S.A.).

Regarding the sound, you'll find good ol' short, fast and ferocious hardcore punk all'italiana. Most of these bands are more US-influenced, but we also find some british hardcore influences as well. Even some bands draw influences from oi! and anarcho-punk subgenres without leaving aside the frantic italian hardcore punk style. I've always thought that the italian hardcore scene has been one of the few european hardcore scenes that truly have taken their musical influences to the next level.

Now, I can tell some things about why this compilation will blow your mind. For example, Indigesti, Declino, Infezione, Rappresaglia and Wretched play fast enough like if it didn't exist a tomorrow; Kina are undoubtedly the italian Husker Dü with their melodic yet powerful style; Nabat seduces skinhead hordes with their particular Oi!-influenced style; CCM is simply amazing with their auto-called ultracore sound; and, Contr*azione and Contropotere, both have female and male vocal duets in the same way as many british anarcho-punk outfits, but retaining the savage spirit of italian hardcore punk. And, you'll see that some of the featured bands aren't so well-known but they're amazing.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's one of the best 80s italian hardcore punk compilations out here, even though Raw Power and Negazione are absent. The featured bands don't have nothing to envy to these popular italian hardcore acts. Click on the image for downloading this compilation. Next friday we'll feature another italian hardcore-related surprise, so stay tuned. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!   

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