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Hardcore tributes to The Cure and The Smiths: Disintegrated and The World Still Won't Listen.

Yo! les chaton.ne.s! We're back. I present you two interesting hardcore tributes to The Cure and The Smiths. Yup, they're real. Believe it or not. I do listen to other non-hardcore punk related musical genres and these two bands have been a huge influence for me. And, some hardcore bands have also been touched by their magic. In fact, I felt quite impressed with the existence of these two hardcore tributes. Are they good enough for pleasing the ears of their diehard fans? Let's find out. 

Disintegrated - A Cure Tribute Compilation


If you're a diehard fan of this influential band for both post punk and goth rock musical genres, you must already know that it does exist a trilogy of different records compiling their best works: Pornography (1982), Disintegration (1998) and Bloodflowers (2000). In fact, when The Cure Trilogy (2000, Eagle Vision/Fiction Records) double live album was released, Robert Smith, vocalist, guitarist and frontman of the band, stated that these works are magically connected and are some of his best experiences with The Cure.

Now, this tribute compilation was released in 2000 by Too Damn Hype Records and contains different metalcore and post-hardcore bands covering The Cure's Disintegration album. The featured bands are Converge (covering Disintegration, probably my favorite cover), Cave In (covering Plainsong), Chimaira (covering Fascination Street), Compression (covering Prayers For Rain), Another Nothing (covering Same Deep Water As You), Neck (covering Last Dance), Bad Luck Thirteen Riot Extravaganza (covering Pictures Of You), Home Thirty Three (covering Homesick), Together We Fall (covering Untitled), Voice Of Reason (covering Lullaby) and Where Fear And Weapons Meet (covering Closedown). Sadly, the cover to Lovesong couldn't be included. I don't quite remember which band was supossed to make it (probably Glassjaw) but some copyright and inner band issues didn't allow it.  

Regarding the sound, I must admit that all the featured bands made a fantastic work. They retained their respective musical style mixed with The Cure's particular sounds. Indeed, you'll find some bands that experimented with a more ambient and less aggressive execution trying to emulate the magical style of Smith and Co. and some other bands that are more hardcore-oriented, but they still managed to be faithful to The Cure's original sound.

Finally, you should get this record. Click on the image for downloading it. It's a little bit difficult to get a decent physical copy but you should try to get one. I highly recommend it to both The Cure and hardcore punk fans. You'll be impressed with some cover songs because they're quite fantastic and something a little bit different to each band's repertory. I know that you may be a little skeptic about this record, but the musical effort must be praised. It's the only hardcore tribute to The Cure and we don't know if we'll ever see a record like this one. Give it a try. You won't regret it. Enjoy! 

The World Still Won't Listen - A Tribute To The Smiths 


Finally, we conclude this entry with this not too shabby (well, kinda) compilation released in 2001 by Too Damn Hype Records. This tribute shares the same name of a compilation released in 1987 by Rough Trade Records containing some of The Smiths' B sides and singles of the time, and the front cover is also a re-imagination of the same record. Also, this tribute contains a couple of Morrissey's (vocalist of The Smiths) solo career cover songs.  

The featured bands are: Dare To Defy (covering Shoplifters Of The World Unite), Down By Law (covering London), Anal Cunt (Yup, no joking. Covering You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side), Sub-Zero (covering What Difference Does It Make), The Meatmen (covering How Soon Is Now), H2O (covering Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now), Sweet Diesel (covering Handsome Devil), Slapshot (covering Bigmouth Strikes Again), Screw 32 (covering You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby), Leeway (covering The Last Of The Famous International Playboys), Youth Brigade (covering What She Said), Vision (covering Stop Me If You Think You Heard This One Before), Edgewise (covering Half A Person), The Business (covering Panic), 59 Times The Pain (covering Sweet And Tender Hooligan), Home 33 (covering The Night Has Opened My Eyes), Walleye (covering There's A Light That Never Goes Out) and Lament (covering Back To The House).

Regarding the sound, well, it's pretty particular. Just like the previous compilation, many of these bands tried to adapt their respective musical style to The Smiths and Morrissey's original sound but here the experiment isn't as great as we could have expected. Indeed, you'll find that some of these covers sound more like a parody than a real tribute, which it isn't bad at all, but they could have tried harder. Some of these bands probably did this for pissing both Morrissey and his fans off, but there are some decent covers, though. 

Lastly, this record isn't for everybody but you should get it anyway. Click on the image for downloading it. It's not as serious as the previous compilation but you'll find some surprises, though. I know that Morrissey is a subject of both love and hate within and outside the hardcore punk scene, but some of his emblematic songs weren't well covered. There are other bands that weren't featured here with more accurate The Smiths' covers out there, for example, Quicksand's cover to How Soon Is Now is far superior to The Meatmen's, even though the latter made me laugh with their particular interpretation. Nonetheless, give it a try. You'll have a good time. Try to listen to this record not as The Smiths and/or Morrissey fan because if not...well, I already warned you. I hope you enjoyed this entry. We'll come back with more surprises the next time. Kisses and hugs!     

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