Saturday, March 11, 2017

Más Allá De Los Gritos! 90s U.S.-based Latino and Chicano Hardcore Punk bands special post. Part 4.

Coucou, les! On est de retour with the fourth part of our latino and chicano hardcore punk special post. We'll feature Huasipungo and Los Crudos, probably the most influential bands in the movement. Let's begin. 

Huasipungo - Complete Discography 1991 - 1998

Once again, our friend from Blogged and Quartered blog (Thank you, pal!) made another fantastic work compiling the early works of this influential New York-based hardcore punk outfit. This band started in 1989 and its name comes from Jorge Icaza's book that treats the oppression of indigenous people in Ecuador. Also, this band wasn't only one of the first US latino and chicano bands in the 90s, but contributed as well to the rise of political hardcore bands within the ABC No Rio squat in New York. They're still active today and have released so far: their first demo (1991), Canciones Para Una Causa Perdida (1992), Nunca Nada Cambia...A Menos Que Lo Hagamos Cambiar (split with Los Crudos, 1993), Tiempos De Miseria Y Lucha (1995), Ñucanchic Huasipungo! (1997), ¡Existimos! (split with No Abuse, 2009) and Sembrando / Sowing (split with Rai Ko Ris from Nepal (!), 2014), as well as some contributions to different compilations. Regarding the sound, they draw influences from both american and latin american old school hardcore punk styles with politically-charged spanish lyrics. So, you'll expect some of the best musical performances within the 90s political hardcore punk spectre in the US. For many people, Huasipungo was a little bit overshadowed by the greatness of Los Crudos, though. But I deeply think that they don't have anything to envy to this band or even another american hardcore band of the time. Lastly, click on the image for being redirected to the original post where you can download two files: the 1991 demo with a live performance @WFMU radio in 1997 as a bonus, and a discography compiling everything that this band ever recorded between 1991 and 1998. If you ever imagined how Born Against would be if they were latino, well, Huasipungo is your answer. One of my favorite spanish-speaking hardcore punk bands of all time. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!      

Los Crudos - Discografía (1991 - 1998) + El último concierto + split with MK Ultra

We successfully conclude this entry with one of the most beloved and influential hardcore punk bands ever: Los Crudos. Writing about this band would be unnecessary and even useless, due to their fame within the international hardcore/punk scenes but we must do it, though. How could we dare to have a special post about latino and chicano hardcore punk in the US without having them? That'd be sacrilege. This Chicago-based hardcore band was born in 1990 and disbanded in 1998. Even though this band is officially disbanded, they sporadically play some shows, for example, last year they played in Tijuana, Mexico and some european cities such as Hannover, Germany, Oslo, Norway and Amsterdam, Netherlands (Gosh, why did I miss them out?). Also, his vocalist, Martin Sorrondeguy, still runs his record label, Lengua Armada Records, which has been an important engine for the latino and chicano hardcore punk scene in the US since its beginnings, although these last years has been a little bit dormant. Regarding the sound, Los Crudos played short, fast and loud hardcore punk with traces of crust punk and thrashcore, even in their final recordings we can find some powerviolence sensibilities too. Most of their songs were in spanish and their lyrics denounced different social and political issues around the immigrants in the US such as discrimination, xenophobia, racism, transborder struggles, etc. As we've already seen, these subjects were almost taboo within the american hardcore scene because many people either ignore them or didn't want to talk about it. Also, Los Crudos motivated different latino and chicano hardcore bands to express themselves about this lifelong struggles and contributed to the rise of different spanish-speaking hardcore bands around the world. Finally, in 1998, during their last show in Mexico City, before singing Asesinos, their most well-known anthem, Martin "came out of the closet" and confessed his homosexuality to his audience. Later, he formed Limp Wrist, one of the promoters of the expansion of the queercore style during the last decade. It does exist El Último Concierto CD/K7 (Bazar Rock, Sin Miedo Producciones, Biblioteca Social Reconstruir, México, 2004), which contains this amazing live performance (in fact, they played faster than ever), as well as some bonus tracks. You can download it here. (Link provided by our friends of Gritando Kaos blog. Thank you, pals!). Lastly, click on the image for downloading their discography (Difusión Libertaria La Idea and Beat Generation, Spain, 2002) that contains almost everything Los Crudos ever recorded during their lifespan including their full-length albums Canciones Para Liberar Nuestras Fronteras and La Rabia Nubla Nuestros Ojos..., compilation and splits tracks, and some live studio sessions.  Nonetheless, the tracks from the split with MK Ultra are missing. But don't worry, you can get the split here, once again, courtesy of our friends of Gritando Kaos blog. And, Maximum Rock 'N Roll also released a double LP discography but we don't have it yet. When we get it, we'll immediately upload it. Don't miss out the opportunity of having this superb hardcore punk band in your collection. One of my favorite bands of all time. Highly recommended. See you tomorrow for the final part of this special post. Kisses and hugs!

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