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Más Allá De Los Gritos! 90s U.S.-based Latino and Chicano Hardcore Punk bands special post. Final part.

Coucou, les! We're back with the final part of our US latino and chicano hardcore punk in the 90s special post. We'll feature Bread And Circuits / Former Members Of Alfonsin split, Short Hate Temper / Godstomper split, as well as some compilations. Also, this entry features some extra special guests (both featured and non-featured in the documentary) that don't necessarily fit in this category but at least had a latin@ or chican@ as a member and/or treated social and political issues concerning the latino and chicano communities in the U.S.A. Let's begin. 

Bread And Circuits / Former Members Of Alfonsin split!blYnSSjC!Tz6DLUImIueDY-SvS4wtmrlAJMcsvKJHGq5P8luwPQ0

This interesting split was released in 2003 by El Grito Records. You may be asking: why does this split appear here? Well, both bands were born and had their moments of glory in the 90s. Also, the featured tracks were recorded in that decade. When this split was released, both musical groups were already disbanded. And, if you watched Más Allá De Los Gritos documentary, you may have noticed that Bread And Circuits was named in the credits but not entirely featured. However, one of their members, José Palafox (who also played drums for both Struggle and Swing Kids) was interviewed and has also worked with immigration issues. On the other hand, I'm not really sure if Former... had a latin@ and/or chican@ as a member but they were really sensitive to the cause. Finally, both bands have emo and posthardcore influences with politically-charged lyrics. Both musical instrumentation and execution are pretty amazing. You should check it out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Short Hate Temper / Godstomper split!blYnSSjC!Tz6DLUImIueDY-SvS4wtmrlAJMcsvKJHGq5P8luwPQ0
This is an impressive split released in 1998 by El Grito Records. Both bands were meant to have their respective review in the special post but I decided to feature this split instead. I'll explain you why. Firstly, Short Hate Temper, as far as I know, didn't release a full-length album nor an EP. They only contributed to different splits and compilations; and, secondly, Godstomper has an extensive discography and it was really difficult to get some records. Regarding the sound, both bands play short, fast and loud powerviolence in the same vein as No Le$$, Charles Bronson and MK Ultra. Also, these two bands were a key element for the development of our beloved weird, complex and cacophonic hardcore subgenre. Finally, I guess I shouldn't write more about it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Yo Hablo compilation!boohiRRJ!Uexnq4Y89csI4IuMTCrXN5QsFjbtYPfuERA1TzBXL4s

This amazing compilation was released in 1996 by Lengua Armada Records. It features the following bands: Copout, Animal Farm, Arma Contra Arma, Haymarket, Jara, Assfactor 4 and Spitboy. As you may know, Arma Contra Arma was already featured in the special post. In Más Allá De Los Gritos documentary, Spitboy is named in the credits and one of its members, Michelle Gonzales, was interviewed. She gave her perspective as a latina within the hardcore punk scene. Regarding the sound, you'll find outstanding political hardcore punk bands with influences from different subgenres such as powerviolence, thrashcore and emo. The lyrics are politically-charged criticizing different social and political topics such as capitalism and sexism. For years, I've been looking for this compilation and I finally got it. If you have already enjoyed the different 90s political hardcore-related posts so far, you'll love this one. Obviously you'll think that Assfactor 4 and Spitboy are a must but don't miss out the other bands. They are great too. All artwork, inserts, lyrics sheet and layouts are included in the file (except for Spitboy. I wonder why it wasn't included any info about them). All-in-one. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Libérame compilation 

This superb compilation was released in 1998 by El Grito Records and contains the 8 following bands: Los Crudos, Huasipungo, Kontrattaque, Godstomper, Youth Against, Former Members Of Alfonsin (USA), Parades End (Canada) and Swipe (Japan). It was already featured here in the blog but its content perfectly fits in this special post. It couldn't be ignored and it would have been a huge mistake if this compilation wasn't here. You can read the original review here.

Resistencia En Los Angeles compilation!fkBmGA6K!871Rcht6S5nhpQmrALlWjV3PWCokesWsXWpZXZbyBjo

This is a pretty rare and almost unknown compilation that was released in Mexico as a complement of the Cryptas fanzine. I'm not really sure in which issue was featured nor even the release year. It features the following bands: Subsistencia, Kontrattaque, Fronterrorismo, Tezacrifico and Ruido. Regarding the sound, you'll find the top-notch 90s latino and chicano hardcore style (most of the bands drawing influences from thrashcore and powerviolence) with politically-charged spanish lyrics treating subjects such as capitalism, sexism, war and, of course, the abuse of power of US authorities, among others. The featured tracks were taken from each band's early material, including Tezacrifico and Ruido split (already featured in our special post). I wanted to feature Fronterrorismo's s/t but I couldn't get it, so this compilation was perfect. Finally, the audio quality of this version isn't the best out there but it's still audible and don't forget that this is puro pinche ruido. It wouldn't need a sophisticated sound arrangement. Also, I'm not really sure but there are two additional and unlisted Ruido's tracks. I don't know about their original source but I don't think they were taken from the aforementioned split with Tezacrifico. Nonetheless, they're cool as fuck. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Ratas De Ciudad compilation!CtJBWBYJ!3H_895dymcgv7ns8g21bHWUMAynP9aeNuikLKx1K_MM

We conclude this special post with this compilation. I have already told you that I was going to feature it and here it is. It was released in 2004 by Southkore Records and features the following Chicago-based latino and chicano hardcore bands: Tras de Nada, PKDores (featuring members of Los Crudos, Youth Against and Arma Contra Arma), NFN, Los Jodidos, Eske, I Attack and Reacción. Regarding the sound, these bands inherited the musical sensibilities of the 90s latino and chicano hardcore scene in the US. So, you'll expect short, fast and loud politically-charged spanish-speaking hardcore punk. All of these bands (except for Tras de Nada) are also contemporary to Sin Orden and Tragátelo, as you may know, two of the best examples of the second generation of US latino and chicano hardcore. Also, some of the featured tracks are exclusive to this release. Finally, I highly recommend you this record. This the register for starting to know the heirs of the first generation of US latino and chicano hardcore. You won't regret it. Enjoy and until next time!  Kisses and Hugs!

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