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Nos Fumamos Todo compilation

Cough, cough, thiiisssss weeeeddd is sooooo gooooodddd, cough, cough. Mmm, sorry. What? Oh yes...Coucou les! We're back once again and today is the happiest day on earth: 420! Yay! No, I'm just kidding but everyone on the internet seems to be crazy about this 420 stuff. You should live 420 everyday, right? Anyway, thanks to our friends from ANTI blog, we realized that Discos Muertos Records alongside with Black Hole Records released 2 years ago this impressive compilation reuniting some colombian hardcore punk bands ready to smoke it all. Fuck yeah. I've shared some joints with some members of these bands. Yeah!, hahaha. So, the featured bands are: Kitate, Los Maricas, Devenir, Mentes Destruidas, Aasvöel, Pütchi, Narcolepsia, Crisiss and Poo-Heads. Regarding the sound, we find different hardcore punk styles such as crust, d-beat, powerviolence and thrashcore. Now, this is probably an unorthodox soundtrack for "rollin' it" since the sound of these bands is fast. I know that most of you would have prefered to listen to sludge/stoner rock outfits such as Dopethrone, Electric Wizard or Sleep in these instances. However, just chill out and relax. Let's smoke together and ejnoy the music (WTF did I just say?). Lastly, click on the image for getting redirected to the official bandcamp site where you can download it for free or paying the right price you consider. Support these bands. Some of them are still active and they're pretty good. Enjoy and blaze it. Highly recommended. See you until the smoke disappears. Kisses and hugs!.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mes lèvres innocentes: 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. Final part

Coucou, les! We finish our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post with some french compilations that reunite this kind of bands. I must tell you that there aren't 90s french emo-related compilations that exclusively contain these kind of bands because they were mostly featured in different collections alongside with different hardcore punk acts. So, that's why you'll also find here other impressive acts exploring different subgenres such as crust punk, grindcore and powerviolence.

Now, as I already mentioned you, most of these compilations were originally featured here in spanish. So, I've rewritten the review in english for you, although you can still check the original posts out. Also, I must confess that it's really difficult to get this kind of compilations because some of them were limited to few copies and, since more than 20 years have passed, they're out of press today. It's unlikely to see again an official reissue. However, you can still get some used decent copies for a good price, but it's still very hard. 

Finally, I'll only feature some of them because they're the only ones I 've got. For example, I recently got one but there are many others that are missing. I was truly desperate to share them with you but it wasn't possible. If I get them in the near future, I'll immediately upload them for sure. I hope you really enjoyed this special post. We have more surprises prepared for you, so stay tuned. With all that said, let's begin. 
"Le Garage" (21/07/92 - 11/04/93) Compilation


An interesting compilation released by Obstination Records in 1993. The featured bands are: Sea Shepherd, Ivich, Finger Print (France), Human Alert (Netherlands) and Abolition (Germany). This record conmemorates Phoque Aime All (phonetically sounds like Fuck'em all) collective activities at "Le Garage" squat in Orléans, France, closed by local authorities. It's remarkable that this social centre was a venue for Hell No, Downcast and Bad Trip's european tours, three musical groups whose sound was really influential for many european hardcore bands of the time. The insert contains some souvenirs of many personalities and bands that participated in. As the front cover suggests, the social centre had a short lifespan (from July 21, 1992 to April 11, 1993).  

Regarding the sound, only looking to the repertory you can imagine what to expect: fast and ferocious politically-charged hardcore punk. Each band treats different subjects such as homosexuality, animal rights, inconformity about some events at the time, state of hardcore punk scene and DIY movement, among others. And, you already know the french bands' affinity to emo style.

Finally, click on the image for downloading this jewel. The file contains artwork, inserts and lyrics sheet. All-in-one. Hughly recommended. Enjoy!

Autonomie Vol. 1!asRAQDxS!bLYfo78pSU-wcTRV2yXckhOUvz36aBu8_o7cRHqocp0

A really interesting compilation released by Stonehenge Records in 1997. It only contains 4 bands: Ivich, Alcatraz, Headway and Coche Bomba. Originally, this record was supposed to support Food Not Bombs program in Paris, but since it went inactive just before the release of this record, all the money reunited was transfered to San Francisco's chapter instead. This is one of the few Food Not Bombs hardcore punk benefit compilations released in the 90s. The lyrics of the featured songs treats the subject of famine, still a worldwide problem today. 

Regarding the sound, some of the best french hardcore bands of the time are there. First, we have Ivich and Alcatraz, both bands related to the french emotional hardcore, make move your heart's muscles fibers with their intense and particular sound. Next, we have Headway. This Toulouse-based band was already featured here in the blog when we reviewed The Nightmare Remains...In This Other Land - A French Hardcore Document compilation‎. This time around, they bring us a song with some screamed and metallic moments, pretty similar to german hardcore bands of the time such as Linsay and Enfold. And, last but not least, Coche Bomba from Lyon, also featured here when we reviewed D.I.Y. or Die Vol. 1 comp, delight us with its superb crust and powerviolence touch. 
Finally, click on the image for downloading this jewel. The file contains artwork, inserts and lyrics sheet. All-in-one. Oh, I almost forgot. There's also a second volume released in 1999 that contains What's Wrong, Uneven, Aside and Spit but this record won't be featured here because I lost it and I can't find my .mp3 files backup. It must be somewhere but when I find it, I'll immediately upload it. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Reconstruction LP!DtoxkLia!tHd0qDoA9oAE9nFfKttJgWdAIPC4M64uOd6fwf9LpC4

A great compilation released by Stonehenge Records and Ras L'Bol Fanzine in 1994. It features the following bands: Ivich, Sea Shepherd, Thrill Of Confusion, Ultimate Disorder, Fingerprint, Escape, Autonomía Indígena, Shatter The Myth, Cause 'n Effect, Undone, Coexist and Vanilla. Don't confuse it with another french comp of the same name that was released in 1997 by Boislève Records.
 Regarding the sound, we see some of the greatest hardcore punk bands related to the emo subgenre in the 90s: Ivich, Sea Shepherd, Thrill Of Confusion, Fingerprint, Shatter The Myth, Undone and Vanilla. It's interesting to remark that these bands managed a top-notch sound, social and political sensibilities and an unmatched DIY and self-management spirit. Also, the remaining bands have evident crust and grindcore influences and are very impressive too.

Lastly, click on the image for getting this impressive 90s french hardcore punk jewel. Some of the best french hardcore outfits in the 90s are here. You'll only find raged, passionate, politically-charged and intense hardcore punk, as it should be. The file contains artwork, inserts and lyrics sheet. All-in-one. Hughly recommended. Enjoy!

Soutiennement Wolnitza!jlg11DYI!y8P9fU9UyM2FIyQ7lUG_MU9in9X4N2j9C1dEZ_IOaH4

We finish this entry with this rare yet amazing Wolnitza squat compilation benefit. All the money reunited was donated for aiding this Lyon-based social centre that faced many different legal disputes with french authorities, who always tried to close its doors by all means (both violent and non-violent). I'm not really sure if this squat exists today (I hope yes). So, this compilation was released by activists from Le Garage squat in Orléans, who made a concert benefit for Wolnitza's cause. I'm not really sure the concert's date but, judging by the tape's front cover, it was in december 1992, a few months before its definitive closure. And, I don't know when this tape was released, probably a few months later. 

The featured Orléans-based bands are: Rabia, QQQ, D.C.A., Escape, Sea Shepherd and Shatter The Myth. Regarding the sound, we find, for example, Shatter The Myth and Sea Shepherd that belonged to french emo wave in the 90s. Surprisingly, some of their songs sound rawer and and more intense due to the live performance. Next, we have Rabia that played fast-paced hardcore punk influenced by crust punk, anarcho-punk and some grindcore. They had spanish lyrics, something really uncommon for french hardcore bands of the time. Also, Escape have old-school french hardcore punk influences, paying homage to different classic outfits such as Butcher, The Vandales and Heimat-Los. And, last but not least, both D.C.A. and QQQ's sound is way closer to protohardcore with a pretty interesting musical execution. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading this jewel. The file contains artwork, inserts and lyrics sheet. All-in-one. It's one of the rarest 90s hardcore punk you'll ever find. These live recordings are exclusive to this release, so give it a try. You won't regret it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!  

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Mes lèvres innocentes: 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. Part 4

Coucou, les! We're almost finishing our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. For this entry, we'll feature Alcatraz, What's Wrong, Carther Matha, Rachel, Symptom Of Isaac and L'Invention De Morel. Let's begin.

Alcatraz - Ni Dieu Ni Maître, À Bas La Calotte Et Vive La Sociale! Discography disc!vxwGSbTK!JX7Mo-H4sfQLUWisFWrF5zPHzoWPwOjp04Uf4lPKBg0

Just before Peu Être's dissolution in 1998, some ex-members formed Alcatraz. This short-lived project existed between 1997 and 2000. During their lifespan, they released: self-titled 7" EP (1997,  Opale/Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), Ni Dieu Ni Maître, À Bas La Calotte Et Vive La Sociale! (1999, Opale/Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), split with Tempo Zero (1998, Opale/Le Brun Le Roux Corporation) and contributed tracks to different compilations, including the legendary Reconstruction: 1997 Hardcore (1997, Boislève).

Regarding the sound, Alcatraz played fast-paced hardcore punk with a complex musical structure like other french emo-related outfits such as Anomie and Peu Être. They also had female back vocals just like the early works of Ananda, but there were a few songs where only the magic of their female vocalist fully sparked. And, as you may expect, the lyrics were in french with very social and political sensibilities. Just read the title of this record (Neither gods nor masters, down with the clergy and long live the social) and you'll get the idea what the band sang of.   

Finally, Stonehenge Records released in 2000 this record containing everything that Alcatraz ever recorded. It's one of the few complete discography discs of this kind of bands. We'd wish more compilations like this one. Click on the image for downloading this record. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

What's Wrong - self-titled!644XwSII!kkkWk4WktgG8DX47s7pVYH7eJlv5jcQ8EiZOLswA2e4

This is the posthumous album of this enigmatic short-lived Epinal-based hardcore band. Many people have mistakenly labeled it as their discography disc. This is false because the split tracks with fellow french band Unlogistic and Viokasamotiva demo tracks are missing. I'm not really sure but the featured songs were previously unreleased and recorded just before the band's dissolution. On the other hand, Emergence Records, a french label, released it in 2003 and it's the perfect epitaph of this now defunct outfit. Some of their members are actually in many modern hardcore projects such as Rotten Tofu Adventures, Le Temps Des Mobylettes, Enregistré Par Steve Albini, Geraniüm or Amer Béton. 

Regarding the sound, What's Wrong in their early works had more old-school hardcore influences but later adopted more emo sensibilities. Like many of their french homologues, What's Wrong had a pretty passionate and powerful hardcore sound but with more dissonant and frantic moments than slow-paced interludes. The lyrics were in french (with some english exceptions) and politically-charged and deeply personal stances. And, there's also a cover to Coexist's (a local hardcore punk band) song Lalaïlou

Finally, click on the image for getting this record. It's pretty cool and it's almost been forgotten in the sands of the time. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Carther Matha - Demo and split with Hebb!rtABkRoJ!fVxSvLWrY5nyPqNEbA0-18op1O4Pk42YQiPDozla4FA

Carther Matha was a short-lived hardcore outfit that existed betwwen 1995 and 1998. They only released a demo (1995), splits with fellow french emo bands Hebb (199x, ????. Featuring once again the demo tracks) and Rachel and Peu Être (1997, Le Brun Le Roux Corporation). After the band's dissolution, some of the ex-members joined local powerviolence kings Öpstand and others formed brand new acts such as Amanda Woodward, one of the responsibles of the screamo revival movement in the 00s.

Regarding the sound, Carther Matha played fast-paced, "screamy" and direct hardcore punk with some slow interludes and politically-charged lyrics in french. The musical structure and instrumentation is top-notch, which is a little bit far away from Finger Print and Co. formula but the same sentiment is present. You can imagine a more rudimentary version of Amanda Woodward or even as their blueprint.  

Finally, click on the image for getting the demo and the whole split with Hebb. The latter is pretty cool because Hebb had similar sound to Carther Matha's and they prefectly complement each other. Also, Carther Matha makes a superb re-interpretation of one of Hebb's tracks. And, don't forget to view the last entry where you can download the full split with Rachel and Peu Être. Note that these split tracks are Carther Matha's only studio recordings. A little bit more polished than the demo tracks (some of them are re-recorded here, actually) but they're still heart-ripping and touching. Highly recommended. Enoy!    

Rachel - Demo, ...Last Songs 7" and Lost Songs demo tape sessions!T9BUgKQQ!Uc7le-tUmDtro6GY3aqSaheZ6fAAI4cP26PhA6YSA6Q

Rachel was also a short-lived emo outfit that shared some members with Alcatraz and Carther Matha. It existed between 1996 and 1998 and they only released two demos (one in 1995 and another in 1997 named Lost Songs. The latter featured some tracks from the first demo and other brand new tracks) and a split with Carther Matha and Peu Être (1997, Le Brun Le Roux Corporation). In 2001, Stonehenge Records along with Rice Control Records released ...Last Songs 7" featuring the first 4 songs of the second demo with remastered sound. 

Regarding the sound, Rachel played fast-paced yet complex hardcore punk with screamed vocals and slow interludes. Just like Carther Matha, Rachel didn't follow Finger Print and Co. formula strictly but also created an involving atmosphere of both chaos and introspection. Many screamo revival bands such as Amanda Woodward (France), Envy (Japan) and Louise Cyphre (Germany) draw influences from Rachel's sound.

Finally, click on the image for downloading both demos and ...Last Songs 7". One of the most impressive and forgotten french emotional hardcore outfits in the 90s. And, remember to visit the last entry where you can download the full split with Carther Matha and Peu Être. Don't miss out the opportunity of having this amazing hardcore jewel. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Symptom Of Isaac - self-titled, live split with Ananda and live performance in Poitiers!G04gVIBb!dLayVCRtbCYJvsXRM7G1wdcxWX3cPnY2IuoZiyTJfWc

Symptom of Isaac was a short-lived outfit from Châtelaillon-Plage that only released a self-titled 7" (1994, Laissez-nous jouer Records) and a live split with Ananda (1994, Not on label). Particulary the self-titled caught my attention for different reasons. Firstly, it's the first time I see on the front cover the lyrics of the songs. Secondly, both sides of the record have different speeds. The Side A must be played at 45 rpm whilst the Side B must be played at 33 rpm. None of the almost infinite vinyl records I've ever known in my life have this feature. It could exist one with this characteristic but I don't know it yet. And, last but not least, like Finger Print and Undone, Symptom Of Isaac exclusively sang in english. 

Regarding the sound, Symptom of Isaac played emo in the same vein as not well-known american outfits such as Sarin, Plunger and Moonraker. Unlike Finger Print and Co., this band's sound wasn't as frantic and chaotic as many of you could wish but it had a particular and involving sound that shouldn't be missed out. Also, the lyrics were more personal than political with abstract and complex statements. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading this amazing 7" along with the live split with Ananda and a live performance in Poitiers, France as a bonus. About this live performance, our anonymous collaborator (yup, s/he did it again) gave us this precious gift, but I completely ignore the venue and the year. The only thing we know is the city. Nothing else. And, don't forget to get the live split because it contains Ananda's Fragile Réalité and Ma Vérité tracks, absent in their debut album Masqué. The audio quality is pretty neat. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

L'Invention De Morel - 1996 Demo and Les Jeunes Années EP!b5BGDJDJ!qrmW48cX68s9wsZV08AKgoAnr90cYQcRc6kOkGFPqG8

We finish this fourth part with this superb short-lived Paris-based hardcore punk band. They existed between 1995 and 1997 and only released one demo in 1996. Next year, an american record label named  Unfortunate For The Fortunate Records released Les Jeunes Années EP when the band was already disolved. This record contains four songs taken from the 1996 demo with remastered sound. There's one song named Tangente that remained exclusive to the original 1996 demo, because, for some strange reason, is absent in this remastered release. 

Regarding the sound, L'Invention De Morel emulated the sound of different early american 90s emocore bands such as Hoover and Moss Icon but with the intriguing 90s french emo touch. Thus, the music was fast, precise and intense with slow-paced and instrumental interludes and deep, abstract and personal lyrics in french. However, in  these lyrics we see profound political sensibilities craving freedom and autonomy. 

Lastly, click on the image for downloading everything that this cryptic yet outstanding french emo band ever recorded. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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Mes lèvres innocentes: 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. Part 3.

Note: "Power is cursed. That's why I'm anarchist" Louise Michel, anarchist philosopher and Paris Commune (1871) heroine. 

Coucou, les! We're back with our third part of our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. We'll feature here Anomie, Weep, Vanilla and Peu Être. Let's begin. 

Anomie - Discography 1994 - 1997!roZ0FYoT!7UPGWz5bAC4xFqEHa3CtuoR99DxCUTRmFu7xtjze0QE

Anomie was a band from Orléans that existed between 1994 and 1997. During their lifespan, they released self-titled cassette (1994, Ape Records (a short-lived record label runned by Kathleen, main vocalist of Anomie)), split with german band Peace of Mind (1995, World Upside Down / Ape Records), split with Peu Être (1995, Stonehenge Records / Ape Records / Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), self-titled LP (1997, Sarja Records / Anima Records) and some contributions to different hardcore punk compilations. Unlike other french emotional hardcore punk bands of their time, Anomie was female-fronted. Also, their drummer only was 14 years old (!). Really stunning. 

Regarding the sound, Anomie played an unique form of hardcore punk mixing different elements: screamed vocals, melodic yet powerful tunes, catchy basslines, slow and introspective interludes, fast-paced structure, top-notch musical instrumentation and politically-charged lyrics dealing with different subjects such as abortion, social revolution, poverty, mass media, law system, etc. in french (with one german exception). It wasn't the conventional pissed off and ultra violent french emo band you'd expect, but still had rage and passion. 

Finally, the featured discography disc disc was released in 2001 by Spurt Records and Boislève Records in CD format. There's also a cassette edition released by different malaysian record labels: Cactus Records, Stoneville Records and I've Come For Your Children. Sadly, this record doesn't feature everything that Anomie ever recorded because the split tracks with Peu Être and the two collaboration songs with Peace Of Mind (featured in the split with them) are missing. Everything else is here. Click on the image for getting this record. One of my favorite 90s hardcore punk bands of all time. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Weep - Demos and self-titled!rtZ3CZwR!mMcCITmlhS3jzDm78Rgk_zVWy6bGldT1wsUQk_Lq9s0

Weep was a short-lived band from Bordeaux and only released two demos (both recorded and self-released in 1994) and self-titled 7" (1996, Not on label. Probably also self-released). About their last record, Weep recorded it at Ape Studio, managed by Gilles, who played bass guitar and provided back vocals in Anomie. After the band's dissolution, I'm not sure if the members were involved with other musical projects. 

Regarding the sound, Weep managed the classic 90s french emo formula: high-pitched and screamed vocals, fast-paced and ferocious hardcore punk with some slow and introspective interludes. Even some demo tracks play indistinctly with these fast and slow-paced moments giving more priority to one aspect in some of them. Most of their lyrics dealt with different personal and political issues and were in english but there were notable exceptions. For example, in their second demo, we find some tracks in french that would later be featured in the 7" but in english. This trend of re-recording songs in different languages wasn't really common for this kind of bands. 

Finally, click on the image for getting everything that Weep ever recorded during their short lifespan.  You should try to listen to this pretty unknown and forgotten french hardcore punk jewel. I'm sure it will really please you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Vanilla - Some records!u1IFxaYA!sEt88df9VD-uVKfLiXefqOcxaOdzZsSiuln4Iiha9lo

Vanilla existed between 1992 and 2006, surprisingly the only 90s french emo band that survived more than a decade, and featured ex-members of Ivich and Symptom of Isaac. During their prolific lifespan, they released: demo (1994, Not on label), I Can't Stop Hating This Empty Space 7" (1995, Laissez-nous Jouer (France)), self-titled 12" (1996, Genet Records (Belgium)), Social Evening and French Divorce (1998, Conquer The World Records (USA)), Plays "Fantastique" (2001, Plastik Culture Records (France)), splits with El Vidal Sonido (1997) and There's A Light That Never Goes Out (2002), and, finally, Stories About Fallen Angels (2004, ???). 
Regarding the sound, Vanilla played "screamy" and fast-paced hardcore punk with some slow and introspective interlude just like their french homologues we've reviewed so far in this special post. However, after the release of their 12", the band musically evolved and was more centered with less aggressive sounds. With the 2001 release, which is completely instrumental, the post-hardcore formula arose and with their last record, they sounded more like those emo revival bands of the time such as Life At These Speeds and Wolves, among others. 

Finally, click on the image for getting everything that Vanilla ever recorded, except for the split tracks because I couldn't get them. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Peu Être - Some records!74J31BIZ!F9lRc43wuFUSXAsLe03CfHaV_Rg9lMQbzqUS_RLqSBY

We finally conclude this third part of our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post with this superb Niort-based band. Peu Être existed between 1995 and 1998. During their lifespan, they released: splits with Undone (already featured here. 1996, Opal / Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), Anomie (1995, Stonehenge Records/Ape Records/Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), Robot-Monster (199x, ????. It's probably a bootleg), Carther Matha and Rachel (1997, Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), and two self-titled, one in 1995 (released through Le Brun Le Roux Corporation) and 2001, which contains the split tracks with Carther Matha and Rachel (released Pure Heart Records, Czech Republic). There's also a limited edition discography disc named Langue Et Civilisation Hardcore (199x, ???. It's probably a bootleg) containing most of Peu Être's early works re-recorded, unreleased material and alternative outtakes of different songs but I'm not really sure who did this. Nonetheless, it's fantastic.  

Regarding the sound, Peu Être played in the same way as other french emo bands of time such as Shatter The Myth and Sea Shepherd. So, you'll expect heart-ripping and touching "screamy" fast-paced hardcore punk with some introspective moments. The lyrics were in french and dealt with many different social and political issues such as capitalism, sexism, boredom and different modern life bullshit from a deep and personal perspective. 

Lastly, click on the image for getting everything that Peu Être ever recorded, including the whole splits with Anomie, Carther Matha and Rachel and Langue Et Civilisation Hardcore discography disc, however the latter doesn't contains the tracklisting. Don't forget to visit the second part of this special post for getting the split with Undone. And, even though the split with Robot-Monster is absent, Peu Être's tracks are here because they were originally taken from their demo. Highly recommended. We'll finish this week this special post because we have more surprises coming. I'm deeply sorry for my absence. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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Mes lèvres innocentes: 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. Part 2.

Coucou, les! We're back with our second part of our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special. We'll feature Petit Printemps, Undone, Thrill Of Confusion and Shatter The Myth. Let's begin.

Petit Printemps - Demo + unreleased live tape!K4p3iTAT!zclgv_Ex5JJNE6kdURAV2naAF0f2YFdMr5VH_ZgmuLE

When I make this kind of special posts, I try to feature not only the most importants bands in the trend we're writing about but also unknown, even forgotten musical groups. This is the case for Petit Printemps, a short-lived emo project from Poitiers (?), whose importance has been blown away by winds of time. They only released one demo (1993, MOE'S Records) and there's also a tape with some live recordings (199x, self-released (?)).

Regarding the sound, Petit Printemps managed a, let's say, less aggressive style compared to their local homologues. Indeed, their sound was closer to early 90s american emo bands such as Hoover and Moss Icon, although they still had screamed vocals and a fast and precise musical execution with enough power for driving you nuts. And, the lyrics were in french with more personal traits. 

Lastly, click on the image for getting everything that Petit Printemps ever recorded during their short lifespan. For Fans Of cryptic mid-90s american emo bands such as Moonraker, Sinker, Don Martin Three and Plunger. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Undone - Complete works!jxQlDIoS!g5EX0onVZWhDRfiZ06Zk-Ab2mmv9lXX9gQYDqzRqT40

Undone (also known as Undøne) was a short-lived hardcore punk project with members of different local bands such as Finger Print, Ananda and Jasemine. During their lifespan, they only released a demo (1993, Not on label), s/t (1994, Stonehenge Records / Kleines Mädchen (France)), split with fellow bands Shatter The Myth (1994, Stonehenge Records) and Peu Être (1996, Opale / Le Brun Le Roux Corporation (France)), Dark Future (1995, Stonehenge Records / Kleines Mädchen), and The Other Side (1996, Stonehenge Records / Kleines Mädchen / Autosatisfaction (France)). And, they also contributed to different local and international hardcore compilations.

Regarding the sound, Undone played fast and precise hardcore punk highly influenced by both early 90s american hardcore and emo bands. Just like other emotional hardcore bands of their time, Undone could find a perfect point between fast and raged hardcore punk with some slow-paced interludes and politically-charged lyrics in english. Also, some songs had acoustic guitar intros, which gave a more unique and intime touch. This feature was also used by other of their local emo contemporaries.

Lastly, click on the image for getting everything Undone ever recorded. This band wasn't probably as famous as Finger Print or Anomie were but its sound and attitude is pretty amazing to remark. It's such a shame that there isn't an official discography disc yet. We do hope to see it in the near future. If you have already digged Finger Print and Co. style, you'll love this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Thrill Of Confusion - self-titled 7"!Lxp0HRpL!3uYTrmXtFlkk61PhIFdWAHQtChlqS-atjyjHR1xBJOU

Another cryptic yet amazing Paris-suburbia based emotional hardcore punk outfit. They only released this 7" in 1995 through Stonehenge Records and appeared in the mythic 90s french hardcore punk compilation Reconstruction (1994, Stonehenge Records / Ras L'Bol! fanzine), already featured here in the blog. It's one of the most unknown 90s french hardcore bands and I had to wait many years for getting this record.

Regarding the sound, you'll find the finest 90s french emo style we've posted so far: fast-paced hardcore punk with some slow and introspective moments. The lyrics were exclusively in english with abstract and personal points of view. You can find some hidden political messages in the lyrics. And, there's also a song written by a friend of the band named Valérie, whose lyrics tell the point of view of an unknown woman's struggle.

Lastly, click on the image for downloading this impressive 7". A pure 90s french hardcore punk lost jewel. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Shatter The Myth - Émotions (Discographie complète 1992-1994) CD-R!exRXRISQ!T8FEL1IIkTQv2yf4m9l3tJnFNi422EB_juxgITMvQvA

We conclude this second part with the complete discography of this superb 90s french emo band. They released this CD-R in 2003 through Vendetta Records and Autosatisfaction (Shatter The Myth's own record label). It contains everything that the band ever recorded: their first EP (1994, Autosatisfaction), split tracks with Undone (1994, Stonehenge Records), tracks that appeared in Reconstruction (1994, Stonehenge Records / Ras L'Bol! fanzine), XXX: Some Ideas Are Poisonous (1995, Ebullition Records), both of them already featured here in the blog, and Soutiennement Wolnitza (199x, ???) compilations, some live performances and inedit tracks, and a collaboration song with members of Abyss and Age, two of the greatest 90s german emocore bands, all of them with remastered sound.

Regarding the sound, Shatter The Myth played like 90s american emo bands such as Current, Policy Of Three and Frail. Their sound wasn't as aggressive as Finger Print or Ananda's but it had a particular and unique involving touch. For example, the vocal style was clean and intelligible and somehow resembling the falsetto of a heartbroken dying man. Also, the song lyrics were exclusively in french (with some exceptions) with different personal and political issues. And, yes, the band was vegan straight edge.  

Laslty, click on the image for getting this impressive complete discography disc. You'll find some surprises in the additional audio samples of some songs. Give a try. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mes lèvres innocentes: 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. Part 1

Note: À bas la monarchie.

Coucou, les! We're back with our more recent special post. Since long time ago, I've wanted to make it happen but other special and regular posts had priority and wasn't possible until now. You must already know something about the content of this special post because we've featured some compilations containing them. These collections we'll also be re-featured and translated to english because the original entries were in spanish.

Now, I chose to make this since these bands have almost been forgotten. Indeed, when I lived in France, I ask about them and not many people knew or didn't appreciate them at all. Even I had close friends that knew Christophe Mora (founder of Stonehenge Records, one of the most influential french record labels in the 90s and also member of Jasemine and Finger Print, and many other bands) but his work was completely unknown for them.

Despite their political agenda and musical influence to different hardcore punk subgenres (mostly screamo and emoviolence), these musical groups have remained as an almost lost chapter in french hardcore punk's history. Only true diehard fans of underground hardcore punk know this marvelous short-lived 90's outfits. And, don't worry. All these bands were from a time when emocore was a true hardcore punk subgenre filled with anger, passion and political content (anarchism, sexual freedom, veganism, straight edge, abortion and pro-choice, feminism, among many others) and not frivolous pop punk as mainstream and mass media have sold it. I'm really convinced that the raw, intense and dissonant sound of these musical outfits will really please you.

Lastly, I'll feature some records of these bands (or at least the most representative ones). I could miss some of them but I'll try to give you the most essential albums. I'm deeply sorry for my absence, but I've been quite busy with some things in the real world. I'll redeem myself with this special post. I certainly hope so. With all that said, let's begin with the first part featuring Ivich, Fingerprint, Jasemine and Ananda.

Ivich - Complete works!v5RWTTAL!Ddq2lCq0FDdlBv6Z4IJUHzoumOfUWSkWvUcUO7u3F-w

If I'm not mistaken, this was the first french emo/screamo band. Their members were from differents locations of la banlieue parisienne (Paris' suburbia). During their lifespan, they released Sculpteur De Cris demo (self-released, 1992), Chacun Sa Vérité (Pikaïa, 1993), La Mort Heureuse (La Libre Expression, 1994), La Vie Devant Soi (Ebullition Records, 1995), splits with E-150 (Spain) and Jasemine (Stonehenge Records, 1997) and participated in different hardcore punk compilations. There's also Champs Violents cassette but I don't know the year nor even which record label released it. 

Regarding the sound, Ivich played "screamy", fast-paced and precise hardcore punk, drawing influences from late-80s and early-90s american hardcore bands, with personal and politically charged lyrics (some of them sung in their native language, some others in english). The band later developped some metallic sensibilites, just like many hardcore outfits of their time, but without leaving aside their "emotional touch". And, there are some songs that featured a trumpeteer named Thierry, something really uncommon for a hardcore band at the time. 

Now, this band had a good international reception thanks to La Vie Devant Soi release. In fact, Kent McClard (Ebullition Records' owner) was quite fascinated with the european hardcore scene when Downcast (a huge musical influence for different local outfits) made their tour in Europe and decided to release some material of these bands in the U.S. You can see that some of these european hardcore "jewels" are reunited in the Illiterate compilation (Ebullition Records, 1995), which was already featured here in the blog. And, of course, emo was becoming a thing within the international hardcore/punk community (with some love and hate/hate and love reception, obviously) since different european bands (mostly from France, UK, Germany and Italy) were gaining a privileged position as a reference for the subgenre.

Lastly, click on the image for getting most of their complete works. Some of them were impossible to get but I think the most relevant ones are here. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Finger Print - Discography!qkIAGQbI!-E1L-rNL6SHgQsm1-GkUTYD7ppWa111OanM_kdipuqQ

Another Paris' suburbia-based hardcore punk band that existed between 1991 and 1994. Along with Ivich, Finger Print (also known as Fingerprint) was the most important reference to french "emotional" hardcore punk in the 90s. During their lifespan, they only released two 7"s: Surrender and We May Be Brothers (1993 and 1994 respectively, both released through Stonehenge Records) and contributed tracks to different local and international hardcore punk compilations. 

Regarding the sound, Finger Print managed a superb and chaotic hardcore punk with almost unintelligible screamed vocals. Unlike the first wave of american emo, tha band (as many different european outfits of the time) managed to play faster but there are still some slow-paced interludes, though. Even I dare to say that these european bands were as frantic as american "chaotic hardcore emo" bands such as Heroin, Angel Hair and Antioch Arrow. The lyrics were in english and, just like their contemporaries, personal and politically-charged. 

Lastly, Stonehenge Records released in 1996 released this discography disc containing their two 7"s, some tracks that appeared in Illiterate, All The President's Men (both already featured here in the blog) and Food Not Bombs benefit compilations and two live performances. However, this record is incomplete because there are different tracks that are missing, for example, Docility track from Le Garage comp (already featured here in the blog). Nonetheless, get it. Click on the image for downloading it. Have you ever imagined that something labeled as tupa tupa emo could exist? Well, Finger Print can give you the answer. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 
Jasemine - Demo + splits with Ivich and Elements of Need!i4YlTSwQ!2QgzBjQW2Ef-_8IuzY8saQ7anFs8Nc5ddzPmdMbQFJc

Jasemine was also a short-lived hardcore punk band from Paris' suburbia that featured members of different local musical groups such as Undone, Finger Print and Ananda. They only released Use Condoms demo (Stonehenge Records, 1994) and two splits with Ivich (Stonehenge Records, 1995) and Elements Of Need from USA (Kidney Room Records, 1995). However, the split tracks were taken from the demo, re-recorded and remastered with a much better sound quality (although I rather the original recordings).  

Regarding the sound, Jasemine played short, fast-paced and straightforward hardcore punk with "screamy" vocals and some slower and introspective interludes. There are also some songs with a slight 90s "metallic hardcore" feel. The lyrics were in french and treated different sociopolitical issues such as homosexuality, pro-choice and different social and personal conventions. And, I kindly heart this demo because it was the first entry in our ancient blog and also opened my eyes to real screamo spectre, as well as developping more sensibilites to social and political issues. 

Lastly, click on the image for getting everything that Jasemine ever recorded in their short yet proficient lifespan. Highly recommended for fans of true diehard screamo and chaotic hardcore. Enjoy! 

Ananda - Masqué 10"!W9wQBIDS!Dnzyw3MxDIt41PocOyzcPCistl7I6kz01-5QXauo0eA

We finish this first part with this intriguing 10". Ananda (which is also the name of Siddharta Gautama's (Shakyamuni Buddha, the first historical Buda) cousin and his best apprentice and interpreter) featured former members of Finger Print, Jasemine and Undone and were active from 1994 to 2001. They released Masqué (La Libre Expression, 1995), Habeas Corpus LP (Unfortunate For The Fortunate Records, 1998), 5 12" (1999), Profane LP/CD (Snuff Records/Molaire Industries, 2000) and splits with Symptom Of Isaac (Not On Label, 1994), Submerge (Shogun Records, 1999), and Botch and Knut (Mosh Bart Industries, 2000).

Regarding the sound, Masqué is Ananda's only record featuring emotional hardcore influences. With the release of their second full-length album, they dramatically changed their style to metalcore in the same vein as american bands such as Coalesce, Disembodied and Botch. So, with this 10" you'll expect the same vocal and musical style of the previous three bands in this entry. However, unlike these bands, Ananda had both female and male vocals and there are both french and english songs. 

Also, most of these songs were already featured in their split with Symptom Of Isaac but were live sessions, and not studio versions. However, there are two missing songs: Fragile Réalité and Ma Vérité, which never were re-recorded nor re-released. And, the artwork features some images from Max Ernst's surrealistic book Une Semaine De Bonté

Lastly, click on the image for downloading this record. Sadly, it's the only Ananda release that I have but its inclusion is perfect for this entry. Highly recommended. I hope you liked this entry. We'll come back soon with more surprises. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!