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Mes lèvres innocentes: 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. Final part

Coucou, les! We finish our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post with some french compilations that reunite this kind of bands. I must tell you that there aren't 90s french emo-related compilations that exclusively contain these kind of bands because they were mostly featured in different collections alongside with different hardcore punk acts. So, that's why you'll also find here other impressive acts exploring different subgenres such as crust punk, grindcore and powerviolence.

Now, as I already mentioned you, most of these compilations were originally featured here in spanish. So, I've rewritten the review in english for you, although you can still check the original posts out. Also, I must confess that it's really difficult to get this kind of compilations because some of them were limited to few copies and, since more than 20 years have passed, they're out of press today. It's unlikely to see again an official reissue. However, you can still get some used decent copies for a good price, but it's still very hard. 

Finally, I'll only feature some of them because they're the only ones I 've got. For example, I recently got one but there are many others that are missing. I was truly desperate to share them with you but it wasn't possible. If I get them in the near future, I'll immediately upload them for sure. I hope you really enjoyed this special post. We have more surprises prepared for you, so stay tuned. With all that said, let's begin. 
"Le Garage" (21/07/92 - 11/04/93) Compilation


An interesting compilation released by Obstination Records in 1993. The featured bands are: Sea Shepherd, Ivich, Finger Print (France), Human Alert (Netherlands) and Abolition (Germany). This record conmemorates Phoque Aime All (phonetically sounds like Fuck'em all) collective activities at "Le Garage" squat in Orléans, France, closed by local authorities. It's remarkable that this social centre was a venue for Hell No, Downcast and Bad Trip's european tours, three musical groups whose sound was really influential for many european hardcore bands of the time. The insert contains some souvenirs of many personalities and bands that participated in. As the front cover suggests, the social centre had a short lifespan (from July 21, 1992 to April 11, 1993).  

Regarding the sound, only looking to the repertory you can imagine what to expect: fast and ferocious politically-charged hardcore punk. Each band treats different subjects such as homosexuality, animal rights, inconformity about some events at the time, state of hardcore punk scene and DIY movement, among others. And, you already know the french bands' affinity to emo style.

Finally, click on the image for downloading this jewel. The file contains artwork, inserts and lyrics sheet. All-in-one. Hughly recommended. Enjoy!

Autonomie Vol. 1!asRAQDxS!bLYfo78pSU-wcTRV2yXckhOUvz36aBu8_o7cRHqocp0

A really interesting compilation released by Stonehenge Records in 1997. It only contains 4 bands: Ivich, Alcatraz, Headway and Coche Bomba. Originally, this record was supposed to support Food Not Bombs program in Paris, but since it went inactive just before the release of this record, all the money reunited was transfered to San Francisco's chapter instead. This is one of the few Food Not Bombs hardcore punk benefit compilations released in the 90s. The lyrics of the featured songs treats the subject of famine, still a worldwide problem today. 

Regarding the sound, some of the best french hardcore bands of the time are there. First, we have Ivich and Alcatraz, both bands related to the french emotional hardcore, make move your heart's muscles fibers with their intense and particular sound. Next, we have Headway. This Toulouse-based band was already featured here in the blog when we reviewed The Nightmare Remains...In This Other Land - A French Hardcore Document compilation‎. This time around, they bring us a song with some screamed and metallic moments, pretty similar to german hardcore bands of the time such as Linsay and Enfold. And, last but not least, Coche Bomba from Lyon, also featured here when we reviewed D.I.Y. or Die Vol. 1 comp, delight us with its superb crust and powerviolence touch. 
Finally, click on the image for downloading this jewel. The file contains artwork, inserts and lyrics sheet. All-in-one. Oh, I almost forgot. There's also a second volume released in 1999 that contains What's Wrong, Uneven, Aside and Spit but this record won't be featured here because I lost it and I can't find my .mp3 files backup. It must be somewhere but when I find it, I'll immediately upload it. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Reconstruction LP!DtoxkLia!tHd0qDoA9oAE9nFfKttJgWdAIPC4M64uOd6fwf9LpC4

A great compilation released by Stonehenge Records and Ras L'Bol Fanzine in 1994. It features the following bands: Ivich, Sea Shepherd, Thrill Of Confusion, Ultimate Disorder, Fingerprint, Escape, Autonomía Indígena, Shatter The Myth, Cause 'n Effect, Undone, Coexist and Vanilla. Don't confuse it with another french comp of the same name that was released in 1997 by Boislève Records.
 Regarding the sound, we see some of the greatest hardcore punk bands related to the emo subgenre in the 90s: Ivich, Sea Shepherd, Thrill Of Confusion, Fingerprint, Shatter The Myth, Undone and Vanilla. It's interesting to remark that these bands managed a top-notch sound, social and political sensibilities and an unmatched DIY and self-management spirit. Also, the remaining bands have evident crust and grindcore influences and are very impressive too.

Lastly, click on the image for getting this impressive 90s french hardcore punk jewel. Some of the best french hardcore outfits in the 90s are here. You'll only find raged, passionate, politically-charged and intense hardcore punk, as it should be. The file contains artwork, inserts and lyrics sheet. All-in-one. Hughly recommended. Enjoy!

Soutiennement Wolnitza!jlg11DYI!y8P9fU9UyM2FIyQ7lUG_MU9in9X4N2j9C1dEZ_IOaH4

We finish this entry with this rare yet amazing Wolnitza squat compilation benefit. All the money reunited was donated for aiding this Lyon-based social centre that faced many different legal disputes with french authorities, who always tried to close its doors by all means (both violent and non-violent). I'm not really sure if this squat exists today (I hope yes). So, this compilation was released by activists from Le Garage squat in Orléans, who made a concert benefit for Wolnitza's cause. I'm not really sure the concert's date but, judging by the tape's front cover, it was in december 1992, a few months before its definitive closure. And, I don't know when this tape was released, probably a few months later. 

The featured Orléans-based bands are: Rabia, QQQ, D.C.A., Escape, Sea Shepherd and Shatter The Myth. Regarding the sound, we find, for example, Shatter The Myth and Sea Shepherd that belonged to french emo wave in the 90s. Surprisingly, some of their songs sound rawer and and more intense due to the live performance. Next, we have Rabia that played fast-paced hardcore punk influenced by crust punk, anarcho-punk and some grindcore. They had spanish lyrics, something really uncommon for french hardcore bands of the time. Also, Escape have old-school french hardcore punk influences, paying homage to different classic outfits such as Butcher, The Vandales and Heimat-Los. And, last but not least, both D.C.A. and QQQ's sound is way closer to protohardcore with a pretty interesting musical execution. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading this jewel. The file contains artwork, inserts and lyrics sheet. All-in-one. It's one of the rarest 90s hardcore punk you'll ever find. These live recordings are exclusive to this release, so give it a try. You won't regret it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!  

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