Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nos Fumamos Todo compilation

Cough, cough, thiiisssss weeeeddd is sooooo gooooodddd, cough, cough. Mmm, sorry. What? Oh yes...Coucou les! We're back once again and today is the happiest day on earth: 420! Yay! No, I'm just kidding but everyone on the internet seems to be crazy about this 420 stuff. You should live 420 everyday, right? Anyway, thanks to our friends from ANTI blog, we realized that Discos Muertos Records alongside with Black Hole Records released 2 years ago this impressive compilation reuniting some colombian hardcore punk bands ready to smoke it all. Fuck yeah. I've shared some joints with some members of these bands. Yeah!, hahaha. So, the featured bands are: Kitate, Los Maricas, Devenir, Mentes Destruidas, Aasvöel, Pütchi, Narcolepsia, Crisiss and Poo-Heads. Regarding the sound, we find different hardcore punk styles such as crust, d-beat, powerviolence and thrashcore. Now, this is probably an unorthodox soundtrack for "rollin' it" since the sound of these bands is fast. I know that most of you would have prefered to listen to sludge/stoner rock outfits such as Dopethrone, Electric Wizard or Sleep in these instances. However, just chill out and relax. Let's smoke together and ejnoy the music (WTF did I just say?). Lastly, click on the image for getting redirected to the official bandcamp site where you can download it for free or paying the right price you consider. Support these bands. Some of them are still active and they're pretty good. Enjoy and blaze it. Highly recommended. See you until the smoke disappears. Kisses and hugs!.

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