Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Damaged City Fest 2017 - Some bands that caught our attention

Coucou, les! We're back! I must confess that I'm running out of ideas lately haha. I don't know what's wrong haha. But, don't worry, the next special post is almost done and more colombian modern hardcore punk bands, as well as some additional surprises, are coming. So, meanwhile, I'll present you some of the bands that caught our attention after performing at Damaged City Fest of this year. As you may know, this hardcore punk festival is celebrated anually in Washington D.C. and is one of the biggest ones in the U$A today.  It usually features some of the best outfits that are trend in the subgenre. There are also some international guests and other non-hardcore punk related groups performing as well. Lastly, this entry will also complement some of the american modern hardcore punk related entries we've done so far. Click on the images for getting redirected to their respectives bandcamp accounts and support them. It's worth it. With all that said, let's begin.


This amazing DC-based hardcore punk band has already got a name in the entire hardcore punk community today. They have an extensive discography and have released so far: self-titled 12" (Moonflower Records, 2009), Heaven Is Waiting 7" (React Records, 2010), Boots Of Faith 7" (Deranged Records, 2010), Voodoo Leather Cassette (Heartworm Press, 2012), Petal Pushing 7" (Painkiller Records, 2011), Flowerhead 7" (Youngblood Records, 2011), I Am Love 7" (Triple-B Records, 2011) and Electric Flower Circus LP (Moonflower Records, 2014), I Am Live (Photobooth Records), Sonic Bloom (Revelation Records, 2015) and  Electric Flower Cult (Lockin' Out Records, 2017), as well as some demos, a singles collection and live splits. Regarding the sound, Give has both melodic hardcore and posthardcore influences. You can think of different classics such as Dag Nasty, Lifetime, Into Another, Embrace, 3 and Fugazi, among others. Also, in more recent records, they also have implemented some alternative rock, psychedelic rock, funk and even grunge elements into their music. It's one of the most versatile and eclectic modern hardcore acts I've heard. Indeed, I was quite impressed and fascinated with their energy, nice lyrics and musical force. Even though I do prefer their early releases (above all the 7" singles), their latest record is such a blast. Good groovy music without losing the "core" touch. Pretty outstanding. Is a new "Revolution Summer" emerging with this band? Probably yes. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Another impressive DC-based straight edge hardcore punk band. They were already featured in the blog along with other local bands that appeared in the Red Line comp. If you want to refresh your memory, click here. They have released so far:  a demo (2013), self-titled (Trash King Productions, 2014), No Identity (Triple-B Records, 2015), self-titled cassette (Moshers Delight Records, 2015), The First Two Years (Refuse Records, 2016) and Hide From Reality (Triple-B Records, 2017), as well as some promo, single and compilation tracks. Regarding the sound, Protester pays tribute to different youth crew, including its respective 90s revival movement, classics such as Battery, Floorpunch, Chain of Strength, Bold and Sportswear. However, in their latest record, I even detect some d-beat, thrashcore and oi! influences in the same vein as New Wave Of British Hardcore - NWOBHC acts like The Flex, Violent Reaction and Arms Race. Pretty neat. You'll find in Protester tight, straightforward and uncompromising straight edge hardcore punk à l'old school, like it should always be. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Speaking of Battery, they're back. This highly-influential straight edge hardcore punk outfit was formed in 1990 until 1998. During this time, they released 3 full-length albums (including Only The Diehard Remain, one of the best 90s hardcore albums ever released), different singles and EPs, as well as compilation tracks. This band contributed to the youth crew revival movement in the 90s, a time where the polticial, fun and DIY spirit of that style was fading out. In 2012, they briefly reunited for performing at some shows in the US and Europe. And, now in 2017, they are together again and have recently released My Last Breath, their new material in 17 years that still holds the flame!. Lastly, in their bandcamp account there's only one song of their newest album, but don't worry, this band will be re-featured here in the blog with their entire discography. Promised. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Holder's Scar

Holder's Scar is an outstanding hardcore band from Greensboro, North Carolina (Yup, both Catharsis and Crimethinc. collective HQ) and have released so far: World Fever cassette, Public Acid promo cassette (2016) and No Witness (2017). Regarding the sound, they perfectly mix both classic Boston hardcore and japanese d-beat, for creating a noisy, fast-paced and relentless ferocious sound attack. You can compare them with other american bands such as Nomad, Perdition, Ajax and Tørsö, among others, for getting an idea of what this band is capable of. When we made our infamous 'Murica Fuck Yeah! special post, we stressed that some kind of New Wave Of American Hardcore was happening because, during decades, it was very uncommon and even despised that american hardcore bands had notable d-beat influences. I'm glad that these so-called "(post-)modern times" don't forbid us these kind of erotic mixes. Pretty cool. I hope to get more notices from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy. 


This is a superb metal punk outfit from D.C. This is a recently formed band, so they hadn't yet released an official album. However, they do have a bandcamp account where they uploaded an interesting live performance at The Black Cat last month. Regarding the sound, there are some influences from New Wave Of British Heavy Metal - NWOBHM, "speed metal", early black metal, crossover thrash, stenchcore and metalcore. Think of a mix of different bands such as Motörhead, Amebix, Celtic Frost, Toxic Holocaust, Ringworm and Bathory for getting an idea. Hence, you'll expect fast-paced music with dense and captivating metallic breakdowns. Lastly, I highly recommend this band. I'll wait for their first official work, either an EP or a full-length album. The metal punk thing is real, dude/tte.s.! Holy fuck...Enjoy!

Angel Du$t

This is a pretty outstanding hardcore band from Baltimore. It features members of different american modern hardcore bands such as Trapped Under Ice, Mindset, Praise and Turnstile. I remember I saw a live performance in Montréal, Canada, in 2013 when their excellent and surprisingly addictive first album Xtra Raw was released. I never imagined they'd become a successful international hardcore punk outfit. So, they have released so far Xtra Raw (React! Records, 2013),  A.D. (Reaper Records / React! Records, 2014), Stay (Photobooth Records, 2016) and Rock The Fuck On Forever (Pop Wig Records, 2016). Regarding the sound, this band plays fast-paced and straight-to-the point hardcore punk taking the best elements of 80's american hardcore punk, notably early New York and Boston styles, with an interesting modern touch. There are some melodic and "pop" moments as well. If you enjoy modern hardcore punk bands with a groovy execution such as Turnstile, Angel Du$t is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Profile is a recently formed Bay Area-based hardcore punk band. It features Lucy, vocalist of Primal Rite. They only have released I Watch You Disappear EP through React! Records last year. Regarding the sound, Profile is also a straight edge band paying tribute to all-time classics such as Judge, Chain Of Strength, SSD, Bold, Battery, Gorilla Biscuits and Side By Side, among others. Just like other modern bands such as Angel Du$t, Profile adds some dozes of melodic elements into their repertory but still manages a fast-paced and precise musical execution. Also, the lyrics have the same taste as your typical 80s straight edge hardcore punk band: personal yet sincere stances. And, this band could also be featured in our successful Not Just Boys Fun post, but I completely forgot to add it. My bad. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This impressive female-fronted hardcore punk from New York was featured in our successful Not Just Boys Fun post and is one of my favorite american hardcore bands today. When we made the aforementioned entry, they just have released their awesome first demo and a few months later, they released a new promo tape for their upcoming full-length album. By the way, this promo tape has more slow-paced moments and profound breakdowns, in the same vein as New York and Boston hardcore classics like Sheer Terror, Breakdown and DYS with a particular "punk" vibe. Personally, I prefer the demo because is faster but this record is still good and retains their passionate style. Not bad. I hope their debut album gets released before the end of the year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This awesome female-fronted hardcore punk from Richmond, Virginia, was also featured in our Not Just Boys Fun post. Also, this musical group mix both american hardcore punk and d-beat like Impalers, Cervix, Ajax and Tørsö, among many others. You can detect some japanese and swedish d-beat hardcore influences but executed in an american way. When we featured them, they only had available their 2015 demo. Now, they released in january their first self-titled 7" EP and it's awesome but they have a more refined and mature sound. However, despite the musical progression, Nosebleed still retains the fast-paced, raw and direct sound of their demo. We hope in the near future more surprises from this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Exit Order

Another outstanding Boston-based female-fronted hardcore punk band that was supposed to be featured in our Not Just Boys Fun post, but was dismissed for unknown reasons. However, this band appeared in our 5 modern american hardcore punk compilations post, contributing one track to Harsh and Hard Vol.1 comp. Go and check it out again. So, this band features members of other impressive local hardcore punk bands such as Chain Rank, Green Beret and Dame, among others, and have released so far: Demo (2013), self-titled (Side Two Records (USA), 2015) and recently Seed Of Hysteria (Side Two Records / La Vida Es Un Mus (Spain), 2017). Regarding the sound, Exit Order belongs to that new trend of american hardcore bands that have both 80s british and american hardcore punk influences in their repertory. You can imagine the sound of bands such as Jerry's Kids, The Partisans, Chaos UK and Gang Green mixed in one record. The result: short, fast-paced and straight to the point hardcore punk. Good instrumentation and execution with a particular and unique style. Finally, their more recent album is a potential candidate for our best picks of this year. SSD-beat is a real threat, les! Nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


I had the opportunity to see this impressive Austin-based hardcore punk band last year here in Bogotá, and I must confess that it was one of the most brutal and fun as fuck concerts I've participated to since my auto-exile in Colombia. This band was previously featured here in the blog in our infamous 'Murica Fuck Yeah! special post, contributing some tracks to This Is Austin, Not That Great comp. You can refresh your memory here. So, Glue has released so far: 2012 Demo, self-titled, Live @Frank Erwin Center (2013), Flowers Of Friendship (2015) and Discografía (2016), an limited edition discography tape distributed exclusively during their Central and South American Tour last year. Sadly, I couldn't get one physical copy. Regarding the sound, just like other local contemporaries, they mix both british and american hardcore punk. Think of all-time classics such as No Trend, Crucifucks, Black Flag, The Partisans and Disorder mixed in. Thus, their sound is fast-paced, angry and punk as fuck. Even sometimes they try to tease with thrashcore due to their musical execution. If you enjoyed american outfits such as GAG, OOZE and Exit Order, this is for you. Finally, I hope to see more releases from this band in the near future. "Everything is bigger in Texas", sure it is. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Hank Wood And  The Hammerheads

This superb New York City-based experimental hardcore punk outfit was already featured here in the blog in  5 modern american hardcore punk compilations special post, notably their contribution to Ground Zero NYC 2013 comp. They have released so far: self-titled (2011), split with NYC fellows Dawn Of Humans (2012), Go Home! (2012), Stay Home!! and Fatigue single (which is a Blitz' cover. 2014). As we remarked in 'Murica Fuck Yeah! special post, there are some american bands that have both garage rock and old school hardcore punk influences. Thus, HWATH belongs to this trend. Their sound still keeps a fast-paced execution, but they add different musical elements that are not so common to traditional NYHC acts, such as noise, lo-fi and synth punk. If you enjoyed different modern NYHC acts featured in Ground Zero NYC 2013 compilation such as Crazy Spirit and Dawn Of Humans, this is a good option for you as well. You'll find great musical instrumentation and execution. Pretty outstanding. Higly recommended. Enjoy!

Radiation Risks

This is an impressive Buffalo-based experimental hardcore punk outfit that I also had the opportunity to see early this year. The curious fact about this live performance is that, while they were returning from Brazil, they had to take a connection flight in Bogotá. However, they had to wait 8 hours before taking their flight and decided to play a show meanwhile. Awesome. So, they only have released so far two records: 2016 demo and Goodbye Money (2017). Regarding the sound, Radiation Risks is another of those bands that are trying to surpass hardcore punk's natural boundaries. Indeed, they add some garage rock, psychedelic rock, synth punk and even jazz elements to old school NYHC. And, they also have a saxophonist as permanent member. It's pretty interesting to hearing this instrument getting along with fast and loud hardcore punk guitars and drum beats. I was quite impressed with their not so orthodox musical instrumentation and execution, as well as their energic live performance. If you already dig Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, Dawn Of Humans and Crazy Spirit, Radiation Risks won't fail you. I dig these kind of bands that are taking traditional NYHC to next level, whilst retaining its iconic and outraged punk vibe. Simply brilliant. Highy recommended. Enjoy!   

Red Death

An excellent DC-based crossover thrash that appeared in our 5 modern american hardcore punk compilations post, notably contributing to the Red Line comp. They have released so far: Demo 2014, Permanent Exile (2015) and Deterrence (2016). Regarding the sound, they take the best elements of different crossover thrash acts such as The Accüsed, Nuclear Assault and Cryptic Slaughter, as well as other hardcore punk bands that have teased with this subgenre sometime in their lifetime, like Cro-Mags, Discharge and G.B.H. So, you'll expect fast and tight thrashy hardcore punk with perfect metallic dozes. This is a new dawn for the crossover thrash subgenre because it has remained somehow dormant within the american hardcore punk circles in recent years. If you're fan of Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, Red Death is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This outstanding DC-based hardore punk band has only released one demo in 2015. Along with another impressive local acts such as Stand Off, Pure Disgust, Stuck Pigs and Red Death, among many others, Kombat is making HarDCore a threat once again. Their sound is heavily inspired by different british and american hardcore punk acts. So, if you enjoyed this so-called New Wave Of American Hardcore with superb acts like Glue, Blotter, G.L.O.S.S. and Blank Spell, as well as the aforementioned DCHC outfits, this band will please your cravings for short, fast, and loud music. Finally, I hope to see really soon their full-length debut album. Meanwhile, rejoice yourselves with their heart-breaking and ear-rippin' demo. It's a cross between Reagan Youth and Mob 47. Amazing. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Concealed Blade

An astonishing Pittsburgh-based hardcore punk band that has recently released their s/t early this year through Beach Impediment Records. This album is some of the best hardcore punk released so far this year. A perfect mix between d-beat and american hardcore punk, notably Boston Hardcore style. You can think of different New Wave Of British Hardcore - NWOBHC bands like The Flex and Violent Reaction, as well as d-beat influenced american hardcore bands such as Sunshine Ward, Warthog, Gas Rag and Green Beret for getting an idea of the brutal and violent musical display of this band. This record is undoubtedly far superior to their amazing 2015 demo. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account, where you can get their 2015 demo, as well as 2015 and 2016 tour tapes. If you want to get their more recent work, you can do it through Beach Impediment Records' official bandcamp account clicking here. Another potential candidate for our best picks of this year. Still not convinced that SSD-Beat is a thing? Think twice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This is an interesting female-fronted brazilian hardcore punk band. Along with Anarquía Vertical from Spain and Hero Dishonest from Finalnd, Futuro was one of the international special guests of this year. They have released so far: MMX (2011), self-titled 7" EP (2012), Não Somos os Primeiros, Não Seremos os Últimos EP (2013), Hábitos Ruins (2015) and A Torre Da Derrota (2017). Regarding the sound, Futuro is a really eclectic hardcore band because it incorporates different musical influences into their sound such as garage rock, post punk and posthardcore. Their music is mainly fast-paced but it also has some melodic traits. It's one of those bands whose sound is a little bit difficult to identify. They reminded me some female-fronted american hardcore punk bands such as La Misma. And, finally, their most recent record is such a delight to listen to. Clever lyrics and outstanding musical instrumentation and execution. I'll consider it for our best picks of 2017. Highly recommended. Enjoy!.

Anarquía Vertical

This is  an impressive Barcelona-based hardcore punk band that have only released two records so far: Guerra Higiénica (2015, with a reissue released next year) and Sistema Total De Liberación (2017).  Regarding the sound, Anarquía Vertical draws musical influences from classic 80s spanish hardcore punk outfits such as MG-15, IV Reich, Último Resorte, HHH, Antidogmatikss and G.R.B., among others, with a fast-paced, sharp and straightforward direction. I wanted to feature this band with another modern local hardcore bands but they participated to Damaged City Fest this year, so...they're here. If you've read my blog since we wrote in spanish, you must already know that two of my favorite 80s hardcore compilations are Spanish HC and Thrash From Spain, and Anarquía Vertical retains their spirit. Awesome. I couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Hero Dishonest

The last international guest is this amazing Helsinki-based hardcore outfit. Since 1999, they have been releasing records with a musical style different to the predominant d-beat school in their country. They have released so far: Pleasure/Disgust (2001), Juggernaut (2002), Climbing Up On The Way Down (2003), Let Your Poison Scream, split with Mukeka Di Rato from Brazil (2004), When The Shit Hits The Man (2006), Dangerous (2010), Alle Luja (2013), Kaikki Hajoaa (2014) and Lija Ja Teräs (2016). Regarding the sound, well, Hero Dishonest is one of those eclectic hardcore bands that mix different styles for creating an unique and personal style. They have mostly thrashcore influences, similar to revival bands of the subgenre such as Tear It Up, What Happenes Next? (USA), D.S.13 (Sweden), E-150 (Spain) and Discarga (Brazil), however, some songs have posthardcore influences with defying and variable musical structures but still retaining a fast-paced groove. I dare to say that sometimes they sound like Drive Like Jehu on steroids. Pretty cool band, even though your head could explode trying to fit this band in some hardcore subgenre. I really liked it, something different to traditional finnish hardcore we listen to. Outstanding. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Coke Bust

This is a pretty known straight edge hardcore band from D.C. Unlike other modern straight edge hardcore bands, Coke Bust plays fast and tight hardcore punk with thrashcore and powerviolence influences. Think of the thrashcore revival bands mentioned in the previous review above, as well as classic powerviolence bands such as In Disgust, Despise You and Iron Lung. It's one of the most powerful and exciting harDCore bands today. They have released a bunch of demos, splits, compilation tracks, EPs and LPs, remarking Confined LP (2013), which is one of the best modern powerviolence records released in the last ten years. There are also two compilation CDs named Confined/Anthology (Grave Mistake Records, 2014) and The Early Years (Carry The Weight Records, 2016) that reunite most of Coke Bust's works. Finally, check this band out. It's amazing. We do hope in the near future more material from this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Siamese Twins           
We finally conclude this entry with this impressive Boston-based all-female dream pop band. And, yes. Their name comes from The Cure's song. You know that we exceptionally post non-hardcore punk related groups and, since this band participated to a hardcore punk festival, well, why don't including it? Also, this musical group has a lot to show off. They have released so far: 2011 Demo, In A Box b/w Stutter single 7" (2012) and Still Corner LP (2014). Their sound is dark and moody, with an interesting melodic and bittersweet ethereal atmosphere. Even the band sometimes tease with goth rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock and post punk. You can think of bands such as The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins as a reference, although the band has its unique and personal touch. Oh, and I almost forgot, the lyrics are sad and pessimistic as fuck. Don't tell me that I didn't warn you. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs! 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Morir Soñando - Entre La Rabia Y La Frustración

Coucou, les! We're back with another short yet wholesome entry (Ay qué rico, papi!) featuring this interesting mexican neocrust outfit. So, this band is from Rosarito and have self-released this amazing full-length album last year. It also had a tape edition released through Ediciones Teratológicas in Chile. I don't know if they're still looking for other record labels to release more physical copies because, as far as I know, this record will be released on CD format through two unknown record labels. Also, if I'd have knew them before, definitely they would be in our best picks of 2016 entry.  

Reagrding the sound, this band draws different influences from crust punk, post-rock and post-black metal. You can imagine a mix of Hongo, Ictus, Explosions In The Sky, Fall Of Efrafa, Downfall Of Gaia, Iskra and Oathbreaker. I found really interesting their musical style because their instrumentation and execution is brilliant, displaying an outstanding and bittersweet mix of fast-paced music with slow and introspective interludes. Even they have clean and sharp vocals made by a womyn, which it gives a more profound atmosphere. Their lyrics are in spanish and charged with the dark, gloomy and pessimistic aura that characterizes both neocrust and blackened crust. And, finally, unlike other mexican neocrust outfits, Morir Soñando put more emphasis on post-rock, which is something pretty uncommon yet cool. 

Lastly, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account, where you can hear and download (paying the right price you consider or for free) this amazing record. Support them, it's worth it. I hope in the near future getting more material from this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!   

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Terco / Gay Panic Defence split
Note: The infamous viral photo of the young womyn facing right-wing protesters in UK last month. S/he's our new heroïne.

Coucou, les! We're back with another short yet wholesome entry (Riiicccoooo, papiiii)...Ehemm, ok... This time, we'll feature Terco, an impressive colombian powerviolence band, and Gay Panic Defence, also a great scottish powerviolence act, split. If you have good memory, we chose Terco's self-titled as one of our best picks of 2016. It was one of the biggest surprises that really caught our attention. You can read the original review here.  

So, for this split, I have no words for describing this outstanding work. Both bands display a brutal musical execution, highly inspired by both old and new school grindcore and powerviolence. Many bands such as Siege, Dropdead, Lärm, Dystopia, ACxDC, Boak and Sex Prisoner, for naming a few, come to mind. On the other hand, Terco's featured tracks are more elaborated and refined with better instrumentation, without losing their characteristic style: playing fast as fuck with heavily critical lyrics. Last but not least, Gay Panic Defence have politically-charged lyrics treating different subjects such as LGBTI rights, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-religion, among others. Also in this record, we see the band's musical evolution with a more contundent and relentless sound. You can check their official bandcamp account here and hear their early works. They're good as well.  

Lastly, click on the image for getting redirected to Terco's official bandcamp account where you can listen and download (paying the right price you consider or for free) this split. You can also get it through Gay Panic Defence's official bandcamp account, too. I really hope to get a physical copy soon. Highly recommended and support them. It's worth it. Another potential candidate for our best picks of this year. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Compilación Latinoamericana III

Coucou, les! We're back once again with another short yet wholesome (Ricooooo, papiiii) entry. Ehemm, ok...I'm preparing more entries for the next week, but meanwhile, I'll feature you this interesting latin american modern hardcore punk compilation, released two days ago on digital format by HeartBridge collective from Monterrey, Mexico. You must already know that I'm always obsessed with classic hardcore punk outfits, but I'm also aware that the past is the past and the new breed of musical groups are also creating good material and need an opportunity to shine.

So, the featured bands are: Árboles En Llamas, Hércules Vigila, Imborrables, Portland, WRRN (Argentina), Chances, Contra Todo Mal, Nosotros, la miseria, Nuestros Mejores Días, Solsticio, Unchain (Chile), Anhedonia, AMI, La Desaparición Del Miedo, Mico, Prometeo, Take Off, Vestra, Umbral, Vientos De Cambio, Vorágine, Whites, Year, Héroe, Fallen Titans, Corriendo, Sad Affleck (Colombia), Overseas (Costa Rica), Adán, Annapura, Clan De Venus, Corporeal, Days Of Struggle, Derriben Al Rey, Sad Saturno (probably American Football's mexican edition. Ha!), El Quinto Atlas, XhendriX (Mexico), Zkarlett (Panama), Procrastinación 1 yo 0 (Peru), Dreamclouds, Mirage, Navegante, Soëdade and ZETA (Venezuela).

Regarding the sound, most of the featured bands play melodic hardcore, posthardcore or emocore. You'll find here a real good mix of fast-paced music with slow and introspective moments. However, we also find in some bands experimental approachs with traces of different styles such as post rock, math rock, indie emo, dark ambient, sludge, metalcore and screamo, among others. I must confess that I didn't know most of these bands and was really impressed with some of them. Even though I'm not a big fan of some of the most recent trends within the scene, I can't deny their superb instrumentation and musical execution. Some of them caught my attention and I'll feature them in the near future. And, of course, all of these bands are DIY as fuck. Not bad.

On the other hand, I'm glad that HeartBridge collective had included colombian bands. This is a pretty good way to know what's going on our local scene with the huge potential of these bands trying to surpass hardcore punk's natural musical boundaries without forgetting the roots. Nothing to envy to other international outfits out there but there's still a lot of work to do, though. Also, some of them will come back here in the blog (you can start to guess right now which ones haha) because of the success of the previous colombian modern hardcore punk-related entries.

Lastly, click on the image for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can pay the proposed price (which it isn't so bad at all) or download it for free. As always, try to support these bands. It's worth it. You can also hear and download the other compilations containing more latin american bands like the featured ones here in this collection. There are some big surprises, so check'em out. This is an outstanding work, a little bit different to what we use to post but we dig it too. We'll keep you informed with more surprises like this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Es Mejor Solito Ke Contigo 4-way split, Discharge Tributo Colombia and Colombia A Toda Mierda Vol. 3

Note: Eh Eh Epa Colombia

Coucou, les!. We're back. As I mentioned you in the previous post, we'll review more modern colombian hardcore punk acts. This time, we'll feature two compilations and one 4 -way split sold by our friend Fisch3r (the mastermind behind Drugged Goat Kvlt Records and bands such as Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido and Satvrn Svnlight). Sadly, this post will be a little bit short because I don't have much inspiration lately haha. We'll feature more local surprises during the next weeks, so stay tuned. With all that said, let's rock.  

Es Mejor Solito Ke Contigo 4-way split!a8ZCEThT!TbPIoqKOPFLulhCBbJUmJWNzXsPl6loUQfqvnAS7P6w

A fabulous 4-way split produced and released early this year by Drugged Goat Kvlt Records, Disordera Records, Me Importa Un Culo Records (Haha best name ever), and Ruido Resiliencia Records. The artwork was made by Fisch3r (you can check his amazing works here and here).  This record contains 4 different one-man bands: Infernal Slut (Pereira), La Chusma (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Diserrör (Ipiales) and Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido (Bogotá D.C.). Regarding the sound, we find different styles: La Chusma and Diserrör have both crust punk and d-beat influences, Infernal Slut plays metal punk, pretty similar to japanese acts such as Doraïd and Parasite and, last but not least, Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido delight us once again with its experimental and obscure orgy of  sounds. Finally, I must admit that this record surprised me a lot. I really enjoyed it. A new potential candidate for our best picks of this year. Neat. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Discharge Tributo Colombia!GsAU3JiK!kNyZyUpFxLFpfCMRXMF3c5z-45sbgCUvgAESfNjCvFk

Oh yes, it's finally here. This is the first official colombian tribute to Discharge, one of the most influential hardcore punk bands ever, as well as the godfathers of the d-beat style. The artwork was also made by Fisch3r. I really loved the distorted Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing front cover. The featured bands are Exterminación (Medellín), Comemierdas (Bogotá), Eutanäsia (Bogotá), Cuerpos De Mentes (Medellín), CLOWN H.C. (Pereira), Milicia (Pereira), Contusiön (Cali), PesticidaSS (Pasto), Die In Silence (Santa Marta), Terror Nuclear (Medellín), La Chusma (Santa Rosa de Cabal), Crisiss (Manizales), Decantropía (Bogotá), Todo Por la Nariz (Bucaramanga) and Falxo Poxitivo (Santa Rosa de Cabal). Regarding the sound, we find different influences from crust punk, d-beat, crossover thrash and punk medallo (late 80s and early 90s colombian hardcore punk style) with a pretty raw and intense execution. Each band makes a cover and plays one or two additional songs. I must admit that, even though some covers aren't as sharp as the original versions, this is a fantastic work because is impregnated with a remarkable DIY spirit. Also, I wanted to hear some absent classics such as Decontrol, War's No Fairytale, The Possibility Of Life's Destruction, State Violence, State Control, and Protest And Survive but I'm pleased with the final result, though. Highly recommended for all the disclone fans out there. Enjoy! 

Colombia A Toda Mierda Vol. 3!SwJVwYKa!x9OdmHKHNe127QuFaIz-lpJSsOv2aZ5sBjMUjjRH3yI

We finally conclude this entry with the third part of Colombia A Toda Mierda compilation series. It was released early this year by Disordera Records. I'm not really sure how many versions were available but I saw green, yellow, grey and red front covers. I picked up one of the red ones. There were also different concerts around the country promoting it, as well as a limited edition t-shirt featuring the album's front cover and the list of the bands that contributed to the record. So, the 40 (!) featured bands are: Amure (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Exhumación (Medellín), PesticidaSS (Pasto), Mongólico (Bogotá), Colchón Viejo (Manizales), Die in Silence (Santa Marta), Murraco (Cali), Phonophobia (Armenia), Estragos del Progreso (Bogotá), Aasvöel (Ibagué), Anita (Ipiales), Sepulcro (Cienága), Dissocial (Medellín), Deteriöro (Bogotá), Rata (Bucaramanga), Rotten Roads (Cali), Csos Morbidos (Tunja), Amenazas (Bogotá), Devastación (Medallín), Distorsionados (Bogotá), M.D.A (Ipiales), Valium (Ibagué), A.P.H (Rionegro), Aokigahara (Pereira), Terco (Bogotá), Visaje (Soledad), Sthepen howkings (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Infernal slut (Pereira), Basta de Mierda (Cartago), Rape Abisal (Bogotá), Ruido Vandálico (Pasto), Moridero Eterno (Barranquilla), Inminent Impact (Bogotá), Holocausto Cannabis (Pasto), BPD 47 (Dosquebradas), Zarna (Bogotá), Warprofit (Manizales), Decantropía (Bogotá), Desahogo (Santa Rosa De Cabal) and Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido (Bogota). Regarding the sound, we have crust punk, d-beat, grindcore, powerviolence, crossover thrash, thrashcore and punk medallo style. So, if you already know this compilation series, you'll only find puro jijuepuerca ruido, manx here. The music is fast, vicious and dissonant, the way we do fuckin' love it. Pretty outstanding. Finally, I still owe you the second volume but when I get it, I'll immediately post it. For sure. Don't miss the opportunity of hearing this impressive colombian hardcore punk compilation. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

100 entries special post! Lärm discography plus extras.

Note: Feeling old yet? Punk is forever, dude/tte! 

Coucou, les! For celebrating our 100th entry (Congratulations, you lazybum!) we're making this special post dedicated to one of, if not, my favorite hardcore/punk bands of all time: Lärm.

When we had our ancient blog, this powerful dutch outfit had its entry and was one of the most successful ones back then. So, it was undeniable that such an entry would reappear here sooner or later. And, I'm very happy to feature them in this celebration special post. I'd also like to thank you for all the support and love you've been giving me these last 2 years. I never thought this experience of returning to "blogging" again would be so fun and satisfying at the same time. I'm sorry if I couldn't keep it more updated as I promised, but "real world" sometimes demands attention. Writing is a catharsis for me, and I'm glad that we're sharing these moments together. Always remember that this space is only for you. Thanks a lot, les!

Finally, I'll make another modern colombian hardcore punk entry this week because of the huge success the previous entries had. Thanks for the support. More surprises are coming. With all that said, let's begin.

Lärm ("Noise" in german) was born in 1984 from the ashes of other local hardcore punk outfits such as Total Chaoz. The members were: Menno, Dorien (vocals), Paul (guitar and support vocals), Jos (bass) and Olav (drums). Dorien left the band shortly after the release of the first record. Due to their short, fast and loud musical style, they are also seen as one of the first hardcore punk bands that inspired different extreme variants of the subgenre such as thrashcore, grindcore and powerviolence. Also, this band was one of the first european hardcore punk bands that introduced vegetarianism/veganism and animal liberation issues into straight edge's political agenda.

Since the beginning, Lärm always meant to play as fast as possible with an outstanding DIY spirit stating that it didn't matter if you could play properly an instrument or not. It just matters start a fucking band. Period. In fact, their first releases weren't something that could please Mozart's ears, but it's undeniable their brutal and passionate musical execution. That's the reason why they labeled their style as "Extreme Noise". Also, the band used different mottos in their releases such as "Campaign For Musical Destruction" and "Extreme Noise Terror" (Yes, UK Hardcore outfit Extreme Noise Terror took the name from this statement) for demonstrating that they were serious about their musical style.

In 1984, Lärm and fellow local hardcore comrades Stanx released a split named Campaign For Musical Destruction/No Secrets through Er Hoop Tapes (Lärm's own record label). It featured each band's first ever recorded material. This is also the infamous split featuring the toon crazy cow, Lärm's (un)official iconic mascot. There's a curious fact about this logo: when the band jammed at Jos' pad, the cows of the farm got scared and started to run desperately. And, there's also a funny story about the recording of this split: When Lärm was ready to record, the sound engineer thought that they were tuning their instruments and jamming. He made the signal for starting to record, but the band members stated that they already had played the entire set and therefore, it should be recorded. Stunned, the sound engineer leaved the room for getting a sandwich.   

Regarding the sound, Lärm was inspired by american hardcore punk such as Minor Threat, Uniform Choice, SSD and D.R.I., among other acts, at higher speeds. But also their outfits were more akin to american hardcore's style: short pants, flannels and bandanas. This american influence (both musically and aesthetically) was something really uncommon in european hardcore punk circles of the time, but started to gain acceptance gradually.

Another characteristic of this band was their politically-charged lyrics. They did not only sing about straight edge, animal liberation and vegetarianism/veganism, but also had radical left-wing stances in their political agenda. For example, they criticized Apartheid in South Africa, TV consumerism and nuclear arms race during Cold War, among other topics. On the other hand, the band has been mistakenly regarded as communist due to some tracks such as Opium Of The Masses (a clear marxist antireligious stance) and Red Brigades (a reference to 70's italian guerrilla of the same name) but in many interviews, the band members have stressed that they considered themselves socialist rather than communist. They also despised both state and party communism because were aware of the abuse of power and excesses committed in european and asian communist regimes of the time. Even some people believed that they were anarchist due to their activities within the hardcore punk circle, but the band has said that they admired anarchists but didn't embrace anarchism at all.

In 1986, Lärm released their second album named No One Could Be That Dumb EP. This record had 800 physical copies (a quite decent amount for a hardcore punk band of the time), following the same musical patron of the first release. Some months later, Straight On View LP, probably their best and most well-known record, was released with a far superior sound quality but still retaining the "Extreme Noise" ethos. At that time, the band was gaining immense popularity within the european hardcore scene and some of the tracks featured in this LP, along with some early recordings, were re-released in North America in End The Warzone compilation (One Step Ahead Records, 1986). This compilation brought Lärm's sound to US listeners who were really amazed by the ferocious and fast-paced dutch hardcore style.

And, finally, the next year, Lärm released their third and last full-length album
Nothing Is Hard In This World If You Dare To Scale The Heights, where the band finally exploited the "Campaign For Musical Destruction" with a more advanced, refined and precise instrumentation. The guitar and drums are faster and brutal than ever. This record is probably one of the most accurate blueprints for the first wave of powerviolence bands in the 90s. With this release, Lärm made successful european tours, accompanied with fellow UK mates Heresy and Ripcord, consolidating themselves as a huge international hardcore outfit. Everybody was crazy about them, everybody needed their hyperviolent music in the ears. However, the band didn't feel comfortable with this privilege because they thought that the audience cared more about the music rather than the political message. 

Lärm disbanded shortly after their european tour. Menno left the band for continuing his law career and was never involved with another hardcore punk musical group. The three remaining members changed the name to Seein' Red, following the same musical and political message of Lärm. At the beginning, they tried to distance themselves from Larm's musical style but they ended making faster music because it was in their blood playing that way. Also, Paul and Olav were in Manliftingbanner, a well-known dutch youth crew outfit with a prominent socialist (even communist) agenda. And, even though everyone thought that Lärm was dead, its legacy continued to live on. Many posthumous releases such as Destroy Sexism EP (Wicked Witch Records, 1995) and different live and demo bootleg compilations appeared. This made grow the hunger of different record collectors and fans for completing Lärm's entire discography.

But the almost insane obsession of Lärm didn't end here. During the 90s, every zine and every person asked Paul, Olav and Jos to reunite once again with Menno as Lärm. The band members apparently didn't have interest in doing so and stated that anything could happen. In 2002, Paul, Olav and Jos, along with a vocalist named Roy, started to play some gigs and the next year re-recorded some old Lärm's tracks and released a demo and a split with Humus named Campaign For A Musical Destruction. For this record, they named themselves as Lärm As Fuck and featured once again the infamous cow in the front cover.

Two years later, they were asked to play with the original line-up at Thrashfest in Hoogeven, Netherlands. This performance was registered and released as a tape that same year by KFC Records (France). They never imagined to have such a success and wide acceptance within the hardcore punk scene, so they decided to play once again the next year in Sweden with Mob 47 (For this gig, Roy performed as a vocalist because Menno had a knee injury and couldn't make it), one gig in El Masnou, Spain and two 10 minute-sets in Barcelona, Spain and Utrecht, Netherlands in 2008 and Brighton, UK in 2009. After this gig, Lärm decided to play a gig anually and also re-recorded some of their most well-known tracks, releasing in 2010 a self-titled EP through Way Back When Records. This record has the most superior sound quality of all Lärm's releases with an impressive musical execution with nothing to envy to other hardcore punk acts of the time.

Lastly, Lärm officially disbanded in 2012, playing their last gig ever at OCCI squat in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A few months later, Seein' Red did the same at the same venue. Paul and Olav are still active in Manliftingbanner, Jos played with Kriegstanz and Staathaat between 2003 and 2007 but I'm not sure what's he doing after Lärm's official dissolution, and Menno still remains outside of the hardcore/punk circle.

So, I'll feature you the Complete Campaign For Musical Destruction LP, released in 2012 by Farewell Records, that has the same content as Extreme Noise discography CD released in 1997 by Coalition Records. All Lärm's official releases are here, plus three exclusive bonus tracks: Destroy Sexism (originally released in the posthumous EP of the same name, re-recorded and remastered for this edition), Vader Abraham (originally featured in the live performance contained in Side B of Straight On View LP. It's also re-recorded and remastered for this edition) and Victim (probably an unreleased track made in the 80s. It's not their best track if we compared it with other works, but it's still enjoyable). Plus, in the same file, I'll give you some extra freebies: Lärm's 2010 EP, the 2003 demo (which features Roy as a vocalist. Not bad, though), Destroy Sexism EP (which contains some alernate versions and unreleased tracks), Extreme Noise Terrorism (Lärm's live performance at De Tagrijn, Hilversum (Netherlands) in 1985. Probably one of the best Lärm's gigs ever recorded) and Never Too Old For Pogo, that not only contains Destroy Sexism EP tracks, but also the long lost 1984 and 1986 demos, as well as a live performance somewhere in Germany in 1985. This is by far the best Lärm bootleg compilation ever made. Click on the image below for getting everything. You'll have the essential collection that a true diehard fan of Lärm, like us, must have. There are some other live performances missing but, personally, they're not as great as the featured ones here. Don't miss out the opportunity of having the complete works of one of, if not, the best european hardcore punk bands ever. The whole extreme variants of the hardcore punk subgenre owe their existence to this dutch powerhouse. Mandatory download. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!!nxRBgKZT!CJDNNEl6KG1VgrEV6SkioQqjegLhWQsaptivaW8Optc
Best cow ever. For sure.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Chibchombian power in 2017: Some colombian bands to keep an eye on

Note: Why, Marianita? Why?

Coucou, les! Jaguar you? We're back with some colombian bands that have recently caught my attention. I've seen most of them in different live performances and must say that they're pretty brutal. I'm pretty amazed how the local colombian hardcore punk scene is resurrecting. Remember that we already chose some of the best outfits last year and you can check'em out again here. So, for this entry, we've picked some other bands that couldn't make it in our best picks of 2016 because, well, I'm a little bit distracted. Hahaha. Besides, there are many cool bands right now that deserve to be here and sometimes I forget to include them. Also, there are some other interesting projects that won't be featured here because new releases are "in the oven". These will appear pretty soon and some bands gladly asked me to not reveal nothing right now. We'll immediately update you when the right time comes. For sure. Finally, click on each band's photo for being directly redirected to each band's official bandcamp accounts. You can download their work for free or pay the right price you consider. I highly recommend you to support them. It's worth it. More surprises are coming so stay tuned. With all that said, let's begin. 

Final - Demo '16 + Muerte EP

Final is a hardcore punk band that's been rocking out the scene since a few years ago. It features members of other local hardcore and punk bands such as Secta, Mvro, Tumbas, Primer Régimen, among others. Their sound draws influences from both early 80s north and south american hardcore punk and 70s punk ibérico sound. You can compare them with bands like Ruleta Rusa, Secta and Generación Suicida for getting an idea. On the other hand, their lyrics are in spanish and fully charged with pessimism, boredom and resentment towards the bullshit we have to live in our so-called modern li(f)e. Pretty punk, huh? Finally, they have released one demo and an EP called Muerte through Rat Trap Records (Colombia). Personally, I rather the first demo over the EP because it's faster but both records are cool overall. We'll wait what more surprises bring this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Primer Régimen - No Futuro, No Solución EP

Primer Régimen is a recently formed hardcore punk band featuring members of different local hardcore and punk bands such as Final, Traición, Dead Hero and Secta, among others. Their sound is heavily influenced by UK82 hardcore punk style mixed with the early 80s south american hardcore punk special touch. And, as you can imagine, their lyrics are in spanish and filled with No Future stances. I dare to say they're PMS 84's criollo version because their sound is pretty similar, if not the same. Finally, they only have released  No Futuro, No Solución EP on digital format, through their bandcamp, and are looking for a record label to release it physically. Could you help them out? Highly recommended. Enjoy! (UPDATE 05/22/2017: We recently found out that Byllepest Distro (Norway) and Discos MMM (USA) will release this EP on physical format in Europe and North America, respectively. Congrats, homies!).

Raw Brigade - Demo '16

Do you recall Chain Of Strength's classic True 'Till Death lyrics: Has The Edge Gone Dull? Think twice because my papus of Raw Brigade still keep the faith. Their sound is heavily influenced by classic youth crew outfits such as Project X and Judge but I must admit that they have a considerable short, fast and loud musical execution, teasing in some moments with thrashcore. And, the lyrics are in english, something not so common within the local hardcore scene, dealing with different personal and social issues from straight edge perspective. Oh, and I almost forgot, they have Straight Ahead's My Problem cover. I never thought seeing a colombian hardcore punk band doing this. I can die in peace right now. I really hope hearing in the near future their full length debut album. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Política De Singularidad Cualquiera - S/T

This amazing local experimental hardcore punk band has recently released this impressive S/T. This is one of the most interesting bands I've been hearing lately. Their sound is a little bit difficult to identify because they blend different styles, for example, hardcore punk, crust punk, post rock, ambient and emo, for creating a pretty particular and unique melodic atmosphere with both slow-paced interludes and fast moments. At some point, I thought of different 90s hardcore and emo bands such as Shatter The Myth, Turning Point and Outspoken. Also, their lyrics are in spanish with quite abstract and personal content but with some political touches. Finally, this S/T has recently been released, so I can't wait to have a physical copy. This is by far one potential candidate for our best picks of this year. I hope to see more material from this amazing band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Reacción Al Silencio (RAS)

This an interesting hardcore punk band from Bogotá D.C. that have released so far Un Paso A La Vez EP (2014) and Arce De Primavera (2016), their first full length album. In their first EP, they had enormous influences from both old school and new school New York Hardcore with a special melodic and modern touch. They recalled me somehow some hardcore punk bands such as Colligere (Brazil) and Newborn (Hungary). However, with their more recent album, the band has a more refined and mature sound. The lyrics are in spanish with a complex and abstract structure dealing with different personal and inner issues but I detect some political consciousness within them. Well, at least the band has clear that hardcore is more than music and fashion. Neat. Finally, you should check'em out. They're quite good. A big surprise for me since I don't dig so much modern hardcore punk bands. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Corriendo is a Medellin-based band that plays indie emo with math rock influences. They have released Yvette Se Fue and Omelette du Fromage (2016). I think they also have another record but I don't quite remember which one is. Regarding the sound, Corriendo plays pretty intense music with slow-paced and introspective interludes, as well as a complex musical execution and instrumentation. They reminded me classic indie emo outfits such as Mineral and Cap 'N Jazz mixed with different math rock-influenced indie emo revival bands such as Owen, Totoro and Clever Girl. And, their lyrics are in spanish with short yet abstract and emotionally intense excerpts. A pretty good option for soothing the ears after long ultraviolent and relentless music sessions. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Murraco - S/T EP

Murraco is a Cali-based hardcore punk band that has only released one S/T EP. They're currently working in an upcoming split with Manizales-based hardcore punk band The Eyeless. Regarding the sound, Murraco plays fast and intense hardcore punk heavily influenced by both crust punk and thrashcore. You can detect the sound of different bands such as Los Crudos, E-150, His Hero Is Gone and Disrupt. And, their lyrics are in spanish with political and critical stances. For example, I found particularly interesting their song Ordoñez Crew from the aforementioned upcoming split, that compares many scenesters' attitudes with the political stances of the always-hated never-loved Alejandro Ordoñez, a colombian politician with both right-wing and conservative points of view. Pretty amazing. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Tumbas - S/T EP

Finally, we conclude this entry with a special guest. Tumbas is a female-fronted post-punk band that have recently released this amazing self-titled. As we made with Dame, we included exceptionally this band because it was born within the local hardcore punk scene. It features members of Final, Ximena! Tenemos Que Hablar and Bestiärio. Regarding the sound, you can think of different all-time classic german post-punk acts such as X-Mal Deutschland, EA80 and Fliehende Stürme mixed with early punk ibérico bands such as Parálisis Permanente, but sacrificing synthetizers opting for a more fast-paced and precise musical execution. Still, the band manages a gloomy and dark ambient, characteristic of post-punk subgenre. And, the lyrics are in spanish with deep and abstract stances. Pretty outstanding. This kind of bands are making post-punk a thing once again. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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Record label profiles: Slap A Ham Records

Coucou, les! We're back after a long time. I was busy last week because I made the traduction and subtitles of some documentaries and short-films made by womyn. that will be featured in Cine Autopsia, an experimental movie festival in Bogotá. If you're in town, go and check'em out. All the information is here. On the other hand, I've also been reuniting some material for the next special post but it's been a difficult task. I didn't know what to post this week but I think I'll please you with this one. 

Originally, this entry was supposed to be part of a "your unofficial guide to..." special post featuring some early powerviolence and thrashcore outfits. But later I realized that it would have been a total madness completing it the way I wanted to. So, we'll start this Record label profiles' posts with Slap A Ham Records, technically speaking, the mastermind behind the whole powerviolence subgenre. This kind of posts we'll be featured in a more regular basis in the near future.

Now, Slap A Ham Records existed between 1989 and 2001. It was owned by Chris Dodge, member of different influential powerviolence acts such as Spazz, Lack Of Interest and Despise You, among many others. This record label contributed to making powerviolence a thing in the 90s. Indeed, most of the first bands related to this frantic hardcore punk subgenre such as Infest, P.H.C., Crossed Out, Neanderthal and No Comment released their first works here. 

Lastly, we'll feature the compilations released by this record label containing many powerviolence outfits. And, as a bonus, we'll feature a tribute compilation that features some old and new bands whose musical career was heavily influenced by our noisy, complex and fast as fuck favorite hardcore punk subgenre. Pretty cool, huh? Maybe, just maybe, in the near future we'll make happen the aforementioned cancelled special post. We'll see what happens...So, let's begin. 

Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation series!r8IyjYgK!8LbS9mcxSh0bLd9fbwxBwRXu_yMbVVdm1xN8ULlxgHQ

Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! (best name ever) 7" was originally released in 1991. It featured 41 bands and more than 64 songs. This is probably the first hardcore punk-related compilation that featured this unorthodox number of bands and songs, as well as a considerable record length of only 15 minutes!!! Wow. Just wow. Nothing incredible for today's standards, but at the time this kind of record was inconceivable. So, both sides of the 7" are divided like this: Side A named AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH! contains G-Anx (Sweden), Extreme Noise Terror (UK), Can't Deny (Netherlands), Agathocles (Belgium), No Comment, Demise, Neanderthal, Hellnation, Nuclear Roach, Chemical Dependency, Boneheads, Anal Cunt, Jesus Chrust, Hellocaust (this band was pre-Dropdead and featured all its members), Atrocity, Exit-13, Go!, Skeletal Earth and Generica (USA). And, finally, Side B named BBBLLLLLEEEEEAAAAHHHH! contains Impetigo (Brazil), Cacofonía (Mexico), Piledriver (Canada), Assück, Infest, Born Against, Stikky, Psycho, Confrontation, Mouthfart, Citizen's Arrest, Psycho Sin, Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Bloody Mess And The Skabs, Bulge, Mindrot, Mork Hotel, Napalm Breath, Nam Land, Meat Shits and Splatterreah. Regarding the sound, well, we won't have to say more because there are some well-known and renowned grindcore, powerviolence and even some NYHC acts. You'll only find here non-sense violent displays of musical madness with song structures that merely surpass 30 seconds. Epic.!jgREwDLR!L7MmNfCxJOai3FI3oAhW9DB3Muia1uzaDQ1BzWQsqRY

Next, following the success of the first compilation, Slap A Ham Records released in 1992 Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! 7" increasing the number of bands to 52 and 69 songs. There was also a slight increase of the record length, approximately 18:30 minutes (What a big difference, right?). As the previous record, both sides of the 7" shared the same names, AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!  for Side A and  BBBLLLLLEEEEEAAAAHHHH! for Side B, respectively. The first side contains: Intense Degree (UK), Rupture (Australia), Dicktator (Brazil), Skimmed (Czech Republic), Purgative Klyster (Sweden), Cripple Bastards (Italy), Buka (Croatia), T.M.P. (ex-Yugoslavia), Traitor (Finland), Sarcasm (UK), Putrid Offal, Supuration (France), Arse Destroyer, Arnes Plasthjärna ‎ (Sweden), Audiostench (Netherlands), Hiatus (Belgium), Extreme Smoke (Slovenia), Gibbed (Japan), Slave State, Macabre, A.M., Sockeye and Rottrevore (USA). Regarding the sound, you'll find grindcore, powerviolence, crust punk, and thrashcore. Note that this record is more international than the first part and all the featured bands are simply amazing. Keep an eye on the not so well-known bands because they're pretty cool.!Wx51iD6L!zjKcmzLt3ij6CdVpsMbTkOrQqhnbls8CdQJFpRMUU2I

Finally, the third part of this trilogy of chaotic and non-sense musical attack was released in 1998 as Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - A Music War 7". It featured 73 bands from around the world and 84 songs. The record length doesn't surpass 13 minutes, making it the shortest album of the series. And, this is by far my favorite record of all the trilogy. For this record, the sides of the 7" had a different name 1000 m.p.h. for Side A and 2000 m.p.h. for Side B, respectively. The first side contains Final Conflict, Lack Of Interest, 324, Avulsion, Noothgrush, Suppression, Slight Slappers, Melt Banana, Godstomper, Dead Bodies Everywhere, Gob, The Dread, Burned Up Bled Dry, Fuck On The Beach, MK Ultra, Slobber, Ruido, Benümb, Mexican Power Authority, Combat Wounded Veteran, Assspatula, Fanatics Senseless Apocalypse, Vilently III, Nice View, Quadiliacha, Disassociate, Palatka, Flash Gordon, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, The Judas Iscariot, Scalp-Lock, Enemy Soil, Charles Bronson, Real Reggae, Mange, Egotismo, Disney Violence and Tomsk 7, whilst that the second side has Excruciating Terror, Brother Inferior, Black Army Jacket, Swiss Army Blanket, Bad Acid Trip, Beast, Devoid Of Faith, Despise You, Harsh, The Misanthropists, Bastard Noise, Dismal Marsh Gas, In/Humanity, Rash Of Beatings, A$$troland, Los Crudos, The Locust, Society Of Friends, Agoraphonic Nosebleed, Utter Bastard, Resin, Pretentious Assholes, Little Princess, Action Jackson, No Less, Pound, Hated Principles, Your Mother, Gasp, Seventh Victim, None Of Your Fucking Business, No Think, Gyga and Degrade. Regarding the sound,well, powerviolence and grindcore extravaganza at its best. You'll also find some thrashcore and sludge as well. This is one of the best international extreme hardcore punk compilations ever made.

Lastly, click on each image for downloading the records. There's also a compilation CD that reunites this trilogy. It was remastered and released in 2007 by Goatsucker Records in Mexico. However, this collection is considered a bootleg because Mr. Dodge didn't authorize this release. For instance, the license mentioned in the CD booklet is a fake. If you're a true diehard powerviolence fan, this is for you. Mandatory download. Enjoy!

Fiesta Comes Alive! - The Best Of Slap A Ham Records' Fiesta Grande #1-5!qxgQWADK!3Fwqt5xwbqeHUkrCoRI8FG10h2ukomvyBTKked7zLZg

This is a pretty neat compilation that was released in 1997. It contains the bands that participated to Fiesta Grande fests, an annual event started in 1993 and finished in 1997, that reunited some of the best hardcore punk, crust, powerviolence, grindcore and sludge bands that released material through Slap A Ham Records. We could also consider this record as a sampler. The featured bands are: Lack Of Interest, Excrucitating Terror, Bludgeon, No Comment, Dystopia, Cavity, Plutocracy, Discordance Axis, Phobia, Agents of Satan, Gob, The Locust, Enemy Soil, Nuclear Armed Hogs, Man Is The Bastard, Stapled Shut, No Less, His Hero Is Gone, Noothgrush, Spazz, Evolved To Obliteration, Crossed Out, Benümb, MDC, Cattlepress, Cop Out, Hellnation, Utter Bastard and Capitalist Casualties. All the included tracks were directly taken from the live performances made in the different Fiesta Grande itinerations, so these versions are exclusive to this release. The sound quality is top-notch. A pretty good register of extreme hardcore punk variants in the 90s. Highly recommended.  Enjoy!

Ham Slappin' Hits!y5JlTJzC!hXPDinhpbbOR7Gw2u1SVxOS93LL6cM9YZJRay4R170I

This is one of the most rare hardcore punk compilation tapes ever released. It was made in 1998. And why is it so rare? Well, this record wasn't made for the public because it was an X-Mas give away for closest friends of the record label and only 20 copies were made. I don't how our anonymous collaborator provided us the .mp3 files. S/he is a magician obtaining rare, obscure and scarce hardcore punk material.  All the credits go to him/her. So, the featured bands are: Infest, Neanderthal, Stikky, Fu Manchu, No Comment, Hellnation, Assück, Charred Remains/Man Is The Bastard, Capitalist Casualties, Crossed Out, Melvins, Spazz, Lack Of Interest, Slave State, labhorher, C.F.D.L., Eyehategod, Plutocracy, Suppression, Despise Youm Discordance Axis, Enemy Soil, Phobia, Noothgrush, Gob, Melt Banana, No Less, Final Conflict, Avulsion, 324, Fuck On The Beach, Godstomper, Gasp, Burned Up Bled Dry, Burning Witch, Doctor Bombay, Slight Slappers and Pissed Happy Children. Just like the previous compilation, you'll find here some of, if not, the best extreme hardcore punk variants in the 90s. More than 20 years have passed and many modern bands have preserved the sound legacy of these brutal and extreme outfits. And, most of the featured songs are demo tracks, alternative versions and outtakes exclusive to this release. The sound quality isn't the best as you'd expect but the musical force is still something to remark. Mandatory download. Enjoy! 

Short, Fast + Loud #1!jggxHL7S!AJfPlr4YfQMM9HlCIlY2tFGCPZa6I0mNxB-BKN6mDtU

This is the final compilation that Slap A Ham Records released in 2001. I'm not really sure if this record was made for some issue of Six Weeks Records' zine of the same name. The featured bands are: Aftermath, B.S.E., Catheter, Dataclast, Daybreak, Dead Nation, Despite, Discordia, Dread 101, Dumbstruck (featuring ex-members of Heresy and Ripcord), El Nudo, Entropia, Existench, Fetus Eaters, Goat Shanty, In Control, Insult, Iron Lung, Kontortion, Lana Dagales, Life In A Burn Clinic, Life's Halt, Mouthbreather, Mukeka Di Rato, Otophobia, Peruke, Pignation, Point Of Few, Progeria, Ruinacre, Ruination, The Scarlet Letter, Shank, Spaul, Totally Ridiculous, Tusks Of Blood, The Ultimate Warriors, Uniq, What Happens Next? and Wilbur Cobb. Regarding the sound, you'll find different hardcore punk styles such as thrashcore, powerviolence and grindcore following the philosophy of playing short, fast and loud as possible. Most of these bands are well-known and renowned that probably introduced you to this fascinating world of hardcore punk. I think all of them are already disbanded. But it was a good time. At least for me. Give it a try. Highly recommended. Enjoy!
A Fucking Tribute To Slap A Ham - We Love That Fucking Powerviolence Stuff

We finally conclude this entry with this excellent german hardcore punk tribute compilation. It was released in 2010 by Fucking Kill Records and Sengaja Records. The featured bands are: Burt, Corrosive, Wojczech, Eiltank, Run Time Error, Yacøpsæ, Crowskin, Cyness, Verge On Reason, La Bad Taste, Bizarre X, Nervous Breakdown, Trigger, Civil Victim, Sanitys Dawn, Henry Fonda, KSM40 and Schmand. This record was limited only to 450 copies on multicoloured vinyl (splattered white and red). It also contained a 28 page-booklet with bands' info, lyric sheet, artwork, inserts and an interview with Chris Dodge, as well as an image featuring all Slap A Ham Records' discography. Regarding the sound, well, these bands are absolutely well-known and renowned because are some of the best german powerviolence and grindcore outfits today, obviously influenced by Infest, Crossed Out and Spazz. Some of these german powerhouses are still active, some others are not. Now, for being a tribute compilation, there are only two covers: one to Napalm Death's all-time classic Scum made by Yacøpsæ and Crossed Out's anthem Supremacy made by Crowskin. I would really have loved to hear more Slap A Ham Records-related bands covers. Even though there are old school powerviolence influences, the musical execution is more accurate to modern powerviolence standards. Nonetheless, the content is really amazing and some of my favorite german powerviolence bands of all time such as Yacøpsæ, Henry Fonda, Bizarre X and Cyness are here. Lastly, click on the image for being redirected to Fucking Kill Records' official bandcamp account where you can hear this record for free. It's not available for free download but it has a pretty good price. When we get a decent physical copy (the record is out-of-sale currently), we'll upload it. For sure. Highly recommended. I hope you have enjoyed this entry. See you soon with more surprises. Kisses and hugs!