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Record label profiles: Slap A Ham Records

Coucou, les! We're back after a long time. I was busy last week because I made the traduction and subtitles of some documentaries and short-films made by womyn. that will be featured in Cine Autopsia, an experimental movie festival in Bogotá. If you're in town, go and check'em out. All the information is here. On the other hand, I've also been reuniting some material for the next special post but it's been a difficult task. I didn't know what to post this week but I think I'll please you with this one. 

Originally, this entry was supposed to be part of a "your unofficial guide to..." special post featuring some early powerviolence and thrashcore outfits. But later I realized that it would have been a total madness completing it the way I wanted to. So, we'll start this Record label profiles' posts with Slap A Ham Records, technically speaking, the mastermind behind the whole powerviolence subgenre. This kind of posts we'll be featured in a more regular basis in the near future.

Now, Slap A Ham Records existed between 1989 and 2001. It was owned by Chris Dodge, member of different influential powerviolence acts such as Spazz, Lack Of Interest and Despise You, among many others. This record label contributed to making powerviolence a thing in the 90s. Indeed, most of the first bands related to this frantic hardcore punk subgenre such as Infest, P.H.C., Crossed Out, Neanderthal and No Comment released their first works here. 

Lastly, we'll feature the compilations released by this record label containing many powerviolence outfits. And, as a bonus, we'll feature a tribute compilation that features some old and new bands whose musical career was heavily influenced by our noisy, complex and fast as fuck favorite hardcore punk subgenre. Pretty cool, huh? Maybe, just maybe, in the near future we'll make happen the aforementioned cancelled special post. We'll see what happens...So, let's begin. 

Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation series!r8IyjYgK!8LbS9mcxSh0bLd9fbwxBwRXu_yMbVVdm1xN8ULlxgHQ

Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! (best name ever) 7" was originally released in 1991. It featured 41 bands and more than 64 songs. This is probably the first hardcore punk-related compilation that featured this unorthodox number of bands and songs, as well as a considerable record length of only 15 minutes!!! Wow. Just wow. Nothing incredible for today's standards, but at the time this kind of record was inconceivable. So, both sides of the 7" are divided like this: Side A named AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH! contains G-Anx (Sweden), Extreme Noise Terror (UK), Can't Deny (Netherlands), Agathocles (Belgium), No Comment, Demise, Neanderthal, Hellnation, Nuclear Roach, Chemical Dependency, Boneheads, Anal Cunt, Jesus Chrust, Hellocaust (this band was pre-Dropdead and featured all its members), Atrocity, Exit-13, Go!, Skeletal Earth and Generica (USA). And, finally, Side B named BBBLLLLLEEEEEAAAAHHHH! contains Impetigo (Brazil), Cacofonía (Mexico), Piledriver (Canada), Assück, Infest, Born Against, Stikky, Psycho, Confrontation, Mouthfart, Citizen's Arrest, Psycho Sin, Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Bloody Mess And The Skabs, Bulge, Mindrot, Mork Hotel, Napalm Breath, Nam Land, Meat Shits and Splatterreah. Regarding the sound, well, we won't have to say more because there are some well-known and renowned grindcore, powerviolence and even some NYHC acts. You'll only find here non-sense violent displays of musical madness with song structures that merely surpass 30 seconds. Epic.!jgREwDLR!L7MmNfCxJOai3FI3oAhW9DB3Muia1uzaDQ1BzWQsqRY

Next, following the success of the first compilation, Slap A Ham Records released in 1992 Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! 7" increasing the number of bands to 52 and 69 songs. There was also a slight increase of the record length, approximately 18:30 minutes (What a big difference, right?). As the previous record, both sides of the 7" shared the same names, AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!  for Side A and  BBBLLLLLEEEEEAAAAHHHH! for Side B, respectively. The first side contains: Intense Degree (UK), Rupture (Australia), Dicktator (Brazil), Skimmed (Czech Republic), Purgative Klyster (Sweden), Cripple Bastards (Italy), Buka (Croatia), T.M.P. (ex-Yugoslavia), Traitor (Finland), Sarcasm (UK), Putrid Offal, Supuration (France), Arse Destroyer, Arnes Plasthjärna ‎ (Sweden), Audiostench (Netherlands), Hiatus (Belgium), Extreme Smoke (Slovenia), Gibbed (Japan), Slave State, Macabre, A.M., Sockeye and Rottrevore (USA). Regarding the sound, you'll find grindcore, powerviolence, crust punk, and thrashcore. Note that this record is more international than the first part and all the featured bands are simply amazing. Keep an eye on the not so well-known bands because they're pretty cool.!Wx51iD6L!zjKcmzLt3ij6CdVpsMbTkOrQqhnbls8CdQJFpRMUU2I

Finally, the third part of this trilogy of chaotic and non-sense musical attack was released in 1998 as Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - A Music War 7". It featured 73 bands from around the world and 84 songs. The record length doesn't surpass 13 minutes, making it the shortest album of the series. And, this is by far my favorite record of all the trilogy. For this record, the sides of the 7" had a different name 1000 m.p.h. for Side A and 2000 m.p.h. for Side B, respectively. The first side contains Final Conflict, Lack Of Interest, 324, Avulsion, Noothgrush, Suppression, Slight Slappers, Melt Banana, Godstomper, Dead Bodies Everywhere, Gob, The Dread, Burned Up Bled Dry, Fuck On The Beach, MK Ultra, Slobber, Ruido, Benümb, Mexican Power Authority, Combat Wounded Veteran, Assspatula, Fanatics Senseless Apocalypse, Vilently III, Nice View, Quadiliacha, Disassociate, Palatka, Flash Gordon, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, The Judas Iscariot, Scalp-Lock, Enemy Soil, Charles Bronson, Real Reggae, Mange, Egotismo, Disney Violence and Tomsk 7, whilst that the second side has Excruciating Terror, Brother Inferior, Black Army Jacket, Swiss Army Blanket, Bad Acid Trip, Beast, Devoid Of Faith, Despise You, Harsh, The Misanthropists, Bastard Noise, Dismal Marsh Gas, In/Humanity, Rash Of Beatings, A$$troland, Los Crudos, The Locust, Society Of Friends, Agoraphonic Nosebleed, Utter Bastard, Resin, Pretentious Assholes, Little Princess, Action Jackson, No Less, Pound, Hated Principles, Your Mother, Gasp, Seventh Victim, None Of Your Fucking Business, No Think, Gyga and Degrade. Regarding the sound,well, powerviolence and grindcore extravaganza at its best. You'll also find some thrashcore and sludge as well. This is one of the best international extreme hardcore punk compilations ever made.

Lastly, click on each image for downloading the records. There's also a compilation CD that reunites this trilogy. It was remastered and released in 2007 by Goatsucker Records in Mexico. However, this collection is considered a bootleg because Mr. Dodge didn't authorize this release. For instance, the license mentioned in the CD booklet is a fake. If you're a true diehard powerviolence fan, this is for you. Mandatory download. Enjoy!

Fiesta Comes Alive! - The Best Of Slap A Ham Records' Fiesta Grande #1-5!qxgQWADK!3Fwqt5xwbqeHUkrCoRI8FG10h2ukomvyBTKked7zLZg

This is a pretty neat compilation that was released in 1997. It contains the bands that participated to Fiesta Grande fests, an annual event started in 1993 and finished in 1997, that reunited some of the best hardcore punk, crust, powerviolence, grindcore and sludge bands that released material through Slap A Ham Records. We could also consider this record as a sampler. The featured bands are: Lack Of Interest, Excrucitating Terror, Bludgeon, No Comment, Dystopia, Cavity, Plutocracy, Discordance Axis, Phobia, Agents of Satan, Gob, The Locust, Enemy Soil, Nuclear Armed Hogs, Man Is The Bastard, Stapled Shut, No Less, His Hero Is Gone, Noothgrush, Spazz, Evolved To Obliteration, Crossed Out, Benümb, MDC, Cattlepress, Cop Out, Hellnation, Utter Bastard and Capitalist Casualties. All the included tracks were directly taken from the live performances made in the different Fiesta Grande itinerations, so these versions are exclusive to this release. The sound quality is top-notch. A pretty good register of extreme hardcore punk variants in the 90s. Highly recommended.  Enjoy!

Ham Slappin' Hits!y5JlTJzC!hXPDinhpbbOR7Gw2u1SVxOS93LL6cM9YZJRay4R170I

This is one of the most rare hardcore punk compilation tapes ever released. It was made in 1998. And why is it so rare? Well, this record wasn't made for the public because it was an X-Mas give away for closest friends of the record label and only 20 copies were made. I don't how our anonymous collaborator provided us the .mp3 files. S/he is a magician obtaining rare, obscure and scarce hardcore punk material.  All the credits go to him/her. So, the featured bands are: Infest, Neanderthal, Stikky, Fu Manchu, No Comment, Hellnation, Assück, Charred Remains/Man Is The Bastard, Capitalist Casualties, Crossed Out, Melvins, Spazz, Lack Of Interest, Slave State, labhorher, C.F.D.L., Eyehategod, Plutocracy, Suppression, Despise Youm Discordance Axis, Enemy Soil, Phobia, Noothgrush, Gob, Melt Banana, No Less, Final Conflict, Avulsion, 324, Fuck On The Beach, Godstomper, Gasp, Burned Up Bled Dry, Burning Witch, Doctor Bombay, Slight Slappers and Pissed Happy Children. Just like the previous compilation, you'll find here some of, if not, the best extreme hardcore punk variants in the 90s. More than 20 years have passed and many modern bands have preserved the sound legacy of these brutal and extreme outfits. And, most of the featured songs are demo tracks, alternative versions and outtakes exclusive to this release. The sound quality isn't the best as you'd expect but the musical force is still something to remark. Mandatory download. Enjoy! 

Short, Fast + Loud #1!jggxHL7S!AJfPlr4YfQMM9HlCIlY2tFGCPZa6I0mNxB-BKN6mDtU

This is the final compilation that Slap A Ham Records released in 2001. I'm not really sure if this record was made for some issue of Six Weeks Records' zine of the same name. The featured bands are: Aftermath, B.S.E., Catheter, Dataclast, Daybreak, Dead Nation, Despite, Discordia, Dread 101, Dumbstruck (featuring ex-members of Heresy and Ripcord), El Nudo, Entropia, Existench, Fetus Eaters, Goat Shanty, In Control, Insult, Iron Lung, Kontortion, Lana Dagales, Life In A Burn Clinic, Life's Halt, Mouthbreather, Mukeka Di Rato, Otophobia, Peruke, Pignation, Point Of Few, Progeria, Ruinacre, Ruination, The Scarlet Letter, Shank, Spaul, Totally Ridiculous, Tusks Of Blood, The Ultimate Warriors, Uniq, What Happens Next? and Wilbur Cobb. Regarding the sound, you'll find different hardcore punk styles such as thrashcore, powerviolence and grindcore following the philosophy of playing short, fast and loud as possible. Most of these bands are well-known and renowned that probably introduced you to this fascinating world of hardcore punk. I think all of them are already disbanded. But it was a good time. At least for me. Give it a try. Highly recommended. Enjoy!
A Fucking Tribute To Slap A Ham - We Love That Fucking Powerviolence Stuff

We finally conclude this entry with this excellent german hardcore punk tribute compilation. It was released in 2010 by Fucking Kill Records and Sengaja Records. The featured bands are: Burt, Corrosive, Wojczech, Eiltank, Run Time Error, Yacøpsæ, Crowskin, Cyness, Verge On Reason, La Bad Taste, Bizarre X, Nervous Breakdown, Trigger, Civil Victim, Sanitys Dawn, Henry Fonda, KSM40 and Schmand. This record was limited only to 450 copies on multicoloured vinyl (splattered white and red). It also contained a 28 page-booklet with bands' info, lyric sheet, artwork, inserts and an interview with Chris Dodge, as well as an image featuring all Slap A Ham Records' discography. Regarding the sound, well, these bands are absolutely well-known and renowned because are some of the best german powerviolence and grindcore outfits today, obviously influenced by Infest, Crossed Out and Spazz. Some of these german powerhouses are still active, some others are not. Now, for being a tribute compilation, there are only two covers: one to Napalm Death's all-time classic Scum made by Yacøpsæ and Crossed Out's anthem Supremacy made by Crowskin. I would really have loved to hear more Slap A Ham Records-related bands covers. Even though there are old school powerviolence influences, the musical execution is more accurate to modern powerviolence standards. Nonetheless, the content is really amazing and some of my favorite german powerviolence bands of all time such as Yacøpsæ, Henry Fonda, Bizarre X and Cyness are here. Lastly, click on the image for being redirected to Fucking Kill Records' official bandcamp account where you can hear this record for free. It's not available for free download but it has a pretty good price. When we get a decent physical copy (the record is out-of-sale currently), we'll upload it. For sure. Highly recommended. I hope you have enjoyed this entry. See you soon with more surprises. Kisses and hugs!

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