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To Lie Is To Be Strong: 90s german hardcore punk special post. Final part.

Note: Oktoberfest moshpit FTW 

Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We finally conclude our extensive 90s german hardcore punk special post. Sadly, I had some troubles with some of the new compilations that were supposed to appear in the last entry, so I'll have to feature them later in other entry (probably as an Addenda of this special post). Also, last sunday was my 30th birthday (Yup, believe it or not, I'm already old. Hardcore punk kept me young, though haha) and after our mandatory summer vacations, I'll do a special post related to. For creating some sort of celebration and for getting to know me a little bit more. You know, more intimacy moments between us les chaton.ne.s. And, I'm also preparing some entries in spanish for other blogs that gladly invited me as a special guest. When they're ready, I'll make you know through our Facebook fanpage (I could make something in english too. Let's see what happens). Finally, this entry will feature Mörser, Kindle, Chispa, Enfold, Linsay, Kimusawea, Realign, Assay, Aclys, Akephal and Degarne. With all that written, let's begin.



Mörser is a Bremen-based metalcore band with more than 15 years of carrer. It also features ex-members of Acme, Carol and Systral. They have released so far: Two Hours To Doom (Per Koro, 1997), split with The Swarm (Per Koro, 1998), 10000 Bad Guys Dead (Chrome Saint Magnus, 2000), Scum (Chrome Saint Magnus, 2002), Pure Scum (Vendetta Records, 2006), First Class Suicide (Farewell Records, 2010), V (Speck Flag, 2015). They also contributed some tracks to different compilations such as The Seed Of The Next Season and Heart Circle, among others. Unlike other local bands, they have an unorthodox line-up featuring 3 vocalists, 4 in early recordings, 2 bass guitars and 3 guitars (in early recordings only one).    

Regarding the sound, Mörser continued where their Northcore predeccesors left off and created a dark, powerful and overwhelming sound. Also, just like Systral, Mörser put an emphasis on both grindcore and death metal and these influences were more evident in subsequent records. You can also compare them with other north american bands of the time such as Monster X (USA) and Acrid (Canada). And, the lyrics were filled with fatidic, pessimistic and apocalyptic points of view.

Finally, click on the image for downloading Mörser's complete discography. You'll be captivated by their brutiful musical style. One of the most powerful and uncompromising german metalcore bands of all time you shouldn't miss out. We do hope more releases in the near future. Highly recommended. 



Kindle was a short-lived hardcore band that only released one self-titled 7" (Desperado Records/No More Heroes Records, 1997) and one split with Lebensreform (Desperado, 1998). Regarding the sound, Kindle played fast-paced emotional hardcore punk with some mid-tempo and slow and introspective moments. Both musical execution and instrumentation were complex and very passionate. Also, just like other emo band of the time, their lyrics were highly political. Finally, click on the image for downloading their material. If you enjoyed other german emo bands such as Age and Azure, this is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!



Chispa (Spark in spanish) was a short-lived sideproject made by some of the ex-members of Loxiran and Lebensreform. They only released one split with Enfold (Bloodlink Records (USA), 1998) and Obstinator LP/CD (Bloodlink Records / Per Koro Records, 1998). 

About their only LP/CD, there's an additional fact. This record was supposed to be released as a collaboration between both Bloodlink and Per Koro but the american record label didn't respond over several months and Per Koro decided to release the european version. This record contains 4 of the 5 songs previously featured in the split with Enfold and, for years, it was not considered as an official release. A few months later, Bloodlink sent some pressings of the american version to Europe. This version contains different artwork and layouts, as well as a bonus track, Es Gibt Keinen Neuschnee, originally released as Neuschnee in the split with Enfold

Regarding the sound, just like Linsay and Enfold, Chispa played fast-paced metallic hardcore with screamo influences. It's also one of the few bands of the time with Northcore style influences. The lyrics were exclusively in english (except Es Gibt Keinen Neuschnee, which it is in german) with both personal and political content. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading the american version of Obstinator. The artwork, lyric sheet, layouts and everything here is included on the file. All-in-one. Highly recommended if you enjoyed Linsay and Enfold. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Linsay was another short-lived sideproject born from the ashes of Loxiran and Lebensreform. They only released one 7" in 1998 through Per Koro Records and several splits with different local hardcore bands of the time such as The Cole Quintet (Paracelsius, 1999), Enfold (Per Koro, 1999), Stickfigurecarousel (Dim Mak, 1999), as well as one 3-way split with Deamon's Jaded Passion and Springwater (Blackwood Records / Unsubmissive Records, 199x). 

Regarding the sound, Linsay took the best elements of both Loxiran and Lebensreform's Northcore style interpretation and created an impressive metallic hardcore sound with screamed vocals. Also, their lyrics were personal but highly politicial, notably denouncing sexism, homophobia and mass media lies.  

Finally, click on the image for downloading everything that Linsay ever recorded, except for the split with Stickfigurecarousel and The Cole Quintet because I don't have them. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Enfold was the last project of Loxiran and Lebensreform's post-mortem. They released La Familia cassette (self-released, 1996), ...Routine EP (La Familia Records, 1997), splits with Chispa (Bloodlink Records, 1998), Enfold (Per Koro, 1999) and June's Tragic Drive (Tomte Tumme Tott, 1999) and one and only full-length album named No Coming Home (Per Koro, 2000).

Regarding the sound, Enfold also took the best elements of the Northcore style and created an outrageous and precise metalcore with screamed vocals. There are also some slow breakdowns and complex guitar riffs. All the teachings of 90s Bremen hardcore school are condensed here, however, Enfold's sound was not as frantic nor as chaotic as other bands but it still had a powerful musical force to remark. Even some songs are highly reminiscent to Orchid and Jerome's Dream style, the godfathers of the screamo subgenre in the late-90s and early-00s. Also, the lyrics were in english with both personal and political content. 

Finally, click  on the image for downloading everything that this impressive german hardcore band ever recorded, except for the splits with Chispa and Linsay. Both the EP and LP are a must. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  



Degarne was a short-lived hardcore band that only released two 7"s: Trügerische Stille (Modus Operandi Records, 1996) and The Last Dance (Per Koro, 1998) and contributed one track to Idiomes compilation (Stonehenge Records, 1998). 

Regarding the sound, Degarne played chaotic and frantic metallic hardcore in the same vein as Acme and Carol. Their lyrics were in german with a dark, pessimistic and introvert nature. And, this was also one of the last musical groups in Germany that followed the steps of these aforementioned Northcore style-related bands (at least more detailedly). 

Finally, click on the image for downloading everything that this band ever recorded. It's one of those cryptic and obscure hardcore acts we like to introduce de temps en temps. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Kimusawea was a short-lived experimental hardcore project of Alexandra Von Bolz'n, a well-known german independent musician that has also worked with different photographers and musicians. Another important project she's been involved with, is Crowskin, a german sludge band. During their short lifetime, Kimusawea released Kapitulation 7" (Maximum Voice Production, 1996) and Kurze Abhandlung Vom Menschen Und Seinem Glück LP (Nabate / Maximum Voice Production, 1998), as well as contributing some tracks to different hardcore punk compilations. 

Regarding the sound, Kimusawea's style is way too experimental and pretty difficult to identify but I detect some influences of different musical genres such as post-hardcore, sludge, harsh electronics, drone and noise. It also had an interesting and involving musical ambient. This band reminded me of american bands such as Slint, Unwound and Jawbox mixed with a more slow-paced version of Neurosis. Pretty cool and obscure for their time. Also, like Ambush, it's one of the few female fronted hardcore bands of the time. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading both of Kimusawea's records. A forgotten and underrated 90s german hardcore jewel that you shouldn't miss out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Assay was a short-lived project that only released one LP named Pisschrist (Love Records, 1997). It also featured one original member of Age. I didn't know about this band until I heard the Heart Circle compilation for the first time two years ago. 

Regarding the sound, Assay was an extension of Age but with a more mature and complex musical execution. The instrumentation is also fantastic. So, you'll find "scream-y", fast-paced and vicious emotional hardcore punk with slow and introspective moments. It wasn't as frantic as other local groups, but their musical force is undeniable. Their lyrics were exclusively in german with the characteristic personal and political touch of the time. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading their only LP. It's a pretty good and completely underrated work. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Aclys was a hardcore band that existed between 1998 and 2004 and released one self-titled (Per Koro, 1997), Helduntergang (Per Koro, 1998), Liedergeburt (Per Koro, 2000) and Artefakt (Burning Season Records, 2004). They also contributed some tracks to different hardcore compilations including The Seed Of The Next Season, among others. 
Regarding the sound, Aclys played dark, apocalyptic and uncompromising metalcore à la Northcore with both ferocious bursts of energy and slow and introspective moments. The lyrics were in german with personal and abstract writings. In early recordings, emo elements were also relevant. Release after release, Aclys' musical style was getting heavier and closer to Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn's. In fact, after Aclys disbanded in 2004, their guitarist, Dennis Schmidt, joined Caliban as main guitarist and support vocalist with the release of The Opposite Of Within (Roadrunner Records, 2004). 

Finally, click on the image for downloading their first two records. If you enjoyed other bands such as Acme, Systral and Carol, this is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


 Akephal was a short-lived hardcore band that only released Kopflos 7" (Lund Castle Core Records, 1995) and one self-titled LP (Lund Castle Core Records, 1997). There's also a partial discography disc named Akephal (Narshardaa Records, 2008), that contains the LP, some compilation tracks and previously unreleased material.

Regarding the sound, Akephal played ferocious and vicious metalcore like any other german hardcore band related to the Bremen scene of the time, for example, Acme, Systral and Mörser. The lyrics were in german with both personal and political content. Despite the short existence, Akephal was one of the few german hardcore bands that helped to popularize the Northcore style outside of their country and also inspired many screamo and metalcore bands of the next decade.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their 7" and the partial discography disc. This a pretty obscure and underrated Northcore act that you shouldn't miss out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!



We conclude this special post with this cryptic and fairly known hardcore act from Hamburg. Realign was active between 1999 and 2001 and only released Stagnation Is Dead LP/CD (Voice Of Life Records, 1999), one split with The Cable Theory (Rockemotions / Voice Of Life, 2000) and The Urban Rock Addiction LP/CD (Rockemotions / Trece Grabaciones (Spain), 2001).

Regarding the sound, Realign played fast-paced metallic hardcore punk in the vein of Northcore bands, however, they also had a special "groove" emulating popular hardcore bands of the time such as Unbroken, Mean Season, Refused, Snapcase and Outspoken. The music was also executed with fine precision and some elements of post-hardcore and screamo were also prominent. And, just like other late-90s german hardcore bands, Realign was more open to an english-speaking audience (there were at least two exceptions in german).    

Finally, click on the image for downloading everything that this band ever recorded. It's probably the last Northcore-related hardcore band ever. Yes, it's true that many screamo and metalcore bands in the 00s had inspiration from this particular style, for example, Shikari, Fear...Is The Path To The Dark Side and Arsen AKA The König Monster, but we haven't seen a band that truly plays as such. Will we ever see a resurgence of the movement? We'd love to. I hope you really enjoyed this special post. We'll be back in august because we haven't yet finished our summer vacations haha. Cheers and stay tuned because more surprises are coming. Kisses and hugs!

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  1. Carl Johnson is a bunch of 19-year old Russian kids and they play the closest thing to this style that I've heard in quite some time.