Monday, March 19, 2018

Fresh! Volume One tape compilation

Featured bands: Result Of Choice, Sin Cave, Bacchae, Body Pressure, Khiis, Krimewatch, Luxe, Screw, Subspace, Prison, Big Boss, Mace, Outskirts, Tosser, Flower (USA), Rapture  and Game (UK).

Coucou, les! We're back with a quick update since long time ago. We recently found this impressive hardcore punk compilation made by Teeny Tiny Records, a newly established New York City-based record label (I think the mastermind behind this project is Krimewatch's vocalist). So, this collection contains some of the best female-fronted hardcore punk bands nowadays. Indeed, you'll find here some of our best picks of 2017 such as Firewalker, Krimewatch and Game. This compilation also features new tracks that each band will eventually release this year. As you may know, here in the blog we do encourage and celebrate female pressence in hardcore. It's more needed than ever, so I hope this motivates more womyn to form hardcore bands and voice their opinion. On the other hand, I really liked the content since the bands explore different tunes like NY and Boston HC styles, d-beat à l'americaine, and riot grrrl mostly. And, the british musical outfits make two fantastic covers of Agnostic Front (USA) and Siekiera (Poland), two all-time hardcore classics. Finally, go and listen to this. If you're interested in, get your physical copy here. We'll be back next week with two brand new mini-special posts. Their content shares some similarities with this compilation. Did you already get the idea? I certainly hope so. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

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