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Amenazas / Sinnaciön / Pesticida SS / Huasipungo 4-way split
Featured bands: Amenazas, Pesticida SS (Colombia), Sinnaciön (France) and Huasipungo (USA).

Coucou, les! We're back with another quick update. Last week, our friends from Ruido Total Discos (France/Colombia) released the digital edition of this upcoming 4-way split. The physical edition is expected to be published in late August. The mastermind behind this project was the main vocalist of Amenazas (who also owns Maldito Sudaca Records) and the artwork was made by one of the members of Pesticida SS. As a curious fact, the hanged men are a priest, a politician, a police officer and one member of illegal groups in Colombia. Also, the executioner is hanging a business man, whose apparel resembles somewhat to the business man's featured in the front cover of Anthrax's Capitalism Is Cannibalism (Crass Records, 1982), an all-time classic british anarcho-punk opus.  

Now, the featured bands have already appeared here in the blog. Firstly, we have our! of Amenazas. This band recently released their long-awaited debut self-titled EP (if you want to read the review, click here) and we've exceedingly wrote about them in different colombian hardcore punk-related posts.  So, they're back with their Ruido y Memoria (Noise and Memory in Spanish) stance along with their brutal swedish d-beat-influenced hardcore punk interpretation. This time, they're more outspoken denouncing the horrors sowed and collected in the colombian inner armed conflict. Indeed, the featured tracks deal with some obscure and shameful massacres which, most of them, are still unpunished today. We all know the actors/actresses of these nonsensical campaigns of doom. They can't fool us anymore...Finally, their sound is much faster and advanced than previous works but without leaving aside the magical and visceral touch of latin american hardcore bands. 

Secondly, we have our also! of Sinnaciön, colombianxs exiled in France. It's been a long time since I have news from them. I think I haven't wrote anything about them since the blog is in english. Following their amazing self-titled (2015), they shared a split with Muerte Cotidiana (Spain) in 2016 and contributed different tracks to some international hardcore compilations (most of them already available here in the blog).  For this record, the band has experienced a pretty considerable evolution but their d-beat (mostly swedish and japanese) roots are still intact. Also, the lyrics are more outspoken dealing with how our fucked-up life is, the inner armed conflict in Colombia, unjust labor laws, drug and oil wars, etc. And, there's an impressive cover to Dexconcierto's Sin Nacionalidad, an all-time classic in the Punk Medallo style (the original colombian hardcore punk sound). Finally, I'd like to receive more news from this band but they're currently on a sort of "indefinite hiatus" since their bass player returned to Colombia and is also playing with Amenazas. We'll just have to wait what will happens next...

Next, in the third place, we have Pesticida SS from Ipiales, a city in the south of Colombia near to the border with Ecuador. They appeared a year and a half ago in an entry dedicated to the best colombian picks of 2016 in a compilation named Histeria Colectiva I, which compiled other hardcore punk bands from their native city. You can refresh your memory by clicking here.  Among all the featured bands, this one particularly caught my attention since it's not really common seeing hardcore bands from that part of the country. Also, their musical execution, heavily inspired by classic d-beat outfits such as Shitlickers (Sweden), Disclose (Japan) and Besthöven (Brazil), is amazing and has nothing to envy to other national "disclones" out there. Finally, their lyrics are also politically-charged dealing with issues such as war, despair and misery, among others. I'll definitely try to be more aware of the scene in the south of Colombia after recalling this kind of bands. Kudos for that. 

Last but not least, we have Huasipungo, one of the most influential US-based latinx/chicanx hardcore punk bands in the 90s. We already have written about them in our infamous yet successful Más Allá De Los Gritos! 90s U.S.-based Latino and Chicano Hardcore Punk bands special post. You can read the original review by clicking here. For this record, Huasipungo bring their iconic hardcore style with the perfect mix of north american and latin american old school hardcore punk styles with politically-charged spanish lyrics dealing with issues such as immigration, xenophobia, racism, and other topics still relevant today. It seems like they have unveiled some cryptic tracks from two decades ago but fortunately they're brand new. I'm glad they're back. And, oh! yes, I forgot to mention in the original entry that their main vocalist is from Colombia. How could I forget that? Mmm...yes...I know why...

Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to this amazing 4-way split and either download it for free or paying the price you consider right. And, of course, when we get our physical copy, it will be immediately uploaded here in the blog. I know I still owe you the physical editions of most of the compilations and splits published by Ruido Total Discos so far but I'm still working on it and I'll try to fulfill my promise shortly after acquiring this 4-way split.  Don't forget to read the original reviews here, here, here, here and here for refreshing your memory. Highly recommended. Enjoy and see you next time. Kisses and hugs!

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Some Flowers For The Ancient Yugoslavia: 80s ex-yugoslavian hardcore punk special post. Second and final part.

Note: Nikolai Lutohin (1932-2000) was such a good sci-fi artist. Check him out.

Coucou, les! We're finally back with the second entry of our ex-yugoslavian hardcore punk in the 80s special post. I'm deeply sorry for pushing, pushing and pushing this entry over an over again (we started more than a month ago) but I've had some technical issues and other affaires in the real world as well. Thank you for your patience. I'll be quick this time, so no more current news for the moment. Lastly, I'd also like to thank Terminal Escape, Bayonet Massacre, Music Not Noize, Degen Erik and CRNA HRONIKA blogs for providing most of the featured files and their respective download links. All the credits go to them (Thank you so much, pals!). I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more surprises. With all that written, let's begin.

Buka I Urlik LP

Featured bands: Necrophilia, Herpes Distress and Solunski Front

An interesting compilation tape originally released back in 1983 by No Profit Tapes and Fuck Off Music and Tapes, two now defunct ex-yugoslavian record labels. There also was a reissue two years later with the same tape format, and Rest In Punk, a spanish record label, released the LP version in 2014 adding some extra tracks absent in the original release. It features the first serbian hardcore bands and is also probably the first compilation of this type ever released in the country. 

Now, this record basically compiles the early recordings from these bands as well as some previously unreleased material. Note that Herpes Distress would eventually change to Distress, meaning that these are the only tracks of the band under their original name (Yes, there are also other compilations this band participated to but it's the same set list) and some of Solunski Front's tracks aren't available on Ne Govori LP (Rest In Punk, 2014), which apparently compiled their entire discography.

Finally, this file contains the LP version. Click on the image for getting it. If you dig the early stages of spanish and italian hardcore scenes in the 80s, for example, you'll dig this collection. Pretty underrated bands, even in their native country. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Izgubljena Alternativa compilation tape

Featured bands: U.B.R., Quod Massacre, Distress, Necrophilia, Solunski Front and Dva Minuta Mrznje.

A pretty rare and not well-known compilation tape released back in 1984 by Bullshit Detector Tapes and No Profit Tapes, both now defunct record labels in Ex-Yugoslavia. It's such a shame that this record didn't receive any reissue nor re-release in recent years. 

Regarding the sound, all the bands play short, fast and loud hardcore punk drawing influences from early british hardcore punk acts such as Chaos UK or Disorder but I think the musical execution is more raw and dissonant. The sound is probably somewhere between early stages of d-beat mixed with american hardcore of the time but the iconic "balkan" element predominates. And, yes, these musical groups were angry as fuck (You know, hardcore punks in Ex-Yugoslavia had many heavy social, political and economical issues for being pissed off with). 

Finally, click on the image for downloading this record. The file contains the artwork, layouts, inserts and lyrics' sheet. Sadly, there's no official english translation of the lyrics, so you must know either serbian, slovenian or croatian languages for understanding the writings. I'd really appreciate a little help out there. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Zagreb '85 compilation tape

Featured bands: Patareni, Blitzkrieg, Z.R.M., Krivo Srastanje, G.B.M., Frustracija, K.S.O. and Le Cinema & Mira. 

A pretty interesting croatian hardcore punk compilation released back in 1995 by Falšanja Kol'ko'š Records, a local record label owned by members of Patareni (one of the first grindcore bands in Ex-Yugoslavia, an also pretty influential in the development of the subgenre). Despite the release date of this record, it contains recordings from 1985 and, yes, you guessed right, most of them are previously unreleased material and exclusive for this release.

Regarding the sound, it's pretty varied. For example, you'll note that Patareni's sound is not as heavy and overwhelming as later recordings but it's still fast and frantic, just like many proto-grindcore acts of their time; Next, we have Blitzkrieg, G.B.M., Frustracija, Z.R.M., 4 bands that never released a record but contributed different tracks to many ex-yugoslavian hardcore and punk comps. Yes, there's a Blitzkrieg's discography but it was released in 2015. Their sound is closer to traditional punk in the vein of The Ramones or Television. Not bad but it is definitely not my cup of tea at all; Krivo Srastanje is a pretty rare and unknown hardcore act that doesn't have anything to envy to other ex-yugoslavian acts of the time such as U.B.R. or Stres D.A. Unfortunately, there's no material available from them besides the featured tracks in here. 

And, last but not least, Le Cinema was a new wave band that got some moderate mainstream success in their local country. For this record, they contributed 3 tracks with Mira Furlan on vocals, a well-known croatian pop superstar who also was an actress in american productions such as Babylon 5 and Lost. These songs would be the perfect soundtrack when you realize grindcore has no meaning at all and hang yourself afterwards. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading this record. I must admit it's not the best compilation I've posted so far but try to find the charm at the end of the rainbow. Highly recommended (though). Enjoy!    
C'est La Yugoslavie compilation tape

Featured bands: Quod Massacre, U.B.R., Necrophilia, Solunski Front, Distress, Sköl, Opasne Igre and Niet.   

Another pretty rare and not well-known compilation from the Ex-Yugoslavia. I don't know which record label originally released it. Judging by the name, it could've been published in France but I'm not pretty sure. The only thing I know it's from 1985 and that's all. Also, the featured tracks are either demo or live performances, most of them previously unreleased or alternate outtakes, and, yes, they're exclusive for this release. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading it. The file contains the artwork, layouts and inserts. I found quite interesting the sound of this record, although it's not as sharp as you'd expect. Pay attention to Sköl, Opasne Igre and Niet, since they're underrated bands and unfairly overshadowed by local counterparts such as U.B.R. or Quod Massacre which had more international  recognition. Solid and pretty neat 80s balkan hardcore punk style at its finest. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Nema Vopija Nedeljom Uveče compilation tape

Featured bands: S.D.T., AIDS, BES, Opasne Igre, Patareni, Guiseppe Carabino, Proces, Disinfect, S.O.R., K.B.O.!, Yugoslav Sun, Idioti, W.S.W., Old Bone and Sir Winston Thrash (ha ha ha BEST NAME EVER).

Another pretty rare and not well-known compilation from the Ex-Yugoslavia containing rare, unreleased and exclusive tracks of most of the featured bands. It was released back in 1986 by No Profit Tapes.

Regarding the sound, most of the bands play hardcore punk in the same vein as other local and more well-known acts such as Quod Massacre, U.B.R. and Stres D.A. but there are some exceptions. For example, Patareni is more in the vein of grindcore, Yugoslav Sun is your new balkan pop/rock idol, AIDS will recall you why The Ramones are dead for good, and both Old Bone and Sir Winston Thrash demonstrate that there's always space for comedy in hardcore.

Finally, click on the image for downloading this record. Pay attention to this interesting collection, above all the lo-fi and minimalist sound. It's a 80s hc/punk comp, what else could you expect? Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Beograd Hardcore '86/'87 No. 2 compilation tape

Featured bands: Tutto Colori, Codex Of Death, Orthodox Christians, Thrash Again and D.L.H.

A cryptic yet amazing serbian hardcore compilation that shouldn't be missed out. This is the second and last part of the Beograd Hardcore '86/'87 compilation series released by Bojkot Tapes in 1987.  
Unlike other featured ex-yugoslavian bands so far, these ones were much faster and intense. Indeed, they were more akin to thrashcore and proto-grindcore sound with a more advanced musical execution. Think of european and asian acts of time such as Lärm, B.G.K. (Netherlands), Rapt (France), Negazione (Italy), Heresy, Ripcord (UK) and Nightmare (Japan), for naming a few, as a reference. If you dig extreme hardcore punk, you'll definitely love these musical outfits from the Balkans.

Finally, click on the image for downloading it. For some reason, the Thrash Again's tracks are mysteriously absent. I do not know if the person who extracted the files forgot to include them or the original tape didn't actually featured them despite being mentioned (this latter option isn't quite probable but who knows, it's a 31 year old record (like me ha!)). I'll try to get a copy and extract the files myself in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Divlji Cvetovi compilation tape!nPAhmLVUb/v-a-divlji-cvetovi-cass-1987-rar?showDialog=1

Featured bands: No Passaran, Himmelstrasse, Genevan Decree, Spuš, Incest, Pandoras Shit Box (ha ha ha nice name!), K.B.O.!, W.S.W., Thrash Again, Rubbishmen Alternative Jazz and C.Z.D.

Another cryptic ex-yugoslavian compilation released back in 1987 by Phantom Tapes, a short-lived local record label. If you have followed the blog for a while, you've noticed that sometimes when we do feature compilations there are also some non-hardcore punk "special guests" getting infiltrated. Well, this collection is no exception since there are some unexpected surprises.

Firstly, as everyone should have expected, we find traditional hardcore punk bands with some of them (notably Thrash Again) teasing with thrashcore and, secondly, we have things like Rubbishmen Alternative Jazz, which, as their name suggests, is something transcending our limited musical spectrum. Pretty awesome performance I must admit (with some "stolen" riffs from Joy Division's anthem Love Will Tear Us Apart). Also, some bands such as Genevan Decree, No Passaran and Himmelstrasse have some "experimental" songs drifting apart from their hardcore nature. And, last but not least, Pandoras Shit Box define themselves a new concept for spoken word, whilst Spuš plays straightforward post-punk.

Finally, click con the image for downloading this record. The sound is not perfect, though. In fact, the record label admits this impasse. I love their honesty and sincerity. Pretty rare and conceptual. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

BG Revenge - Live tape!KfTjbGUcE/v-a-bg-revenge-live-cass-1988-7z

Featured bands: Tutto Colori, D.L.H., Orthodox Christians (although they're credited here as simply Orthodox), Codex Of Death (although they're credited here as simply Codex O.D.) and Thrash Again.

This compilation tape was released back in 1988 by Big House (the only release of this now defunct ex-yugoslavian record label) and contains some live performances of the featured bands, probably, in their native city, Belgrade (actual Serbia). We've already written about these bands since the five appear on  Beograd Hardcore '86/'87 Vol. 2 and it wouldn't need further explanation. However, I must add that some of the featured tracks on the previous compilation are here, as well as some new ones.
And, yes, the sound is more raw, savage and intense since these are live performances. Finally, click on the image for downloading the record. Don't worry, Thrash Again's tracks are here. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

ZG Noise 88'89'90 compilation tape

Featured bands: Patareni, Buka, Total Moyšt Proyekt or simply T.M.P. (Do not confuse it with the german band Total Mosh Process - T.M.P.), OK Tigar, Duo Extrawurst, Insidious Anal Homicide, Milozwook Sentiš Band and Debilana. 

We finally conclude this special post with an outstanding grindcore compilation released back in 1997 by Falšanja Kol'ko'š Records. It contains some previously unreleased recordings from 1988 to 1990.  Note that these bands are obscure and not-well known side projects to Patareni. In fact, all of them share the same iconic and brutal sound of this renowned croatian grindcore band (with some slight variants). I'd definitely rename this record as "Patareni et al Noise Force Squad" or something like that. (Yes, I know the name is hideous).

Also, there's a compilation named The Return Of Yugoslavia (Sacro Egoísmo (Austria), 1990), featuring one artist named ZG Noise Forces contributing one track with a length more than 20 minutes. The insert also states that this "artist" actually are assorted tracks from Patareni, Buka, T.M.P., OK Tigar, Duo Extrawurst and Debilana, which aren't included in the tape that I present to you. For some technical issues, The Return...won't be featured in this special post but it could appear in the near future. I'll try to make it real.

Finally, click on the image for downloading this record. A really rare and amazing grindcore jewel with some traits of noise and gore. For your commodity, the tape is bundled on one track. So, it will make easier the process of bleeding your ears and exploding your head with this record. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs! 

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Rest In Power: Kawakami's non-Disclose related side projects

Note: Sadly, I'd be in the depths of hell after the imminent nuclear holocaust :(

Coucou, les! We're back with another update. I'm sorry I couldn't update last weekend but I was busy with Empatía (my new band) live performing in Ibagué. If you're curious enough and want to know about it, there are some videos out there but I'll fully reveal it when the songs we already recorded are mastered and mixed. Just be patient for the official announcement. Also, this week I'll try to complete the yet unfinished 80s ex-yugoslavian hardcore punk special post. I must admit that it's been a tough task since most of the releases are out of print and even unavailable on the Internet but I'm almost finishing it. Don't worry. 

So, in the meantime, I'll feature Kawakami's (R.I.P.) side projects after Disclose's demise. This entry wasn't meant to be here but a little thread discussion was lead by both Disordera Records and Narcosarcasmo (two colombian record labels, already featured here in the blog) owners about Bacteria, a cryptic noisecore outfit made by this "d-beat" master (Thank you for the inspiration, homies!). So, in the aforementioned thread, I confused it with Takeshi's (from C.F.D.L.) side project of the same name but I made my research and eureka! I found it. I also recalled some other similar hardcore punk, noise and experimental side projects and decided to feature them here in the blog since they're fairly unknown and not so common for this site's standards. I even bet many diehard fans of Kawakami (R.I.P.) aren't aware of their existence. Ha!.

Finally, I also was considering writing about Disclose but I will do it in another entry with other purposes. And, well, as you must already know among all "dis-clones" and "d-beat" worshipers out there, Disclose is reaaaalllllyyyyy well-known and popular. Everyone's mad about them but me. Ha ha ha. With all that written, let's begin. 

Bacteria - 28 trax demo CD/LP!78RgWJqJ!RHaxhL8Yb4_ICuizH8CaKBfQqH2BQUknbDRnBJ-g7_Y

This rare yet "brutiful" noisecore masterpiece was recorded back in 1994, the same year Disclose released, IMHO, their masterpiece: the Tragedy LP (Overthrow Records, Japan). And, yes, as a curious fact: the infamous american crustcore band took their name from this chef-d'œuvre. However, these demo tracks didn't see the light until 2015 when Dan-Doh Records (a japanese record label) released it on CD format. It also was re-released on LP format the next year by Regurgitated  Semen Records in Germany. 

Now, regarding the sound, Bacteria, unlike Kawakami's (R.I.P.) other Discharge tribute band, is pure fuckin' noisecore. Indeed, you'll find in here influences from Sore Throat (UK), Fear Of God (Switzerland) and Seven Minutes Of Nausea (Australia), for naming a few. The album's length is only 16 minutes, pretty accurate for the standards of this infamous grindcore variant. I completely dig this record due to the display of violence and hate, pretty different to Disclose's traditional trademark sound. I can't even imagine what would have happened if this demo was released back in the 90s...

Finally, click on the image for downloading this rare and cryptic jewel. This is the original CD version. Note that it's one track since I had serious difficulties trying to rip the album. But don't worry, this fact won't ruin the musical experience. I think it will enhance it. Also, the artwork, inserts and layouts are included in the file but lyrics' sheet is absent. This is completely unnecessary since most of the tracks are way too short and all of them make different references to pain, war, diseases and misery, etc. like any other generic hardcore punk band does, right? Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Insane Youth A.D. Wild Things / Crucified By The Ka-Kämi - Just Wanna Be Myself / Crucified By The Ka-Kämi split 7"!DlAlmT7Z!UZgI9RSe-2LO9Z1PUiQOzm7Zvc-ANPHzqoaN6Kw2rhI 

An impressive split 7" released by Dan-Doh Records in 1999. The first band, Insane Youth A.D. Wild Things is a japanese hardcore band that released a pretty extensive discography, even they shared a split with Disclose (MCR Company (Japan), 1993). For this record, they display short, fast and loud music with a particular mix of both japanese crust and thrashcore of their time (somewhere between Gloom and Systematic Death) and also there are some cool metallic guitar riffs. Pretty solid stuff. 

And, last but not least, Crucified By The Ka-Kämi is a short-lived hardcore project with this split as the only official release. It follows the same path traced by Disclose but, the musical execution also somewhat reminded me of an eventual blueprint for future american crustcore bands such as Tragedy and From Ashes Rise. Neat. For this side project, Kawakami (R.I.P.) is credited as Filthy Anus, one of the three aliases used for releasing his non-Disclose related side projects.

Finally, click on the image for downloading this record. The file contains the artwork, inserts, layouts and lyrics' sheet. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Blackgoat AKA Goatworshipper!34g0VbTB!liOWp1u-t57uC5IBnKKIEk8J3CUUqi_cf54Fmla97ZI

Both names were the last two aliases of Kawakami (R.I.P.). For these side projects, the "d-beat" master followed the same noisy path established by the previous band but also added some black metal toppings into the repertory, as well as satanist references and imagery. However, I do think the noise elements are prevalent above all. Don't worry, it's still obscure enough. 

Regarding the sound, unlike other japanese harsh noise and power electronics projects, these two outfits were more influenced by The Rita, Knurl (Canada) and Goat (USA) with a more "dark" approach as already stated above. Also, note that this material was released posthumously: Sabbatic 5 Goat EP as Blackgoat (Smell The Stench (Australia), 2007), The Blackgoat Mass as Blackgoat AKA Goatworshpper (Deathrash Armageddon (Japan), 2007) and Blackgoat Harshnoise demo CD-R as Goatworshipper  (Smell The Stench, 200x).

Finally, click on the image for downloading the material mentioned in the previous paragraph. Note that The Blackgoat Mass is one mp3 file with a length of more than 30 minutes (!). I didn't rip both tracks individually because I think your BDSM sessions or isolated yet introspective lonely moments inside a dark room will be more comfortable with this soundtrack made in the depths of hell. You're welcome, naughty and kinky If you remember outfits such as Vermapyre (Belgium), Broken Cross (Sweden) and OEDE (Norway), already featured in our infamous yet successful Holy Terror special post, Blackgoat AKA Goatworshipper is definitely for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

A Tribute To Kawakami: 1971 - 2007

Featured bands: Blackgoat, Audiocum (France), Gruuthaagy (Croatia) and Stirner (Netherlands) 

We finally conclude this entry with an awesome tribute to the "d-beat" master, released on digital format by Smell The Stench in 2007. This record features previously unreleased tracks that were meant to be released as splits tapes/CD-Rs with Blackgoat but it wasn't possible due to Kawakami's (R.I.P.) death in 2007. So, you'll find in here pure harsh noise and power electronics and it's unnecessary to do further explanations about it. Just listen to it. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to the offical bandcamp account where you can get access to this awesome tribute. I hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I did preparing it. Stay tuned for more surprises. Until the next time. Kisses and hugs!