Friday, November 30, 2018

The Ultimate Screamo Mixtape

Featured bands: Wherebirdsmeettodie, Kishote, To Be Gentle, Elle, To Be Gentle, Boneflower, Lentic Waters, Sans Visage, The Ultimate Screamo Band, The Longer We Stray From The Light, Canine, Descubriendo A Mr. Mime, Respire, Absent, I Hate Sex, Heavy Weather, Jet Black, The Tidal Sleep, Shizune, Viva Belgrado, Bria Tharen, They Sleep We Live, Frail Body, Keyes, Knarre, Fallow, A City Sorrow Built, Closer, Tenue, Rha., Rend, Barrow, Drei Affen, Comadre, Crowning, NIBOOWIN, Terry Green, Vientre, Anteater, Aviator, Escapado, Les Mauvais Jours, When All We Love Is Lost, Øjne.       
Release date: November 30, 2018 (Digital edition)

Coucou, les! We're back with another quick update. Just like the previous post, I also was wondering why there hasn't been more emo/screamo-related compilations lately. So, the broken and deaf heavens somewhat heared my pleadings out and I discovered this amazing international sampler curated by someone in Hanover, Germany which was also released today in digital edition. And that was only a few hours ago...Nice. 

Now, you'll find in here more than 30 bands around the world playing this brand of emotionally-driven hardcore punk known as screamo (or skramz for the trve kvlt connaisseurs). The musical execution is a mix of both chaotic and melodic music with political and personally-charged lyrics. Indeed, many of these acts are fairly renowed since they're one of the most representative nowadays in the subgenre such as Comadre (USA), Drei Affen (Spain), Øjne, Shizune (Italy) and The Ultimate Screamo Band (Canada), for naming a few. But there are also some emerging acts such as Respire (Canada), Kishote (Germany), Tenue (Spain) and Elle (USA), and, of course, Vientre from Colombia, which has been one of best our picks in prior years. I'm glad south american bands are getting attention abroad but there are more hidden jewels within these lands of tropical anarchy...

Finally, click on the image where you'll get redirected to the official bandcamp account and listen to this amazing sampler. Try also to look for each band's individual works and support them. It's totally worth it. I hope to see in the near future more compilations like these ones with more south american and south east asian bands. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs! 

Friday, November 23, 2018

V/A Grind Your Teeth To This - A Grindcore / Powerviolence Compilation

V/A Grind Your Teeth To This - A Grindcore / Powerviolence Compilation

Label: Bruxism Records (Austria). 
Featured bands: Cavernicular, Ape Unit, Failure (Italy), Travølta (Belgium), Harm Done (France), Grudge!, Povarotti, Cumbomb, Durry (Australia), Slund (Slovenia), Grin And Bear It, Escuela, Terrorain (USA), EdxKemper (Greece), Porifice (Switzerland), Holy Grinder, Uncle Ray (Canada), Famine, Hack Job (UK), Wreck (Germany) and Jack (Hungary).      
Format: CD/Digital.
Country: Austria.
Release date: May 26, 2018 (Both physical and digital editions)

Coucou, les! We're back with another unexpected entry. I've been thinking about lots of random stuff lately and also realized something: the blog needs more grindcore and powerviolence-related entries. Ha ha even more? Sure, why not? So, this compilation is simply perfect for those effects. Indeed, this humble CD compilation contains some of the most relevant european, american and even oceanic extreme hardcore bands nowadays. I know it's kinda difficult to make a collection like this one (For example, some latin american and asian (notably from the south east) bands are missing) but you'll be really pleased with the content. And yes, don't worry since I have some other surprises baking in the oven for completing the absences.

Lastly, I'll make a little review of each band individually for remarking some relevant information about them. Don't forget to click on the image above for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to/download this record, as well as clicking on each band's images below for knowing their more recent works. It's worth it. Stay also tuned for the upcoming entries during the next weeks before this fucked up year comes to an end. With all that written, let's begin.  



This Palermo-based band has a pretty good mix of crust, grindcore and powerviolence. Indeed, the musical style is tight and straight to the point (like it always should be) with both gutural and screamed vocals alike. You can imagine somewhere between Magrudergrind and Disrupt but a little bit less metallic. It's been awhile since we feature grindviolence outfits like this one. Nice. Finally, their more recent split with their german homologues Violent Frustration is clearly a must. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Ape Unit

This musical outfit from Cuneo is really, really dope. Unlike most of the featured bands in the compilation, this one is a little bit more experimental. Indeed, they have a pretty good mix of grindcore and powerviolence with lots of noise, dissonance and complex execution. The band itself mentions a cross between Terrorizer, Siege and Napalm Death with The Jesus Lizard and Arab On Radar. Awesome. They also reminded somewhat me of 90s outfits such as Melt Banana, The Locust and even Usurp Synapse but with a more "true" grindcore attitude. Finally, their more recent split with UK grind heroes Horsebastard is pretty good. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


When I was in Europe two years ago, someone mentioned me that Italia had pretty interesting powerviolence outfits. I wasn't really convinced by such statement at the time but right now I have to admit I was completely wrong. This Northern Italian musical group plays short, fast and loud powerviolence with some eventual slow breakdowns and some more "pure" thrashcore feel à la Scholastic Deth as well. If you enjoy acts such as Fissure, Goolagoon (US) and Gets Worse (UK), this one is for you. Finally, this 7" EP was meant to appear in our best picks of last year but you know how oblivious I am. Ha! Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


I've also been aware of the current explosion of hc/punk bands coming from Belgium and this one is pretty exceptional. How cooler can be a band using the altered surname of a renowed italoamerican actor with his archnemesis in awful 90s movies in one image? Only this one, for sure. Regarding the sound, Travølta draws influences from crust, grindcore, powerviolence and thrashcore with, of course, the dark and sarcastic touch the whole powerviolence subgenre is known for. Finally, they have an awesome split with Marxbros (Featuring Paul and Olav (ex-members of dutch hardcore legends Lärm) and Chris Dodge (ex-member of different influential powerviolence acts such as Infest, Hellnation and Spazz, among others)) released last year through To Live A Lie Records (USA) (Gosh!, how could I miss it), which I highly recommend you. Nice. Enjoy!


Harm Done

Our friends from Nantes are still active and stronger than ever. Indeed, they constantly tour through Europe (and even they also went to Japan) and released an amazing split with Sex Prisoner from the US late 2017 (I know, I know, shame on me because I didn't properly featured it like it deserved). Now, Harm Done still manages their iconic mix of powerviolence and metallic hardcore displaying a superb violent musical execution with relentless chugga chugga like breakdowns, unmerciful blast beats and nihilistic and obscure-charged lyrics. You know, like some infamous american jockviolence acts such as Weekend Nachos and Sex Prisoner. Finally, their vocalist's record label, Straight & Alert, is sadly coming to an end and all the distro is on sale so, you could get a physical copy of their more recent material at a good price. Hurry up and do it while you can. Highly recommended. Enjoy!



For a strange reason, I haven't been so aware of australian hc/punk spectrum nowadays. Grudge! still does retain somehow the spirit of some classic local acts such as Extortion and Rupture but with a more modern hardcore execution and there's also a slight crossover touch. Finally, their splits with local powerviolence warriors Povarotti (also featured here in the compilation) and Disparo! (sadly now defunct) are a must. Aye, mate! Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Unlike Grudge!, Povarotti is a little bit more grindviolence-oriented with not so much fuzz and groove in their repertory. Just violent music for smashing your face in the window. They reminded me a lot of some acts from South America like Chulo (Colombia) and Beatriz Carnicero (Uruguay) but less frantic. Just a little bit. Don't worry. I guess I have nothing more to add. Finally, their more recent work named Human, is a pretty good example of what's going on right now with both grindcore and powerviolence in Australia. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Cumbomb is one of those acts you either love it or hate it. Indeed, this grindcore outfit blends the best elements of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Napalm Death's iconic savoir faire with the irreverent and fuck you all attitude of The Meatmen. Indeed, their lyrics are full of sarcasm, dark humour and parodies of anything outside. And...yes... they can also remind you somewhat of Anal Cunt. Well, it's not as "incorrect" like this infamous bostonian act but Cumbomb could be a problem for those people trying to be as "politically correct" as possible behind their PCs. Is this the hero we need but we don't deserve? I'm still trying to answer that...Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


What would you think about a band affirming that they are pioneers of a cryptic hardcore subgenre labeled as "Cracked Core"? Yes, they're rad as fuck. Durry follows the steps of some all-time classic powerviolence outfits such as Rupture and Extortion. Indeed, their music is full of hate, sarcasm and weird attitudes. I have to remark their more recent work Muzz With The Duzz, which is plagued with strange audio samplers and the iconic slang from their homeland. In general terms, pure 90s grindcore and powerviolence styles, chums. I'm glad these kind of acts spawn from that mysterious land of Vegemite, ancient oceanic gods' elixir made pâte à tartiner for humanity, and death by rabid koalas (No joking). Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Ah, Slovenia...What kind of unknown monsters to mankind you spawn? Slund is just an incomplete yet satisfying answer to that. This band is pure fuckin' grind with a musical execution reminiscent of classic outfits such as Nasum (Sweden), Carcass (UK), Last Days Of Humanity (Netherlands) and, yes, Agoraphobic Nosebleed (USA). Indeed, their music is relentless and fast as fuck. Even there are some crust, sludge and powerviolence elements into their repertory for making an unique sonic madness that surely pleases grindcore enthusiasts. Holy fuck. I loved this band. Finally, they have recently released one split with belgian legends Agathocles. Pure gold. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   


Grin And Bear It

Historically speaking, Cleveland has been home to great metallic hardcore acts such as Integrity but this band is just one of the few exceptions to the rule. Grin And Bear It plays short, fast and loud grindviolence, pretty similar to both Magrudergrind and Insect Warfare. Indeed, there are some healthy dozes of death metal, sludge, noise and powerviolence for creating a devastating musical execution, not recommended for the faint of heart. Even some songs try to break the mould with some audacious and unorthodox structure that somewhat reminded me of Daughters and Locust. Dope as fuck. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

One of the few female-fronted grindcore acts featured here in the compilation. This Ithaca-based band is pure fuckin' chaos. Indeed, they mix both grindcore and powerviolence but with anabolic steroids. That's why everyone's been talking about them since awhile. Their lyrics are politically-charged with outspoken and no remorse stances dealing with capitalism, police brutality, insecurity and gentrification, among others. Oh, and I almost forgot, their vocalist and drummer have latinx ascendency. Cool. If you dig female-fronted grindcore acts such as Cyness and Lycanthrophy, Escuela is for you. Nice. Highly recommended. Enoy! 


(Warning: Do not confuse it with the late 80s UK hardcore act of the same name). And the last american band featured in the compilation is a fairly new outfit from Florida. Unlike their counterparts, Terrorain is more powerviolence-oriented with the modern touch that some american acts like Sex Prisoner and Weekend Nachos have put on the table. And, yes, some slight grindcore elements are present too. Imagine a cross between Hellnation and Brutal Truth. Finally, they have recently recorded one cover of one of The Ramones' songs for an upcoming tribute album but I'll give you details of that in other opportunity. Highly recommended. Enjoy!



I'm hearing some greek hardcore punk and post-punk acts lately and also must admit these acts caught my attention. EdxKemper also is no exception and their style is fantastic. This Athens-based act draws influences from death metal, grindcore, crust and powerviolence and their lyrics are filled with gore, violence and other hateful elements worthy for a b-movie soundtrack. I think they reminded me of a mix of Disrupt, Insult and Carcass. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   



Well, I have to admit some grindcore subgenres are a little bit obsessed with, let's say, more eschatological and morbid elements. This Swiss band is a clear example of that and probably is the oldest band featured in the compilation since they haven't released something new since almost ten years ago as well. Now, Porifice's style is pure goregrind following the savoir faire imposed by Carcass many decades ago but the vocal style is closer to the disturbing pig squealing some goregrind and porngrind add to their repertory. Not my cup of tea but there's some intriguing morbo behind it (Ha ha ha :( ). Finally, if you dig bands like Regurgitate, Machetazo, Cattle Decapitation, Haemorrhage and Impetigo, this band is for you. Absolutely not for the faint of heart, mind and "soul". Pretty nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Holy Grinder 

Alongside Escuela (USA), Holy Grinder from Canada is the other female-fronted grindcore band featured here in the compilation. Regarding the sound, this Toronto-based act has a particular style mixing noise, grindcore and powerviolence. Indeed, you can imagine some infamous 80s japanoise acts like Masonna playing grindviolence. Something a little bit closer to what Merzbow and Full Of Hell made some years ago (Their infamous split is also available here in the blog). Finally, their lyrics and political stances are linked to the LGBTiQA community in the same vein as their american experimental grindcore counterparts +HIRS+.  And, yes, this band released one split with Agathocles too. Nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Uncle Ray

The last canadian band featured here in the compilation is also a grindviolence devotee. This band will surely remind you of renowned acts like Magrudergrind, Hatred Surge and Extortion but you'll also find in their repertory some slower breakdowns in the same vein as Sex Prisoner and Weekend Nachos. Finally, they're currently working on a new split with our friends of Errante from Colombia. The info will be released anytime soon and I'll keep you updated. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  



If you've been reading the blog, you must already know we've exceedingly wrote about the intriguing and powerful New Wave of British Hardcore - NWOBHC but we haven't properly wrote about the other side of the coin yet. Famine plays straightforward grindcore mixed with powerviolence just like many renowed local acts such as BOAK, Gets Worse and Mangle. So, you can't expect anything more than speed and frenzy. Finally, they have recently released one split with german legends Satanic Malfunctions. What else could you ask for? Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Hack Job

The last british band featured here in the compilation is also part of this new blood of grindcore and powerviolence in their native country. Well, not so new but there aren't many band like this one in the UK. So, their style is no different to their other local grindviolence counterparts (some of them mentioned in the last paragraph) but I must admit their duet vocal style à la Spazz is something to remark to. Finally, they haven't released anything new since a while ago so, I'd like to hear more news coming from this band soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 



Germany has also some sort of grindcore and powerviolence tradition but, for a strange reason, I haven't seen so many bands like this one since long time ago. But, gladly, this Giessen / Hessen-based act is something to remark to. Regarding the sound, it's pure grindviolence with social and political-charged lyrics. Just like that. If you want a reference, south american bands like Chulo, ZEN/AKU (Colombia), Primitivo, Odioso Dios (Argentina) and, of course, german bands like Chevin and Wølfenstein (sadly now defunct) will surely come to mind. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 



Last but not least, we conclude this entry with this amazing hungarian band. It's been a while since I get to listen to bands from this eastern european country and I am really pleased with Jack. Their musical style reminded me of different classic grindcore (in the vein of crustgrind and mincecore styles) like Agathocles (Belgium), Disrupt (USA), Nasum (Sweden), ROT (Brazil) and Seven Minutes of Nausea (Australia) for naming a few. Finally, their more recent split with Meth Leppard from Australia is definitely a must. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!