Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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Featured bands: Trau, Aspirina Infantil, Net Weight, Usura, Eskoria, Orden Mundial, Crash, Dismotosierra, Beastie Brutal Music Explosion, Motorhashy, La Abeja Maya, Skipho, Los Nikelas, Decraneo, Guadaña, Trance, Mostros, Quatermass, Cicuta Para Mi, Fast Idiots, Desenterradas, D.M.C., Motor 49, 4 Latas and Tildaflipers (Vol. I); Legión, 45 RPM, Come Animal!, Los Turkos, 13/14, Hombre Lobo Internacional, Dos Kinien, Riot Cats, Blunt, Roña, Orquídea, POU, Iron Merda, F.E.M.S., I.S.D., DX Cerebros, Wasted, Broken Youth, Tigre Jet Jr., Fast Food Society, Ystad, III Guerra, Germen, Fracàs Absolut, Pantalla, A La Puta Kalle, Alterkado Sonoro and Rudething (Vol. II).  

Coucou, les! We're back with another short yet unexpected entry. As you may know, I previously announced you I was working on new entries that will be unveiled throughout the week. Well, I'm still having some problems getting more information for "polishing" them so, I'll start publishing the first one during the next week. I'm sorry if you had high hopes or expectations about those surprise posts but you know I always try to give you the best content as possible. Patience is a virtue...Sure thing...

Now, the other day I was thinking about the possibilities of life's destruction while listening to Orden Mundial's Porque Las Drogas Son Veneno LP (No, this entry isn't sponsored by the band nor the record label behind these compilations) and I was wondering: "How's the hardcore/punk scene in Palma de Mallorca?" I did some research and I found this interesting compilation series whose 2 volumes were released by 1984 Records (Spain) in 2014 and 2018, respectively, that cleared my doubts. Note that both records are currently sold-out and getting a decent physical copy (notably the first one) is kinda hard. 

Regarding the sound, it does feature mostly hardcore punk (most notably old-school, melodic hardcore, thrashcore, d-beat and crust-influenced bands) and punk rock (most notably post-punk, traditional punk and punk ibérico enthusiasts). I really liked the content since it's pretty varied. Note that the first volume does feature recordings made back in 2012 with some rare, exclusive and previously unreleased tracks, for example, Beastie Brutal Music Explosion's contributed one, whose instrumental only experimental hardcore punk touch really caught my attention. 

The second volume, on the other hand, also does feature some rare and previously unreleased tracks (exclusive for this release) as well as some tracks taken from some of the artist's most recent works such as POU and Pantalla, for example. I also liked the Side B rather than the first because it's more hardcore-related and most of the bands play fast as fuck. Amongst all of these bands, Rudething impressed me a lot. Not only because it is instrument-only but also has a strange musical execution that reminded me of 90s post-hardcore bands like Drive Like Jehu with all that noise and fuzz. Pretty good.   

Finally, I really liked both records because of the musical variety with both fast and slow-paced bands. I think the first volume pleased me the most (notably bands like Desenterradas, Usura, Orden Mundial, Beastie Brutal Music Explosion, Net Weight, Trance, Trau and Aspirina Infantil) but I won't deny the second one also does have great bands like POU, Pantalla Germen, III Guerra, Iron Merda and Fracàs Absolut, for example. Nonetheless, there were only a few exceptions that really bored me to death (I won't give names. Ha!) but I'd highly recommend this compilation series. For sure. I hope this year a third volume containing more majorcan bands will be released. I can assure you that Palma de Mallorca's hardcore/punk scene has nothing to envy to the other ones scattered throughout the Iberian Peninsule.  

Lastly, click on each image for downloading both records. Our anonymous collaborator/trice codenamed Ariel-451 passed the .mp3 files. I always wonder how does s/he give us such quality material...If you can, try to support each band by getting their respective records as well as these compilations. I'll also try to feature more bands from this region in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next week. Kisses and hugs! 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Some e-mail requests: February 2019

Note: Shaggy, god of life and love, I wanted to see you breaking Scorpion's neck for good on the upcoming next installment of Mortal Kombat. Too bad.

Coucou, les! We're back. I have to admit that I'm still having a mental bloc and some difficulties redacting some of the upcoming entries but some of these ones will be unveiled during the next week. Lord Shaggy, forgive our sins and take care of us all...So, in the meantime, I'll upload some of the recent submissions for reviewing I've received lately via e-mail and the blog's FB fanpage (I'm currently not very active at all but it still is relevant). Thanks for your support. Don't forget that in the "Disclaimer" section you can find how to send your requests. I read all your e-mails and messages, don't worry. With all that written, let's begin.

Criminal Inc. - Origen, Devenir, Y Muerte EP (Live Session)

A pretty interesting band from Santa Marta, Colombia, that I didn't get to know until they sent me this outstanding work. I have to admit that sometimes I do miss this kind of projects because it's nearly impossible to cover everything up. I need to be more aware of these bands the next time... So, Criminal Inc. plays crustgrind  with short, fast and loud songs and, as you may guess, the lyrics are politically-charged dealing with topics such as world domination, nuclear holocaust, territory struggles in the Middle East, capitalism and some mentions to the environmental crisis with Cauca river here in Colombia, among others. I really liked the fact that they used some samplers taken from History Channel and Discovery Channel in spanish (both iberian and latin american) for introducing the subject dealt in each song. Pretty clever. Lastly, if you dig crustgrind bands from Colombia such as Nastiness (Bogota), ANO and Grinding (Medellin) or the bands featured in the 12 Mondakazos 3-way split (all these bands already have been featured here in the blog), Criminal Inc. will please you. I'll patiently wait for their first full-length album. If you want to download and listen to this EP, click on the image above. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Do you remember bands in the same vein as Norma Jean, Poison The Well, The Bled or even Darkest Hour? (Ah, the memories...). Well, this two-man band pays homage to the long forgotten and, surprisingly, underrated mathcore style which briefly caught the mainstream attention with very little and moderate commercial success back in the mid-00s. So, COARSE plays chaotic and distorted metalcore with heavily complex guitar chords and not so orthodox musical execution. This debut EP is completely nuts. I really loved it. Too bad I didn't know it before for including it in our best picks list of 2018. Don't forget to click on the image and listen to this record. Finally, I expect more nes coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

People's Temple Project / Sleeper Wave split
What can I say about this split? Wow, I simply loved it. Indeed, both bands reminded me of early/mid-00s screamo revival acts such as Funeral Diner, Kidcrash and Off Minor, among others. If you know these bands (I certainly hope so), you'll get, in general terms, a cross between melodic and chaotic bursts of emotionally-charged hardcore punk. So, People's Temple Project from NYC, has a mesmerizing mix of the aforementioned revival acts with some post-rock sensibilities, for creating an ambient of fast and slow-paced overlaps. And, last but not least, Sleeper Wave from Indiana has a complex musical instrumentation with jazz and math rock influences but without losing the grip. The dual-vocal style is pretty interesting, though. Finally, click on the image for listening to it. You won't regret it. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Cape Light - A Discography

We conclude this short yet wholesome (Ay, qué rico. Papi! Eheem, ok...) entry. So, as the name suggests, this record compiles all the recordings between 2016 and 2018 released by this impressive japanese screamo act. Indeed, you'll find the tracks taken from their split with 5000 (Japan), 3songs EP (originally released as a CD-R) and their self-titled EP.. Regarding the sound, Cape Light plays straightforward screamo with some emoviolence traits in the same vein as Sans Visage (Japan) or Loma Prieta (US) with noisy, chaotic and relentless musical execution. Oh, and I almost forgot, they share members with Komuso, whose debut EP was picked as one of our best records in 2018 so, you may already know of what all of this is about. Finally, click on the image for listening to this amazing band. You won't regret it. FOF: Careless, Det är därför vi bygger städer and No Omega. Highly recommended. Enjoy and see you next week. Kisses and hugs!