Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Some of your e-mail requests

Coucou, les! We're back with some of your e-mail requests for review submissions in mars and april. I'm sorry I couldn't do this before but I was kinda obssessed with the southeast asian special post and the NWOBHC mini special post, which had a good reception. Thank you. Lastly, this entry will be short yet wholesome. I'll try to publish some of the most recent entries I've been working on lately during the next week because I'm busy than I ever was. Don't forget to click on the images below for listening to/downloading the records. With all that written, let's begin!

Rayleigh - Last Word (Canada) (Zegema Beach Records (Canada))
This is the most recent work from this band from Edmonton. I'm not quite sure if this their second or third EP though. Anyways, I really dig this outfit. Indeed, they do play short, fast and straightforward screamo with some additional complex guitar riffs and chaotic musical execution à la Converge and Full Of Hell. Pretty outstanding the way they do overlap between fast and slow-paced moments in between the songs. So, if you dig less than ten minutes long records, this is definitely for you. Highly recommended. For Fans Of: Itto, Crowning and Mahria. Enjoy!

Apostles of Eris (USA / Canada) / Raining (New Zealand) split (Zegema Beach Records (Canada))

This outstanding split contains two interesting modern screamo bands. Firstly, we have Apostle of Eris. Their style has some ambient and post-rock influences like 00s bands such as Suis La Lune (Sweden) and Envy (Japan). But, unlike these aforementioned acts, they do also some other more "darker" and elements into their repertory. And, their newest vocalist is also the person behind Zegema Beach Records. Cool. Last but not least, we have Raining from New Zealand. I'm not really into bands coming from that part of the world since I don't know them at all. Their style is somewhat eclectic making an interesting mix of screamo with some midwest emo sensibilities (with the jazz-y element included). There's a lot of chaos, fuzz and distortion in the fray. Nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

IEATHEARTATTACKS (Norway) - Please Just Dance Death + Hello Cole Porter 12" LP (Zegema Beach Records (Canada))

So, this is the first LP from this norwegian band. It's also bundled with the remastered edition of Hello Cole Porter, their first EP. So, this band was also a surprise since I do not know many modern screamo outfits coming from Norway. In fact, the style it's not as common as you may think there. Regarding the sound, this band plays like many chaotic and distorted screamo bands in the 00s such as Transistor Transistor and Graf Orlock, whose style had grindcore and crust elements compared to other revival outfits of their time. There's also some air of mathcore in the same vein as The Blood Brothers and Norma Jean in some extent. Good. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Grip (USA) - Early Iteration

A pretty interesting two-man outfit from Philadelphia. When I was reading their e-mail, I noticed that they described their style as "heavy post-hardcore". And what can I say about such statement? Yup, it's true. Indeed, their style has heavy and overwhelming tunes, pretty close to post-metal and sludge styles, and really abrassive and violent in execution like a blackened band in some parts as well. They reminded me of a mix of Isis, Pelican and Thou. Pretty good stuff. I really love when bands push musical boundaries to the limit and it's hard to describe what they are really playing. Oh, and I forgot to mention the drums are programmed. Cool. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 
Tiffo (Brazil)

A pretty outstanding one-man project from Brazil. The mastermind behind this outfit didn't particularly recommended me one of their records in specific (In fact, he has a pretty extensive and prolific discography thus far) so, I guess I'll describe in general terms of what all of this is about. Tiffo has a pretty interesting mix of crust and black metal in their musical repertory (although in most parts the latter is more prominent, notably in later recordings), just like blackened crust acts such as Iskra (Canada) and Gallhammer (Japan) but in some parts it also reminded me of this loved/hated post-black metal and blackgaze trends. Also, their songs have anti-capitalist and anti-fascist stances. Pure RABM for pleasing your ears. Nice. Highy recommended. Enjoy!

МОЧА (Ukraine) - УХОДА-19

We finally conclude this humble entry with this interesting outfit from Ukraine. This band also caught me by surprise because I'm starting getting to know bands coming from their native country. So, МОЧА ("Piss" in ukranian) is more into d-beat-influenced crustcore side of things. There's some interesting touch of metal punk as well. I really liked this outfit because their sound it's a little bit far from the standard sound of the aforementioned musical styles. It was kinda hard trying to associate them to any other outfit. And, also their dark and pessimistic point of view is definitely great. And, in their native language. Cool. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!