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Lost In Umeå Hardcore (90s and 00s period) special post part 3: Garbage Pail Kids, Skümback, Heffa Klump, LEIA., Bloodpath, D.S.-13, Cult Of Luna and Final Exit

Note: Meatless Swedish Meatballs! 

Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with the third part of our Lost In Umeå Hardcore special post. For this entry, we'll feature some other early outfits from this intriguing scene, existing at the same time as Step Forward. Note that most of these records were released through Umeå Hardcore Records, founded and owned by Dennis Lyxzén from Refused. There's some interesting stuff from this record label but it's really difficult to get nowadays so, I did my best trying to get some of them. We will also feature some musical outfits that were a exception to the "metalcore sound rule" in the whole Umeå Hardcore scene. Two of them are really well-known if you're into hardcore in general terms. With all that written, let's begin. 

Garbage Pail Kids - Discography 89-91

Garbage Pail Kids (from now on G.P.K.) was a band that existed between 1989 and 1991 and only released two demos: self-titled (1990) and Pailkids On The Block (1991). They also shared members with other local bands such as Step Forward and Bullshit. Regarding their sound, this band had early punk and hardcore influences with (both british and american). However, I noticed that they seemed to be kinda obsessed with the Misfits (notably the Walk Among Us EP era). Indeed, their vocalist tried to emulate Danzig's iconic voice pitch and the other members added in backing vocals in some tracks. Unlike their New Jersey-based fiend antiheroes, G.P.K. had lyrics filled with satire, irony and different tongue-in-cheek references, mostly sung in their native language. I guess they wanted to see the world burn down to ashes because, for example, in their second demo, they did a cover to Angel (a swedish pop band) and Skrewdriver (Yup, I'm not joking). I'm not sure if everyone back in the days got the right message after doing this. I was really shocked at first when I listened to that bloody cover and about to not feature this record...Finally, when this band ceased to exist in 1991, some local high profile musical outfits such as Refused and Separation were born. Lastly, don't forget to click on the image above for downloading this discography CD released by Twice The Speed Records (Sweden, 2004), which includes some unreleased tracks and some other extra goodies. Highly recommended. Enjoy!      


Skümback was a short-lived musical project that only released Vi Är Nöjda... EP and one live recorded EP in 1991. Unlike other local high speed-oriented hardcore punk bands, Skümback also teased with both pop punk, skate punk and melodic hardcore subgenres for creating something catchy yet forceful music of their own. You could imagine the early stages of renowned californian outfits such as NOFX and The Offspring or even other swedish bands like Millencolin and Satanic Surfers, for naming a few. Don't worry still is hardcore enough for you. Finally, when this musical project disbanded, some of their members went on to form more indie rock and pop punk oriented acts like Breach or even more hardcore-oriented stuff like Abhinanda (their name speaks by themselves) and Raised Fist. Finally, click on the image for downloading their only available works. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Heffa Klump 

Heffa Klump also was a short-lived project that released Hur Ska De Gå? (199x), En Värld? EP (Umeå Hardcore Records, 1991), En Riktig Man? EP (Hit It Productions (Sweden), 1991) and Black EP(Umeå Hardcore Records, 1992). Regarding the sound, Heffa Klump played fast-paced and straightforward hardcore with notorious american influence, for example, Negative FX and Void. However, in their last EP ever, the band experimented with some post-hardcore and melodic hardcore elements that really reminded me of a more raw edition of Into Another and Scream. Pretty interesting stuff. And, some of their members went on to form Randy in 1992. Finally, click on the image for downloading their last two EPs. That was the only material I could get from them. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 
LEIA. - self-titled EP 

After Shield and Drift Apart's dissolutions, some of their members went on to form LEIA. Unlike those aforementioned musical outfits, LEIA. was more into american emo and post-hardcore drawing influences from bands such as Sense Field and Samiam for creating something strangely melodic and forceful. They also somewhat reminded me of Texas Is The Reason but a little bit more pop rock-oriented. So, LEIA. only recorded one self-titled EP back in 1996 but never released it. Indeed, this was originally meant to be released through Premonition Records (Sweden) but the band couldn't reunite the money and the idea went into oblivion. In 2018, Svensk Hardcore Kultur revived the project and released it using recycled tapes. Pretty good. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to Svensk Hardcore Kultur's official bandcamp account where you can listen to / download this interesting lost recording. This is probably one of the few emo bands in Sweden in the 90s so, you should give it a try. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Bloodpath - Classpride Ålidhem discography 

Another blast from the past brought by Svensk Hardcore Kultur. Bloodpath was a band that existed between 1996 and 1997 and only released Class Pride - Class War EP (Umeå Hardcore Records, 1996) and one split EP with Forced Into from Sweden (Umeå Hardcore Records, 1997). They also contributed some tracks to Straight Edge As Fuck and Alternative Heroes compilations.  Regarding their sound, they played metallic hardcore drawing influences from late-80s NYHC style mixed with the Umeå Hardcore touch. Their lyrics also were politically-charged dealing with different topics such as class struggles, death penalty, straight edge and veganism, among others. Interesting. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to Svensk Hardcore Kultur's official bandcamp account where you can listen to / download this record. This discography in particular contains all Bloodpath's officially released material plus 6 unreleased tracks. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


D.S.-13 (AKA Demon System 13) was formed in 1995, and unlike other local acts at the time, they were more interested in playing ultra fast-paced hardcore in the same vein as Lärm and Seein' Red from the Netherlands. This band also was part of the rise of the thrashcore subgenre (notably the bandana thrash variant) in the late-90s / early 00s. During their lifespan, they released a bunch of records (including contributed tracks to compilations such as Histeria and Thrash Of The Titans, among others), did multiple tours in Europe, Asia and the US and also gained a worlwide reputation due to their politically-charged lyrics and fast as fuck musical style. After the release of Killed By The Kids LP (Havoc Records (USA), 2001), D.S.-13 disbanded the next year and had multiple reunion shows in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017. The Last Mosh For Charlie: Live In Umeå Hard Core LP (Rotten To The Core (USA), 2016) contains their live performance in 2015 at Charlie, a now defunct rehearsal room and venue for many bands in Umeå. Finally, click on the above for downloading No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead... compilation (Deranged Records (Canada), 2003), which reunites their first EPs, some comp tracks and extra stuff. I'll still owe you some of their material such as their 2 LPs, split with Code 13 and the Thrash And Burn EP, among others. Highly recommended. Enjoy!       
Cult Of Luna

Cult Of Luna is a band that has been in the game since almost two decades ago. This musical outfit was born from the ashes of Eclipse, and, unlike other local bands, they were more into Godflesh, Neurosis and The Melvins thus incorporating doom metal and sludge elements into their repertory. This was probably one of the first post-metal bands in Europe. The lyrical content also has varied from release after release, for example, in early years, there were references to the devil and the apocalypse but, in general terms, metaphysical and spiritual topics always come to mind. Finally, click on the image above for downloading their first demo (1999), self-titled LP and The Beyond LP (Earache Records, 2001 and 2002 respectively). Go an visit their official bandcamp account by clicking here and listen to their more recent LP named A Dawn Of Fear, which is pretty awesome. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Final Exit 

We finally conclude this entry with one of the most renowned Umeå Hardcore outfits in the 90s. This was a sideproject of Refused that existed between 1994 and 1997 and only released two LPs: Teg and Umeå Desperate Fight Records, 1995 and 1996 respectively) as well as contributing tracks to different compilations such as the Straight Edge As Fuck comp series and In Our Time. There's another EP named Too Late For Apologies (Third Party Records, 1997), which contains some tracks from the Umeå LP plus some two brand new songs and comp tracks as bonus, and was released when the band already was disbanded. They authorized the release because, according to themselves, the owners of the record label "had begged on their bare kness for years to give them permission to kiss our asses". Regarding the sound, Final Exit played no different to other american hardcore-influenced contemporaries and thus incorporated some metallic hardcore, youth crew and even some thrashcore elements into their repertory with the Umeå Hardcore touch. Of course, they were vegan and straight edge and had outspoken and clever lyrics filled with hate, irony and scorn towards humanity. Or everything in between. Finally, click on the image above for downloading Det Egentliga Västerbotten (Mofab Teg Recordings (Sweden), 2007), which compiles their entire discography. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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Lost In Umeå Hardcore (90s and 00s period) special post part 2: Drift Apart, Eclipse, Shield, Purusam, Separation, Saidiwas and one bonus compilation

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Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're final-fuckin'-ly back with another entry. As I already announced you in our recently created podcast (You can click on the link on the Podcast section in the upper right of this blog. It's in spanish, though), we'll continue and try to conclude this special post before April ends. I've got lots of good stuff to be featured in both written blog and podcast so, we gotta keep movin' as fast as possible. Lastly, mmm, what was I supposed to write? I forgot. Damn...With all that written, let's begin. 

Drift Apart

Drift Apart was a short-lived hardcore project in 1994 and only contributed Nothing and Your Choice tracks to Northcore: The Polar Scene compilation (Burning Heart Records (Sweden), 1994) and the Burning track to the first volume of Straight Edge As Fuck compilation series (Desperate Fight (Sweden), 1994). After that, the musical group disbanded and disappeared without leaving any trace. 22 years later, the band reunited again, re-recorded the aforementioned material and released a self-titled EP through Rens Med Trens Records, Drift Apart's own record label, in 2017. Regarding the sound, Drift Apart played short, fast and loud hardcore punk, which was heavily influenced by both youth crew and the early stages of metalcore.  Somewhere between Judge and Project X. But, unlike those aforementioned acts, the lyrics from this lost Umeå hardcore jewel were more intimate and passionate dealing with the inner struggles and pains of being a human being. How cute sounded that ha ha. Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp where you can listen/download their only EP ever. Highly recommended. Enjoy!        


Eclipse was a straight edge band that only released The Bona Fide EP (Premonition Records (Sweden), 1997) and The Jehova Congress 10" (Desperate Records et al, 2000) and contributed some exclusive tracks to the second and third installments of the Straight Edge As Fuck compilation series (Desperate Fight, 1995 and 1997 respectively) and Alternative Heroes compilation (Sawdust Records (Sweden), 1998). Regarding the sound, Eclipse had a more established metalcore sound, sometimes teasing with the emotionally-driven musical execution of american bands such as Unbroken and Mean Season and some other times with the relentless musical aggression of german bands like Systral and Carol. I really liked  their mix of fast-paced music with slower and overwhelming breakdowns. Pretty intense. Finally, click on the image for downloading their works. Keep in mind their EP and the compilations tracks overall. Highly recommended. Enjoy!       


Shield was a vegan straight edge hardcore band active from 1994 to 1997 and only officially released two records: Build Me Up...Melt Me Down EP (Desperate Records, 1994) and Vampiresongs LP (Desperate Records, 1995; re-issued in 1997. It was also re-released by Amendement Records (Chile) in 2012). There's another long lost record named Sweet Poetry, which, for a strange reason, was left unmixed/unmastered. Regarding the sound, Shield played pretty much in the same vein as local hardcore superheroes such as Refused and Abhinanda. You know, metallic-infused hardcore punk drawing influence from american outfits of the time such as Earth Crisis, Culture and Snapcase, for naming a few. However, in their only full-length album, Shield ended up incorporating more alternative rock elements into their repertory. When I knew this band for the first time ever, someone mislabeled it as "emo" due to the abstract and introspective lyrical content of their songs. Pretty clever yet bold statement, though. Finally, click on the image above for downloading their only LP ever released. I tried to get their unreleased LP but it's really hard to get. If you have it (at least an .mp3 file backup), let me know. I'd be really thankful with you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!            


Purusam was a musical outfit active from 1994 to 1998. During their lifespan they released: Outbound EP (Desperate Fight,1995), The Way Of The Dying Race EP (Desperate Fight, 1996), Daybreak Chronicles (Desperate Fight, 1997) and Of Light And Darkness EP (Ling Lao Records (Hong Kong), 1998) as well as contributing many tracks to different compilations. Their name comes from the sanskrit word "purusha" meaning universal spirit. It is said that all vedic gods are seen as different representations of that spirit, which the human mind creates. Despite this reference, the band is no linked to krshnacore whatsoever. So, unlike other local acts, this band had an interesting female/male vocal duet with (both harsh and clean) and a more complex musical execution with some kinda progressive rock "groove" while teasing with some crescendos and slower interludes, present in the emo subgenre, as well as the aggressive punk leaning of early metalcore outfits in the 90s. In late recordings, just like other local outfits such as Shield and Abhinanda, the band tended to incoporate more both alternative rock and classical rock elements into their repertory. Their lyrics also were very personal and abstract dealing with existential subjects such as the spiritualism and materialism and light and darkness dichotomies mostly and, as a curious fact, in Daybreak Chronicles you can also find some cryptic references to all-time classic Japanese RPGs such as the Final Fantasy and Mana series. Nice. Finally, click on the image above for downloading their entire discography excluding their first EP. Highly recommended. Enjoy!         


Separation was active from 1995 and 1999 and released 5th song EP (Desperate Records, 1996), first self-titled LP (Desperate Records, 1997), split with Serene (Belgium) (Genet Records (Belgium), 1998), second self-titled LP (Phyte Records (USA), 1998) and split wth The (International) Noise Conspiracy (Sweden) (Black Mask Collective (Sweden), (1999). They also shared members with other local hardcore acts such as Abhinanda, D.S.13 and The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Separation also was one of the many bands Jonas, brother to Dennis Lyxzén from Refused, participated to. Regarding the sound, the band started playing metallic-infused hardcore punk with both personal and politically-charged lyrics also experimenting with other musical styles such as posthardcore and melodic hardcore. Pretty cool musical execution and instrumentation. In later releases, their sound kinda was in the same fashion of Refused's The Shape Of Punk To Come era but faster. I wonder why Separation haven't gotten the attention they truly deserved...Finally, click on the image above for downloading their entire discography excluding their first EP. Highly recommended. Enjoy!      


Saidiwas was a musical group active between 1996 and 1997 and only released one self-titled EP (Desperate Fight, 1996) and All Punk Cons LP (Desperate Fight, 1997) as well as contributing tracks to different compilations such as the Straight Edge As Fuck compilation series (Desperate Fight, 1995) among others. The band was a local success due to their political beliefs (anarchism) and the fact that their drummer always used to play fully naked. Yep. It's been said that Saidiwas went to Vort'n Vis festival '96 in Ieper, Belgium and stated that they refuse to play for a "violent crowd". Despite this, belgian kids were mesmerized by their performance. After that event, they expelled their original singer because he dropped both straight edge and veganism and the drummer took the vocalist role for recording their only full-length album. Regarding the sound, Saidiwas firstly played metallic-infused hardcore punk, with some slight teasings with both emo and posthardcore, and, for their only LP, they drastically changed their style and added in soul music elements for making something really hard to describe (and understand). Even one of the contributed tracks to SxE As Fuck compilations has some weird disco vibe. I'm not sure what would've happened to the band if they continued a few years more....Finally, click on the image above for downloading their LP. It's one of the few exceptions to the metalcore sound rule in the 90s Umeå hardcore scene. Still enjoyable to listen to. Highly recommended. Enjoy!       

Bonus: Four In One: The Umeå Hardcore Early E.P.'s compilation (Shield, Purusam, Separation and Saidiwas)

We finally conclude this entry with this compilation, released by Desperate Fight Records in 1997, which includes the early EPs from Shield, Purusam, Separation and Saidiwas. As a curious fact, this record also was exclusively distributed in North America by Victory Records. So, I know many of you were wondering why I didn't leave these records for downloading them in previous paragraphs. Well, I wanted to feature them in this compilation instead. And, there you go. I guess there's nothing more to write about this. Lastly, just click on the image above for downloading it. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!    

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MOAR records to look at this 2020 weekend part 2: Some benefit compilations, review submissions and more

Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back and continue with the follow up of this special weekend post about MOAR 2020 records to look at. I do not have much time so, the following entries will be kinda short yet wholesome. Lastly, oh, I forgot...Damn...With all that written, let's begin.

1) Flatspot Records (US)

I have to make a public apology due to all the e-mails sent by this impressive Baltimore-based record label were stored in the "Junk" section of my mailbox. This is something that was automatically done by my server and not me. So, I already unchecked them and the next time, I'll see them properly as it should be. Sorry for that. Oh, and do not forget to click on the banner above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to / purchase their available material. Let's see what we've got. 

One Way Track - End It EP 

If I'm not mistaken, this is the debut EP from this american hardcore band. Their style is heavily influenced by late-80s NYHC classics such as Absolution, Outburst and Bad Trip, for naming a few, but there's also this loved and hated metallic "groove" croosover thrash bands are known for. And, of course, mid-tempo breakdowns with metallic guitar solos and stuff are included in. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. If you're into modern bands such as Power Trip and Enforced, this musical outfit probably will catch your attention. Highly recommended. Enjoy!     

Choice To Make - Vicious Existence EP 

Another NYHC-influenced band presenting to us their first EP ever. They've been in the game since 2018 and have self-released two demos prior to this record. Regarding the sound, Choice To Make is a living homage of now all-time hardcore classic records from NYC such as Agnostic Front's Cause For Alarm LP, Cro-Mags' Age Of Quarrel LP and Madball's Set It Off LP at the time when the heavy metal pressence gradually was more prominent within hardcore. Pretty cool execution with tracks roughly less than 2 minutes long. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. Highly recommended. Enjoy! .        

Constrict - No Eden LP

When I looked at the front cover of this album, I thought this would be something heavy and overwhelming, or at least something closer to that, and, well, I didn't get wrong. Constrict's sound really reminded me of 90s metallic hardcore bands such as Disembodied, Earth Crisis, and early Throwdown (USA), Knuckledust (UK) and Congress (Belgium) with the existentialist touch of other bands of that era such as Morning Again and Culture (USA). And, since they're a modern band, some breakdowns to motivate you to break your neck in the moshpit are included in and cannot be missed out either. Pretty cool outfit I must add. FOF Terror, Incendiary and Rotting Out. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. Highly recommended. Enjoy! .

World Demise - Demo 2020

This is the demo from this recently formed hardcore band from New Jersey. Just like other bands published by their record label, World Demise draws notorious influences from late-90s / early 00s NYC outfits that reminded me of musical groups such as No Redeeming Social Value, 25 Ta Life and Vision Of Disorder, you know, when NYHC really got much heavier and things really went outta control ha ha. Indeed, there are slower metallic breakdowns mixed with fast-paced moments. There's also included one cover toNothing Left To Mourn's Take A Hike. It's been years I listen to this. Wow, such memories. Did you notice the reference to a cryptic late-80s NYHC band? Try to guess it and leave your answer in the comment section below. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. Highly recommended. Enjoy! .    

2) Review submissions 

Pisspoor - You Were Born To Die A Sinful Lamb LP (Goodjunkie Records (USA))

Pisspoor is an interesting musical project from...somewhere in the US (probably Texas state) and this record is probably their debut LP. Amongst all the reviewed records in this entry so far, this is the most experimental one. Indeed, some songs start with noise, static and fuzz with the same weirdness and musical complexity of a noisecore outfit (or even a sass grind one) band and later on, everything sounds like a modern "beatdown" hardcore band with chugga chugga-esque breakdowns and more. Absolutely weird but I kinda dig it ha ha ha. Finally, they still don't have anything uploaded yet on Goodjunkie's bandcamp (In fact, the record label sent me over a hidden URL for listening to it) so, be patient and try to survive to this sonic madness after listening to it when the right time comes. Press "F" for your sanity. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Sanity Slip - Submerged In Pain LP (Goodjunkie Records (USA))

This LP probably is Sanity Slip's debut full-length album. Unlike most of Goodjunkie's catalog, this one is a little bit different and something of its own. Indeed, this band mixes modern "beatdown" hardcore with more death metal and grindcore. So, yeah, both the musical instrumentation and execution are awesome with some heavy guitar riffs, blast beats and slower metallic breakdowns for opening up the pit. This is something that a hardcore kid would mosh to while both Carcass and Deicide are on stage at a Terror concert. Not bad. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. Highly recommended. Enjoy!     

Richard Scary (USA) - Hell Is A Place On Earth EP

Richard Scary is a hardcore punk band from L.A. They sent me over this demo with a very brief message stating like "this is our EP, hope you like it". What can I say? I really liked it. Indeed, the musical execution is straightforward hardcore with some d-beat and even powerviolence influences with lots of noise, static, fuzz, feedbacks and weird voice samplers, all of this decorated with a "I don't give a fuck" attitude. And, the vocal style is harsh as fuck with a "machine-like" vocal modifier for shouting to the world everything is simply, well, a huge pile of shit. It gave me the impression that I was locked in a sanatorium full of fucked up pvnx fighting each other with chains and dildos while listening to this EP. Awesome. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. Highly recommended. Enjoy!     

Vertical Slum (UK) - Demo 2020

This Leeds-based hardcore punk band sent me over their recently released demo after reading some reviews of some released by La Vida Sin Mus Records (UK).  Well, thank for that ha ha. So, Vertical Scum plays short, fast and loud d-beat-influenced hardcore punk with some slight traces of crust and thrashcore as well. There are some other elements for making their musical style much more abrassive and experimental with much slower and sludgy-like mid-tempo interludes filled with distorted and complex guitar chords. It reminded somewhat me of bands such as Kriegshög, Isterismo (Japan), Geld (Australia), Morpheme and Physique (USA). Amazing. Can't wait for either an EP or LP. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

L'Appel Du Vide (Germany) - Demo 2020

You already know here in the blog we exceptionally review other musical genres and subgenres outside the hardcore punk spectrum. So, this time around, L'Appel Du Vide from Germany sente me over their recently released demo. I found really interesting the fact that they describe themselves like a "dark (post)punk band driven by a surf guitar leads and accompanied by noise parts". Well, best description ever ha ha. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. Highly recommended. If you're into german post punk classics such as Fliehende Stürme, Marque Moon and X-Mal Deutschland, this could interest you. Highy recommended. Enjoy! 

 3) Some Benefit Compilations 

Und3rdogs: Rise Of The Alphadogs (Dog Years Records) 

Featured bands: Big Laugh (Milwaukee); Church Tongue (Indianapolis); Chemical Fix (Philadelphia); Decline (Chicago); End It (Baltimore); Faim (Denver); Gadget (Minneapolis); Gel (New Jersey); Gumm (Chattanooga); Headcount (San Diego); Implied Risk (Denver); Insecurity (France); Jocko (Omaha); No Brainer (Perth); O.N.E. (Springfield, MO); Pain Strikes (Berks County, PA); Placeholder (St. Louis); Pointbreak (Phoenix); Prevention (Springfield, IL); Primitive; Rage (Springfield, MO); Pummel (Boston); Strangle You (Tulsa/Atlanta/Long Island); and Strict (Evansville).  

An outstanding modern hardcore punk compilation recently released by Dog Years Records, a small record label from Springfield, MI (No, Bart. Not that Springfield). As the same record label states, this record not only will promote bands that truly deserve your attention but also raising money for important issues. Indeed, all the proceeds from the digital purchases will be donated to RAICES TX (Refugee And Immigrant Center For Education And Legal Services), a non-profit organization that defend the rights of immigrants and refugees. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. And, if you can, contribute to the cause. In the near future, I'll make a special post about this record label since many bands from the record label's catalog really caught my attention. Highly recommended. Enjoy!     

Under Siege / Bajo Asedio / État de Siège / تحت الحصار (A World Divided - AWD Tapes) 

Featured bands: The Conscripts (USA/Canada/Colombia), Molisma (Greece), Rage Against Society -R.A.S. (Malta), Demokhratia (Algeria), Angry Farmers, Detox (Lebanon), Riot Stones, Z.W.M. (Morocco), Bombardment, Morbid Scum, Traitre (France), Crudez, Project Youth (Turkey), Bad Taste, Orden Mundial, P.O.T.S. (Spain), Exilio (Venezuela/Colombia), Odio, Impulso (Italy), Noize Polutte, PMS84, Fasad, Eteraz, Terror In The Holy Land (USA), Knives And Forks For Freedom (Canada), Ka'tzon La'tevach (Israel/Spain), Rules (Croatia) and L'Enfance Rouge (Tunisia/France/Italy).

Some weeks ago, I discovered this interesting record label from Tunis, Tunisia because they re-released Exilio's self-titled EP (already featured here in the blog and also one of our best picks list of last year) on tape format and with lyrics translated to arab. This was something that really caught my attention since you don't see those kind of initiatives every day. Nice. So, this international compilation features mostly hardcore punk, post punk and anarcho punk bands around the globe (of course, there are one or two bands exploring other musical genres beyond our punk reality he he) and most of the featured tracks are brand new and exclusive to this release. Also, 60% of the proceeds from both digital and physical editions purchases will be donated to the Face Masks For Gaza initiative, which is collecting face masks for palestinian people in order to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus spreading. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. And, if you can, contribute to the cause. In the near future, I'll also make a special post about this record label since many bands from the record label's catalog really really caught my attention. Highly recommended. Enjoy!         .         
Defending The Commonwealth (A Benefit Compilation To Fight The COVID-19 Pandemic) (Patient Zero Records)  

Featured bands: Burden, Crafter, Restraining Order, Maniac, Combust, Escuela Grind, Pushed Out, XForgiveness DeniedX, Ghostfame, Counterpoint, 3weekoldroses, Sick Minds, Enforced, Bystander, Allegation, Lift, The Path, Faded Line, Silence Equals Death, Rejection Pact, Scavengers, Berthold City, Wake Of Humanity, Hundreds of AU, Time and Pressure, Fire and Flood, Discourage, Pointbreak, Dead Blow Hammer, Brick by Brick, Dare To Be, Life Force, Fall, Lead Dream, Court Order and Sinking.

We finally conclude this entry with this interesting american hardcore punk compilation featuring bands (most of them from Massachusetts state) exploring different styles such as metalcore, powerviolence, grindcore, post-hardcore and even more. If I'm not mistaken most of the featured tracks are brand new and exclusive to this release, for example, the cover to The Fix's Vengeance by Restraining Order. It's too damn good. So, all the proceeds from both digital and physical editions purchases will be donated to Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Relief Fund, which will help them raise money to help fight the COVID-19. Finally, click on the image for listening to this. Of course, some of the featured artists on this record will be back in the near future. And, don't forget to, if you can, contribute to the cause. Enjoy, stay safe and see you next time. Kisses and hugs!         

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MOAR new releases to look at this 2020 weekend. Part 1: La Vida Es Un Mus (UK)

Note: Accurate AF

Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're final-fuckin'-ly back with a new entry. I'm sorry for my long absence but I haven't felt good lately. But I'm OK, no need to worry at all. Anyway, as I previously mentioned you in our Facebook group, I'm gonna present to you some new releases during this week-end that will definitely blow your mind away. We'll start with the most recent releases from La Vida Es Un Mus (UK). Some other (un)official partners will be featured as well as some new latin american hardcore punk records. Despite all this pandemic stuff, hardcore releases still are coming out, which is pretty awesome, and I'll need to update the site more frequently. Ha ha damn. Finally, we will continue with our Lost In Umeå Hardcore (90s and 00s period) next week so, stay tuned because there are some unexpected addings and surprises. Oh yeah. With all that written, let's begin. 

1) La Vida Es Un Mus Records (UK)

The Chisel (UK) - Deconstructive Surgery EP 

This is apparently the debut EP from this british band. Their sound is pretty cool since is filled with old school hardcore, UK82 and even some oi! traits. Both the musical execution and instrumentation is pretty simple yet energetic and catchy as fuck. No frills, no weird complex stuff. This definitely is straight to the point music just like ordering a cold pint at your favorite dark and gritty local pub while you patiently wait for your homies to come in and cheer you up after a fucked up day. I really dig this record. Finally, click on the image for listening to it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Irreal (Catalunya) - self-titled (2020) EP

This impressive hardcore outfit from Barcelona is back once again with a brand new EP. Just like their previous work, their straightforward d-beat-influenced mid-tempo hardcore punk almost is intact but with some interesting add-ons such as metallic-esque guitar solos in the same vein as Discharge and late-80s NYHC (Leeway, Crumbsuckers) bands did back in the days when the whole crossover thrash phenomena was getting out of control, for example. The lyrics still are in catalan, their native language, and still do have some political and outspoken stances about how fucked up (post)modern times are right now. Finally, they were supposed to make a quick euro tour early this spring but the pandemic situtation made postpone it. Highly recommended. Always remember Destino Final's legacy. Just saying. Finally, click on the image for listening to it. Enjoy!

Regimen de Terror (Spain) - Inherente Del Poder EP

This is another interesting debut EP coming from somewhere in the Iberian Peninsula (I definitely do not know the exact location. Sorry). Their sound is pure old-school hardcore-oriented, you know, the d-beat side of things, that will truly remind you of the good ol' days of early Discharge's EPs and singles (Realities of War, Fight Back, Decontrol, etc.). You also can detect the same spirit of early spanish hardcore punk outfits such as MG-15, IV Reich and R.I.P., which, as you may know, they were devotees of the aforementioned Stoke-On-Trent-based monster. Nothing else you could ask for. Finally, click on the image for listening to it. Enjoy!

SIAL (Singapore) - Tari Pemusnah Kuasa MLP 

The third album from this southeast asian hardcore punk monster finally is available through La Vida Es Un Mus Records. Since the first time I listened to this singaporean band, I instantly fell in love with it. I have no words to describe my whole admiration to them. Regarding the sound, this MLP, which can be roughly translated to "The Revolt Dance", is SIAL's mastery of the mid-tempo-paced noisy hardcore aggression they're known for. Although, I must confess that some tracks, i.e. Tikam Lidah  ("Stab The Tongue"), gave me the impression of a weird yet satisfying mystic and kinda spiritual aura with a slow-paced interlude filled with a post-punk vibe, which is a good extra element for the whole chaotic hardcore madness displayed in the whole record. Awesome. Finally, click on the image for listening to it. This is definitely a must, and, of course, one of our potential candidates for AOTY. Highly recommended.

Kohti Tuhoa (Finland) - Elä Totuudesta EP 

This is the most recent 5-track EP from this incredible finnish hardcore punk outfit. We've exceedingly wrote about them in previous posts and even their Ihmisen Kasvot LP was featured in our best picks list of 2019. Just like their previous work, Kohti Tuhoa still keeps their iconic mix of finnish d-beat hardcore punk, crust 'n roll and metal punk, which is one of the freshest sounds I've ever heard in recent years. This definitely isn't your traditional finnish hardcore outfit out there due to their experimental approach. Also, this time around their lyrics are personal struggles dealing with gender and sexuality issues and other topics within the punk scene. Nice Finally, click on the image for listening to it. Another potential candidate for our best picks of this year list. Highly recommended.

Rat Cage (UK) - Screams From The Cage LP 

We finally conclude this humble entry with the comeback of this amazing musical outfit from the UK. Their  Blood In Your Boots EP was featured in our best picks of 2018 list. Back then, we stated that this was a whole exception for the New Wave Of British Hardcore - NWOBHC spectrum since their musical execution is more into the 80s swedish d-beat hardcore side of things with some bostonian hardcore feel on it. And, guess what? They still retain that aforementioned savoir faire but in some tracks there are some slight teasings with classic british punk such as Abrassive Wheels and The Partisans and even some thrashcore feel in the same vein as D.S.13 (Sweden) as well. Pretty interesting. The record indeed is ferocious and relentless as fuck. Finally, click on the image for listening to it. Another potential candidate for our best picks of this year list. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!